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ADA acquires SingPost’s e-commerce unit to expand e-commerce solutions in APAC

Singapore – Integrated end-to-end e-commerce practice ADA has acquired the e-commerce unit of Singapore Post (SingPost), including the unit’s assets and staff, and will further strengthen ADA‘s e-commerce capabilities in technology and enablement in Asia-Pacific.

They are offering clients fully integrated services in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, and South Korea. Through this acquisition, ADA will seek to deepen its strategic partnership with the SingPost Group in distribution and logistics across Asia.

Srinivas Gattamneni, chief executive officer at ADA, said, “I am thrilled to expand our e-commerce family – ADA is now over 1,000 strong across 10 markets, comprised of e-commerce practitioners, data and digital specialists, industry experts, and management consultants.” 

He added, “The addition of SingPost’s e-commerce arm marks a milestone in ADA’s e-commerce practice expansion plans as we ramp up our end-to-end e-commerce solutions with enhanced e-commerce technology expertise and services, complementing it with our deeply integrated services of combining media, creative, and analytics.”

Meanwhile, Koh Jin Kiat, senior vice president for customer engagement and commercial at SingPost, commented “E-commerce has a high level of penetration in Southeast Asia today, and this proportion will only grow from here.” 

He added, “This deal is only the start of a strategic partnership with ADA, and we look forward to complementing their business with our wide suite of e-commerce logistics solutions within the Asia Pacific region, making it a win-win for both firms as our clients will get to scale up their operations with ADA’s integrated offerings.”

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Startup advisory Paloe launches all-in-one digital franchise management platform

Singapore – Paloe, one of Singapore’s CFO and startup advisory, has partnered up with franchise management consulting firm Asiawide Franchise Consultants to launch Asiawide Digital Advantage (ADA), an all-in-one digital franchise management Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to digitise and streamline the management of franchisors with company-owned and franchisee-owned outlets.

Often underlooked, franchise management can become painfully complicated and cumbersome, especially when the franchise grows. More features are added subsequently to the franchise concept; not to mention the amount of reporting and documentation required. The franchisor then has to juggle many issues with franchisees at varying levels, including franchisee onboarding, communications, site audits, royalty payment management, performance management, and more. 

The following features of ADA provide unprecedented openness of information between franchisors and franchisees by centralizing and consolidating important technologies required for franchise management. Onboarding Management allows for the provision of structured training for franchisees, as well as visibility and transparency throughout the process. This aids franchisor in ensuring and facilitating the efficiency of their franchisees. 

While, Communications Hub, maintain and facilitate engagements, collaborations, communication, and address frequently-asked-questions and requests in a single location. The Communications Hub also serves as a one-stop administrative tool, enabling consolidation and sorting of important documents, while ensuring security via curated access controlled by the franchisor. 

Using Site Audit Management, standardize, track, and manage site audits to ensure continuous franchise improvement, and compliance, and to retain brand quality and confidence through established processes and reviews. 

In order to accurately manage royalty payments and decrease operational load, Royalty Management automatically tracks sales throughout all franchise locations, providing consistent sales reporting and automatic processing of sales data. Strategic planning is facilitated by a single, configurable dashboard that provides visibility into royalty payments, sales trends, the success of franchisees, revenue and expenses, and data analytics.

Han Sheng Chin, CTO of Paloe Pte Ltd., said the team at Paloe had to work closely with Asiawide Franchise Consultants to run through countless franchising scenarios and use real cases to truly understand the day-to-day operations and challenges typically faced by a franchisor.

“Even older, established companies today need to incorporate technology into their business model and processes, else they risk being overtaken by newer, more agile and innovative competitors. We believe ADA will keep Asiawide Franchise Consultants (AFC) both relevant and competitive as they continue to provide franchise-related services throughout the booming Asia region,” Chin said.

With these features, ADA is both simple yet revolutionary in how it aims to transform and distil current laborious franchise procedures to streamline business processes rendering it more effective and affordable. Compared to current market rates, ADA provides rock-solid features at just a fraction of the price every month.

