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Location Media Xchange launches revenue management suite for OOH media owners

Singapore – Location Media Xchange (LMX), the supply-side technology arm of the Moving Walls Group, has announced the launch of a complete Revenue Management suite for Out of Home (OOH) media owners. The product revelation happened as the industry’s leading stakeholders converged at The World Out of Home Congress Toronto 2022. The company is offering a no-obligation 90-day trial for media owners to experience the platform.

OOH’s global renaissance has continued into 2022 after sharp drops during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Several factors, including increased travel activity, and the growing interest in Programmatic Digital OOH advertising, contribute to this.

OOH media owners now handle multiple sales channels – direct brand relationships, agency-managed spends, programmatic or automated media buys, and even online campaign bookings. Allocating inventory in an efficient manner is critical because unlike digital publishers who own virtual space, OOH media owners own physical assets that consume fixed costs like electricity, internet fees, maintenance, and more.

The expansion of OOH buying methods also means that the inventory is now consumed in a variety of ways – loop based, event based, audience based, impression-based, and so on. Maintaining up to minute availability information, understanding utilisation, and prioritising sales channels is just not scalable if done manually.

According to Mandakini Negi, co-founder of Moving walls and global head of LMX, “It is difficult to improve what you cannot measure. OOH media today is bought and sold in several ways and media owners who have a handle on inventory utilisation and demand trends across all their media sites in real time will be able to make decisions that improve their revenues.’’

The LMX Revenue management suite solves this by providing an online platform that connects traditional, programmatic, and other forms of campaign booking information in one place. The platform seamlessly connects to native and third party applications like the content management system or the accounting system by the media owner.

Gautam Bhirani, MD of Eyetalk Media Ventures India, commented, “Our network of screens spans across multiple locations. Just as the content on these screens is managed centrally, we require a system to understand live availability, build proposals, and accept campaign requests in an automated manner. The LMX suite does all of this from one application.”

Meanwhile, Eddie Song, MD of Laguna De Bay Malaysia, says that Integrating DOOH screens into the programmatic ecosystem is just the first step. He adds that just like digital, they need to make sure their inventory is visible and accessible to multiple demand partners. LMX Connect provides its network with the ability to transact with omnichannel and specialist Demand Side Platforms locally and globally.

LMX already works with more than 200 media owners across the globe including Southeast Asian markets namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. The platform supports all kinds of media owners who use it to manage different parts of their business.

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Freshworks launches CRM suite for startups

Singapore – Following the company’s recently-concluded event Refresh 2021, software company Freshworks has announced the launch of Freshstack, a customer relationship management (CRM) suite built for the unique needs of startups that unifies customer support, sales, and marketing teams. 

The product bundle helps startups personalize marketing to generate pipeline and deliver effortless omnichannel service for faster growth, at an affordable price point that’s easy to deploy and manage.

Said suite combines three Freshworks’ products: Freshdesk, Freshsales and Freshmarketer.

Freshdesk is an omnichannel customer support solution with a new unified inbox and collaboration functionality across support, sales and marketing teams, to help businesses resolve issues faster. Meanwhile, Freshsales is a unified sales intelligence solution with context-driven forecasting and pipeline management. Lastly, Freshmarketer is marketing automation software that enables AI-driven lead generation, email personalization and send optimization.

Speaking about the suite launch, Girish Mathrubootham, CEO and founder of Freshworks, said, “Startup founders should ensure that their developers are focused on building their core technology, not babysitting their CRM stack. From day one, Freshworks has built products that democratize access to modern, easy-to-use software. Freshstack builds on that commitment by helping the titans of tomorrow get going faster today.”

The combination of Freshworks applications helps give startups what they need to instantly get up and running with a CRM platform that attracts new customers, builds lasting relationships with existing users and scales as their customer base grows. Companies can get going with up to US$3,000 in credits for Freshstack, as part of the Freshworks Startup Program.

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Talkwaker’s latest products to deliver actionable consumer intelligence

Singapore – To accompany its existing Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform™, consumer intelligence company Talkwalker has launched new products to deliver brands actionable consumer intelligence to drive business impact, as well as to accelerate growth of Talkwalker’s social listening capabilities.

