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Subway Malaysia unveils first-ever localised sandwich wrapper dedicated to Malaysia Day

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Fast food chain Subway in Malaysia has unveiled its first-ever localised wrapper design for its sandwiches as commemoration of Merdeka or Malaysia Day, which will be held on August 31 this year. The wrapper is designed by Malaysian comic artist Ernest Ng.

Guests will be seeing the Malaysian-themed wrapper at Subway Restaurants nationwide throughout the months of August and September 2022. Right off the back of the recent Subway Mini World Exhibition, this collaboration is yet another effort to connect with local consumers in Malaysia.

The bespoke wrapper features comic interpretations of Malaysian landmarks, including the Petronas Twin Towers, and pays homage to other local icons such the Greenback Turtle and the Rafflesia flower. Subway Malaysia’s beloved local mascot Sabweh is also featured on the wrapper, rounding off the localised design to delight guests and Subway fans alike. 

Hang Ee Laine, head of marketing for Subway in South East Asia, Hong Kong and Macau, said, “At Subway, we’re always looking for new ways to give our guests new and memorable experiences that go beyond our menu offerings. With this bespoke wrapper, we’re celebrating Malaysia’s heritage, culture and local talent.” 

She added, “Malaysia has always been an important market and we’ve witnessed great success with localised offerings, so we’re excited to add something ‘fresh’ to the guest experience during these months of celebration for Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, Archana Menon, country manager for Malaysia at Mutant Communications, commented, “It’s a privilege for us to be working with a globally loved brand like Subway, and we have really taken their quest for guest innovation to heart. Globally, Subway has never had a localised wrapper, but given the feedback from local guests, we believe this will resonate with guests in Malaysia.” 

She added, “It has been great working with the Subway team because they are so supportive of our efforts and are always willing to try something new and push the boundaries of partnerships and collaborations.”

Marketing Featured Global

Sprite ditches iconic green bottles for eco-friendly clear ones

United States – Popular soft drinks brand Sprite is ditching the iconic green look across its plastic bottles in favour of a much clearer one that is more eco-friendly. This will start on August 1 this year.

According to the Coca-Cola Company, while green plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is recyclable, like the ones used in the old bottles, the recycled material is more often converted into single-use items like clothing and carpeting that cannot be recycled into new PET bottles. 

During the sorting process, green and other coloured PET is separated from clear material to avoid discolouring recycled food-grade packaging required to make new PET bottles.

Julian Ochoa, CEO at R3CYCLE, said, “Taking colours out of bottles improves the quality of the recycled material. This transition will help increase availability of food-grade rPET. When recycled, clear PET Sprite bottles can be remade into bottles, helping drive a circular economy for plastic.”

In addition to transitioning to clear bottles, Sprite is introducing a new visual identity system featuring a revamped logo and packaging design to provide a consistent look and voice around the world. Sprite’s packaging graphics will retain the brand’s recognizable green hue and include prominent ‘Recycle Me’ messaging.

Marketing Featured East Asia

Shenzhen’s Nantou City unveils new brand identity via Superunion

Hong Kong – Nantou City in Shenzhen, China has unveiled a new brand identity conceptualised alongside agency Superunion. The new branding aims to ‘activate’ Nantou City, bringing both Chinese traditions and modern creativity, as well as sustainable development and vitality to the town.

Nantou City, also known as the ancient city of Xin’an, has evolved into a landmark location embedded with four major parts – cultural and creative retail, trendy art experiences, high-quality and innovative F&B, and cultural residencies.

The core idea behind the brand refresh ‘Collide to Create’ positions Nantou as a place of contrasts and a meeting point for people and ideas to come together. The brand tagline ‘為每一種想像而來’ translates to ‘a place for every imagination’ which led to the central creative idea of the semicolon, with its literal function of connecting independent clauses or ideas leading to a more symbolic meaning: Nantou as a focal point connecting individuals, ideas and cultures.

Maggie Chien, business director at Superunion China said: “Using this iconic visual metaphor, we created a whole design language for Nantou City across a range of physical and digital applications, from website to wayfinding. Nantou City is not just a historical landmark that you visit once, but a place that you want to come back to time and time again, to relax, to stay, and to grow with. Instead of commercialising, we want to build the city into a sustainable cultural centre and integrate it with the local lifestyle. 