Albert Kong, CEO of Asiawide Franchise Consultants, commented, “With ADA, the process of onboarding and managing franchisees has become more streamlined and systematic (and eco-friendly too). This enables the franchisor (and their team members) to be more productive, effectively managing their own outlets and franchise operations more efficiently.”

Looking ahead, Paloe and Asiawide Franchise Consultants are working with franchise operators to ensure constant updates and improvements for the platform, with new features such as leads management being developed to enhance ADA’s capabilities. With ADA, both Paloe and Asiawide Franchise Consultants aspire to keep their digital services ahead of the game in an ever-evolving digital age.

Franchise management has remained largely unchanged for decades; however, the global pandemic has made travel and physical meetings a thing of the past, and as such the entire franchise industry is in dire need of a more streamlined, cohesive, and virtual solution to strengthen their business processes, in order to survive and thrive in the digital age.

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ADA unveils strategic partnership with CDP Treasure Data

Malaysia – ADA, analytics, data, and AI business in Asia, and Treasure Data, global customer data platform (CDP) company, have announced a strategic partnership to bring end-to-end enterprise customer-centric solutions to 10 markets across South and Southeast Asia, including South Korea. 

The partnership will be helping enterprises enhance and personalise customer experience to improve the customer journey, communicate efficiently, and manage data gaps. To support brands in achieving a successful outcome and getting the most value out of a CDP, ADA and Treasure Data will provide strategic consultancy and create functional use cases with measurable return on investment. This includes setting up and deploying a CDP with a single customer view, supporting design and unifying data, activating platforms from media to mobile to web to CRO (conversion route optimisation), and offering full technical support. 

ADA said that as CDP remains a highly accessible solution only to most larger enterprises, the new offering is able to empower SMEs to connect with their customers whilst scaling up their business.

Srinivas Gattamneni, CEO of ADA, said, “Our clients across all industries are craving for solutions that can fully leverage their customer data to enhance their digital customer experience journeys. With Treasure Data, we are truly able to deliver complete marketing solutions that enables usage of customer data across all parts of the marketing funnel from brand identity development to customer acquisition to eCommerce revenue delivery.” 

He adds, “This partnership will connect enterprises in APAC by using CDP to build meaningful connections across their customer journey, thus enhancing the customer experience through data and marketing technology.”

Meanwhile, Kazuki Ohta, CEO and co-founder of Treasure Data, commented, “We are excited to work with ADA to bring this first of its kind partnership to the Southeast Asia market that will allow customers to experience our leading CDP with best-in-class service to clients. Together we can ensure all brands will be able to easily leverage insights to create tailored, relevant and secure customer experiences.”

According to ADA, the partnership is made possible via the strategic investment by SoftBank Corp. Just recently, ADA has also announced that it is now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) in Asia-Pacific, where it’s able to help businesses connect with their customers through the WhatsApp Business Platform. 

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This telco ad pays tribute to those who explore further–all through spoken poetry

Kathmandu, Nepal – The art of spoken word poetry has been a modern form of literature to pay tribute to any entity, and this latest ad by Nepalese telco Ncell Axiata shows that as a tribute to all of the people who go the ‘extra mile’ and explore further in life.

The ad, titled #PossibleChaSabai, represents the progressive Nepali who does not shy away from any challenges that comes their way and are determined to learn and explore further. In addition, the film itself is aligned with Ncell’s brand philosophy of liberation and focus on digitalisation to empower their customers.

The ad is conceptualised by agencies ADA, Sun, and Outreach Nepal; and has been produced by G21 Production.

“As we all transit in the post pandemic world, Nepali people are rapidly adapting to the digitalisation with new possibilities in commencing education, work, connections and a global exposure,” the company noted in a statement.

The ad is available on YouTube and Facebook, with the YouTube version nearing the 1 million view mark as of this writing.

