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BNPL Atome launches ‘online travel fair’ to offer travel deals to consumers in Asia

Singapore – Buy Now Pay Later platform in Asia, Atome, has launched an online travel fair, ‘Own Your Adventure’, that offers users travel deals from its travel and hospitality merchants. The travel fair is a regional campaign that will roll out across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The platform said the campaign launch is in anticipation of the spike in travel demand. Running from 4 to 16 November, Atome will be offering attractive vouchers and travel deals of up to 15% from merchants Agoda, Cathay Pacific, Kkday, Luxury Escapes, and

Rainal Lu, head of growth at Atome, said, “With so many borders opening up again, there is a huge latent demand across the region to travel and experience new and old holiday destinations. With the support of so many of our regional travel partners, we’re excited to launch our year-end travel fair and support the [post-Covid-19] travel recovery boom by giving travellers choice, convenience and accessibility in how they want to pay and book their much-awaited holidays.”

As part of the campaign, Atome is also running a photo contest, encouraging consumers to share their best travel moments captured during their past travel adventures. The aim of the contest is to curate a ‘diverse lens’ of travel experiences through the perspective of different travellers in Asia, and in turn, inspire others on how they want to plan their next travels. 

The top prize is a S$14,000 travel package, and the first and second runner-ups will each win a round-trip to Japan for two. An additional 20 consumers will also be selected to win a S$35 travel voucher from Atome. 

The contest is open to residents based in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. To participate in the contest, consumers must download the Atome app, follow its Instagram account, and post their best travel photo on Instagram with the hashtag, #OwnYourAdventure, in the caption. Users must also tag a friend on the post. 

Judging the photo submissions will be Atome and travel photographer, Yik Keat. Tripadvisor, global travel guidance platform, joins the campaign as a content partner, providing guidance and inspiration to travellers as they plan their next adventure.

Sarah Mathews, group head of media partnerships for APAC at Tripadvisor, said, “We are so excited to be working with Atome, encouraging travellers to join such a fun travel campaign. As the world’s largest travel guidance platform, we love campaigns that inspire travellers to get to travel, [explore] the world again, [and] [discover] the good out there.” 

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Atome, Mastercard partner to launch ‘Atome Card’ in PH

Manila, Philippines – Buy now, pay later (BNPL) platform Atome has partnered with global financial services company Mastercard to launch the Atome Card in the Philippines, offering Filipino consumers a new way to pay with credit. 

The Atome Card provides cardholders with an Atome line of credit that can be used to pay online and in-store retailers by simply presenting their Atome Card during check-out. It offers no annual fees, sign-up fees or other hidden charges, easy application on mobile, payment flexibility, virtual or physical card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and easy view/manage of payment schedule.

At launch, consumers in the Philippines can register their interest for the Atome Card with one click, directly via the latest version of the Atome app, or via the Early Bird registration in the Atome website. Selected consumers from the Early Bird phase will receive an email inviting them to apply for the Atome Card.

Magic Tang, Atome’s payment partnerships director, commented, “The launch of the Atome Card marks an exciting new chapter for Atome, as it’s the first financial service we offer apart from Buy Now, Pay Later. With no annual fees and minimum income requirements, the Atome Card will give many underserved segments in the Philippines access to a flexible credit facility, the first such innovative solution across the region with more markets to come in the next few months.”

Meanwhile, Simon Calasanz, Mastercard’s country manager for the Philippines, said that Mastercard is delighted to partner with Atome on this innovative product that will contribute to building a cash-lite society and drive financial inclusivity by serving more than 70% of Filipinos who are unbanked or underbanked and do not qualify for credit cards.

“The Atome Card will enable cardholders with choice, control and flexibility to manage their finances and is available to use anywhere Mastercard is accepted. For merchants, this also means increased sales and better conversion rates, extending the benefits of digital commerce to more consumers and businesses in the Philippines,” he added.

In July 2022, Atome partnered with local-based online payment processing platform PayMongo to expand BNPL acceptance among merchants in the country. The partnership will enable PayMongo’s over 10,000 merchant network in the Philippines to offer their customers flexible deferred payment options, with no additional annual or service fees as an alternative checkout payment option.

