Sydney, Australia – Heinz, through agency TBWA\Sydney, has released a new campaign that highlights the origins of the classic meal of soup, and how the brand is able to make ‘soup’ remain delicious and ‘great now’.

Soup as a source of sustenance has long been depicted in art – from ancient Sumerian stone tablets to Pablo Picasso’s ‘La Soupe’ in 1902, evidence shows how soup has always been a staple in people’s daily lives. 

To celebrate its role in ‘humanity’, the latest campaign ‘Good then. Great now’ has taken inspiration from ‘soup art’ to remind everyone that the reasons people reached for soup were the same then, as they are now. 

Rebecca Preston, CMO of Kraft-Heinz ANZ, said, ‘Soup has been fuelling humankind for centuries. It is easy to prepare and can be made from almost any ingredient, making it a universal crowd-pleaser, even as culture and tastes shift. Our campaign celebrates the role soup has played in every culture’s history. It was good then, and thanks to Heinz it is great now.” 

Meanwhile, Katrina Alvarez-Jarratt, ECD of TBWA\Sydney, commented, “This playful campaign disrupts the category conventions by encouraging everyone to take their place in history – and join their forebears as soup eaters.” 

Food historians tell us the history of soup is probably as old as the history of cooking. One of the most ancient food references is Pigeon Soup, consumed by the Ancient Sumerians and documented on a 4000-year-old Sumerian cuneiform tablet. 

The campaign will be running across TV, OOH, social, cinema, and BVOD. 

In August 2022, Kraft Heinz tapped agency TBWA\Sydney as creative AOR for its Golden Circle brand. 

Sydney, Australia – To highlight the importance of those drivers returning to driving after experiencing road trauma, car servicing brand mycar Tyre &Auto has teamed up with TBWA\Sydney and Eleven to launch a campaign that features the initiative ‘Return Plates’ (R Plates). This recognises drivers returning to the road after suffering trauma or following a significant break from driving.

The R Plate aims to encourage empathy from other road users, so returning drivers will feel less pressure, giving them time and space to recover. 

Said initiative connects drivers with links to local and national support services, making help available at any time as well as providing access to real stories and the science behind road trauma recovery. R Plates sees mycar Tyre & Auto continue to build on its brand platform.

To properly launch the initiative, the campaign tapped Dr. Jason Thompson, associate professor at the University of Melbourne, for his expertise in psychology, transportation and post-injury rehabilitation. 

Commenting on the campaign, he says, “People talk about the physical injuries associated with car accidents, but we often overlook the psychological impact associated with the experience. It is a huge burden that Australia carries, it’s an issue we can do something about and this campaign is a great start.”

Adele Coswello, chief customer officer at mycar Tyre & Auto, said, “Our research shows that despite being a nation of confident drivers (89%), almost half of Australians (43%) have lost their confidence at some point, with around three-quarters (73%) having been affected by a road incident.”

She added, “At mycar, we are committed to putting people first, so supporting drivers returning to the road made complete sense. With R Plates, we are helping to signify to other road users that the driver is going through something that otherwise can’t be seen, encouraging empathy and extra care. Returning to the road is also a return to freedom, independence and confidence.”

Meanwhile, Evan Roberts, chief creative officer at TBWA\Sydney, commented, “There have been many people involved in bringing this initiative to life. While this is just the beginning I would like to take a moment to thank our incredible clients, production partners and, of course, our own people who have given so much to this project.”

Australia – Global food and beverage company Kraft Heinz has appointed advertising agency TBWA\Sydney as the creative agency of record for its brand Golden Circle.

As part of the remit, TBWA\Sydney will be responsible for the entire beverages portfolio including the development of the Golden Circle Masterbrand.

Rebecca Preston, Kraft Heinz’s CMO, said, “TBWA has a proven track record of bringing both world-class disruptive, cut-through thinking and a genuine level of partnership to brand creative development. We are looking forward to unleashing their talents across our beverages portfolio.”