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ADA introduces new business platform for CX boost on WhatsApp

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Data and artificial intelligence company ADA has announced that it is now a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) in Asia-Pacific. Through the offering, ADA will empower businesses to connect with their customers in a private and secure environment across its markets in South and Southeast Asia.

WhatsApp Business Platform allows businesses to drive better conversations with their customers in a personalised manner, thus boosting customer engagement and increasing customer satisfaction, leading to better sales conversions.

The new integration comes in line with business recovery making its way across Southeast Asia, as well as retailers bouncing back from COVID-19. ADA notes that WhatsApp chatbots can also give operators in-store support to help guide the customer journey and enhance every bit of the customer experience.

“Over 2 billion people around the world use WhatsApp and it is the most popular messaging application in Southeast Asia. As the number of people using this app will continue to rise with the growth of digital consumers across the region, brands and businesses will need to better connect and communicate with their customers who are turning to chat with businesses on WhatsApp,” the company said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, Srinivas Gattamneni, CEO at ADA, noted that chat commerce is changing the way businesses operate, and customer engagement solutions are the key drivers.

“With this WhatsApp Business Platform, ADA now offers a truly seamless end-to-end business solution across our practices – e-commerce, martech, business insights, and marketing services – for that complete customer experience and journey. The face of chat commerce as we know it will change too, with the integration of our AI and machine learning models, deepening the level of personalisation and quality of conversations,” Gattamneni said.

The new endeavour from ADA reflects the company’s vision for this year in improving the e-commerce experience in the region. During an exclusive interview by MARKETECH APAC with Gattamneni in recognition of ADA’s e-commerce solution as Product of the Year, he said that businesses need to be efficient, agile, and falling in front of new trends to cope with the ever-changing digital landscape of business.

“Be efficient with your resources and invest in what gives you the best return, whether it’s your marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, or the various e-commerce platforms. Automation is also key to optimising your e-commerce operations in areas including content production, customer service, and fulfilment,” he told MARKETECH APAC.

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Product Launch of The Year: ADA’s eCommerce solution

2021 was a year of innovative and one-of-a-kind product launches amid brands responding to the highly-fluid times that we have now; through it all, it’s ADA, the marketing company that delivers data and AI-driven solutions in Asia, that emerges as our Product Launch of The Year for introducing its end-to-end solution for eCommerce this year.

The company launched the solution in March 2021 – a time where brands are cementing their resolve that the way to win the consumer this pandemic is to elevate their presence in eCommerce. 

Since launching the solution, ADA has made significant strides such as merging with eCommerce enabler Awake Asia and announcing its new regional head of eCommerce

We caught up with Srinivas Gattamneni, ADA’s CEO, who shared with us what ultimately made them put up the new solution and the changes that have occurred in the offering since the merger. Gattamneni also imparts his top three pieces of advice for brands to stay ahead of the eCommerce game in 2022.

What made you establish the new end-to-end eCommerce solution?

Since our founding, ADA’s focus has been to drive real business impact through outcome-oriented solutions and digital marketing transformation. When it comes to eCommerce, we noticed that the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) sector typically operated in silos especially with media, creative, and analytics. But to drive real business impact, integration is key. We saw that as an opportunity for ADA to acquire eCommerce enabling capabilities and offer an end-to-end solution that combines analytics, technology, media, and creative. 

Of course, COVID-19 was a big factor that expanded our serviceable obtainable market. While the adoption of digital solutions started prior to the pandemic, we observed a drastic boost in online shopping demand for segments such as groceries and home goods throughout these past two years, which is likely to persist. 

You have merged with e-commerce enabler Awake Asia shortly after you launched the solution. What has changed in your services since then?

The merger with Awake Asia has allowed us to expand our eCommerce solutions across all 10 markets in South and Southeast Asia. We’ve since launched our Digital Shelf tool for eCommerce insights and integrated analytics, built a regional Content House to do creative at scale, expanded our ecosystem with platforms such as Shopify and Magento, and signed strategic partnerships with brands like TikTok to expand our eCommerce offerings. 

