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Talkwalker, Khoros team up to deliver social media management, listening services 

Singapore – Consumer intelligence and deep listening company Talkwalker has partnered with digital-first customer engagement software Khoros to provide brands with a world-class social media management, intelligence, and deep listening experience.

Said partnership will equip brands with the tools they need — from insights to action — to remain attuned, responsive, and adaptive to market trends and audience shifts.

Through the partnership, Khoros customers are now equipped with in-depth insights through deep listening. Additionally, Talkwalker customers can now leverage an integrated social media management solution with tools to take action on insights at scale and the ability to thoughtfully engage with and meet customers wherever they are.

Some of those advantages include holistic view of all customer conversations, powering thoughtful engagement, data coverage, actionable insights with leading AI, as well as reporting and strategy.

Lokdeep Singh, CEO at Talkwalker, said, “Having the best of both social listening and customer engagement technologies together means that brands have unprecedented capabilities to understand customers more than any other solution on the market. Marketers can tap into the deepest and most reliable data coverage allowing them to get closer to consumers more than ever before, at every point of the consumer journey.”

Meanwhile, Chris Tranquill, CEO at Khoros, commented, “We’re proud to partner with Talkwalker to help brands stay one step ahead in competitive markets and a rapidly changing digital landscape. Deep listening insights are key to tracking competitor activity and audience shifts, informing campaigns, and providing brand reputation management. Adding this to our digital engagement platform with publishing, content management, and moderation capabilities creates a powerful social marketing solution, and we’re excited to build upon our partnership.”

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UNIQLO, Jollibee among Talkwalker & Hootsuite’s most loved brands in SEA for 2022

Manila, Philippines – Talkwalker, the leading consumer intelligence company, and Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, have released their Brand Love 2022 report. Each year, Talkwalker uses its consumer intelligence capabilities to analyse over 1,500 brands, to see which ones are the most loved.

This year, the leading brands for Southeast Asia (SEA) include names like Sulwhasoo, UNIQLO, Jollibee, AIA, and DBS Bank, in addition to other international leading brands such as Asics, Jimmy Choo, Fjällräven, Apple, and more. By partnering with Hootsuite, the report now also includes tips on how brands can improve their brand love immediately.

The report uses a refined methodology to create the Talkwalker Brand Love Index. With over 10 years of client research and in-depth analysis of use cases, the index identified 3 critical scores for monitoring brand love – Passion, Trust, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). These scores were calculated by analysing over 2.6 billion conversations from social media, news, blogs, and reviews, to identify the brands consumers really care about.

“This is the third year running Talkwalker has developed the Brand Love report,” said Elena Melnikova, Talkwalker CMO.

Melnikova adds, “And each year it reveals a clear picture of what’s driving consumer passion at that time. Consumer priorities, values, and behaviours change constantly, and only those brands that are close to their consumers, foresee these changes and adapt. These are the brands that are sustaining and growing their brand love. Love your consumers, and your consumers will love you.”

In the past year, there was an increased focus on sustainability in the world, particularly on what impact brands are having on a social, economic, or environmental level. As many of the top 50 brands have prioritised sustainability efforts, we can see that this should not just be a consumer priority, but a critical brand strategy that can help create or kill brand love.

“As a marketer, if the past year and a half taught us anything, it’s that the traditional ways of advertising have changed drastically. Brands who put authenticity and courageous creativity at the core of their plans are the ones who generate the most brand love,” said Maggie Lower, CMO, Hootsuite.

“This year’s Brand Love report features shining examples that we can all learn from of how companies are innovating and connecting with their audience in different ways to build loyalty and affinity,” added Lower.

To discover more, download the Brand Love 2022 report here.

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Consumer intel Talkwalker adds TikTok analytics to platform

Manila, Philippines – Consumer intelligence company Talkwalker is now providing TikTok data in its Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform™.

Through the new offering, Talkwalker will be analyzing short videos from any TikTok account which will allow businesses to discover critical insights on how consumers are interacting with their brand on the social media platform.

The intel provider refers to data that over half, or 63% of TikTok’s users are under 30, and believes that the insights through their new service will enable brands to connect with an audience that is growing in “both size and significance.”

Talkwalker’s CEO Tod Nielsen said that TikTok has taken the world by storm.

“Now, we’re able to bring our clients’ data from this trendsetting platform, providing them with a clear understanding of what makes the TikTok generation tick. By combining this with other data from all the major social media platforms, we’re giving brands the most comprehensive and actionable consumer intelligence available,” said Nielsen.

Brands will be able to use the platform to measure the impact of their campaigns, monitor competitor activities, identify and analyze the impact of brand influencers, and find the videos that are driving brand conversations.

Brands will also be able to use Talkwalker’s proprietary image recognition technology to identify logos, objects, and scenes within posts, enabling them to understand how consumers are interacting with their brand in real-time.

The latest boost to its offerings follows the company’s recent announcement of acquiring consumer and cultural insight platform

Marketing companies are recognizing the short-video platform’s power as a platform in attracting a wide consumer base. Just recently, advertising agency dentsu in APAC has also unveiled a special partnership with TikTok to deliver media and creative capabilities that will help brands elevate their engagement on the short-video platform.

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Talkwalker acquires to boost consumer intel capability

Sydney, Australia – Talkwalker, a consumer intelligence company, has recently acquired consumer and cultural insight platform in order to boost its consumer intelligence offering to businesses who need actionable intelligence to drive business impact.

With’s unique combination of machine learning and human insights, Talkwalker can now build into their services a deeper reading into the human stories and emotive human drivers that lie beneath and behind the intelligence they provide through data.