The new products include Market Intelligence that provides consumer trends analysis and real-time industry datasets, with an app per category, to fast-track innovation; Customer Intelligence which creates a unique single customer view by combining customer and consumer data, social, ratings, and reviews; and Social Intelligence which is an expansion of Talkwalker’s deep social listening capabilities at scale, to help companies protect, measure, and promote their brands.

“Our new products and platform expand our deep listening capabilities into new areas, arming brands with insights that they can benefit from immediately. Only Talkwalker can help them get closer to their customers than ever before, and enable them to shape products, campaigns, and services to meet the market’s ever-growing demands,” said Tod Nielsen, CEO at Talkwalker.

In addition to their recently-launched products, Talkwalker has also launched its new professional services called the Talkwalker Activate team, which offers a broad range of customer services, including training, onboarding and insights, to help clients accelerate their time to value with Talkwalker technologies, from investment to real-world results.

Furthermore, Talkwalker has also announced that the company has been recognized as a Twitter Official Partner, where they demonstrated during their recent Talkwalker ‘Dare to Accelerate’ event that the social media platform can be used by businesses social listening, market research, customer intelligence, and product development.

“We will continue to listen forward and ensure our technologies and solutions are fit for purpose. This will enable brands to profit from actionable consumer intelligence to drive business impact,” Nielsen concluded.

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Qoruz launches India’s first-ever comprehensive influencer search engine

Bengaluru, India – In order to aid brands in working out their ideal influencer marketing campaign, Qoruz has launched India’s first-ever comprehensive influencer search engine, which indexes hundreds of thousands influencers, from celebrities to macro to micro and nano-influencers, from various social media platforms.

Qoruz Search Engine enables marketers to discover millions of relevant influencers in seconds, filter by influencer attributes, category, region that fits their target audience. Marketers can discover, identify, filter and make a campaign plan as per their requirements. Advanced features like filters, detailed analytics, insights and campaign planning tools will be available for a small license fee.

Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, co-founder and CEO at Qoruz expressed his excitement regarding the search engine launch, and believes that the Qoruz search engine, starting with India and then internationally, will help marketers to discover relevant influencers for their objectives by giving them data, deep insights, and campaign management tools.

“We envision a connected Influencer ecosystem; where influencers and creators are not looked upon as ‘vehicles of reach” or ‘human ad banners’ but a world where brands and marketers forge tighter mutually beneficial relationships with influencers, beyond ‘money’ or ‘reach’,” Bhuvaneshwar said.

According to Prabakaran B., co-founder and CTO at Qoruz, the search engine utilizes data from top social media like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs; and across diverse categories such as fashion, beauty, photography, food, lifestyle, comedy, family, music, films, technology, and games.

“There are also ready-to-use curated lists available on Qoruz with the most popular searches done for influencers and creators like ‘Top Content Creators in Instagram’, ‘Top Food Instagrammers in Delhi’. For clients who require deep data, insights, advanced filters and campaign management, these can be available for an annual license fee,” he stated.

Qoruz is currently mentored by Nitesh Kripalani, former director and country head at Amazon Video India, and serves brands such as Omnicom Media Group, Goibibo, Marico, among others.

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Global SaaS company Siteimprove launches upgrade to accessibility product

Copenhagen, Denmark – Global software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Siteimprove has released its upgraded version of Siteimprove Accessibility, the company’s accessibility product aimed at empowering organizations in meeting increased digital experience expectations through web accessibility.

Siteimprove Accessibility was initially created to allow brands to create an inclusive digital experience, adhering to brand safety standards. With it, brands create digital content which makes web content easily accessible such as with web navigation, readable text, and content being perceivable, such as including text-to-speech functionality or magnifying the text in-site.

Through the new Siteimprove Accessibility, the product empowers non-experts to work towards accessibility alongside specialists, facilitating both automated and semi-automated testing. Using the new product, organizations can define their conformance goals with customizable goal-setting, get insights into how to prioritize issues, tap into guidance through the issue resolution process, and track progress towards accessibility and conformance. 

Furthermore, the product allows organizations to easily follow and adhere to international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) across all conformance levels and contains the latest developments in web accessibility designed to help organizations achieve a higher level of accessibility conformance and improved user experience.

“Legal requirements and customer expectations are rapidly evolving. Web accessibility is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for any organization that wants to succeed in today’s digital marketplace. Organizations must ensure their websites are accessible and inclusive in order to deliver an engaging visitor experience, said Morten Ebbesen, CEO of Siteimprove.