Meanwhile, Nitsa Lotus, chief growth officer at TBWA\Sydney, commented, “We are thrilled to be working with such an iconic Australian brand in Golden Circle. It is a leading brand with the heart and soul of a challenger. We are looking forward to partnering with Kraft Heinz to help create the next exciting new chapter in this brand’s future.”

In July 2022, TBWA\Sydney collaborated with Tourism New Zealand, the agency that promotes the country’s tourism around the world, to launch a new campaign, which is an underground network of Secret (Travel) Agents, with a mission to encourage Australians to book a holiday in Aotearoa New Zealand.

New Zealand – Tourism New Zealand, the agency that promotes the country’s tourism around the world, has launched a new campaign, which is an underground network of Secret (Travel) Agents, with a mission to encourage Australians to book a holiday in Aotearoa New Zealand.

With successfully executed missions like introducing the flat white to Australian culture or reminding Australians of how New Zealand does winter with its longer snow season, the Secret (Travel) Agents’ network of approximately 600,000 has been infiltrating Australians’ minds, hearts and mouths for years.

In a new campaign, which was done in collaboration with creative agency TBWA\Sydney and PR agency Eleven, the identities of some of the agents have been revealed in a recorded video conference. The secret agents are Kiwi comedian Melanie Bracewell, Australian popstar Ricki-Lee, TV presenter Richard Wilkins, Kiwi popstar Stan Walker, and drag performer Kita Mean, as well as Twitch streamer Broxh, and Kiwi character, the Beached Az Whale. They have been working to remind the world what is unique and special about Aotearoa New Zealand.

The brief is simple yet effective. Find ways to include New Zealand in regular chat, social media feeds, or general conversation. For example, posting a throwback picture from Waitomo Glowworm Caves, sharing their love of a Central Otago Pinot Noir, or simply reminding Australians that New Zealand scallops are just a bit bigger than theirs.

Katrina Alvarez-Jarratt, executive creative director at TBWA\Sydney, noted, “Anyone who knows a New Zealander, knows we just can’t shut up about how unique and beautiful our country is. Turns out, this behaviour is not random. It’s highly choreographed by an undercover society of Secret (Travel) Agents acting to encourage Australians to take a holiday in New Zealand.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Waddel, Tourism New Zealand’s general manager for Australia, said, “While some of our Secret (Travel) Agents have been revealed, this only means we need to find more for the cause – which is easily done by welcoming more Australians to New Zealand, and into our Agent whānau. It’s time for Australians to travel to Aotearoa and immerse themselves in a place filled with unmissable experiences and unmistakable Manaakitanga.”

Evan Roberts, chief creative officer at TBWA\Sydney, commented, “While this campaign is delivered in a Kiwi tongue-in-cheek manner, the marketing implications are huge. From an earned media moment, we are mobilising every advocate they have ever had in the history of social media, capturing first-party data and then rewarding them for their behaviour.”

Sydney, Australia – QuickBooks, an accounting software package, has launched its new campaign together with TBWA\Sydney, which aims to acknowledge that no one begins a small business to undertake administrative work. The new campaign aims to show that SMBs can go back to what they love with the help of tech such as QuickBooks software.

Using Intuit QuickBooks, the ad demonstrates how small businesses can be successful, using capabilities like invoicing, expenditure management, and payroll. The campaign trailers use original tracks created for QuickBooks that will evolve over time with the campaign.

Together, the advertisements reaffirm QuickBooks‘ purpose of supporting accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners to achieve success their way.

Jane Merrick, Australia’s marketing director at Intuit QuickBooks, said that they are thrilled to have worked with the TBWA/Sydney team to launch this new campaign celebrating small business owners.