Integrating’s capabilities is now part of the new offering from the Talkwalker Activate professional services team, which will now provide a range of go live, operational, and strategic consultancy services to enable businesses to identify, analyze, and act on presented relevant consumer insights across their organizations.

For Tod Nielsen, CEO at Talkwalker, they are not just providing brands and agencies with powerful consumer intelligence from a multitude of data sources, adding that they have learned from their clients, and the wider industry, that there is a need for professional services to help make this intelligence more actionable.

“With the addition of to our already fast developing Talkwalker Activate professional services, we can provide a high-level consultancy layer on top of our powerful platform, that explores and discovers, at scale and at human scale, with rigour but also with resonance. Inspiring brands with rich human stories and cultural insights, and getting them closer to their customers,” Nielsen stated.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Williams, founder at, commented that there has already been a very natural alliance between the two businesses, adding that they have been working for many of the same clients, even on the very same projects.

“Bringing our two businesses together will help our clients to further benefit from this powerful combination, with Talkwalker providing consumer intelligence and bringing deeper human insight and cultural context, together inspiring brands to better unlock future growth opportunities. There is just so much exciting white space where our complementary cultures and collective capability across people and platforms can create some really exciting new developments,” Williams explained.

Talkwalker has also recently acquired Nielsen Social Content Ratings, now called Social Content Ratings, and Reviewbox, to provide additional insights and intelligence for all their clients.

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Talkwaker’s latest products to deliver actionable consumer intelligence

Singapore – To accompany its existing Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform™, consumer intelligence company Talkwalker has launched new products to deliver brands actionable consumer intelligence to drive business impact, as well as to accelerate growth of Talkwalker’s social listening capabilities.

The new products include Market Intelligence that provides consumer trends analysis and real-time industry datasets, with an app per category, to fast-track innovation; Customer Intelligence which creates a unique single customer view by combining customer and consumer data, social, ratings, and reviews; and Social Intelligence which is an expansion of Talkwalker’s deep social listening capabilities at scale, to help companies protect, measure, and promote their brands.

“Our new products and platform expand our deep listening capabilities into new areas, arming brands with insights that they can benefit from immediately. Only Talkwalker can help them get closer to their customers than ever before, and enable them to shape products, campaigns, and services to meet the market’s ever-growing demands,” said Tod Nielsen, CEO at Talkwalker.

In addition to their recently-launched products, Talkwalker has also launched its new professional services called the Talkwalker Activate team, which offers a broad range of customer services, including training, onboarding and insights, to help clients accelerate their time to value with Talkwalker technologies, from investment to real-world results.

Furthermore, Talkwalker has also announced that the company has been recognized as a Twitter Official Partner, where they demonstrated during their recent Talkwalker ‘Dare to Accelerate’ event that the social media platform can be used by businesses social listening, market research, customer intelligence, and product development.

“We will continue to listen forward and ensure our technologies and solutions are fit for purpose. This will enable brands to profit from actionable consumer intelligence to drive business impact,” Nielsen concluded.

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New report shows pandemic woes changed landscape of consumer understanding

Singapore – The current state of the world in the mid of the global pandemic has changed the perception among industry professionals on understanding the preferences of consumers, a study by enterprise listening company TalkWalker and open review platform Trustpilot showed.

According to the global study, around 82% of industry professionals believe that the pandemic has changed their understanding of consumer conversation. In addition, half of the respondents (50%) said that access to insights from consumer conversations is still limited to a specific department within their organization, which is still some way to go for data democratization. Lastly, 18% of the respondents said that their organization monitors and analyzes conversations through a unified platform.

Some of the key channels affected by the pandemic in terms of consumer understanding include social media and community management, product marketing, corporate affairs, digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience.

Social media remains the top source of brand interaction, with growing focus on review sites, blogs and call centers. Around 28% of respondents said that social media is one of their three top channels for brand engagement.

The report also stated that there is much to be done in terms of analytics training and education, with less than 44% of respondents seeing their brand as extremely data-driven; yet experts identify technology as a key to move forward in 2021 and to make sense of sentiment around their brand, their competitors or their industry at scale. 

APAC leads the charge in data democratization, with 41% of respondents showing such characteristics, followed by EMEA (33%) and the United States (28%).

“Most of the brands in APAC that are struggling with insufficient data and inadequate analysis, currently rely on manual monitoring as well as a set of different tools. To reduce these difficulties, companies should consider a unified platform that gathers all necessary data, and allows them to analyze conversations at scale,” the report stated.

As a recommendation, TalkWalker and Trustpilot notes that leaders must break down information barriers, and let customer and consumer intelligence flow from all channels, as over 50% of respondents admit that data siloes still exist within their organizations. 

The report also stated various industry case studies where brands can learn from, such as the automotive industry accelerating to green mobility to the finance sector’s adoption of digital banking, as well as the rapid transformation of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Today’s consumers expect brands to meet them where they are, with empathy, and a shared set of values. Conversational Intelligence is the key to unlocking meaningful customer relationships by understanding what customers are saying, where they are saying it and why,” said Cara Buscaglia, chief innovation officer at Talkwalker.

Meanwhile, Peter Simpson, head of enterprise and global partnerships at Trustpilot commented, “Listening to and understanding customers is key to building a trusted brand. This principle is core to the services of both Trustpilot and Talkwalker, making us natural partners for this report. The findings published here will help businesses better learn what consumers expect of them, and how they can position themselves to deliver.”

The study was conducted with the participation of over 1000 marketing, PR and consumer insights professionals across APAC, EMEA and the USA.