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Lion & Lion celebrates Raya without borders on TikTok

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Lion & Lion launched the #RayaNiSayaRindu initiative on Tiktok to extend the Eid al-Fitr festivities with foreign workers in Malaysia, and their loved ones in their respective home countries. In line with Lion & Lion’s tagline of being ‘Made To Impact’, the creatively-driven, digital-first agency had tall ambitions to act on their belief that everyone should be able to celebrate Eid – regardless of their nationality, culture and status.

The #RayaNiSayaRindu campaign was launched on TikTok on May 1 2022 with a series of nine emotional stories told in Bahasa Indonesia, Urdu and Bengali – the most common languages spoken by foreign workers in Malaysia.

Based on local insights, the emotional stories hinged on the people, rituals and practices foreign workers missed the most as they celebrated Eid in Malaysia. Each emotional story drove users to the @RayaNiSayaRindu account on TikTok.

Claudia Low, regional head of creative content of Lion & Lion, said, “Foreign workers make up a large part of our labour force in Malaysia, many of whom come from Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

“As we were working on client campaigns that centered upon 2022 being the first year Malaysians could balik kampung (return to one’s hometown) to celebrate with their loved ones in person since the pandemic, we couldn’t help but notice that not everyone shared the same luxury. Especially with Labour Day falling the day before Hari Raya this year,” Low said.

According to her, they assembled a small, creative task force of culturally diverse Lions with personal connections to these communities to craft their stories as well as to share their truth and make an impact within these foreign worker communities.

Ham Maghazeh, regional director of social media for Lion & Lion, shared, “We chose to run our campaign on TikTok based on our deep understanding of our target audience. From our insights, we learned that entertainment through social media is an integral part of their everyday life, indicating that many of the foreign workers we wanted to reach out to are active on TikTok.

On the results, Maghazeh said, “Although TikTok is normally used to share humorous or fun content, we decided to disrupt the channel with emotional stories in order to capture attention and encourage participation. Our thinking paid off, because, in only four days, we grew our community from 0 to 1,300 followers, with every one of our stories gaining more than 1,000 views.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

vivo Malaysia’s new Raya film a comedic short on a rich family’s journey

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Smartphone brand vivo in Malaysia has launched its fourth short film for this year’s Raya, which is in line with the upcoming launch of its new vivo X80 Series.

Shot using the new vivo X80 Pro, the film was produced together with well-known local director Ghaz Abu Bakar, who has launched many Malay films, television dramas, and music videos.

Titled ‘Chup! Raya Dulu!’, the short film tells the story of a rich family and their journey in being a part of the community during the Raya celebration. It is also accompanied by a theme song – Takbir Lebaran, which was performed by the Malaysian singer celebrity, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza. 

vivo Malaysia shared, “The new and self-developed vivo V1+ imaging chip is making its debut in the upcoming vivo X80 series, where it is bound to enhance the display and imaging capabilities of the device.”

Most recently, vivo Malaysia has also announced a special partnership with premier gaming brands Razer and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to launch a brand-new smartphone series, vivo T1 series, with gaming at its heart.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

MEASAT’s latest Raya film spotlights ‘togetherness’ amidst distance

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As part of MEASAT’s Raya campaign this year, the Malaysian communications satellite operator has launched a heart-warming short film to inform Malaysians that closeness with their loved ones does not end when they leave their hometown after the festive season.

The short film, which was jointly developed by media agency Trapper and advertising agency YourMaker, highlights MEASAT’s wifi hotspot service CONNECTme, which offers 100Mbps high-speed broadband with the upcoming new MEASAT-3d satellite, allowing Malaysians nationwide to continuously keep close proximity with their loved ones even at the remotest places.

Titled ‘Nenek Di Mana-Mana’, which in English translates to ‘Grandma is everywhere’, tells the story of Ida and her close relationship with her grandmother. It also shines a light on one undisputed, universal truth – that no matter the distance, our loved ones can always be right next to us with MEASAT’s CONNECTme.

Yau Chyong Lim, MEASAT’s COO, said, “The Nenek Di Mana-mana short film created together with Trapper and YourMaker delivers impactful imagery and a progressive outlook that continues to propel MEASAT forward as a brand committed to connecting the ‘unconnected’.”

Meanwhile, Sue-Anne Lim, Trapper’s CEO, shared that CONNECTme is currently the only prepaid solution for Malaysians to continuously be connected to one another regardless of where they are in the entire country.

“That is what makes this Raya film so special and why it’s important to ensure we send this message to all the right people at the right places, at the right time. MEASAT does not only have a commercial value here but a very strong social mission,” said Lim.

Lee Tak Shune, YourMaker’s co-founder, noted that it was a real challenge to highlight the bond between Ida and her grandmother – especially when they are trying to tell two different stories in the same frame.

“For us, authenticity is of utmost importance to ensure the film also resonates well with our East Malaysian audience. The film was shot in Sabah with all local talents, right down to the chickens! We’re mindful that CONNECTme has a strong consumer heartland in East Malaysia,” said Shune.

