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Singaporeans most pragmatic when it comes to shopping sustainably, Carousell Group’s Recommerce Index reveals

Singapore – In celebration of its 10th anniversary, leading multi-category platform for secondhand in Greater Southeast Asia Carousell Group released the Carousell Recommerce Index (10th Anniversary Edition) revealing the sustainability impact its collective community has made by buying and selling secondhand items. 

Over the past decade, the Group’s users have extended the life cycle of millions of items, including: 76.8 million fashion items; 33.9 million electronics; 26.6 million hobby items and toys; 11.1 million home items and furniture; and 10.6 million babies & kids items. 

To further illustrate the impact, if we take the total number of used fashion listings on Carousell, we can provide every single person in Singapore with 13 outfits. Additionally, assuming all used electronics listed are iPhone Xs, the height when stacked together is the equivalent of over 23,500 times the height of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The Recommerce Index also showed a study conducted by IAB and Carousell Media Group that Singaporeans topped the chart with 44% choosing “saving money” as their key motivations for buying secondhand.

The report also highlighted key trends in each market, specifically for Singapore:

  • Top 3 most popular categories to sell secondhand items are Fashion, Hobbies & Toys, Home & Furniture
  • Top 3 most popular secondhand category to browse are Fashion, Hobbies & Toys, Home & Furniture
  • All-time top 3 most searched keywords for secondhand items: Rolex, AG06 (Yahama Channel Mixer) and Road Bike

Recommerce refers to the selling and buying of previously-owned products, including both new and used in condition. The report covers data from 9 of Carousell Group’s family of brands across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets — Carousell, Cho Tot, Laku6,, OneKyat, One Shift, Ox Luxe, Ox Street, and Refash.

Since its inception in 2012 as a mobile-first app to make selling and buying underutilised items easier, Carousell has grown from a C2C classifieds marketplace into a multi-category platform for secondhand goods in Greater Southeast Asia. To accelerate the next decade of recommerce, the Group has been working on additional capabilities to offer more features and services to users that make buying secondhand items as trusted and convenient as buying brand new items.

Ng Chee Soon, managing director at Carousell Singapore, said, “Carousell was founded a decade ago with the mission of making secondhand the first choice. The Recommerce Index serves as a crucial guide to help us better understand the motivations behind our consumers’ behaviour, especially amidst the post-Covid economic uncertainty. With 1 in 3 Singaporeans using Carousell monthly, secondhand is even more accessible to everyone and we are excited to fuel the shift and for Carousell to drive recommerce growth in the Greater Southeast Asia region.” 

The Carousell Recommerce Index (10th anniversary edition) is available for download here.

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Carousell’s ad arm launches new ad solution Shopping Ads

Singapore Carousell Media Group, the advertising arm of Carousell Group, has launched its new ad solution, Shopping Ads, to support brands in acquiring new customers and increasing sales. 

Carousell’s Shopping Ads will help provide the most relevant ads to consumers via an optimised product feed triggered by the consumer’s search queries on Carousell’s marketplaces, giving an efficient and effective way for advertisers to boost traffic to their e-commerce stores and increase sales. 

“Product search ads and their efficacy are the driving force behind the retail media

phenomenon. With over 150M product searches on our marketplaces every month, this ad solution is a natural fit that benefits both consumers and our advertising clients through more relevant and effective ads,” said JJ Eastwood, managing director of Carousell Media Group.

Earlier this year, Carousell Media Group also introduced Connect, a first-of-its-kind recommerce programmatic buying platform. By providing full-funnel marketing solutions, Connect provides advertisers with a viable alternative to closed environments such as Google and Facebook.

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New Carousell brand campaign highlights the joy in finding ‘The One’

Manila, Philippines – Finding ‘The One’ is always associated with romantic human relationships, but the journey of seeking the ‘perfect match’ extends well beyond to other experiences in our lives. This is what recommerce platform Carousell in the Philippines aims to evoke in its newest brand campaign: finding ‘The One’ – the perfect item – that is.

All-in-one marketplaces such as Carousell always bring much excitement, but with such an expansive selection comes the challenge as well of finding that one most suitable item for our needs. Carousell Philippines’ newest campaign, ‘Find The One for Every Want’, simply aims to help and educate consumers in the market in better navigating the recommerce platform for better experiences and more immediate and frequent successes in landing that purchase they’re looking for.

