Manila, Philippines – GuildFi, a Web3 ecosystem of games, NFTs, and communities has announced its biggest project investment, committing $880,000 into Foonie Magus, the company behind Apeiron, the play-to-earn (P2E) god-game built with NFTs.

GuildFi invested the funds to acquire an Omega Class Major Constellation NFT pack in Apeiron, which includes a slew of in-game assets such as playable Planet NFTs, customized GuildFi NFTs, Star (Land) NFTs, and Tokens. The GuildFi Constellation will be one of the largest constellations in the Apeiron game, with 13 Star (Land) NFTs.

In-game, Apeiron’s players will take on the role of Godlings, newborn gods with the capacity to manipulate the elements to cast miracles such as rain and fire to assist chubby denizens- the Doods – in resolving daily problems and forming their own society. Planets, Stars, and Relics are all ways for players to acquire NFTs, and planets can be “bred” together to create new and unique planet NFTs. Apeiron seeks to revolutionize the deflationary nature of P2E economies by combining deep game mechanics by merging deep game mechanics with a novel Tri-Token powered economy.

Frank Cheng, CEO of Foonie Magus, shared, “The core of Apeiron was always meant to focus on gameplay and stories from the start, so it felt a little lonely when everyone was so focused on the Earn element of blockchain games as opposed to the Play element. Then I met Guildfi, and as I talked with their versatile and dynamic team, who are all passionate gamers themselves, their fervour and passion for Apeiron’s gameplay were energizing! And I even presented my idea of Play-and-Earn to them: little did I know, they reached the same conclusion as well, totally independently.” 

Cheng added, “When founders’ dreams combine, you know you’ve found the best partner you could look for. And that gave us the courage to officially champion the play-and-earn discourse early amidst the dawn of the Metaverse.”

Gazinpoj Techahuasingh, co-founder and head of business development at Guildfi, believes that Apeiron can be the herald for play-and-earn games on the blockchain.

Techahuasingh commented, “Our excitement and faith in Apeiron’s vision, team and gameplay is reflected in the investment we have made in the game. With Apeiron, GuildFi has made its largest investment yet. While this may show a steady growth of GuildFi’s game and metaverse investments, we believe it reflects more on the potential that Apeiron game has. Apeiron is proof of concept that blockchain games aren’t just about earning – they’re about having fun as well. It’s the type of game that we ourselves want to play! All of us here are excited to be able to dive into the godiverse.”

The 1st Apeiron Planet NFT Presale is scheduled at the end of Q1 2022, with the game planned to launch late 2022.