Singapore – Singlife, a local financial services company, has announced its sponsorship of the locally-made film ‘Wonderland’. This production has received numerous international accolades, including the Audience Award at the 24th San Diego Asian Film Festival, the Local Jury Prize at the 35th Palm Springs International Film Festival, and Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards for stars Mark Lee and Peter Yu at the inaugural Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival. 

Through the sponsorship, Singlife aims to emphasise the message that aspirations are attainable with appropriate planning and patience, and that financial freedom is feasible. Singlife portrays itself as a trustworthy financial partner committed to assisting Singaporeans in achieving a better path to financial independence.

Themes from the film are in line with Singlife’s multi-year marketing strategy, which asserts that everyone has dreams, no matter how big or small. According to Singlife, everyone has their own idea of financial freedom, and it could change over time. 

Wonderland, which is based in Singapore in the late 1980s, follows the tale of Loke, a single parent who wants to grant his daughter’s yearning to study abroad. Loke is portrayed by Mark Lee. When his daughter Eileen (Xenia Tan) goes overseas, the illiterate Loke finds it difficult to speak with her and turns to his neighbour Tan (Peter Yu), who is trying to atone for previous transgressions. 

‘Wonderland’ is a moving tale that revolves around Singaporeans’ aspirations for a better life. The film emphasises themes of hope, sacrifice, and life’s unpredictability. Nestled in the centre of a neighbourhood, it evokes a bygone era of Singapore and narrates the value of friendship. 

This sponsorship comes after Singlife announced in June that it will back Singapore-born national shuttlers Terry Hee and Jessica Tan, a mixed-doubles badminton duo hoping to break into the top ten in the world rankings. Singlife’s sponsorship of Wonderland reaffirms its commitment to promoting local talent. 

Wonderland is not only a film. In addition to showcasing regional talent, the critically acclaimed play encourages a heightened awareness and respect for people. Its themes are universal, appealing to audiences worldwide as well as Singaporeans, even though the story is set in both Singapore and the United States and features primarily Hokkien dialect. 

Speaking about the sponsorship, Debra Soon, Singlife’s group head of brand, communications, marketing and experience, said, “Through our sponsorship, we aim to bring this powerful story to a wider audience, shedding light on the challenges, including financial dilemmas, faced by the everyday Singaporean. It sends the message that everyone can have a dream and you do not have to go through the difficulties of achieving that dream alone. Wonderland is not just a film; it is a reminder of the enduring parental love and the importance of holding onto hope even in the face of adversity.”

Singapore – With the hype for the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship–which will happen in a month away–continues across Asia-Pacific, new data from YouGov has revealed that football followers in Australia are most likely to have noticed event sponsors (57%), while half of football followers in Hong Kong (51%) and Indonesia (50%) say the same. In contrast, under two-fifths in Singapore and Thailand (38%) say the same.

In terms of recognising TV programme sponsors–meaning those shown during broadcast of football matches–about half of football followers in Thailand (51%) and Hong Kong (49%) have noticed such sponsorships, ahead of more than two-fifths in Australia (45%) and Indonesia (44%). However, only a quarter in Singapore (26%) say the same.

Meanwhile, in terms of recognising sponsors at the venue, about a third of football followers in Australia (35%) have noticed such sponsorships, ahead of a quarter in Hong Kong and Indonesia (both 24%), and closer to a fifth in Thailand (22%) and Singapore (18%).

Moreover, about a third of football followers in Australia (36%), Thailand (34%) and Indonesia (32%) have noticed sponsorships related to the team’s season sponsor, compared to around a quarter in Singapore (27%) and Hong Kong (25%).

Lastly, the data also shows that most football followers in Indonesia (57%) and Thailand (52%) would support their teams by buying products from their sponsors, with about an eighth (12-13%) expressing strong agreement.

Philippines – As MARKETECH APAC’s What’s NEXT conference returns to the Philippines, we are proud to announce that Braze has joined us as a Gold Sponsor and will be kicking off the discussion on how AI can help revolutionise customer engagement.

The company enables marketers to unleash their creativity through its customer engagement platform, which delivers relevant, cross-channel experiences. Additionally, it offers innovative AI functionalities like Sage AI, which assist in reinforcing the connection between consumers and the brands they love. 

Alex Crouch, Strategic Enterprise Lead, Hong Kong & The Philippines at Braze, will deliver a keynote presentation on the potential and significance of artificial intelligence in providing meaningful customer interactions in today’s dynamic era of engagement.