“Once again, we believe we have delivered a campaign  that not only promotes QuickBooks in a differentiated way, but also truly gets the challenge  that so many small business owners face of being able to “tap into” the admin and financial  part of their business so many want to avoid or push to the side,” Merrick said 

Merrick added, “We hear from so many of our customers that before using QuickBooks they struggled with feeling bogged down and overwhelmed with business admin and finances. For them even the smallest wins are critical, whether it’s expanding service lines or hiring an employee – it’s something to be supported and celebrated. Our new creative aims to show that with the  help of the right tool – QuickBooks, you can master these tasks easily and get back to  focusing on doing what you love.” 

Stu Tobin, creative director at TBWA\Sydney, commented, “It’s not every day a brand lets you compose a G-Funk inspired track to deliver their cloud accounting software proof points. Big thanks to our good friends at QuickBooks, Otis, Division, Pool and of course the real  small businesses we featured.” 

The latest integrated campaign will be running across TV, BVOD, YouTube, OOH, social, digital and PR.

Sydney, Australia – Quickbooks, an accounting software package, has released its latest campaign that celebrates the feats and achievements of accountants and bookkeepers, depicting them as not just normal accountants but going way beyond ‘doing the numbers’.

The campaign, conceptualised by TBWA\Sydney, depicts accountants and bookkeepers as mixmaster maestros and psychic wizards of the small business world. For Quickbooks, despite the incredible feats accountants and bookkeepers perform behind the scenes of small businesses, they are rarely celebrated for their skills.

Stu Tobin, creative director at TBWA\Sydney, said, “If you’ve ever received a strongly worded letter from the ATO like I have, then you know all about the small business heroics of Australia’s accountants. What better way to demonstrate the support QuickBooks gives these unsung heroes than with a fresh platform that places real stories from real accountants at its core.”

Meanwhile, Intuit QuickBooks Australia’s Marketing Director Jane Merrick, commented, “We’re excited to launch this new campaign which celebrates Accountants and Bookkeepers in their own words. Often accountants and bookkeepers can be stereotyped, but having supported Australian accountants and bookkeepers for more than a decade, we know they are a diverse, creative, and supportive community totally committed to the success of their clients.”

The integrated campaign will run across online video, digital, social, PR and trade media.

Australia – Functional food and beverage (F&B) company, My Muscle Chef (MYMC) in Australia, has launched a new brand campaign, aimed at expanding on the company’s new tagline ‘Every Body, Every Goal’ and redefining what it means ‘to be fit’ and strong. 

MYMC specialises in protein-rich fresh ready-made meals, drinks and snacks across all meal occasions. It also observes the consumers’ goals as calorie control, performance, and building muscle.

According to MYMC, the past two years highlighted that feeling good and living healthy every day is more than just training physical muscles, it is also about exercising mental and emotional fitness, which defines this holistic concept as ‘Total Self Fitness’, which is the inspiration for the new campaign and brand sentiment.

The new campaign, which was created in collaboration with advertising agency TBWA\Sydney, aims to show Australians that nutrient-dense, protein-packed products do not just help with physical strength, but give the body all kinds of strength, for all kinds of situations, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. 

Titled ‘Strong Like This’, the new campaign is a playful and uplifting creative, depicting everyday strength through everyday challenging moments. The first narrative looks at how one woman has seemingly forgotten her friend’s name after a fitness session, but after enjoying her MYMC protein smoothie, she has the mental clarity to remember her friend’s name. Meanwhile, the second spot explores a father’s struggle between answering text messages from mates and playtime with his daughter. After savouring his protein-rich MYMC meal, he resists the temptation to answer his messages in order to spend quality time with his daughter.

Liam Loan-Lack, MYMC’s head of marketing, shared that they are launching a new platform to unify the entire business more closely to the modern consumer sentiment around what it means to be ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ – that it’s not just about looking good but feeling good holistically. 

“‘Strong Like This’ is the consumer-facing expression of how we are fundamentally living up to this sentiment. To us at My Muscle Chef, it is a new, more responsible narrative around health and wellbeing,” said Loan-Lack. 