Meanwhile, Huang Nan, general manager of Shenzhen Nantou City Renovation Project, commented, “As we see the Greater Bay Area continue to thrive and develop, our goal is for Nantou City to retain its original architecture but also embrace contrast; old versus new, tranquillity versus energy, simplicity versus intricacy. It is an expressive yet harmonious place, encouraging the organic and sustainable growth of all beings. We feel a new identity encapsulates this sentiment whilst being engaging and memorable.”

The branding endeavour was first announced in August 2021, where Superunion will be responsible for the strategic brand, experience, and communications planning, alongside a total revamp of visual identity of the city.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

UEM Sunrise partners with 9 local firms for branding, marketing efforts

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – UEM Sunrise, one of Malaysia’s leading property developers, has inked a partnership with nine local companies to strengthen, promote, and develop a mutually beneficial relationship and cooperation under the company’s Vendors Partnership Programme. The partnership programme is expected to explore long-term synergies and promotes cooperation between UEM Sunrise and the participating companies in the areas of marketing and branding where both parties will leverage their respective marketing platforms to cross-market and increase brand awareness. 

The nine participating companies include Guocera, Bofi (Malaysia), Innocera Marketing, Electrolux Malaysia, Cement Industries of Malaysia, Panasonic Malaysia, Signature Cabinet, Aurum Precas, and Gamuda IBS. 

Aside from marketing and branding, the partnership also aims to provide opportunities for UEM Sunrise and the participating companies to explore products and services that would enhance design development as well as collaboration in the area of cost savings, to identify business opportunities that would lead to cost-saving benefits.

“Our partnership programme allows us to collaborate closely with our partners in the long run, and we look forward to achieving these synergies as part of managing the risk of price fluctuations and supply and demand uncertainties. We hope by building such relationship, we would be able to manage our cost structure better and deliver the right values to our customers,” said UEM Sunrise CEO Sufian Abdullah.

He added that given the volatility of the market, UEM Sunrise will continue to monitor and fine-tune its pricing strategy based on several key cost elements aside from the prices of building materials. Abdullah is also optimistic that the company’s long-term partnership programme with its vendors will help to provide solutions in addressing these rising costs in the market.

Marketing Featured APAC

Schaeffler Group sets focus on APAC next for its global image campaign

Singapore — Germany-based automotive manufacturer and industrial sector supplier Schaeffler has announced the launch of a new series of regional motifs as part of the company’s global image campaign to promote its new claim, “We pioneer motion.” The company said the new motifs aim to highlight its corporate purpose and strategic direction. 

Schaeffler said the goal of the global campaign is to bolster its corporate brand worldwide and to underscore the company’s global orientation as a leading automotive and industrial supplier. Meanwhile, the regional campaign focused on APAC presented four new creative designs representing the brand’s ethos on innovation, tradition, uniqueness, and passion to succeed, while also drawing inspiration from the cultural diversity of the Asia Pacific region. It will be exclusive on digital channels like display and programmatic advertisements across social media platforms and display networks websites in six regional markets.

Dharmesh Arora, regional CEO at Schaeffler APAC commented on the regional extension of the global campaign, saying, “As a global company with strong local presence in multiple markets in the Asia Pacific region, the regional image campaign provides a strong foundation for us to communicate our pioneering spirit and innovative strength, which has been present since we invented the cage-guided needle roller bearing 70 years ago.”

Arora adds, “Additionally, as we embark on our Roadmap 2025 strategy, we look to sharpen and strengthen our focus on creating new and exciting opportunities to reach and engage with stakeholders through an integrated approach.”

The current regional campaign rides on the success of the first three waves of the global image campaign, which were rolled out in Germany, China, the USA, Japan, and India in October last year with the third wave including markets such as France and Italy. The global image motifs have generated an estimated 773 million impressions on multiple platforms and channels, leading to increased awareness and engagement to the Schaeffler brand. 

