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MBSB Bank taps Entropia as media agency of record

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – MBSB Bank has appointed marketing consulting-meets-agency, Entropia, part of Accenture Song, as its first-ever media agency of record to bolster the financial institution’s awareness and penetration in the market. Entropia will work with MBSB Bank immediately to oversee its paid media-buying strategy, planning and execution, and performance measurement.

Soo Mei Goh, principal for integration media at Entropia, a part of Accenture Song, said, “We are honoured to be part of MBSB Bank’s journey and helping them further their vision to be a top progressive Islamic bank.”

Goh adds, “Marketing transformation is a continuous process, and we believe that our data expertise, creativity, and technology prowess can further boost the bank’s digitalisation focus. Although MBSB is a new player in the banking industry, it has achieved several milestones in digital banking products and innovations to provide its customers ease of access to everyday banking.”

MBSB Bank was established in 2018 as a subsidiary of the Employees Provident Fund, following MBSB’s acquisition of Asian Finance Bank. It has since expanded into the country’s second largest standalone Islamic bank. With a majority focus on consumer banking, MBSB Bank also provides Shariah-compliant products and services in business banking and trade financing to its growing customer base of SMEs in Malaysia.

Azlina Mohd Rashad, chief corporate officer at MBSB Bank, commented, “This is our first collaboration with an agency. Entropia stood out with its understanding of customer data and ability to harness it to enhance our customers’ experience.”

Rashad continued by sharing, “We look forward to working with Entropia’s diverse talent to bring a fresh perspective and to propel the bank forward in these challenging times. For a new brand like MBSB Bank, visibility is key among Malaysia’s thriving population, and while building our financial technology capabilities, we hope to be top-of-mind whenever consumers consider a progressive Islamic bank for their financial needs.”

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KFC Malaysia, Entropia launches NFT collection in honour of the fast food chain’s secret recipe

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – KFC Malaysia has announced its collaboration with three popular Malaysian NFT artists, a project that is inspired by the brand’s Original KFC Moments which will launch 11 unique NFTs. The NFTs were produced by artists Wilson Ng, Book of Lai, and Arif Rafhan Othman for Entropia, part of Accenture Song, in honour of KFC’s secret recipe.

April Toh, principal at Entropia, part of Accenture Song, said that it’s an exciting space for brands such as KFC to build loyalty and connect with consumers in new ways. 

“Our team’s first drop for the nation’s favourite fried chicken brand represents KFC’s stature among Malaysians, emphasising its original flavours and iconic moments, and we’re pleased with the results. This NFT collection has connected and resonated with fans; we look forward to exploring more in our future campaigns,” Toh said. 

NFTs have been rising in popularity as the digital world further realises web 3.0. NFTs represent ownership of unique cryptocurrency tokens and can be anything digital, including art, GIFs, music, video game goods, and even Elon Musk’s tweets. They are also not interchangeable with other items due to their unique properties.

Chan May Ling, CMO of KFC Malaysia, shared, “As an industry leader, KFC Malaysia always strives to be at the forefront of the latest in technology and innovation. Like NFTs, our brand is original, unique, distinct, and irreplaceable, thus, venturing into the world of these non-replicable digital assets is one of the great ways to further express our brand identity: ‘inspired by Malaysians, made by Malaysians for Malaysians’. And the Entropia team has been instrumental in our growth in this space. 

Ling added, “One of the biggest benefits is that the campaign also allows us to further champion local artists and original art, and relive those Finger-Lickin’ Good moments via their original NFTs – all created with fans in mind.”

Leading the campaign ideation and execution Zaheer Kaisar and Lim Min Tze, creative directors at Entropia, part of Accenture Song, commented, “NFTs offer brands a whole new world of creative possibilities. The challenge for KFC was to create something meaningful that could benefit both artists and fans. You’re not just asking people to watch your ad or click follow, or comment anymore, you’re asking them to fork out real money. In that way, NFTs are not mere marketing tools. They’re products. And that’s what makes them unique.

“Beyond that, our successful campaign concept hails from the relentless spirit, hunger to succeed and drive of a robust client-agency team from diverse backgrounds and talents,” They added.

