India – Dentsu Webchutney, the digital creative agency under Dentsu Creative India, has won the digital mandate for Indian online travel company MakeMyTrip. The mandate will be serviced from Dentsu Webchutney’s Mumbai office.

The agency will focus on further building MakeMyTrip’s already-vibrant digital presence by implementing an aggressive creative growth strategy.

Upasana Naithani, associate vice president at Dentsu Webchutney said, “MakeMyTrip is a big win for us, not only does it show faith by the best of the industry in our agency but also because their values align with ours, beautifully. We are very excited to work on campaigns that move both the business, and the brand in the right direction.”

Meanwhile, Chaitanya Joshi, creative director at Dentsu Webchutney, commented, “While we plan to bring the edge to larger travel occasions, Modern Creativity means that we are nimble enough to target the micro-occasions in an effective manner. I am glad that the good folks at MakeMyTrip share our zest and we look forward to a lot of clutter-breaking stuff in the future that not only pushes creative boundaries but also impacts business positively.”

Vipul Prakash, chief operating officer at MakeMyTrip commented, “Today, travellers seek more when consuming and engaging with brands across channels. Together with Denstu Webchutney, we hope to introduce new, innovative ways, and concepts that can help engage with Indian travellers, better. Our goal remains to be authentic in what we say and innovative in how we connect with the new-age traveller.”

India – dentsu India has announced the appointment of Arjuna Gaur as chief creative officer of Dentsu Webchutney & dentsuMB. Gaur’s new role is to increase both firms’ creative mandate. 

He will be responsible for creative thought leadership across the network, combining the expertise of Dentsu Webchutney and dentsuMB to provide clients with forward-thinking creative solutions. Gaur will report to Ajay Gahlaut, dentsu creative India’s group chief creative officer (GCCO).

Gaur has earned over 40 national and international honours over the course of more than 16 years of experience. Prior to this, he worked as a creative director at Leo Burnett India, MNC Saatchi Kuala Lumpur, BBDO India, and Grey. 

Since then, he’s collaborated with a slew of household names in the business sector, including Coca-Cola and Amazon as well as P&G and PepsiCo and Wrigley’s as well as Celcom and Airtel and GE India and HP. He also has a background in filmmaking thanks to Equinox Films.

On his appointment, Gaur said, “The talent and energy of the creative teams at Dentsu Webchutney & dentsuMB are limitless and frankly, a little intimidating. There is no better creative role in the country right now than this.” 

Ajay Gahlaut, group chief creative officer at dentsu Creative India, said that it is a privilege to have yet another brilliant creative onboard as part of the team. He says that Arjuna is a rare creative person who is equally adept at traditional and new age media.

“We are looking forward to him significantly raising the creative quality of our output and adding even more value to the solutions that we provide to our clients,” Gahlaut adds.

India – In a very clever Christmas campaign by India-based delivery platform Swiggy Genie, we see a version of Santa that is all-ready and excited to explore other ‘job opportunities’ aside from his main holiday task of bringing gifts to everybody’s household.

Created together with digital creative agency Dentsu Webchutney, delivery platform Swiggy Genie aims to present its app benefits of being a reliable hand in delivery, most especially gift-delivery this holiday, through none other than Santa, who is shown outsource the task himself to the platform, hence, now ‘more available’ for other work. 

To add further quirkiness to the #SantaOpenToWork campaign, the main ad has been made a parody of the emerging ‘video resume’ with the campaign team even cooking Santa up his very own LinkedIn profile.

Sneha John, director for marketing at Swiggy, commented, “We wanted to remind Swiggy users and non-users alike that they can depend on Swiggy Genie to take care of gift deliveries and other chores this Christmas season. The #SantaOpenToWork campaign does just that, with some Christmas cheer and smart humor.”

To create more buzz around the campaign, Swiggy has used their Genie Instamart channels to drop unbranded flyers and business cards from Santa, with a special QR Code leading people to the video. The agency shared that tear-able posters were even put across multiple corporate offices to target ‘possible’ employers. 

Sanket Audhi, creative director at Dentsu Webchutney, shared that the campaign’s idea revolved around the question – If Swiggy Genie is taking over deliveries, what will Santa Claus do? 

“But we knew we had a winner when we thought of crafting the entire campaign around the #OpenToWork feature, which has become an instantly recognizable mnemonic. I hope people have as much fun watching the campaign as we had creating it,” said Audhi. 

Digital ads have been launched across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Wynk, and Inshorts, leading people to the video resume.