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PayMongo, Atome team up to expand BNPL access in PH

Manila, Philippines – Local-based online payment processing platform PayMongo and buy now, pay later (BNPL) platform Atome have teamed up to expand BNPL acceptance among merchants in the country.

Through the partnership, it will enable PayMongo’s over 10,000 merchant network in the Philippines to offer their customers flexible deferred payment options, with no additional annual or service fees as an alternative checkout payment option.

Miel Pahati, head of partnerships at PayMongo, said, “Our partnership with Atome enables our merchants to offer a seamless and flexible payment checkout experience. With the growing trend towards digital payments and the appeal of zero-interest payment options, especially among digital-native customers, we’re confident this partnership will help our merchants grow sales and delight both new and returning customers.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy Wong, head of strategic partnerships at Atome, commented, “More than ever, consumers want choice, flexibility and a more personalised shopping and payment experience. Our partnership with PayMongo in the Philippines will accelerate the acceptance of flexible deferred payment options, and will support thousands of merchants in enabling a superior, secure checkout experience for consumers, in-store and online. This, in turn, will optimise customer conversion, increase average orders and repeat sales.”

As part of the partnership, local home appliance store Anson’s will be one of the first to adopt Atome payments via PayMongo.

Kristoffer Cheng, e-commerce and digital marketing manager at Anson’s, said, “Setting up Atome as a buy now, pay later option in our website was a quick and easy experience because PayMongo makes integration seamless.” 

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Dorsett Hospitality International unveils tie-up with BNPL Atome

Singapore – Dorsett Hospitality International, the hotel group in Asia, has announced its partnership with Atome, the fast-leading ‘buy now pay later’ platform in the region, to offer installation payment options to its guests. The option will be available to guests prior to arrival and upon checkout across its hotels in three markets; Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Under the partnership, guests can pay for their accommodations in three zero interest payments with no additional charges or service fees by selecting Atome as a payment option at the hotel front office or upon receiving Dorsett Hotels’ confirmation email for reservations prior to arrival. To pay, users first have to download Atome’s app and register an account, select Atome as the checkout payment option either three days before arrival or upon checking out at the front desk.

Anita Chan, senior vice president of global brand marketing at Dorsett Hospitality International, said, “At Dorsett Hospitality International it has always been important to us to make travel as easy and accessible as possible. As the first hotel group to partner with Atome regionally in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, we hope the flexibility of a ‘buy now pay later’ solution will encourage and allow more of our guests to travel, enjoy staycations and, for our guests in Hong Kong, make quarantine more affordable.”

Meanwhile, William Yang, head of regional partnerships for APAC at Atome, said, “Outbound travel across the region, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, is rebounding rapidly. We are excited we can play our part in supporting this post-Covid-19 recovery and provide a much-needed boost to the recovery of the tourism and hospitality industry. In addition, guests can now use Atome upon checkout for longer, better stays in Dorsett Hospitality International’s hotels.”

Atome has also recently forayed its services for NFTs. Social fitness platform LIV3LY has recently partnered with the BNPL to introduce flexible instalment payment options for LIV3LY’s 1000 NFTs. 

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LIV3LY partners with Atome to offer BNPL options for NFTs

Singapore – Social fitness platform LIV3LY has partnered with Atome, a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) brand, to introduce flexible instalment payment options for LIV3LY’s 1000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 

This is the first kind of partnership in the Asia Pacific region where users can have the option to use a BNPL platform option to purchase NFTs. Atome is the first BNPL operator in Asia to partner with a merchant to enable the purchase of NFTs using buy now pay later payment options. 

In Q2 of 2022, LIV3LY launched a one-time exclusive release of 1000 NFTs targeted at fitness and lifestyle enthusiasts. These NFTs are a tradable digital bib that comes with perpetual real-world privileges such as shareable complimentary runs, access to private events and launches, front-row at races, VIP services at physical events and revenue share. 

CEO of LIV3LY, Jeffrey Foo, said, “As the pandemic measures loosen up, the conduct of more running events and sharing sessions of our NFTs will provide more knowledge and confidence to the mainstream market. Today’s technology allows us to revitalise and shape the future of the live events industry.”