Meanwhile, Evan Roberts, TBWA\Sydney’s chief creative officer, said, “It’s not every day you get to be involved with such a disruptive brand at such a critical juncture in their growth. We hope the ‘Strong Like This’ platform can create another defining moment in the My Muscle Chef story.” 

The brand campaign will be available until 30 June 2022 across TV, broadcaster video on demand (BVOD), online video (OLV), and Out of Home (OOH), as well as social and search engine marketing (SEM).

Australia – Advertising agency TBWA\Sydney has announced the elevation of Katrina Alvarez-Jarratt, former creative director, to now assume the position of the team’s executive creative director (ECD).

Alvarez-Jarratt has been with TBWA\Sydney since 2016, working across accounts including Tourism New Zealand, Pepsi, and Woolmark, as well as Optus. Prior to joining the agency, she has worked as the associate creative director at TBWA\Australia, the senior art director at Clemenger BBDO, and the art director at Clemenger BBDO Wellington.

Following the elevation of Alvarez-Jarratt, TBWA\Sydney has appointed two creative directors, Bec Johnson-Pond and James Sexton

Commenting on her new role, Alvarez-Jarratt said she is beyond stoked and can’t wait to create a space where creative people thrive, feel inspired and make the best work of their careers.

“In my time at TBWA I have been very lucky to have been able to work with, learn from, and be supported by some of the best in the business. I hope that in this new role I can pass on some of that good stuff to those around me, ” said Alvarez-Jarratt. 

Evan Roberts, TBWA\Sydney’s chief creative officer, believes that Alvarez-Jarratt epitomizes everything they want the agency to be, and that she’s got a team-first mentality, describing her as open-minded, curious, and relentless in her pursuit of disruptive ideas. 

“Pair that with the fact that she has been around our best work, trickiest briefs, building our creative culture and you can see why she is so important to us. I’m thoroughly thrilled to make this appointment and recognize her ongoing contribution,” said Roberts.

Just recently, TBWA\Sydney has also announced two new leadership promotions, namely Nitsa Lotus, the new chief growth officer, and Tanya Vragalis, the new managing director.

Australia – Advertising agency TBWA\Sydney has announced two new leadership promotions, namely Nitsa Lotus, former managing director, to step into the newly created role of chief growth officer, and Tanya Vragalis, former general manager, to assume the role of managing director

Lotus has recently celebrated 15 years at the agency. Prior to joining TBWA\Sydney, she previously held roles at various creative agencies such as Whybin TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Lowe Lintas.

In her new role, Lotus will be leading growth initiatives and innovation across each of the agencies within the TBWA\Sydney Group – TBWA, Eleven, Fleishman Hillard, Fabric, and Bolt – as well as continuing to lead significant client relationships.

Meanwhile, Vragalis has been with the agency for four years. Prior to joining TBWA\Sydney, she previously worked as the group head at M&C Saatchi Australia, the group business director at Leo Burnett, and the senior communications manager at George Patterson Y&R.

As the new managing director, Vragalis will be overseeing significant clients Optus and Carlton United Breweries.

Commenting on her elevation, Lotus said, “It’s been a privilege to be part of this agency’s story for the last 15 years. I’m excited about the next chapter and am looking forward to helping drive growth and innovation across the group.”

Vragalis also commented that she feels incredibly honored to take this next step and lead a team of passionate and creative collaborators at TBWA\Sydney. 

“I look forward to continuing to inspire our people and partnering with our clients to disrupt this ‘new normal’ with different, elevated creative ideas,” she added.

Paul Bradbury, the CEO of TBWA\Australia and New Zealand CEO, noted that growth and momentum provide exciting new opportunities for the people. 

“Nitsa and Tanya thoroughly deserve these promotions. I would also like to congratulate Nitsa on her tenure at TBWA, quite an achievement in an industry of so much change,” said Bradbury.