Today, our team serves countless brands from a wide range of industries, addressing different business challenges through data-driven solutions. I’m proud to highlight that our work has been recognized by The APPIES Malaysia. With our eCommerce revenue doubling year-on-year, we’re optimistic the new year will bring even more opportunities to seek innovative solutions for clients.

Your markets expand Southeast Asia and South Asia; what has been the most challenging market in helping to elevate in eCommerce?

All of ADA’s markets are growing at a heightened rate thanks to the continued uptake of digital commerce. The challenge will be to stay ahead of the curve to deliver the best end-to-end eCommerce solutions for our clients.

How do you think brands’ demands for eCommerce will evolve as we move forward in 2022?

Efficiency becomes critical in a year when growth is leveling off. The big question for 2022 is how to optimize from the top to the bottom of the customer funnel as eCommerce growth normalizes. Brands will also need to take another look at their operating models, warehouse logistics, share of wallet, and platforms, and consider how they should invest in marketplaces,, and social commerce.

As a TikTok Marketing Partner, we’re riding the wave of social commerce through TikTok’s efforts in Indonesia. With brands increasingly buying into social commerce, we expect the growth curve to steepen over the next 6-12 months. Beyond that, brands are looking into the metaverse. Whether it’s VR shopping, minting an NFT for Roblox or Meta, or transacting in cryptocurrency, the possibilities of this new realm are endless – and I look forward to seeing how the region transforms.

What are your tips for brands in order to win in e-commerce in 2022?

Three things: efficiency, agility, and falling in front of new trends. 

First, be efficient with your resources and invest in what gives you the best return, whether it’s your marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, or the various eCommerce platforms. Automation is also key to optimizing your eCommerce operations in areas including content production, customer service, and fulfillment.

Next, be agile in the face of an ever-changing market. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the market can change at the flip of a switch, so brands must be able to adapt and pivot. 

Lastly, it’s always better to fall in front than to fall behind when it comes to emerging trends such as social commerce and the metaverse. Stay in the know and dare to experiment while everyone else is still figuring it out. 

This recognition is based on the results of Google Analytics on the most-read stories of 2021 with editorial validation on the significance of a leader’s contribution, campaigns results, and overall impact.

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MARKETECH APAC’s Top 5 Stories for September: BNPL in Thailand clinches top spot

What a great way to start the ‘Ber’ months this year with a list of high-flying stories which gave the industry a peek of the latest developments in the startup, e-commerce, and digital payments scene. 

This September, an Indian-born PR agency leading the way for communications in the startup sector has expanded its presence to Singapore. A Buy Now Pay Later platform is also ramping up its market in Southeast Asia with the announcement of its country manager for Thailand. 

Meanwhile, e-commerce makes another round getting into readers’ radar with a data-driven marketing firm in Asia unveiling its new leader for its e-commerce offering.

Stories from the Philippines are also in this month’s top spots with one career coaching firm in the country sharing its business story, and also, a report that saw the convergence of consumer products and social media snared readership for the period.

Take a look.

Top 5: PR agency Value 360 Communications expands presence with new Singapore office

Value 360 Communications Singapore

Value 360 Communications, the startup-focused PR agency in India, has announced that it will be expanding its market to Singapore to unlock growth opportunities in the country’s burgeoning start-up space.

Speaking to MARKETECH APAC, Kunal Sinha, the founder and director of Value 360 Communications, shared that the company has been part of the journey of 15 unicorns in the market of India, where they have built communications from the ground up. Learning from the process, the agency eventually grounded its name and reputation in the sector. 

Working with a complex market such as India, Sinha believes, gives the agency a strong value proposition to bring to the start-up space.

“We are going to focus on providing start-up PR in the SEA region, and Singapore will be the core for us in extending our services to start-ups. We are also in a discussion with other global brands who have both India and Singapore presence, and we are looking to hire talents with specific experiences in start-ups,” said Sinha.

