PH’s ‘Eve’s Drop’ podcast producer afoot on SEA expansion after US$750k seed funding

Teddy Cambosa | Feb 17, 2021

The US$750k seed funding by PNA will be used for its expansion in the Southeast Asia region for greater listener reach.

Shopee launches #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair for Filipino businesses

Jean Cabico | Feb 17, 2021

Shopee PH to promote local businesses in the upcoming #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair

TikTok to host third edition of Music Night in Asia – a post-Valentine’s ‘Love Edition’

Jean Cabico | Feb 16, 2021

TikTok to host Music Night ‘Love Edition’ in Asia, featuring top international and local artists.

Revolut SG launches Junior account to promote good money habits among minors

Jean Cabico | Feb 15, 2021

Revolut Junior, a financial service for kids, has launched in Singapore.

Aussie-based fintech Thrive aims to raise A$3M for SME waitlist

Teddy Cambosa | Feb 15, 2021

Ease of financial destiny, the vision of Thrive for the fintech industry is for ease of SME business conduct.

Despite privacy policy concerns, 70% of WhatsApp users in MY snub switch, states study

Jean Cabico | Feb 15, 2021

Some have chosen to switch to alternative messaging applications but the majority of Malaysians remain loyal to WhatsApp despite privacy policy concerns.

Ascenda rolls out rapid launch option Nexus for loyalty solution suite

Teddy Cambosa | Feb 12, 2021

Nexus, the new platform by Ascenda, brings all of Ascenda's loyalty solutions into one rapid feature, eliminating all technical integration.

Shopee launches four-tier loyalty program for shoppers

Teddy Cambosa | Feb 12, 2021

The loyalty program launched by Shopee looks at the amount of customer order by month, to which registered users can enjoy-in-store perks.

Report shows more than half of Filipinos increase watch time of OTT content amid COVID restrictions

Teddy Cambosa | Feb 10, 2021

OTT media consumption has seen a rise in the Philippines, new report from The Trade Desk shows, in the mid of stay-at-home protocols. forges exclusive deal with World Cricket Championship to integrate in-game ads

Teddy Cambosa | Feb 9, 2021

Through the new deal, Next Wave will leverage the in-game ad services of for the mobile game World Cricket Championship.