As a game changer, LIV3LY expressed their excitement to embark on this journey with more than 300 thousand organic members within their community. “In this way, we can build on our user experience and increase customer loyalty in the long run,” said Foo.

Customers who purchase LIV3LY’s NFTs, will also have access to varying privileges and benefits depending on the tier of the NFT purchased. As of May 2022, more than 20 per cent of the 1000 NFTs have already been bought. Through LIV3LY’s partnership with Atome, NFT buyers will now be able to split their purchases into deferred zero-interest instalments by checking out with Atome. To pay, users first have to download Atome’s app and register an account, before selecting Atome as the payment method. 

Regional Head of Commercial at Atome, William Yang, said, “We are thrilled to partner with LIV3LY, a leading social fitness company which has organised many iconic live events in the region and international runs. We want to be able to offer more payment options for digital assets as the world and also our consumers become more familiar with the growing metaverse and Web3. This partnership enables LIV3LY’s customers to purchase the running-related NFTs through our flexible payment options, making NFTs more affordable to buyers looking to engage in the metaverse.” 

Buy now pay later is expected to be Asia’s fastest growing online payment method by 2025. Between 2021 and 2025, buy now pay later arrangements are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40% and double their share of transaction value from 4% to 8%, according to the 2022 Global Payments Report by Worldpay from FIS.

Atome also plans to announce more NFT-related partnerships in the coming months this year.

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SHOPLINE unveils regional partnership with BNPL Atome

Singapore – SHOPLINE, the global smart commerce platform, has announced a regional partnership with buy now pay later platform Atome, allowing online businesses to accept Atome’s buy-now-pay-later function as a payment option.

With the new service, merchants in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan will be able to better cater their younger customers. The payment solution consists of three zero-interest instalments, including the first one at the point of purchase and two over time with no annual fees or service fees. It also translates to a higher conversion rate, order value and customer retention, especially for higher-priced products.

Joshua Qiao, General Manager, SHOPLINE Cross Border, said BNPL has taken off for a new generation of consumers and is expected to grow to US$1.2 Trillion in 2024. In the bid to optimise customer experiences, the partnership with Atome seeks to provide an effective digital experience that revolutionises the way their merchants serve their customers. Connecting payments to specific purchases over a period of time gives the power back to consumers as it changes the perception of debt and enables them to purchase big ticket items without the interest fees.

“The partnership with Atome offers the flexibility, transparency and seamless customer experience that resonates with younger consumers who are increasingly judicious with the debts that they take on, favouring BNPL options over credit card and other forms of payments. This is synonymous with SHOPLINE’s mission to continually offer best in class solutions for our merchants to build autonomous, powerful and thriving omnichannel brands,” Qiao said.

While BNPL is becoming more popular among all age groups, millennials and Gen Z consumers who appreciate the convenience of instalment payment option over traditional bank or credit card options have shown the highest growth in adoption. 

Meanwhile, Atome’s Regional Head of Strategic Partnership Jeremy Wong, commented, “More than ever, young consumers today want flexibility, transparency and a better, more personalised shopping and payment experience.”

Wong added, “Our regional partnership with SHOPLINE will support thousands of merchants across Greater China and Southeast Asia in enabling a superior, secure Buy Now, Pay Later checkout experience for consumers, both in-store and online. This in turn will improve customer conversion, increase average orders and repeat sales.” 

After launching in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, SHOPLINE plans to expand the strategic partnership with Atome later this year to include other Asian markets such as Indonesia. 

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foodpanda HK unveils tie-up with Atome

Hong Kong – Q-commerce platform foodpanda in Hong Kong has announced a partnership with buy now pay later platform Atome, to introduce Atome’s buy now pay later acceptance and payment flexibility to the Hong Kong market. 

Starting 14 March, foodpanda customers in Hong Kong can split purchases into three zero-interest deferred payments upon checkout. To pay, users must first download the Atome app and register before selecting Atome as a payment option at the checkout.