We have an internal training module where we will be able to help them learn and understand about the start-up space.

Sinha on hiring new talents

Top 4: MARKETECH Spotlight: PH’s Metamorphosis Group on disrupting career coaching in the country

Metamorphosis Group_Danica Octa

Entering this month’s top stories is one of the latest episodes of MARKETECH Spotlight featuring career coaching firm in the Philippines, Metamorphosis Group (MG). 

In an exclusive conversation with the firm’s Founder, President, and CEO, Danica Octa, she shared MG’s start-up journey which began in the pandemic year in 2020. Gaining more expertise and leadership into the current job and recruitment industry in the country, the coaching firm has now firmed up its mission of becoming an end-to-end employability solution for those seeking guidance on their career development. 

Speaking MARKETECH APAC, Octa shared how the firm sees its role in the Filipino workforce. 

Our role [in the workforce] is to be some kind of a learning partner [and] an accountability buddy.

Octa believes that above all, it’s able to help shape people’s career journey through its future-oriented thinking. 

“We are very forward-thinking, we understand the future of work, we as a company is very, very in touch with what’s going to happen 10 years later,” she said. 

Octa adds, “We have the intuition, we can give our market the information they need to succeed moving forward, of course, so that they can upskill and reskill to the appropriate job that they need to have, moving forward. So I think that’s the role that we take here.”

Top 3: Filipinos take to Twitter conversations around favorite consumer products


Twitter Philippines has recently released a report on the products Filipinos love to talk about on the platform. The data shows that there are five key trends in how Filipinos converse around food, beverages, and personal, as well as home care.

Chandan Deep, Twitter’s head of emerging business for SEA, shared that people on the app and the conversations that they create are what makes Twitter unique, and that 71% have rated it as a great platform for brand interaction, making it the number one among its peers.

MARKETECH APAC conversed with Deep, and she noted that when you looked at the top mentioned brands, which were listed on their CPG dispatch, you will see some good samples on how brands can engage with their customers on Twitter, to be able to drive more meaningful conversations.

Twitter has a diverse community so they can connect with people who like entertainment, gaming, or health, making the first move as a brand by initiating conversation and making your audience enjoy it.

Top 2: ADA names former Lazada CBO Sherry Tan as regional head of e-commerce

ADA ropes in Lazada MY’s Sherry Tan to become its regional head of e-commerce

ADA, the data- and AI-driven marketing firm in Asia, has appointed former Chief Business Officer of Lazada Malaysia, Sherry Tan to be its regional head of e-commerce. 

ADA has just unveiled its end-to-end e-commerce solution for brands in APAC, and for the new role, Tan will be leading a team of leaders who will support the growing demand for e-commerce in the region. 

In the interview with MARKETECH APAC, Tan shared the challenges that brands in e-commerce are faced with in this pandemic.,

“In the last 18 months right, the pandemic catapulted e-commerce retail significantly, and there are more users in the digital space whether it is the buyers or the sellers. Now, it has become harder for brands to attract customers because there are wider options available,” said Tan. 

According to Tan, besides having more choices, customers are gaining smarter as well and therefore, have higher expectations toward their shopper journey. 

Brands need to stay on top of their game to predict industry trends…and then they need to enhance engagement and attraction to their brand to build loyalty and retention.

On ADA’s e-commerce solution, Tan said, “Leveraging on our data and digital shelf, we are able to craft [an] e-commerce and digital strategy based on sentiment analysis, customer insights as well as [competitive] landscape. This data allows us to understand what consumers are interested in, where they have visited over a period of time, and ADA is able to target these audiences for the brand.”

Top 1: BNPL platform for Asia, Atome, names country manager for Thailand

Atome Poompong Tancharoenphol

For our top story for the month, we have Buy Now Pay later platform in Asia Atome’s appointment of its country manager for Thailand, Poompong Tancharoenphol Tancharoenphol was formerly Zilingo’s country head for the country. 

