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Mobile-first commerce solutions KADDRA integrates with accounting software XERO

Singapore – Mobile-first commerce solutions for businesses, KADDRA, has announced the completion of its integration with accounting software XERO to provide a fully automated sales-to-accounting flow for SMEs to improve their productivity and have the right tools to scale.

KADDRA provides mobile-first e-commerce and marketing solutions by connecting businesses with their customers through a white label end-to-end platform. It operates under the premise of improving sales processes, marketing reach, and customer service through a subscription based model for native mobile technology catered to SMEs venturing into digitizing their operations. 

According to Quentin Chiarugi, executive chairman and CEO of KADDRA, the integration is part of a larger roadmap the company has slated for software integrations this year.

“It is a crucial step, and it will provide a huge advantage to companies using both our solutions to run their operations. With minimal cost, productivity will dramatically improve from sales to accounting,” Chiarugi stated.

Meanwhile, Will Beattie, CTO & COO of KADDRA, said, “Xero, like KADDRA, is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution used by forward-thinking businesses. Their rapid global expansion is proof that back-office operations want to streamline and evolve. With this integration, sales orders can seamlessly be created as invoices in Xero, reducing manual work, data-entry errors and ultimately saving time for the whole operation.” 

Last month, KADDRA has also integrated e-commerce service Shopify in its platform to amplify its stance for business support for SMEs.

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SG commerce tech KADDRA integrates Shopify for SME support

Singapore – KADDRA, a local-based commercial technology company, has announced the conclusion of its first phase of integration with e-commerce platform Shopify in a move to offer a comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem for SMEs on both mobile app commerce and web-based digital stores.

The new integration enables businesses to cover both digital sales channels, while increasing sales, widening marketing reach, and improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

“With its user-friendly accessibility, Shopify is an ideal partner for KADDRA to integrate with, and give both Shopify and KADDRA clients the opportunity to sell their products on both mobile and desktop seamlessly,” KADDRA stated in its press statement.

The local-based tech company provides mobile app commerce and marketing solutions, connecting businesses with their customers through a white label end-to-end platform. This then improves sales processes, marketing reach and customer service to partner SMEs through a subscription-based model.

“We have developed the most advanced mobile solution to date, offering native app commerce technology on a subscription model which fits perfectly with the SaaS model of web solutions like Shopify. E-commerce companies have been instrumental in the last 10 months to transform SMEs digitally and we are now looking at 2021, offering a synchronized mobile and web storefront, to help businesses reach the largest number of customers,” said Quentin Chiarugi, executive chairman and CEO of KADDRA (pictured left).

Meanwhile, Will Beattie, COO & CTO of KADDRA (pictured right) commented, “Our integration will make the sales process seamless and user-friendly. Businesses will be able to use either their Shopify back office or KADDRA back office to run both mobile and web stores simultaneously. Traditional web-based eCommerce has advantages in attracting new customers whereas native mobile app commerce is perfect to keep them close and engaged. Combining the two, will give SMEs the most powerful omni-channel eCommerce ecosystem to date.”

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Maison Kayser now accepting SG island-wide delivery through Kaddra-developed app

Singapore – French bakery Maison Kayser in Singapore is now accepting island-wide delivery within a day for their local patrons through a newly-developed app, created with local-based tech company Kaddra.

Customers can now access the bakery’s menu assortment of French breads, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and others, to which Maison Kayser has around six branches across the island.

“As we continue to expand in Singapore, it was crucial to create a platform allowing our customers a convenient and fast access to our products. Kaddra did just that, and allowed us to maintain our brand aesthetics and values within our mobile app. The process could not have been easier, and we are anticipating fabulous growth and feedback from our customers,” said Julien Troch, general manager of Maison Kayser Singapore.

Meanwhile, Quentin Chiarugi, executive chairman and CEO of Kaddra commented, “We are ecstatic to have developed this new digital ecosystem for Maison Kayser, a brand reaching every corner of the world and a large international fan base, prided for their great classic French recipes. They are a prime example of how creating a mobile app can diversify a traditional business model only available in-store until now. Maison Kayser app is destined to become the digital Boulangerie of many people in Singapore”

The Maison Kayser app is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.