Ryan Lai, managing director at foodpanda Hong Kong, shared,  that both oth foodpanda and Atome are aligned in our mission of better serving the people of Hong Kong. 

“By adding the buy now pay later payment flexibility on our all-in-one quick commerce platform, it makes food and grocery shopping even more instant, affordable and convenient for foodpanda customers. The launch of this partnership is very timely, given COVID-19 restrictions and the economic impacts it brings, allowing Hong Kong residents to enjoy better financial flexibility while making food or grocery purchases safely from home.” 

Eric Yu, general manager at Atome Hong Kong, commented, “We are pleased to partner with foodpanda, Hong Kong’s leading on-demand delivery platform. foodpanda customers can now enjoy a flexible, transparent and seamless shopping and payment experience by checking out with Atome. This will make it even more convenient and affordable to Hong Kong residents to eat and shop for food and groceries safely, and from the comfort of their own home.”

To commemorate the launch of the partnership and to encourage Hong Kong residents to eat and shop safely from home during the COVID-19 crisis, all foodpanda customers can redeem a one-time HK$50 foodpanda voucher when they check out with Atome’s minimum spend of HK$350 for existing customers and HK$250 for new customers.

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Atome appoints Daphne Lourdes as head of marketing in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Buy now pay later (BNPL) platform Atome has appointed Daphne Lourdes, former country marketing manager at Meta, to be its newest head of marketing in Malaysia. In an exclusive interview with MARKETECH APAC, Lourdes noted that through her new role, she will be focused on developing a comprehensive 360° brand and marketing plan to drive brand awareness and advocacy, as well as support merchant and user acquisition for Atome in Malaysia.

In addition, she will be leading a team covering partnerships, campaigns and social media marketers to implement the brand and marketing plans and ultimately support merchants to grow their business.

“At the same time, as a consumer brand, we also want to support tech savvy Malaysian shoppers with access and affordability to quality products and services and help them achieve their aspirational life goals, while promoting responsible shopping,” Lourdes told MARKETECH APAC.

During her previous stint at Meta, she was focused on building the company’s B2B marketing in Malaysia, as well as developing and executing digital marketing campaigns for the brand. Prior to joining Meta, she also had worked with consumer TV company Astro for three years, where she served several positions, including general manager for digital and marketing.

“I’ve learnt that Malaysia is not a homogenous society but a melting pot of diverse peoples and cultures, which means they come with different shopping and retail needs and wants. Therefore our approach with merchants as well as consumers, should be marketed as such. This is an important fact to recognise and any branding or consumer outreach campaigns should take this into consideration,” she noted when asked about what she has learned throughout these previous stints.

Speaking about her appointment, Lourdes told MARKETECH APAC, “I am thrilled to join the team and grow the Atome brand in Malaysia by building on the incredible momentum of Atome’s first year of operations in Malaysia.A lot more merchants now understand the value we bring to their businesses. We are keen to develop those relationships, broaden the coverage of industry verticals and support their retail growth across channels.”

She also added, “As people adjust to the new normal post COVID-19, I am also incredibly excited to drive greater consumer adoption of Atome across Malaysia. At the same time, I will continue to focus on growing awareness and education of Atome’s core values of ‘Access, Aspiration and Advice’.”

In her new role, she will be reporting to Trasy Lou, regional general manager at Atome.

“We warmly welcome Daphne to the Atome Malaysia family as we expand and grow the Atome brand across Malaysia. We continue to see strong demand from our retail and merchant partners as well as users, as well as the unique opportunity for BNPL to drive post COVID-19 retail recovery. Daphne’s deep background in tech, marketing and her knowledge of industry networks will allow us to further build and accelerate the growth of the Atome brand in Malaysia,” Lou said.

When asked about her thought leadership on the opportunities in BNPL, she noted two groups of people that will have greater opportunities in the continuing rise of BNPL use in the market.

According to Lourdes, they need to demonstrate the value of BNPL platforms such as Atome to merchants, as well as growing their retail network and partnerships.

“We will also need to continuously upgrade and improve retail and merchant support. We also want to be able to work with merchants to support the recovery of retail post-pandemic, and to also work with our merchant partners to prepare for the day when COVID restrictions are lifted and shoppers can freely and safely return to shops and malls,” she said.