Djon Nacario, GM of Carousell Philippines, shares that the new campaign targets to educate users on the features and tools that are available to them on Carousell so they can experience “the joy in finding the listing that perfectly matches their needs.”

“We’ve seen how consumers searching for items online are confronted with so many confusing choices. With this campaign, we want to help buyers navigate the online clutter so they can find exactly what they are searching for – even if it’s their dream home or their first car,” he said.

A witty hashtag is also at the heart of the campaign, #MayKiligSaCarousell, which speaks to the warm, fuzzy feeling that one gets in love – or similarly – in getting the ‘perfect’ purchase.

Some of the features that the campaign aims to highlight are its easy-to-navigate interface, where users can simply click on product buttons such as ‘Cars’ and further filter the search according to location, budget, and model on one page. Carousell also wants to spotlight its communication features which enable users to chat directly with the seller to obtain information that sales agents usually wouldn’t know.

Furthermore, the campaign boasts its more sophisticated features such as the ‘Inspected’ badge for second-hand cars available on the platform. Cars that carry this badge means they have undergone a comprehensive 188-point inspection process that looks into a car’s mechanical and electrical functions, in and out of the vehicle; as well as the car’s body frame itself, engine bay, undercarriage, and even the car’s registration. Qualified vehicles also carry an ‘Eligible for Warranty’ badge so users can choose if they want to purchase used cars with warranty. 

 “We’re very single-minded in our intention to help our users find the perfect listing that [matches] their exact need,” added Nacario.

To make sure online buyers and sellers know about these features and benefits, the new Carousell campaign will also include a series of fun online videos, articles, and informative posts to help users find the perfect property or car on the Carousell platform.

Very recently, Carousell Philippines has also held the platform’s regional Caroupreneur Awards, which recognises the top sellers on the platform. Celebrated through a physical event in Manila in September, winners and finalists were named across all its product categories.

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Carousell recognises Filipino entrepreneurs with regional ‘Caroupreneur Awards’

Manila, Philippines – Leading recommerce group in Greater Southeast Asia, Carousell, recently held its Caroupreneur Awards in the Philippines. The Caroupreneur Awards recognises a wide variety of outstanding achievements of ‘Carousellers’ over the past year, ranging from entrepreneurs who started or scaled their businesses online, to brick-and-mortar retailers who digitalised their businesses, and everyday casual sellers who wanted to find valuable use for their pre-loved items and supplement their income.

This is the second iteration of the Caroupreneur Awards where the pioneer awards was held in its home country, Singapore, last year. The regional awards event, which now includes the Philippines and Hong Kong, will be recognising a total of 182 users on the platform’s wide array of product categories for their outstanding achievements throughout 2021.

A physical awards show for the Philippines was held in Manila on 1 September. Winners of the awards were determined through a judging panel made up of Marcus Tan, co-founder of Carousell; Djon Nacario, GM of Carousell Philippines, and Vishal Salunkhe, VP of Seller Success Operations at Carousell.

On the importance of the recognition exercise, Djon Nacario, GM of Carousell Philippines, shared with MARKETECH APAC, “We wanted to recognise the best of the best in Carousell because we recognise that Carousell is not simply a platform in order for sellers to sell, but it’s actually a platform of ‘possibilities’. We’ve seen throughout the years, even during the pandemic, that a lot of our sellers actually resorted to a lot of creativity, and really translated to passion in order to get, I would say, sources of revenue or sources of funds, especially during the difficult time.”

He added, “And we just really wanted to celebrate that type of ingenuity, and also at the same time, recognise the best practices that our top sellers have been doing on our platform in order to inspire more people to start selling and learn from them.”

The Carousell Group lauded the winners and finalists in the categories of Autos, Property for Sale, Property for Rent, Home Services, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Electronics, Furniture and Home Living, Toys and Games, and K-Wave. Meanwhile, the Group also named the seller for its top award – Caroupreneur of the Year 2021 – as well as a special award for the Most Meaningful User Story of the Year. The shortlisted sellers were identified through a mix of qualitative and quantitative criteria, such as quality of listings, reviews, creativity, and brand story.

