Singapore – AppsFlyer, the marketing measurement and analytics solutions; and Facebook Gaming, Meta’s game streaming platform, have partnered to launch an exclusive playbook for gaming app marketers. Called ‘Introducing Gaming Apps: Strive and thrive with AppsFlyer and Facebook Gaming on iOS 14+’, the playbook aims to set clear pathways for gaming app marketers.

In today’s privacy-first era, gaming app marketers are constantly navigating the evolving landscape with updates to performance marketing strategy, while planning to stay ahead of the curve. Particularly to tackle the changes for users of iOS devices, advertisers have had to make several changes to adapt to new iOS 14+ policies.

Showcasing the best practices and solutions for gaming app marketers and advertisers, the AppsFlyer and Facebook Gaming playbook provides insights to tackle the challenges of iOS 14+ from 3 different perspectives: Optimizing the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt, maximizing SKAdNetwork (SKAN) measurement, and unifying data streams.

The playbook also contains recommendations from Facebook Gaming derived from a comprehensive directory on SKAN configuration, campaign setup, and campaign management, to help marketers achieve and scale their gaming app marketing success.

Just recently, the marketing analytics firm has similarly forged a partnership with a social media unit – TikTok For Business – to launch a comprehensive guide called ‘How to win on iOS 14+ with AppsFlyer and TikTok For Business: The complete guide’. The guide also shows marketers how to configure their customers’ user journeys on iOS14+ and provides advertisers with best practices for iOS 14+ in the new era of privacy.