Meanwhile, she noted that on the consumer’s front, they need to continue improving the shopping and payment experience by adding new features and services such as early repayment, capping admin fees in half, and Atome+ rewards.

“We will also partner more merchants to offer a greater range of products and services. Lastly, we will focus on consumer education and features to promote healthy and sustainable shopping,” Lourdes concluded.

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What’s NEXT: How BNPL can be a merchant enabler for retailers in Asia

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) was first introduced over 15 years ago in Europe, as a payment platform that allows shoppers to split their purchases into interest-free monthly deferred payments, usually by scanning an in-store QR code or upon checkout at a partner retailer’s website.

In recent years, BNPL has gained immense popularity amongst merchants and consumers in Asia, with its market share expected to more than double by 2024, according to the Global Payments Report 2021 by FIS-Worldpay. While BNPL is seen as a rising global movement, it is important to note that the use case and macro landscape across the regions vary significantly. 

Unlike established markets such as the United States, Australia and Europe, Asia is highly fragmented (eg. credit profile, religion, language, culture) with a large unbanked and underbanked population, especially in emerging markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam. For example, in Southeast Asia (SEA), only 27% of the overall 670 million population has bank accounts. This sizable gap in traditional banking penetration has resulted in at least 438 million unbanked or underbanked consumers, with limited access to basic financial services and subsequently, a thin credit profile. Consequently, retailers should partner with BNPL brands with robust risk assessment and credit profiling technology to minimise transaction rejects and fraud cases. 

SEA is also leading the charge in digital consumption, having added 60 million new digital consumers to the internet economy since the pandemic started. The massive digitisation that the region witnessed in 2020, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, saw SEA lead as a mobile-first consumer economy. 

Retailers partner BNPL providers to tap on the young and emerging digital consumers – shoppers who are mobile-first and digitally savvy and may be experiencing major life events such as getting their first job or house, getting married, and having their first child. It is estimated that by 2030, 75% of consumers in ASEAN will be under the age of 30.

Physical shopping in SEA remains a social activity for many, and shoppers still prefer to see and touch products before making the commitment to purchase. This is different from other developed markets in Europe or the US where e-commerce is widely adopted because of good public infrastructure (e.g. cheap broadband, good last-mile delivery to every home). 

For the shoppers in SEA, they value omnichannel retail shopper experience, one that allows them to shop and purchase seamlessly across online and offline channels. What this means for retailers and BNPL players in this region is that the physical store experience is critical when it comes to increasing in-store conversion, basket size, and the overall brand and shopping experience.

Merchants who have adopted BNPL in their business have seen benefits including improved sales, traffic, and conversions. With BNPL, merchants can also unlock a new segment of shoppers and understand their shopping behaviours. 


As BNPL matures in Asia, it will evolve from its current basic model of interest-free monthly payments to further enable merchants. We’ve seen examples of new products and services launched, for example, co-branded cards, savings accounts, investment products, and personal finance management.

Traditional banks and even digibanks are also developing and launching their own BNPL offerings. Potential evolution pathways of BNPL and features include:

1. Greater industry adoption

With wider customer adoption and demand for payment choice and flexibility, other retail categories beyond fashion, lifestyle, and beauty categories are experimenting with BNPL. Travel and hospitality, food and beverage, and luxury and premium retail are some examples. 

2. Open-loop payment services 

Open-loop is a payment method that can be used anywhere that brand of cards or e-wallets is accepted. As BNPL gains momentum globally, BNPL players are introducing co-branded credit cards and e-wallets with payment providers to create an open-loop system that is not restricted to signed merchants. This will greatly accelerate BNPL acceptance across retailers who for example, already accept payments for example, via Visa or Mastercard. BNPL brands also partner with payment service providers, web builders, e-commerce enablers to provide integration support for merchants and accelerate the wider acceptance and integration of BNPL solutions. 

3. Social commerce 

SEA is expected to lead the biggest market for social commerce, especially given how a large chunk of its population is entering its prime of technology adoption. Social commerce (78%) has become the second most preferred shopping channel in the region, second only to e-commerce platforms (91%). 