Seller Katherine Mae A. Cipriano, who sold electronics and gadgets through her Carousell page, @TekiCashGadgetsph, was the one who won the Caroupreneur Award of the Year for Best in Carousell: Electronics.

Cipriano shared with MARKETECH APAC her tips for aspiring sellers, and said that it’s all about just making the jump and carving out your first step in selling.

“Actually, I can’t believe that I won, I even thought that it was a dummy account who was chatting with me [about the win], because ever since I started selling gadgets, it’s really my first time receiving an award like this and to add to that – 2 awards,” she said.

Cipriano, whose main source of funds is through the platform, added, “Carousell is really a big help, especially if you just start selling because you will learn to like what you’re doing especially when you’re already earning.”

Full list of winners can be found on Carousell’s website.

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Carousell acquires control of Indonesian electronics recommerce Laku6

Singapore – Recommerce group Carousell has acquired control of Laku6, an Indonesian electronics recommerce platform, which positions Carousell Group as a market leader in the Greater Southeast Asia’s electronic recommerce industry.

Temasek unit Heliconia Capital will be supporting Carousell Group in its acquisition of Laku6 and in accelerating circularity in second hand electronics. The deal follows the initial investment Heliconia made into Carousell, less than a year ago in October 2021.

Every quarter, Carousell sees about 2 million new listings in its electronics category, making it one of the largest platforms to transact used electronics, and particularly mobile phones, in the region. Laku6’s proprietary solutions, pricing algorithms and instant cash service, when integrated with Carousell’s wide user network, will make buying and selling used electronics more accessible than ever before for millions of users.

By making it easier for our users to sell their idle devices and buying certified used devices, Carousell and Laku6 aim to extend the life cycle of electronics goods, thereby slowing down the growth of toxic e-waste.

Quek Siu Rui, co-founder and CEO of Carousell, said, “This partnership provides for a potent combination to secure Carousell’s leadership in the Greater Southeast Asia electronics recommerce market–bringing together Laku6’s AI-first remote diagnostic technology, Carousell’s regional recommerce platform of tens of millions of users, and one of the largest capital investments to-date into the region’s electronics recommerce space.” 

He added, “We are truly excited to partner with Alvin, Shing Kae, and the entire Laku6 team. The electronics recommerce opportunity is one that is win-win-win: great for users with affordable like-new devices, beneficial to the environment as people sell and buy second hand instead of new, and an exciting business opportunity with over 2.5X electronics recommerce growth potential ahead.”

Meanwhile, Alvin Yap, founder and CEO of Laku6, commented, “It is exciting to be part of a regional leader that aligns with Laku6’s vision. Carousell and Laku6 share a deep commitment of making second hand the first choice and the demand for electronics recommerce is growing faster than ever in Greater Southeast Asia. With Carousell’s scale and investment, we are well-placed to create a winning formula and offer our proven solutions to a very large audience of end-users and merchants.”

This partnership also follows Carousell’s acquisition of Ox Street, an authenticated streetwear marketplace, and Refash, Singapore-based omnichannel fashion recommerce retailer.

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Carousell belts out song, dance number of real customer reviews in latest ad

Singapore – Regional classifieds group Carousell has launched a new awareness campaign which transforms real customer reviews into a song and dance interpretation of said service. The campaign is conceptualised by independent creative agency UltraSuperNew (USN) Singapore.

For the campaign, Carousell sourced the best reviews from satisfied customers, and turned them, word for word into songs that sang the praises of the home services. For this campaign, the services toilet cleaning and floor repair were used for the ads.

The spots feature Andrew Marko and Zulfiqar Izzudin, members of up-and-coming theatre collective Patch & Punnet, who act and sing the reviews.

Speaking about the campaign execution, Heng Xiao Qi, Singapore country marketing manager at Carousell explained that the problem they faced was how to make a functional yet generally perceived as unexciting category such as home services fun and also stand out amongst competitors.

“When USN suggested using reviews as a creative concept, we were instantly sold as it really doesn’t get more authentic than to hear straight from the users’ mouths,” she said.

Meanwhile, Haziq Hussain, senior account manager at USN, commented, “The task at hand was to tell Singaporeans about how Carousell, other than being an online marketplace, had this amazing Home Services offering that not many people knew about. The solution was surprisingly enough, right in front of us in the form of the actual reviews. And of course, we just had to turn them into full-blown song and dance performances in true USN fashion.”