India – VICE Media Group’s international news network, VICE World News, has launched a new multimedia project, aimed at exploring the most disputed artifacts displayed in the British Museum. 

Titled ‘The Unfiltered History Tour’, which was developed in collaboration with creative agency Dentsu Webchutney, includes an interactive mobile site, where users can take a tour of the museum via Instagram filters and immersive audio. They can also scan objects including the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon Marbles, and Benin Bronzes, to unlock an augmented reality, which steps back in time to show the moment these items were removed.

Moreover, the immersive history tour includes a series of podcast episodes, featuring interviews with experts from these countries, namely Aboriginal rights activist Rodney Kelly, Nigerian artist Victor Ehikhamenor, and Rapa Nui governor Tarita Rapu. It is accessible through the mobile site and all major podcast platforms.

John Montoya, VICE Media Group’s senior director of audience and content strategy, shared that they wanted to continue to educate the audience on the historic and modern inequalities, using technology and social media. 

“There is still so much to unpack about colonialism in Britain today, and we hope that this project can play a part in furthering this,” said Montoya.

Meanwhile, Dentsu Webchutney’s COO PG Aditiya, creative director Binaifer Dulani, and group account director Karishma Changroth, believe that through the project, the people from the countries these artifacts came from can tell their side of their artifact’s history to every visitor in an incredibly immersive way. 

“We hope this encourages every visitor to start engaging in meaningful dialogue about reconciling with our uncomfortable shared pasts in an equitable manner,” they said.

Vice said that the project follows VICE World News’ video series ‘Empires of Dirt’, which uncovered stories of colonialism.

The project is accompanied by social activation across VICE Media Group’s network, including VICE World News’ Instagram account.

India – In a rather sentiment film, jewelry brand in India Tanishq celebrates the wedding season with a reminder that beyond the glamorous preparations and mounting of a matrimonial ceremony is the real definition of a union – creating a life together and making it work everyday with personal vulnerabilities out in the open. 

Created together with creative agency Dentsu Webchutney, the 3-minute film features three fictional couples who dive into what seems as the dreaded conversation before officially tying the knot. Through an intimate and authentic portrayal, 1/2 of each couple bare open their fears, baggage, and dreams, scared of how their soon-to-be better half will respond.

Captured to demonstrate a real-life scenario, couples quietly sit down in a kitchen, a restaurant, and a car. 

One woman, scared of having her depression get in the way of the relationship, says, “But you don’t know about the days we didn’t meet. Only I know how I got through them.” 

While another, opening up about being adopted tells her partner, “It’s a big part of what’s made me, well me.”

Of the campaign, which is aptly called ‘Marriage Conversations’, Tanishq’s GM for Marketing Ranjani Krishnaswamy, shared that through it, the brand, which offers engagement rings, aims to encourage young couples who are taking the next big step of their lives to pause and talk about the marriage they envision with each other.

“A conversation where they feel the comfort and honesty with their partners to discuss what truly matters to them. Tanishq wants to celebrate these real conversations that lead up to the moment ‘when it rings true’ for our couples and etch these moments with our engagement rings,” said Krishnaswamy.

Binaifer Dulani, creative director at Dentsu Webchutney, commented, “Tanishq is part of every milestone a couple shares together, embellishing a lifetime of memories. And it all begins when the couple decides to make that commitment. We’re proud of the brand for inspiring and encouraging soon-to-be-married couples to get raw and real and build a strong foundation together, as they inevitably set on a rollercoaster of a journey that is life.”

Meanwhile, Kopal Naithani, director and founder of Superfly Films Pvt. Ltd. who produced the film, adds, “For me, the best creative work is also deeply personal. This film took me back to the conversation I had with my husband 11 years ago.”

The film was released on YouTube on 24 November. 

New Delhi, India – Digital insurance policy provider ACKO General Insurance in India has tapped Dentsu Webchutney to handle its digital and social media duties for the company, with its entire operations offered through the digital platform.

Dentsu Webchutney, which operates as the official digital creative agency of dentsu India, won the account after a multi-agency pitch.

With ACKO setting new benchmarks for customer experience in an otherwise slow-moving category, Dentsu Webchutney comes in with a specific goal to grow ACKO’s place in the market, with an always-on social excellence approach.

Ashish Mishra, executive vice president for Marketing at ACKO General Insurance said that they are absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with Dentsu Webchutney, adding that partnering with them to lead their charter on digital marks the beginning of a journey that is filled with intent and backed by action.