The campaign is now live on national TV, radio, and digital platforms including YouTube and Facebook.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

For this year’s Raya, PepsiCo’s Mirinda stands out with ‘colorful’ film

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – On 13 May, the Muslim community in Malaysia celebrated Hari Raya Aidilfitri to mark the end of Ramadan, and prior to the day, brands and companies each released their share of the commemoration of the festivity. 

For PepsiCo’s carbonated and fruit-flavored beverage brand, Mirinda, it’s a fun and light campaign that celebrates family ties in the new normal.

The brand has teamed up with creative agency Entropia for a film of madcap family antics. It shows a wacky and colorful family who is separated by social distancing but finds a fun and exciting way to celebrate Hari Raya this year with Mirinda. 

Undeterred by communicating only via Zoom video calls, with a bit of playful family rivalry thrown in, they sing, dance, and come together virtually in an epic rap song battle to share their Raya experiences. 

According to April Toh, principal at Entropia, the idea for the campaign came about as they wanted to showcase the excitement and refreshing taste of Mirinda’s flavors through the vibrant colors of the product. 

“Additionally, we wanted to stand out from the various Raya ads that we see each year, and what better way than to have an energetic rap song, especially for younger Gen-Z fans of the brand,” said Toh.

Jennifer Lee, beverage marketing lead of PepsiCo, said, “Mirinda is a refreshing, tongue-tingling taste that makes you go AAAH! While we encounter another socially distanced festive, we are committed to preserving the spirit of togetherness during Raya and with content that both highlights our refreshing taste, AAAH! and inspiring creativity co-created with Raya festivities.”

Being its official creative partner, Entropia has also recently created an innovative AR campaign for the flagship Pepsi brand, making possible a concert experience be viewed through a Pepsi bottle. It was spearheaded by Entropia’s extended reality arm EXR, and the concert featured Malaysian singer and actress Siti Nordiana.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

MY telco Maxis ties up with Shopee, launches first Raya shoppable campaign

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In observance of the Muslim holiday Hari Raya, Malaysian telco Maxis has partnered with e-commerce platform Shopee in releasing a shoppable holiday-centric campaign, which encourages Malaysians to shop online for their Raya festivity needs in support of local SMEs, whose businesses are greatly affected by the pandemic.

Hari Raya, or also known as Eid al-Fitr, is a Muslim religious holiday that marks the end of month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan. In Malaysia, Hari Raya is a well-known holiday, many Muslims and even non-Muslims return to their family home, known by the term ‘balik kampong’ where they go home to their loved ones a day before the festivities.

Maxis has released the ad ‘Raya Si Sakan’, in collaboration with Shopee, which combines storytelling with technology through shoppable ad features, turning a typical video into a shopping catalogue for entrepreneurs to promote and sell their products.

Maxis is inviting Malaysians to shop for their Raya festive needs in support of a noble cause for online merchants. Malaysians can select from over a wide range of products showcased at Maxis’ dedicated campaign page, from fashion, food, Islamic wares, décor and home items, as well as arts and crafts. In addition, this campaign puts the spotlight on local micro-entrepreneurs to help them unlock their ‘rezeki’ potential through the power of e-commerce. 

The narrative follows the quirky tale of a husband and wife preparing for the Raya festivities. While the wife prepares new things for the festivity, the husband has been spending online to buy merchandise from sellers, from beauty products, Raya-centric foods and dresses.

The general theme of the campaign encapsulates a new thought of celebrating Raya, as the husband says that he is spending online so that the merchants as well can earn and enjoy their Raya as well.

For Tai Kam Leong, head of brand and marketing at Maxis, the Raya season has always been personified by acts of generosity and shopping, and they were inspired to blend the best of both traditions, using our shoppable Raya film to turn shopping into acts of giving.

“Bringing sellers and shoppers together in this digital space, we are encouraging people to support local businesses, while giving the latter the exposure they would not ordinarily get otherwise. And as a tribute to their entrepreneurial spirit and contribution to our economy, we want to put the best of technology in their hands to enable them to Always Be Ahead,” Leong stated.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Soh, head of Shopee Mall Malaysia, stated that this partnership with Maxis is another initiative to make e-commerce accessible, inclusive and beneficial for all Malaysians. 

“As we further our goal of using technology to empower the communities that we serve in, this joint effort will help local entrepreneurs, particularly B40 entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to gain exposure and sales,” Soh stated.

Soh says further, “Beyond sales, the initiative strives to provide livelihoods for the entrepreneurs and help them survive during these trying times. We are humbled to be part of this collaboration and we look forward to greater things that will benefit the country together with Maxis.”

Maxis has been supporting the SME and micro-SME community for several years now. Recently, it launched its eKelas Usahawan, a structured digital marketing program to empower women entrepreneurs in rural communities to develop a stronger digital presence.