He added, “We expertly guide organizations towards accessibility while protecting their brand from legal repercussions and creating a better end-user experience.”

Siteimprove Accessibility is created in partnership with the European (EU) Commission and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The product has the following additional features:

  • -Progress tracking with a comprehensive score based on issue occurrences keeps teams motivated to improve. 
  • -A guided review of potential issues allows non-experts to define whether a given issue is really an accessibility problem with the help of simple questions, providing increased testing coverage.  
  • -Thanks to filtering based on the location of content (e.g. in the header or metadata), teams can more efficiently prioritize fixing issues. 
  • -More insights and a better understanding of accessibility issues based on difficulty ratings, issue explanations, and code examples for fixes. 

“With our upgraded accessibility product, we’re empowering organizations to reach their conformance goals in the most efficient way possible, uniting accessibility experts, designers, developers, and content writers through a single solution that is complemented by Siteimprove’s expert training and services,” Ebbesen concluded. 

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SwitzGo enters food and groceries delivery business in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As Malaysia sees demand surging for food and groceries delivery service during the movement control order (MCO) due to Covid-19 outbreak, SwitzGo, a new player in the industry, steps up to fill in the gap to meet customers’ needs. The startup company aims to fulfill the demands in food delivery service by introducing a much safer delivery option- the NanoSeptic stickers in the delivery bags that have been used worldwide in various industries, the first delivery company in Malaysia to introduce the NanoSeptic technology.

Commenting on the launch, Amir Latiff, Chief Marketing Officer of SwitzGo, said, “The NanoSeptic surface has been used widely in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, travel, education and businesses to ensure common touchpoints such as door handles, elevators, common areas and bathroom remain visibly clean and free from bacteria and virus. So, we adopt the same technology to line our delivery bags and ensure the safety and cleanliness of the food,” 

Amir Latiff, Chief Marketing Officer of SwitzGo
Amir Latiff, Chief Marketing Officer of SwitzGo

“This unique feature puts us forward ahead of the rest and will enable us to grab a portion of the existing market share as customers realize the need for extra safety precautions”. 

Amir Latiff, Chief Marketing Officer of SwitzGo

Explaining further about advanced technology, Amir Latiff said, the NanoSeptic surface is powered by light and utilizes mineral nano-crystals which create a powerful oxidation reaction. It continues to oxidize organic contaminants 24/7 and does not leave any poisonous, chemical or heavy metal residues that harm consumers.

As the brand has officially launched for the public to use, SwitzGo is creating more job opportunities for Malaysians especially those who have lost their source of income to join the company in their continuous expansion plan. As a precaution, each rider will have to go through strict health screening daily and is provided with 3 face masks daily and sufficient amount of hand sanitizers before riding for delivery.

In the first quarter of 2020, SwitzGo estimated around 20% of food orders were made online as Malaysians still preferred to enjoy their food served piping hot from the kitchen. However, after MCO was announced, the government encouraged its people to turn to online shopping and food delivery to reduce risks of Covid-19 infection, the recently launched food and grocery delivery company saw that online transactions tripled and the demand for online food delivery soared higher than before.

“However, can the existing players meet the expectations of customers who rely heavily on online food order? We have already seen comments trending on social media on customers’ frustrations with online food delivery – order not received, delay in delivery, delay in refund, food prices are becoming substantially more expensive compared to dine-in, and so on. This scenario easily shows that there are more opportunities in our food delivery industry,” he added.

Currently, SwitzGo offers food delivery within Bangsar and Petaling Jaya areas promising 40 minute-delivery without extra fees, making their food selection more affordable compared to its competitors. Working with more than 100 restaurants presently, vendors and hawkers around the area, SwitzGo aimed to penetrate other areas in the Klang Valley and other state capitals within the next 3 months by getting at least 10 new restaurants and eateries onboard every week. As an incentive for food businesses to start partnering with SwitzGo, the brand waives any commissions until 31 August 2020 to ensure high profit margins as their restaurants can only accommodate 50% of the full capacity at one time due to the social distancing standard operating procedures announced by the government.

In the near future, SwitzGo plans to work with local farmers to bring fresh fruits and vegetables from farm to table, removing all middlemen to ensure fair prices to Malaysian consumers. The brand will also expand the business in parcel and documents delivery to support high demand in online shopping, business transactions and many more.

Featured Image Credit: SwitzGo