“We are certain that Dentsu Webchutney, with their nuanced understanding of the digital landscape, will fuel our vision to be the country’s most loved general insurance brand,” Mishra said.

Meanwhile, GD Prasad, vice president at Dentsu Webchutney, the agency will continue to push the bar for the team in what has turned out to be a year of fantastic partnerships with disruptive new brands for the agency.

“In a short time, ACKO has established itself as a disruptive brand that every player in the category will soon follow. To partner with them, is to take another step into the deep end of the impact of digital technologies. We have the enviable chance to build a brand whose actions are aligned with its values,” Prasad stated.

India – Women have been geared up that to become a mom is to take a long pause, which most of the time means letting go of their current careers to make time for family. This rings true across all industries, and in the creative industry, Dentsu Webchutney, the digital-led creative agency from the dentsu network in India, is stepping up to make it easier for moms that have worked in advertising and marketing to make a smooth comeback. 

The talent development program called ‘The Ad Fellows Returnship’ is a partnership with Indian Creative Women, an independent forum that works towards furthering diversity in creative teams across the advertising and design industry in India. The program will be a 30-day back-to-work program for moms, where creative moms that have been part of the industry before will be retrained and have their skills refreshed to take on roles in different working areas of copywriting, animation, graphic design, and hybrid creative, among others. 

‘The Ad Fellows Returnship’ is a long-standing program of Dentsu Webchutney, where in 2020, it took the form of a virtual internship from home for 50 people. Meanwhile, in 2019, The Ad Fellows made advertising a career option for chartered accountants and IT professionals, and the year before that, a program called ‘Pause the Resume’ hired internet natives out of nothing but their browser history. 

For the new version, creative moms will be paired with creatives at Dentsu Webchutney and the Indian Creative Women network to equip themselves with what they need to be industry-ready again. With the fast-changing nature of marketing services in the middle of a new demand for digital, the two parties have developed a fresh syllabus along with teaching techniques for the program, with modules on confidence-building and digital creatives. 

The program itself is completely free and will begin on 1 July, 2021, with the application period to run from 1 June to 10 June 2021.

The Dentsu Webchutney team strongly believes in the power of perspectives to make ideas stronger and sees diversity in talent as a means for more diverse work. 

“The program has been chartered by a passionate woman-strong team that believes more mothers need to put their lived experiences on the table. We’ve certainly got a long way to go ourselves but we’re very proud to partner with Indian Creative Women and take this much overdue step forward,” commented the team. 

Meanwhile, the team of Indian Creative Women shared that the program has been hugely influenced by its group creative director who is a mom herself. The team said that until today, women face several systemic and structural challenges that get in the way of them growing into senior leadership roles and that the industry isn’t doing enough to retain them, specifically, mothers.

“A woman is still blamed if she quits the industry after becoming a mother. There’s simply no organizational support for her to succeed. Dentsu Webchutney’s The Ad Fellows Returnship is a small step in the right direction and should be a great example of what other agencies can follow,” they said. 

Interested moms can apply for the program through this form

New Delhi, India – The Indian arm of the ridesharing platform Uber and dentsu international’s digital agency arm Dentsu Webchutney has launched a new campaign called ‘#WithinHerReach’ which aims to make work opportunities closer and accessible to women.

The latest campaign is released as a print ad on the first page of the national newspaper The Hindustan Times and has already started leading narratives on the subject across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and among key decision-makers from the workforce.

#WithinHerReach, originally launched by the two companies last year, was in response to the fact that 3 in every 5 women limit their career opportunities within a radius of 1 kilometre from their respective homes – even at the cost of a higher paying job. Evidently, this highlighted the stark gender commute gap among the country’s workforce. 

In response, Uber has decided to drive conversations that support work from home (WFH) as a consistent option for women, driven by the current global states of the world due to the global pandemic. 

“2020 has been a year to forget but it did have one silver lining. More Indian women entered the workforce during the pandemic-induced lockdown, attracted by the possibilities of working remotely and on flexible hours,” said Sanjay Gupta, marketing director for APAC at Uber.

He added, “Participation of women in India’s workforce rose to 37% as of July-end from 30% in April. As we enter the new normal, let’s continue to fuel this momentum and make flexible work and WFH essential elements of corporate India.”

Speaking about the campaign, Priyanka Borah, vice president at Dentsu Webchutney said, “It’s safe to say that geography is history. With WFH and remote-working opportunities, fewer women will feel compelled to drop out of the workforce. And as a result of this, more women will grow into senior leadership roles. It’s taken a pandemic for us to get here – but it’s important we seize this silver lining to move forward.”