Consumers and fans will be able to get their hands on KFC’s 8 NFTs on OpenSea – the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for buying, selling, trading, and discovering crypto-collectables and NFTs – from 10 May 2022 at 1 pm.

Meanwhile, consumers also stand a chance to win the remaining 3 NFTs by participating in a social contest on KFC’s Instagram page @kfcmalaysia. Holders of these NFTs will also get monthly perks on KFC Delivery until 01 June 2023.

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TNB’s latest CNY campaign shows fresh perspective on fortune

Malaysia – Electricity giant Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), who is known for its memorable festive advertisements, has just launched a new campaign for the Chinese New Year celebration, aimed at highlighting great fortune and even greater misfortunes.

In collaboration with marketing consulting-meets-agency Entropia, part of Accenture Interactive, the new campaign has the golden touch of Quek Shio Chuan, the veteran Malaysian filmmaker from Reservoir Productions in Kuala Lumpur. It utilises the allure of comedy to draw viewers in and give a light-hearted feel. 

Titled ‘WonderFu Fortune’, the story follows the main character, Aunty Choi, as she becomes the target of a troop of scammers while shopping for her family’s annual Lunar New Year celebrations. Through an elaborate plan involving a series of unfortunate events, these scammers, led by a bogus fortune-teller, convince Aunty Choi her luck for the year is dire. But in a surprising twist of events, revealing the film’s deeper message that ‘true fortune and prosperity lie in the bonds we have with our family’, Aunty Choi’s relatives rally together to overturn her luck in epic proportions.

Cherry Lee, Entropia’s creative director, shared that they tried seeing this festive campaign from a fresh perspective, questioning if it was truly necessary for people to go out of their way to seek fortune, or if fortune can be found much closer to home. 

“Centered around the core thought of good energy, the film aims to inspire Malaysians to share their positivity with those around them,” said Lee. 

Meanwhile, April Toh, Entropia’s principal, noted that brands usually pull out all the stops at this time of the year, tapping on the rich customs and traditions that attract good fortune to the household or protect the family during the Lunar Year.

“And with so many remarkable festive campaigns already in their repertoire, TNB turned to the Entropia team to bring to life their latest vision for the festive period – highlighting the dichotomy of fortune and misfortune in an experience many of us can relate to,” said Toh.

The new film is now available on TNB’s YouTube channel and several major TV channels.

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Goodday Milk’s new campaign to have kids spruce up the now proverbial PPE

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – To commemorate International Children’s Day, which is celebrated on 20 November 2021, beverage brand Goodday Milk in Malaysia, which has kids part of its main consumers, has launched a new contest for kids that will have them decorating PPEs, or personal protective equipment, one that has become everyone’s gear this pandemic. 

Called ‘Happee PPEs’ contest, the brand will be giving children the opportunity to design the artwork they wish to see on PPEs, giving it a colorful makeover and adding some cheer to the otherwise mundane kit. 

Created together with marketing consulting-meets-agency Entropia, part of Accenture Interactive, the contest aims to spread ‘goodness’ and ‘positivity’ among young hospitalized COVID-19 patients, where chosen PPEs will be distributed across different hospitals in Malaysia for frontliners to wear.

Yee Pek Kuan, Etika’s vice president of marketing and Goodday Milk’s owner, shared that the new campaign champions ‘Give good, get good’ – a positive, universal belief that helps make the world a better place, and about how a small act of good can create kindness around the world by paying it forward in some way. 

“Working with Entropia, we came up with this ingenious idea to get creative with the PPE suits used by frontliners in children’s hospital wards, so they feel less anxious and respond better to these healthcare providers,” said Kuan.

Soo Mei Goh, the principal of integration at Entropia, shared that working with Etika, the brand’s fully integrated Halal company, enabled them to stand in childrens’ little shoes and experience how they view their world. 

“At the same time, we want to help children make a superhero connection to the PPE, explaining that doctors and nurses donning the PPE are heroes protecting and helping other people. The Happee PPE contest concept was conceived from there,” said Goh.

The contest is scheduled to run from 25 October until 14 November 2021. At the end of the contest period, judges will select three winners based on technicalities of the designs and print, and announce them on 22 November. Each will be awarded a RM10,000 education fund. 