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Entravision MediaDonuts inks partnership with Carousell Media Group

Singapore — Entravision MediaDonuts, a digital marketing performance and branding solutions platform in Asia-Pacific, has signed a partnership agreement with Carousell Media Group for Carousell in the Philippines and Cho Tot in Vietnam, as their official reseller.

Via the collaboration, brands can advertise on premium real estate in Carousell’s e-commerce space while leveraging its advanced contextual and audience targeting capabilities. Carousell Media Group has a database of 58 million registered users across Greater Southeast Asia through their different platforms namely Carousell,, Cho Tot, OneKyat, Ox Street, and Refash. Additionally, millennials comprise 70% of this targeted group of highly engaged consumers with buying intent.

Moreover, advertisers can leverage Connect, Carousell Media Group’s off-platform solution, to engage consumers across the open internet through millions of other publishers across mobile and web app inventories. Powered by The Trade Desk technology, an independent DSP, this feature allows brands to target and retarget users throughout their buying journey.

JJ Eastwood, MD of Carousell Media Group, said, “As we scale our media offering in the Philippines, we are excited to partner with Entravision MediaDonuts to connect advertisers with passionate communities and sustainability-conscious shoppers.”

Meanwhile, Pieter-Jan de Kroon, CEO of Entravision MediaDonuts, noted, “The Philippine internet economy has reached US$17b, and is expected to grow to US$40b by 2025. Entravision MediaDonuts is in the Philippines to provide on-ground support to all marketers expecting the best-in-class solutions for their digital media campaigns.”

On the partnership with Carousell Media Group, de Kroon shared, “We are very excited to represent Carousell in the Philippines, which will help advertisers achieve superior performance at scale. The digital media landscape is evolving fast in the Philippines and we’re seeing a very interesting opportunity, especially in the e-commerce space.”

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Carousell Media Group announces three new hires across senior management lineup

Singapore – Carousell Media Group, the advertising arm of Carousell Group, has announced three new hires in their senior management lineup. They include Saniya Gupta as regional head of client strategy, Kimberly Leng as head of sales in Singapore, and Anthony Cheung as head of sales in Hong Kong.

Gupta brings a wide array of advertising agency experience to lead Carousell Media Group’s regional strategy team and will be responsible for designing innovative and effective full-funnel marketing solutions for Carousell Media Group’s regional clients. Prior to Carousell, she first worked at Twitter where she was responsible for driving the growth of Twitter’s video advertising solutions.

Meanwhile, Leng will be responsible for growing the Carousell Media Group’s ad sales business with key clients and agencies. She has prior experience working with Mediacorp, JCDecaux and most recently as the head of business development at influencer marketing platform GetCraft.

Lastly, Cheung will be responsible for growing the Carousell Media Group’s ad sales business with key clients and agencies. He has extensive advertising and marketing experience in the Hong Kong market, having held senior positions at Hong Kong tourism board, and most recently at instant messaging service Line Corp.

All three new hires will report directly to JJ Eastwood, managing director at Carousell Media Group, who stated that as the company celebrates its decade of sustainability with great momentum and unprecedented growth, he has no doubt that the new hires will propel them into the next level this year.

“It’s been a year since Carousell Media Group was established and we have seen incredible growth across all of our brands and platforms, I am excited to welcome Saniya, Kimberly and Anthony to the Carousell Media Group team as we continue to invest in the best regional talent that help shape the advertising industry,” Eastwood said.

The new appointment follows after Carousell announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind recommerce programmatic buying platform called ‘Connect’. Said platform deploys best-in-class DSP ad-technology, and is powered by the buying, selling and search data signals generated from the Carousell Media Group’s tens of millions of monthly users across the Greater Southeast Asia region.

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Carousell HK taps DJ Ah Jeng, mother duo in a light-hearted CNY ad

Hong Kong – Bonnie Wong, known as DJ Ah Jeng for 903 FM, is featured alongside her mother in a fun and quirky Chinese New Year-centric advertising campaign by online classifieds platform Carousell in Hong Kong. In it, they motivate their fans to declutter to bring luck, and hope for a better 2022, by selling these second-hand items on the platform.