Ashish Shukul, director of communications and marketing of Schaeffler for APAC, said that Schaeffler’s global image campaign has given a major facelift to the company’s brand imagery and visual identity. Shukul added by saying that the momentum gained from the strong performance of the global campaign, especially the outstanding results in India, allowed us to extend Schaeffler’s campaign to other key markets like Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“We want to make our key stakeholders even more aware of Schaeffler’s extensive manufacturing and technology footprint in the Asia Pacific region. By leveraging learnings from the first three waves of the global campaign, we have adopted a much more targeted and culturally-relevant approach to enhance the presence and visibility of the Schaeffler brand. This also allows us to highlight the leading qualities that make us the preferred technology partner of our customers’ sectors, ” Shukul said.

Marketing Featured APAC

foodpanda celebrates 10th anniversary with new brand mascot

Singapore foodpanda, leading delivery and grocery platform in Asia, celebrates its 10th anniversary with the unveiling of its first-of-its-kind brand ambassador — Pau-pau. The mascot will be given its own unique characteristics and will be featured on foodpanda’s different marketing platforms.

The introduction of Pau-Pau builds on foodpanda’s earlier brand refresh. The pink panda is the platform’s venture towards new brand representation, where, aside from the traditional marketing environments, the new brand ambassador will also be utilized to maximize digital marketing touchpoints.

Idan Haim, foodpanda’s vice president for growth and marketing, commented, “Pau-Pau is a first-of-its-kind among food delivery platforms in Asia! More than anything else, we wanted to create a personality that evokes love among customers. We want Pau-Pau to be an inspiration for people to live life on their own terms and to its fullest. We are excited for our customers to meet Pau-Pau, as we mark the start of a new decade for foodpanda in Asia,” Haim said.

Pau-pau will be featured on the LINE and Instagram apps as an available sticker to bolster use in consumer expression and communication. It will progressively be rolled out into all of foodpanda channels and interfaces, namely the app, website, digital and social media platforms, as well as live-environment activations and more.

The mascot has been developed with a unique set of characteristics that will further help it relate with a wider range of audiences across the Asian market; foodpanda said Pau-pau believes in caring for the environment, empowerment, and living freely.

Eunha Bhang, chief creative officer of delivery hero Asia, gave her thoughts on the uniqueness of the character.

“In creating Pau-Pau, we wanted him to also have a dimension of purpose — that he stands for something more than just being an adorable mascot. Pau-Pau embodies and brings to life the foodpanda spirit by helping our communities reimagine how they use delivery and thereby adding vibrancy and fun in their lives,” she shared.

With the announcement of Pau-pau, one of the character’s key projects will be spearheading the campaign for plastic-free and environmentally-friendly consumerism with foodpanda’s Global Sustainable Packaging Programme to encourage merchant and consumer responsibility.

The one-of-its-kind ambassador was first rolled out in Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia in December 2021, which was subsequently followed by its appearance in other foodpanda networks namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Laos. The next phase will introduce the ambassador in the Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Last November, foodpanda also announced its partnership with Chinese tech giant Xiaomi to venture into q-commerce allowing the option of purchasing consumer electronic products and appliances through its apps. 

Marketing Featured APAC

Superunion launches new brand identity for World Table Tennis

Singapore – World Table Tennis (WTT), the global table tennis competition, is launching with a new brand identity spearheaded by brand agency Superunion. The new identity aims to capture new audiences, attract new partners, and inspire sports fans and consumers to play and enjoy the game. 

WTT, created by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), has seen that table tennis was only taken seriously as a competitive and commercial sport in a few countries, hence, wants to change this. 

With a fresh gradient visual creative, Superunion said it developed the new brand in a way that would change the way the world sees table tennis, to position WTT in the center stage, and bring its elite athletes, thrilling events, and exhilarating entertainment to the global audience. 

Inspired by WTT’s vision to show table tennis in a different light, Superunion’s creative strategy was to reverse the audience’s viewpoint by showing the game from the ball’s eye view, capturing the energy and skill of the game and allowing the audience to see table tennis from a new, unique perspective – literally. 

The identity design mirrors sports photography, capturing how each player focuses on the ball in motion. It follows the movements of the spinning ball at a break-neck speed, playing out the drama, precision, skill, passion, and mental agility that the players bring to the table. The whole new look speaks of ‘uncompromising confidence’ – whether that’s the new iconic black table or the redesigned theatre of play.