The mechanics of the contest can also be found on Goodday’s Facebook and on Instagram.

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TNB honors MY’s National Day through local inspirational stories in new ad film

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – To celebrate the true spirit of Malaysia’s National Day, electricity giant Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has launched a new campaign film that aims to send positive energy to Malaysians in the face of adversity.

The new campaign film, which was created in collaboration with marketing agency Entropia, reflects one of TNB’s core values, which is ‘mindfulness’, as it reflects how Malaysians power through adversities to brighten the lives of others during the pandemic.

Titled, ‘Raikan Malaysia Kita’, which translates to ‘Celebrate Our Malaysia’, the animated film tells the stories of four Malaysians, namely Ridzuan Jamal, Yong Xun Ong, Paramesvary Munumsamy, and Nazirah Abd Rahman, who overcame the myriad challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, while also giving back to help others along the way.

In the first story of the film, Jamal, a former engineer from Sabah, started selling buns for RM1 during the pandemic, and with his bun business, he has provided job opportunities to others and fed hungry people. 

Meanwhile, in the story of Ong, also known as Zero Ong, who created the JomStudy mobile app. Despite not having any coding knowledge, Ong has managed to develop the app housing SPM subject notes, which is hugely beneficial to students, especially those adapting to the new normal learning process. 

The third story features the generosity of Munumsamy and her children, who worked together to cook and feed those in need, regardless of race or religion. And finally, the selfless act of Abd Rahman, also known as Mama Pinky, who is equally heart-warming as she willingly takes up two jobs to sustain the medical costs and provide meals for stray cats, despite having 50 cats of her own.

Zaheer Kaisar, the creative director at Entropia, commented that they need stories that will inspire and rally people together, so for this campaign, the team, director, and clients were all inspired to retell a more imaginative story as a way to pay tribute to the amazing Malaysians the film’s characters represent. 

“With illustrations and animation, we could beautifully capture the spirit and positive message behind this national holiday,” said Kaisar. 

Meanwhile, April Toh, Entropia’s principal, shared that by now they have all been stuck at home for more than 500 days, and while the pandemic robbed people of many things, there’s also much to be thankful for. 

“This National Day, we wanted to remind Malaysians that there’s good energy among us, and that spark of positivity will inspire us to soldier on. Because only in unity and kindness, we will prevail,” said Toh.

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Accenture Interactive acquires Entropia to expand experience-led transformation services in SEA

Singapore – Accenture Interactive, the digital agency arm of the professional services firm Accenture, has announced the acquisition of marketing consulting-meets-agency Entropia, to expand its unique position in the SEA market for experience-led transformation services, marking its first merge in the region. 

Accenture Interactive is a digital agency that drives sustainable growth by creating meaningful experiences by connecting human and business insights with the possibilities of technology.

Through the acquisition, Entropia will be complementing Accenture Interactive’s capabilities in customer experience, design, and creative communications. In addition, Entropia will help Accenture Interactive transform and reimagine its clients’ entire business through the lens of experience. It will also expand the creative talent pool within Accenture Interactive and create more learning and growth opportunities for people across both organizations.

Accenture Interactive’s Lead for SEA Thomas Mouritzen said, “Entropia’s addition will help us deliver innovation through technology to drive commerce and growth for our clients in Southeast Asia. It’s also an exciting chapter in our journey to strengthen and expand Accenture Interactive’s presence in the region.”

Meanwhile, Flaviano Faleiro, the president for growth markets at Accenture Interactive, commented that the acquisition of Entropia lets the arm lean further into their global vision to take experiences – designed through deep human insights and powered by creativity and technology – to the next level.

“It also helps us deliver on our growth ambitions for our people, clients, and the industry across the Asia Pacific region,” said Faleiro.

Entropia’s Founder and Senior Partner Prashant Kumar said, “This is the perfect time to join with Accenture Interactive and raise the bar in transforming data-driven marketing for businesses. I am thrilled to have both organizations come together and expand the canvas for our people, clients, and their customers.”