This discussion proves advantageous for brands and marketers. By leveraging cutting-edge AI innovations to fortify customer engagement strategies, they can achieve levels of personalisation and satisfaction surpassing those of traditional chatbots. Additionally, this streamlines tasks, enabling teams to concentrate on strategic and creative endeavours.

Teddy Cambosa, regional editor at MARKETECH APAC, said, “As we step into 2024, businesses must recognise that the currency of success flows not just through transactions, but through the bonds forged in meaningful engagement. In the symphony of commerce, customer engagement is the soulful melody that resonates beyond transactions, orchestrating loyalty and advocacy. As the curtain rises on this new chapter, businesses must tune their instruments to the rhythm of authentic connection, conducting conversations that echo empathy, innovation, and understanding. We look forward to what Braze will bring to the table in terms of imparting actionable customer engagement insights for Philippine marketers.”

MARKETECH APAC’s “What’s NEXT 2024: Marketing in the Philippines” conference is the third instalment of the What’s NEXT 2023-2024 Series conferences. It will feature a diverse lineup of industry leaders across multiple local and global brands including Adobe, Brandwatch, Cebu Pacific Air, Colgate-Palmolive, DITO, Emma – The Sleep Company, foodpanda Philippines, GoTyme Bank, Home Credit Philippines, UnionBank, and more.

Head over to the official event site to see the full agenda and roster of speakers of What’s NEXT 2024: Marketing in the Philippines.

Singapore – As part of its commitment to promote and support sports in Singapore, telecommunications company Singtel has renewed its partnership with the Singapore National Olympic Council, increasing its sponsorship over the next five years, its biggest sponsorship for sports to date.

Singtel’s new five-year partnership with SNOC aims to support Team Singapore in upcoming major sporting events such as the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the 2024 Paris Olympics and the 2025 Southeast Asian Games in Thailand. Singtel will provide S$1.5 million in funding and also sponsor S$200,000 worth of mobile roaming services for Team Singapore contingents.

Being a major corporate partner of Team Singapore, Singtel has supported athletes in achieving their goal of competing for Singapore in major games including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Singtel’s S$2.5 million sponsorship over the last ten years has helped fund various SNOC programmes, offset the contingents’ travelling expenses and enabled them to stay connected while competing overseas. 

Shanti Pereira, one of Singtel’s 2023 partner athletes, said, “As an athlete, it is very encouraging to receive support to enable me to train and compete while representing Singapore. I would like to thank Singtel for their support and for continuing to help Team Singapore to achieve our sporting aspirations.”

Talking about the renewed partnership, Chris Chan, secretary-general of the Singapore National Olympic Council commented, “Singtel has been an unwavering partner of Singapore’s Olympic Movement, the SNOC and of Singapore sports for more than a decade, at our side through triumph and adversity. We are grateful to Singtel for this steadfast support without which many of our athletes’ dreams would not have been possible, and we look forward to celebrating many more Team Singapore milestones with Singtel.”

Meanwhile, Yuen Kuan Moon, group CEO of Singtel, said, “Singtel is delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with SNOC and Team Singapore to support our local athletes as they pursue their sporting dreams and display their talents on the world stage. They are a great inspiration to Singaporeans and show us that with a passion for excellence, determination and resilience, nothing is impossible.”

Singapore – For MARKETECH APAC’s first-ever hybrid conference this coming 2023, What’s NEXT 2023: Marketing in Asia Pacific, social and media intelligence firm, Meltwater, will be joining us as a Gold Sponsor. 

Meltwater helps companies make better and more informed decisions by examining millions of posts each day from social media platforms, blogs, and news sites. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with 50 offices across six continents. 

Weldon Fung, Area Director at Meltwater Southeast Asia, will be doing a keynote presentation on the first day–February 28–titled “The Evolution Of Influencers And Communities: How Effective Partnerships Can Fuel Your Affinity Brand In 2023?

Through the keynote presentation, Fung will be sharing relevant data about how impactful partnerships with influencers or creators can be on community brand building and how to find the perfect fit in a partner. Moreover, he will explain how influencers can help create a meaningful impact for brands.

Fung also explains how influencer partnerships have been vital for brands to build relevance and authenticity for new audiences.

“Influencer partnerships can be an effective way for brands to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. Influencers have built up a following of engaged users who trust their opinions and are more likely to engage with and purchase products that they recommend.”

He further added, “Additionally, influencer partnerships can help to build credibility and authenticity for a brand, as the endorsement of a trusted influencer can signal to potential customers that the brand is reputable and trustworthy. Furthermore, Influencer partnerships can also help brands to increase their social media reach and engagement. Not only that but this steers marketing to move toward community brand building as well.”