Speaking to MARKETECH APAC, Tancharoenphol said, “I think I have been fortunate to look at e-commerce both from AddVentures and Zilingo before. There [are] a few key factors in making an e-commerce company successful, namely the business model itself, whether it is B2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce, and marketplaces, and there is [a] supply chain, marketing, and payment.”

He adds that with BNPL being quite new to the Thai market, it could mean either two things: it may be potentially good or something which the market may not adapt to. 

I think the direct value we offer to the retailers and e-commerce players is the increase in the market size. We were able to increase the market size to 30% more than any other payment method, and this comes along with increasing sales and conversion [afterward]

Rankings‌ ‌are‌ ‌based‌ ‌on‌ ‌Google‌ ‌Analytics‌ ‌from‌ ‌the‌ ‌period‌ ‌of‌ ‌16th‌ ‌August‌ ‌to 15th‌ ‌September.‌

Watch our exclusive interviews with the brands themselves on the latest episode of MARKETECH APAC Reports, now live on our YouTube channel.

This is in collaboration with Malaysia-based media company The Full Frontal.

Technology Featured APAC

ADA’s newly-launched dashboard features insights on consumer behavior

Singapore – In order to aid the influx of businesses that are now slowly opening up due to easing pandemic restrictions, data and artificial intelligence company ADA has launched a new dashboard that features data-driven insights on the changing consumer behavior in Southeast Asia and South Asia, widely disrupted by COVID-19.

Said index, called ‘The Recovery Index’, leverages ADA’s in-house data management platform, XACT, and was built with anonymized data sourced from millions of mobile devices and apps. While not a traditional economic indicator, businesses can use the dashboard to guide their decision-making by observing consumers’ mobility and digital consumption in near real-time.

Users of the dashboard, which is free to access, can drill down from the regional view to the national and state-level in eight countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

A sample screenshot of ADA’s ‘The Recovery Index’

Some of the notable insights lifted off the index as of September 22 include countries in the Southeast Asian region, where for instance, the Philippines where footfall at malls and F&B outlets had recovered fully in June this year before declining to 70% of pre-COVID levels currently following a recent shift in lockdown policies in Manila.

In Indonesia’s case mobility has recovered more quickly in Java where Jakarta is located compared to surrounding islands. Footfall at F&B outlets has climbed to 110% of pre-COVID levels while footfall at malls has fully recovered. Usage of business and productivity apps, however, has collapsed to 60% of pre-COVID levels, even as usage of fitness apps has surged to 140%.

Lastly, in Malaysia, the main economic hub of Klang Valley is leading the recovery vis-a-vis other corridors in the Peninsula and the Bornean states. The recent easing of lockdown measures has seen footfall in malls jump to 130% of pre-COVID levels, even as road density and other mobility indicators are yet to fully recover.

For Srinivas Gattamneni, chief executive officer at ADA, part of the reason the dashboard was released was in response with the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused to business and to consumers, affecting them how they shop, where they go, and what they do on a daily basis.

“We created this dashboard as a resource for businesses to make sense of and respond to the ‘new normal’ in consumer behavior. The dashboard can serve as a guide to what has changed pre- and post-pandemic in terms of shopping, app usage, and mobility, allowing marketers to pivot their customer acquisition and retention strategies in an environment that continues to be volatile,” Gattamneni stated.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

ADA ropes in Lazada MY’s Sherry Tan to become its regional head of e-commerce

Malaysia – ADA, the data- and AI-driven company in Asia that delivers integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions, has announced the executive to assume its leadership for regional head for e-commerceSherry Tan – former chief business officer at Lazada Malaysia. 

Due to the surge in the demand for brands to shift to e-commerce, ADA had only recently launched its new service for clients – an end-to-end e-commerce solution in APAC. The service is aimed at clients seeking comprehensive solutions to drive traffic, manage customer experience, optimize conversions throughout the funnel, and create engaging content on digital marketplaces as well as owned e-commerce sites.