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For this year’s Raya, PepsiCo’s Mirinda stands out with ‘colorful’ film

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – On 13 May, the Muslim community in Malaysia celebrated Hari Raya Aidilfitri to mark the end of Ramadan, and prior to the day, brands and companies each released their share of the commemoration of the festivity. 

For PepsiCo’s carbonated and fruit-flavored beverage brand, Mirinda, it’s a fun and light campaign that celebrates family ties in the new normal.

The brand has teamed up with creative agency Entropia for a film of madcap family antics. It shows a wacky and colorful family who is separated by social distancing but finds a fun and exciting way to celebrate Hari Raya this year with Mirinda. 

Undeterred by communicating only via Zoom video calls, with a bit of playful family rivalry thrown in, they sing, dance, and come together virtually in an epic rap song battle to share their Raya experiences. 

According to April Toh, principal at Entropia, the idea for the campaign came about as they wanted to showcase the excitement and refreshing taste of Mirinda’s flavors through the vibrant colors of the product. 

“Additionally, we wanted to stand out from the various Raya ads that we see each year, and what better way than to have an energetic rap song, especially for younger Gen-Z fans of the brand,” said Toh.

Jennifer Lee, beverage marketing lead of PepsiCo, said, “Mirinda is a refreshing, tongue-tingling taste that makes you go AAAH! While we encounter another socially distanced festive, we are committed to preserving the spirit of togetherness during Raya and with content that both highlights our refreshing taste, AAAH! and inspiring creativity co-created with Raya festivities.”

Being its official creative partner, Entropia has also recently created an innovative AR campaign for the flagship Pepsi brand, making possible a concert experience be viewed through a Pepsi bottle. It was spearheaded by Entropia’s extended reality arm EXR, and the concert featured Malaysian singer and actress Siti Nordiana.

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Entropia EXR, PepsiCo create AR experience — all within a bottle

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Food and beverage company PepsiCo in Malaysia has partnered with Entropia’s extended reality arm EXR in creating an augmented reality (AR) concert experience all within a Pepsi bottle, featuring Malaysian singer and actress, Siti Nordiana (Nana), together with the winners of its #PepsiBoldTalent TikTok challenge.

Malaysian consumers can access the AR concert by activating the AR camera at, which will be available from 16 April 2021. Users will need to pick up a bottle of Pepsi Black Raspberry, and when the AR camera gives them the prompt on their phone screen, they can scan the bottle for the AR Pepsi bottle to load and the concert will play.

The earlier #PepsiBoldTalent was launched to residents of Malaysia 13 years old or above, challenging them to submit a 15-second video on TikTok showing their best talent. The contest winners who will be gracing the AR concert are Bell – a dancer, Syafeek – a singer, and Aidil – a freestyle footballer, whose audition videos amassed viewership close to 1.4 million views each.

According to Jennifer Lee, beverage marketing lead at PepsiCo Malaysia, the newest AR campaign speaks to the company’s objective of a renewed, innovative approach to engaging with Pepsi fans, as today’s consumers want to connect with brands in an instant and feel an immediate impact.

“Together with Entropia, we shifted our focus and unlocked unfamiliar yet entertaining territory with this campaign. Most brands in Malaysia have yet to tap into AR, the new exciting channel of marketing and communications. Pepsi decided to take the tech to the next level, by bringing a concert right to the homes of our most loyal fans,” Lee stated.

Meanwhile, Ramakrishnan CN, partner at Entropia and head of EXR commented that the newly-launched AR experience is a testament to the agency’s commitment to reinventing the ways brands strategize their communications and more so for an experiential bold brand like Pepsi.

“We believe the future of brand experiences is fluid and atemporal where all touchpoints should have a branded extended reality layer over them. The iconic Pepsi bottle was the best place to provide the experience like no other, using AR tech and deliver Malaysia’s first augmented reality concert in a bottle,” he added.

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PH bank RCBC’s campaign nabs Golden Feather award at Quill Awards

Manila, Philippines – Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), one of the well-known commercial banks in the country, has been awarded the Golden Feather Award during the 18th Quill Awards, for its recent campaign ‘Every Step of the Way: How RCBC used digital to help clients move forward in the face of the pandemic.’