The World Table Tennis Cup Finals will be held in Singapore from 4 December to 7 December. 

Last June, Superunion was also the agency behind the official branding of TMBThanachart Bank, the recently merged banking institution in Thailand. 

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

SG foodtech startup Float Foods appoints dentsu SG as brand, digital strategy partner

Singapore – Float Foods, the local home-grown foodtech startup, has tapped the services of dentsu Singapore to be its brand and digital strategy partner to aid the startup in the commercial launch of Asia’s first plant-based whole egg product, OnlyEg.

Through the appointment, dentsu Singapore will be responsible for developing the product’s go-to-market brand strategy, identity, design and launch campaign in Singapore in 2022.

Speaking about the startup launch in Singapore, Vinita Choolani, founder and CEO at Float Foods, said that the prime reason they aim with the launch is due to the fact that COVID-19 has highlighted a burgeoning food security problem, especially in Singapore, adding that they have identified a critical need for Singapore to plug that gap to ensure the long-term safety of our food ecosystem. 

“Equally important, we recognized that it needed to be done in a clean and sustainable way that allowed people to eat healthily and economically. That was why Float Foods was born and our breakthrough plant-based whole egg protein product will be able to change the way eggs are consumed in Asian cultures where it is a key diet,” Choolani said.

She added, however, that any game-changing product and technology requires radical collaboration with partners who believe in it, further stating that it has therefore been important for them to work with investors and partners who appreciate the startup’s vision to advance Singapore’s food ecosystem.

“That is why dentsu Singapore is a clear choice for us as a partner for the launch of OnlyEg. Its appreciation of Float Foods’ longer-term value to the food landscape in Singapore, combined with dentsu’s capabilities in brand and digital strategy, was a strong proposition for us. We look forward to bringing this to launch together,” Choolani stated.

Meanwhile, Prakash Kamdar, CEO at dentsu Singapore, commented that their company’s commitment for being a force of good and growth is stemmed from their focus on helping businesses achieve good for growth, yet it is not every day that they get to work with a partner who is positively revolutionizing the landscape in which it operates in.

“As such, we are incredibly delighted to be able to support Float Foods in its go-to-market strategy and execution as it champions change in the way we manage food supply and security in Singapore while taking care of the environment. We are grateful for the confidence placed on our ability to bring our integrated thinking and capabilities to the table. Our team has a deep appreciation for Float Foods’ vision and principles, which will be applied in building a strong brand strategy that will help to successfully launch OnlyEg to the market once it is ready,” Kamdar concluded.

In overview, Float Foods has raised US$2.2m in seed funding and is collaborating with research and development agencies in Singapore to optimize OnlyEg for commercial readiness by 2022. The foodtech startup also plans to roll out more plant-based products in Singapore and the region in the next two years.

Main Feature Marketing Partners ANZ

Why branding is important for performance

In the age of always-on e-commerce and notoriously short attention spans, it can be tempting to downplay your branding in favor of acquisition-focused digital advertising. Branding, however, is an important aspect of all marketing campaigns, regardless of the objective.

Think of branding as your foundation. Taking the time to build a strong brand, investing time and money into your brand strategy, will ultimately result in more successful performance over time. While sales activations and offer-led initiatives will provide short-term sales uplift, brand building will result in long-term growth and stability.

Your brand represents the reason your business exists – your ‘why’, what you do, and why you’re different. It is about everything that makes you a better choice than your competitors and when done well, can portray all of that in a shade of Cadbury purple or a Nike ‘swoosh’.

While there are many arguments for developing a strong branding strategy, here are the top four reasons why branding is such an important element in reaching your performance objectives:

Brings new customers

Strategic brand awareness campaigns introduce your business to new potential customers. It’s often said that an audience needs to see your brand at least 7 times before they will consider purchasing. This number is reduced if you have a strong, unique brand positioning. If your brand is memorable, you won’t necessarily need as many impressions to be effective.

When you have both a strong brand identity and are consistently marketing, you will improve your reach and consideration. Brand awareness helps to bond new customers to your brand.

Builds trust

Customers are more likely to purchase from brands that they know and trust. A strong brand identity helps to build a connection with your target audience as they will recognize, know, and understand your product and point of differentiation via brand messaging.