Throughout the video, Ah Jeng and her mother share a twist on the usual decluttering habits, by listing items to usher in different types of luck for the new year. For example, selling game consoles for better personal relations luck, and selling books for better career luck.

Said ad is part of Carousell HK’s ‘Spring Cleaning Week’ campaign to encourage Hong Kongers to declutter in a more sustainable way. Instead of throwing away items that are still in good condition, you can list them on Carousell for win-win outcomes: save the earth by reducing waste, and earning back money for giving out lai see, or the red envelopes given out during Chinese New Year.

From 7 to 23 Jan, users can list all their unwanted items from decluttering on Carousell to win exclusive CNY gift bags, which contain red packets, hand sanitizer and decor such as fai chun (a CNY-themed decoration with Chinese calligraphy) and a limited edition Carousell Mahjong set.

For Kevin Huang, managing director at Carousell Hong Kong, there is an untapped preloved earning potential in Hong Kong. Citing their own Carousell Recommerce Index, they discovered that each Hong Kong user has an estimated average of 43 unwanted items they store in their homes that could be sold.

“Chinese New Year is generally a time where people clean their homes, declutter and sometimes throw away many items that are still in good condition. Coupled with the traditions of buying everything new for the new year, there is a lot of waste involved. We want to encourage celebrating in a more sustainable way that is better for the environment, and also by encouraging people to do so in a practical manner that can spark change.”

He added, “List your pre-loved items on Carousell; save the earth and also earn back some money. For those who want to clear items quickly, you can also do so by listing items for free on Carousell in our Free Category.”

This campaign is reminiscent of Carousell’s previous regional campaign for Hong Kong and Singapore where they encourage users to declutter stuff and sell them at Carousell. For this CNY-themed campaign, it was made possible with influencer agency Cloudbreakr, creative agency Hungry Digital, and media agencies Essence and Wavemaker HK.

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Carousell brings back advertising support program for charities in SG

Singapore – Classifieds platform Carousell has launched anew its ‘Free Ads for Charities’ initiative, an advertising support program for non-profit organizations (NPOs) that helps various communities impacted by COVID-19.

In the previous ‘COVID-19 Free Ads for Charity’ in 2020, Carousell offered up to SG$2m fund of advertising support for NPOs in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines to help them replenish the supply of food and essential health products, donations for upkeep cost, call for volunteers and other initiatives caring for families-at-risk and seniors in need.

This year, the platform is doing the same by offering up to SG$250,000 to support any charities and non-profit organizations in Singapore impacted by COVID-19.

JJ Eastwood, the managing director of Carousell Media Group, commented, “We are very proud to bring back our Free Ads for Charities initiative and expand upon our commitment to uplift local communities in need. Charity donations have been impacted as fundraising events have had to be canceled due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Carousell has also partnered with Singapore’s non-profit organization National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center (NVPC), to launch its annual ‘Blessings’ campaign, aimed at encouraging Singaporeans to share their blessings during this festive season.

The partnership will be supporting SG Cares Giving Week with their annual campaign, which is an expansion of the platform’s ‘#SayYesToBlessings’ initiative launched in August 2021 to help empower non-profit organizations in digitalizing and amplifying their causes online. 

For this year’s ‘#Blessings’ campaign, Carousell will be expanding its reach to bring greater awareness to the public to support local communities in need. Starting today until 31 December, interested donors can log on to Carousell and browse listings from over 20 charities and non-profit organizations, and give back to those who need it the most by donating essential items such as home appliances, COVID-19 test kits, clothes, and food, as well as make direct donations to their favorite causes via Carousell Protection.

In addition, users can list their usable items on Carousell under its Free Items category to help other individuals in need.

According to Carousell’s MD for Singapore Chee Soon Ng, the ‘#Blessings’ campaign originally started as a user-led initiative and has grown into one adopted by the wider Carousell community over the years.

“With every 1 in 3 Singaporeans using Carousell monthly, we are the perfect platform to connect charities with users who are looking to declutter their surplus purchases by giving back to those who need them the most. We are excited to partner with NVPC for SG Cares Giving Week and we encourage every donor to give generously and make a positive difference this festive season,” said Ng.