The Quill Awards is one of the Philippines’ largest award-giving bodies that recognizes research, programs, skills, and creative work among institutions in terms of business communication. All campaign nominations are screened under the guidelines of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

The campaign, made by marketing agency Entropia CBR, made use of their RCBC’s data to truly understand their clients’ profiles, challenges, and needs during the pandemic. From this, they launched a personalization-at-scale strategy that matched each client’s need with the right banking solution. 

Furthermore, the campaign not only maximized conversion among current bank customers to RCBC’s online banking services, but ultimately, uplifted their clients that they could still fulfil their banking needs despite the challenges.

The people behind RCBC’s winning entry and their partners in Entropia CBR: (From top left to right) Gabe Olivares, Niccolo Viado, Kaye Enriquez, Gene Sto. Tomas, Eunice Sentillas, Johann Ocampo, (from bottom left to right) Ces Natividad, Alexis Villafuerte, and Ed Mapa Jr.

“The needs and challenges of our clients are always in our hearts and minds. It’s the core of everything we do and being recognized for it, for showing Filipinos that we can help them move forward through every personal banking need or challenge they face, makes it all more rewarding and worthwhile,” said Ces Natividad, chief marketing officer of RCBC.

RCBC’s winning campaign echoes this year’s theme of ‘ARISE: Communications that uplift’ for the Quill Awards, a theme that calls on communicators to shine light on what truly matters and inspire Filipinos to rise and move forward amid challenging times.

According to Kaye Enriquez, principal for data analytics, insights and media performance at Entropia CBR, RCBC’s campaign is a “testament of how they are hands-on with their clients.”

“By helping them anticipate and understand the unique and personal challenges their clients are facing, we were able to communicate the right solutions to help them move forward. We’re happy with the results, but we’re ecstatic about how this campaign helped empower others during difficult times,” Enriquez stated.

The newest Golden Feather award is RCBC’s 11th award since they joined in 2018.

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Origins of CNY festivity traditions come to light in this quirky film by TNB

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Utility giant in Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), has recently launched its Chinese New Year film centered around the folklore behind the festivities of the occasion. 

The film features the fictional recount of scared villagers who are protecting themselves against Nian, a mythical beast terrorizing the village. After seeking help from an old master they chased Nian away from the village, thanks to displays of red colors, loud sounds, and bright lights.

The film shows the importance of unity in the mid of hardships. In it, villagers realized that as a community, they ultimately hold the power to defeat Nian with a joyful spirit and positive energy. The film brings the message that finding joy is the key to unlocking prosperity and moving forward.


“Many are looking to make a new start in 2021, especially on the back of the multitude of challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering an age-old wisdom and timeless folklore, this short film weaves the legend of Nian with a slight twist, and we hope it inspires people to embrace the new year with the spirit of joy and unity that underlies Chinese New Year traditions,” said Mohamad Ariff Zainol, TNB’s chief corporate services officer.

The film was created in collaboration with marketing consultancy Entropia, and directed by award-winning director Quek Shio Chuan.

For April Toh, principal at Entropia, the film speaks to a greater need to join forces and rise in the mid of adversity, as Chinese New Year itself symbolizes new hope and prosperity.

“There’s no better time to re-tell the tale of Nian, as it metaphorically explains the situation we are currently in. We’re facing a common enemy that requires us to join forces to rise above adversity. And that’s precisely what this TNB film wanted to remind us of: together we can conquer anything,” Toh commented.

Meanwhile, Zaheer Kaisar, creative director at Entropia, commented that the film itself is heavily inspired by old Chinese comedy action films, and with a twist of modern-day elements.

“Legend has it, an old wise man got the villagers together to defeat the monster Nian by beating drums and gongs, and lighting fireworks with bright red decorations and clothes. When we dug deeper, we realized it was not so much the actions that chased the Nian away, but it was all about joy and good energy. We retold this story in the most entertaining, action-packed, and cinematic way,” Kaisar stated.

Currently, the film has garnered more than 4 million views on YouTube, and has been shared across TNB’s socials. Viewers can also interact with an alternative personality from the film, the master, on his Instagram account.