In 2020, clothes, apparel, and accessories continue to lead social shopping (71%), followed by health and beauty (59%), and electronics and appliances (53%). A large majority of Gen Z and millennials are leveraging social platforms not just to connect and explore, but also to shop and inspire. Increasingly, BNPL players are developing social commerce features to create highly targeted and personalised content recommendations to help promote organic engagements with merchants.

4. Customised merchant services 

One of the key strengths for BNPL players is a strong understanding of user demographics and shopping behaviour. Moving forward, BNPL players can invest in co-marketing and merchant-enabler features such as social CRM, loyalty programme, co-marketing, and concierge-like membership services, and this would be crucial in connecting with a community of young, aspirational, and digitally-savvy consumers.

5. Broader financial services 

Finally, BNPL players can also introduce offerings with longer tenures especially for high-value items like electronics and smartphones, and money management services such as savings accounts and investment options. As the BNPL industry continues to thrive in the coming years, the evolution of BNPL will further enable and empower merchants and create a strong and holistic ecosystem that drives engagement and value through every facet of the consumer’s purchase journey.

This article is written by Jeremy Wong, head of strategic partnerships at BNPL platform Atome.

The article is published as part of MARKETECH APAC’s thought leadership series What’s NEXT. This features marketing leaders sharing their marketing insights and predictions for the upcoming year. The series aims to equip marketers with actionable insights to future-ready their marketing strategies.

If you are a marketing leader and have insights that you’d like to share with regards to the upcoming trends and practices in marketing, please reach out to [email protected] for an opportunity to have your thought-leadership published on the platform.

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MARKETECH APAC’s Top 5 Stories for September: BNPL in Thailand clinches top spot

What a great way to start the ‘Ber’ months this year with a list of high-flying stories which gave the industry a peek of the latest developments in the startup, e-commerce, and digital payments scene. 

This September, an Indian-born PR agency leading the way for communications in the startup sector has expanded its presence to Singapore. A Buy Now Pay Later platform is also ramping up its market in Southeast Asia with the announcement of its country manager for Thailand. 

Meanwhile, e-commerce makes another round getting into readers’ radar with a data-driven marketing firm in Asia unveiling its new leader for its e-commerce offering.

Stories from the Philippines are also in this month’s top spots with one career coaching firm in the country sharing its business story, and also, a report that saw the convergence of consumer products and social media snared readership for the period.

Take a look.

Top 5: PR agency Value 360 Communications expands presence with new Singapore office

Value 360 Communications Singapore

Value 360 Communications, the startup-focused PR agency in India, has announced that it will be expanding its market to Singapore to unlock growth opportunities in the country’s burgeoning start-up space.

Speaking to MARKETECH APAC, Kunal Sinha, the founder and director of Value 360 Communications, shared that the company has been part of the journey of 15 unicorns in the market of India, where they have built communications from the ground up. Learning from the process, the agency eventually grounded its name and reputation in the sector. 

Working with a complex market such as India, Sinha believes, gives the agency a strong value proposition to bring to the start-up space.

“We are going to focus on providing start-up PR in the SEA region, and Singapore will be the core for us in extending our services to start-ups. We are also in a discussion with other global brands who have both India and Singapore presence, and we are looking to hire talents with specific experiences in start-ups,” said Sinha.

We have an internal training module where we will be able to help them learn and understand about the start-up space.

Sinha on hiring new talents

Top 4: MARKETECH Spotlight: PH’s Metamorphosis Group on disrupting career coaching in the country

Metamorphosis Group_Danica Octa

Entering this month’s top stories is one of the latest episodes of MARKETECH Spotlight featuring career coaching firm in the Philippines, Metamorphosis Group (MG). 

In an exclusive conversation with the firm’s Founder, President, and CEO, Danica Octa, she shared MG’s start-up journey which began in the pandemic year in 2020. Gaining more expertise and leadership into the current job and recruitment industry in the country, the coaching firm has now firmed up its mission of becoming an end-to-end employability solution for those seeking guidance on their career development. 