Joven Barceñas, founder & CEO at MARKETECH APAC, commented, “With gratitude, we extend a heartfelt thank you to our Gold sponsor Meltwater for joining us on this journey to uncover the future of marketing in Asia. Their unwavering support and partnership have enabled us to bring the What’s NEXT 2023 Conference to life in a hybrid platform that promises to be an exciting and insightful experience for all.”

What’s NEXT 2023: Marketing in Asia Pacific is the dedicated conference under the digital media’s future-centred industry series, What’s NEXT 2023. To be conducted in a hybrid format, the 2-day conference will happen on February 28 – March 1, 2023, with the in-person event on the first day to take place in Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila. 

The hybrid conference gathers the top marketing leaders in the region to drive the conversation on what to come next in the marketing industry this 2023 across its different domains. To be presented in multi-platform discussions, industry speakers will be touching on various areas such as Digital, Growth Marketing, Engagement, Public Relations, Customer Experience, Retail & E-Commerce, and Influencer Marketing, amongst others, to help brands and marketers prepare for the future of the marketing landscape this 2023.

Head over to the official event site to see the full agenda of What’s NEXT 2023: Marketing in Asia Pacific. 

Interested delegates for in-person and virtual sessions may register here.

For sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to [email protected].

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia — The Chiefs Esports, a subsidiary of SQID Technologies, has renewed its sponsorship agreement with popular energy drink brand Red Bull for a further 12 months with an extension option available for another 12 months. The two entities have been partnering since 2016, with this renewal it marks the longest standing team-based major esports sponsorship in Australian & New Zealand history.

The Chiefs team and Red Bull will continue to work together with the members sustaining their responsibility as brand ambassadors alongside the catalogue of other significant traditional sports athletes and professional teams under Red Bull. This portfolio includes more than 90 disciplines, and some notable stars namely Max Verstappen, Neymar, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, RB Leipzig, New York Red Bulls and many more.

Red Bull has been an active supporter of the esports scene for more than a decade, with their first signing of an ambassador in 2006. Since then, they sponsor top teams and the largest events in each region as well as operating their own tournaments ranging between grassroots initiatives and the largest events in the world like the Red Bull Kumite, Red Bull Player One, Red Bull Guardians, Red Bull Campus Clutch, Red Bull Flick and more.

Nick Bobir, chief executive officer of The Chiefs, commented, “Red Bull has been a major supporter 6 years now and we’re extremely proud that they have again put their faith in us to continue to deliver Championships and represent the brand on the world stage. It’s no secret the Red Bull media machine is one of the most influential in the sports world and we can’t wait to produce more content to showcase our team’s journey to a wider audience.”

Red Bull will feature prominently across The Chiefs’ branding, including major jersey placement, as they strive to add to their 22x National Championship trophy cabinet. The Chiefs will be competing in the League of Legends LCO, Rainbow Six | Siege: APAC Pro League, and the Halo Championship Series where the team currently sits at 1st place. The contract will provide a 33.33% increase in Red Bull contract revenue, plus the opportunity for performance bonuses.

Melbourne, Australia – Following its recent brand repositioning to cater to the theme of ‘Everything Activation’, activation agency Traffik has announced the roll out of its new sponsorship offering, which offers marketing and creative expertise to client businesses.

As part of the sponsorship offering roll out, it has appointed Mark Edney as Traffik’s head of sponsorship.

Through the offering, Traffik will be working in tandem with the wide expertise of the Clemenger Group to offer business, marketing and creative services to clients, which includes sponsorship strategy, portfolio evaluation, contract negotiation and servicing.

For Edney, there has been an evident lack of transparency in sponsorship consultancy that is blurring the motivation around recommendations. He added that the aspect of sponsorship is one of the biggest and most powerful decisions the modern-day marketer has to navigate.

“Unlike other areas of marketing, sponsorship decisions at times lack strategic rigour and are disconnected from the broader business and marketing objectives. We are a proud, brand-side only sponsorship consultancy product which provides clients with objective, commercial and strategic support, without rights-holder biases,” he stated.

Meanwhile, James Neale, CEO at Traffik, commented, “We know that there’s been a real need for a change in the sponsorship industry that is more transparent, more focused on commercial outcomes and ultimately, tied in with recommendations around how to activate that sponsorship across the full gamut of channels, which is what Mark and his team have created. We’re thrilled to see it come to life and the positive impact it’s having with clients already.”