A trusted brand also leads to brand loyalty and repeat purchases. Customers will rebook or rebuy your product with little to no forethought. These sales are far easier and more cost-effective to achieve than first-time sales. If they like your product and your brand, customers are also more likely to recommend you to their family and friends, exponentially improving your ROI.

Establishes target audience

Starting with a clear brand identity will help to position your offering and to target the customers you want to attract. Brand strategy will help to develop a deep understanding of your ideal customer’s demographics, attitudes, and behaviors, helping to tailor your products and messaging. It is expensive to market to everyone, and so having a strong understanding of who your brand is ‘for’ will help to specify your campaign targeting, therefore reducing advertising waste and making your dollar work harder.

Builds resilience

Research has shown that brands with high brand equity are more likely to be insulated in times of economic uncertainty, with a faster recovery when the market returns. A strong, clear positioning, along with loyal customers and consistent messaging helps a business to weather bad times while preparing them to accelerate during the good times.

Working on your brand identity and awareness cements your spot in your customer’s mind and will help to protect your business and ensure it can bounce back more quickly in times of turbulence.

Brand awareness is a core indicator of marketing success. It is your base and marketing ‘foundation’, upon which actionable sales promotions should sit. Every piece of communication should look, feel and sound like your brand, reinforcing who you are and why you are the best choice.

An effective brand strategy will increase your overall return on investment. While it can be more difficult to measure brand awareness compared to lead generation or revenue targets, campaigns that allow for both are more likely to have improved performance outcomes and ultimately reach their objectives.

Brand awareness is a slower path than the sugar-hit of a sales-focused goal, however, it is vital for long-term stability. A strong brand foundation will improve the results of your promotional and lead-focused activity, across all channels.

This article was written by Charlotte Ward, director of Agnes Media.
Agnes Media is a measurement-first marketing agency that regularly recommends their clients incorporate a combination of both brand and performance activity to maximize efficiencies using a holistic approach.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

theAsianparent names first-ever chief branding officer

Singapore – theAsianparent, the content and community platform for parents in Asia, has hired its first-ever chief branding officer, Fiza Hasan Malhotra

Malhotra most recently comes from Singapore-headquartered workplace design consultancy, Space Matrix, as its global marketing director. She boasts more than two decades of experience in brand innovation and marketing strategy. 

theAsianparent is the largest content hub and community platform for parents in Asia which spans across 13 markets in the region such as in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. In November, it has also announced its new country manager for Indonesia, Rotsen Quispe

Malhotra’s career spans digital transformation, public relations, corporate communications, event management, and social entrepreneurship. Prior to her role at Space Matrix, she was the head of business development and corporate innovation at Impact Hub Singapore. She has also worked for global brands Credit Suisse and Citibank. 

Malhotra said, “My goal is to put theAsianparent Group and its core brands on the path of global market leadership, powered by authentic brand experiences delivered to our community of parents, employees, clients, and our current and future stakeholders.” 

For one of her first projects as the new CBO, Malhotra helmed theAsianparent Awards, which seeks to find and celebrate the most trustworthy parent and baby brands for Asian parents across the region through its panel of parent judges and by community vote.

Of the appointment, founder and theAsianparent Group CEO, Roshni Mahtani Cheung, says, “theAsianparent brand is one I chose with care and nurtured from its infancy, so it is with even greater care that I chose whom to entrust it to. theAsianparent has come to mean many wonderful things to those who encounter it. We want to distill all that into one essence, so when anyone hears the brand or sees the icon, they know, in a snap, what we stand for.”

Malhotra adds, “I am excited to be part of a team that is passionate not only about performance and innovation but also impact—with our mission to help 100 million parents have healthy pregnancies and families. We are currently Southeast Asia’s largest parenting community and continue to look at market expansion and other opportunities across our platforms. To help build and grow a Singapore HQ brand into a leading global player is a huge passion of mine and I look forward to leading the team in reaching that summit.”

In March, the platform entered MARKETECH APAC’s top 5 stories for its VIP Parents Platform (VIPP). VIPP is the hub’s platform to getting to know the most proactive parents and giving them the opportunity to be influencers as well as for brands to reach out to the said cohort.