Speaking MARKETECH APAC, Octa shared how the firm sees its role in the Filipino workforce. 

Our role [in the workforce] is to be some kind of a learning partner [and] an accountability buddy.

Octa believes that above all, it’s able to help shape people’s career journey through its future-oriented thinking. 

“We are very forward-thinking, we understand the future of work, we as a company is very, very in touch with what’s going to happen 10 years later,” she said. 

Octa adds, “We have the intuition, we can give our market the information they need to succeed moving forward, of course, so that they can upskill and reskill to the appropriate job that they need to have, moving forward. So I think that’s the role that we take here.”

Top 3: Filipinos take to Twitter conversations around favorite consumer products


Twitter Philippines has recently released a report on the products Filipinos love to talk about on the platform. The data shows that there are five key trends in how Filipinos converse around food, beverages, and personal, as well as home care.

Chandan Deep, Twitter’s head of emerging business for SEA, shared that people on the app and the conversations that they create are what makes Twitter unique, and that 71% have rated it as a great platform for brand interaction, making it the number one among its peers.

MARKETECH APAC conversed with Deep, and she noted that when you looked at the top mentioned brands, which were listed on their CPG dispatch, you will see some good samples on how brands can engage with their customers on Twitter, to be able to drive more meaningful conversations.

Twitter has a diverse community so they can connect with people who like entertainment, gaming, or health, making the first move as a brand by initiating conversation and making your audience enjoy it.

Top 2: ADA names former Lazada CBO Sherry Tan as regional head of e-commerce

ADA ropes in Lazada MY’s Sherry Tan to become its regional head of e-commerce

ADA, the data- and AI-driven marketing firm in Asia, has appointed former Chief Business Officer of Lazada Malaysia, Sherry Tan to be its regional head of e-commerce. 

ADA has just unveiled its end-to-end e-commerce solution for brands in APAC, and for the new role, Tan will be leading a team of leaders who will support the growing demand for e-commerce in the region. 

In the interview with MARKETECH APAC, Tan shared the challenges that brands in e-commerce are faced with in this pandemic.,

“In the last 18 months right, the pandemic catapulted e-commerce retail significantly, and there are more users in the digital space whether it is the buyers or the sellers. Now, it has become harder for brands to attract customers because there are wider options available,” said Tan. 

According to Tan, besides having more choices, customers are gaining smarter as well and therefore, have higher expectations toward their shopper journey. 

Brands need to stay on top of their game to predict industry trends…and then they need to enhance engagement and attraction to their brand to build loyalty and retention.

On ADA’s e-commerce solution, Tan said, “Leveraging on our data and digital shelf, we are able to craft [an] e-commerce and digital strategy based on sentiment analysis, customer insights as well as [competitive] landscape. This data allows us to understand what consumers are interested in, where they have visited over a period of time, and ADA is able to target these audiences for the brand.”

Top 1: BNPL platform for Asia, Atome, names country manager for Thailand

Atome Poompong Tancharoenphol

For our top story for the month, we have Buy Now Pay later platform in Asia Atome’s appointment of its country manager for Thailand, Poompong Tancharoenphol Tancharoenphol was formerly Zilingo’s country head for the country. 

Speaking to MARKETECH APAC, Tancharoenphol said, “I think I have been fortunate to look at e-commerce both from AddVentures and Zilingo before. There [are] a few key factors in making an e-commerce company successful, namely the business model itself, whether it is B2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce, and marketplaces, and there is [a] supply chain, marketing, and payment.”

He adds that with BNPL being quite new to the Thai market, it could mean either two things: it may be potentially good or something which the market may not adapt to. 

I think the direct value we offer to the retailers and e-commerce players is the increase in the market size. We were able to increase the market size to 30% more than any other payment method, and this comes along with increasing sales and conversion [afterward]

Rankings‌ ‌are‌ ‌based‌ ‌on‌ ‌Google‌ ‌Analytics‌ ‌from‌ ‌the‌ ‌period‌ ‌of‌ ‌16th‌ ‌August‌ ‌to 15th‌ ‌September.‌

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