For her responsibilities, Tan will be leading a team of leaders who will support the growing demand of e-commerce in APAC. She reports to Anurag Gupta, the chief operating officer of ADA.

ADA said that Tan’s appointment is set to strengthen its senior leadership bench and completes ADA’s strategy of unleashing end-to-end e-commerce in the region. In addition to the launch of the new e-commerce solution, ADA has also announced in June this year its merger with regional e-commerce enabler Awake Asia.

Tan brings with her deep strategic expertise and operational capabilities across the entire e-commerce value chain and for the new role, she will be working closely with the current e-commerce enablement team that comprises over 150 members, to synergize with ADA’s data, MarTech, performance marketing, and creative teams.

ADA also shared that Tan and her team will be leading the company’s strategy, growth, and client management, and will be responsible for delivering integrated commerce services to ADA’s current and potential clients.

Gupta commented, “ADA is here to help simplify the e-commerce journey and drive business outcomes. I am proud to have Sherry join the ADA All Blues and lead the effort in making ADA the most sought-after e-commerce strategy company with her vast experience from Lazada and Tesco. Her team will set the course for all e-commerce strategies and will be supported by our 150 people strong e-commerce enablement team.”

As the previous chief business officer at Lazada Malaysia, Tan was responsible for the growth of LazMall as well as managing multiple categories, namely FMCG and Mobile. She was also the head of Tesco Malaysia private labels and was the pioneer in launching Tesco Groceries, which adds to her extensive experience in online and offline retail. 

Tan herself commented that at this period, one cannot deny that the digital space is growing exponentially and that e-commerce retailing is here to stay. 

“I am thrilled to join ADA and I hope that my experience will support our clients in building successful eCommerce outcomes by leveraging our deep data-driven tools and solutions for growth. My vision is to develop our team to become market leaders in eCommerce and to be known as the go-to experts in the digital space across the region,” said Tan.

Last April, ADA entered MARKETECH APAC’s Top 5 Stories. In an exclusive conversation with Gupta, he shared how ADA ultimately landed on the strategic move of launching an end-to-end e-commerce solution in Asia. 

“There are companies who are driving traffic to the e-commerce platforms or marketplace, then there are companies helping brands optimize the customer journey, then there are companies helping them do fulfillment, but nobody’s linking everything together,” Gupta previously said in the MARKETECH APAC Reports interview. 

Technology Featured APAC

E-commerce enabler Awake Asia merges with ADA for market expansion

Singapore – Awake Asia, a regional e-commerce enabler, has announced that it will be now merging with data and AI company ADA, which will help both of the companies empower their services across 10 markets in Asia Pacific, particularly in the e-commerce sector.

Awake Asia’s integration under the ADA brand is effective 1 June this year, where they will serve the markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, South Korea, and Vietnam.

The merger entails the combination of Awake Asia’s deep e-commerce expertise with ADA’s media, creative, and analytics solutions to drive online sales for brands. This is best applied through digital marketing deeply linked to e-commerce revenue generation; consumer data and analytics leveraged to uplift e-commerce sales; and reaching vast audiences in super-apps and marketplaces.

For Srinivas Gattamneni, chief executive officer of ADA, the merger brings together an integrated approach for brands to reach and convert digital consumers, which is best supported by the fact that more brands are forced to adapt to capture the ‘great migration’ of consumers from offline to online, and business owners still in the dark on how to navigate the challenges to maximize return on investment.

“At ADA, our belief is that e-commerce should not be a siloed execution but needs to be deeply integrated into the brand’s analytics, media, creative, and marketing technology investments – only then can we achieve superior performance,” he said.

Leading the new division is Simon Paterson who joins ADA as chief of e-commerce enablement and the former CEO of Awake Asia. 

Commenting on his new appointment, he said “Over the past 5 years, Awake Asia has built a formidable e-commerce enablement business in Southeast Asia. We are excited to embark on this new phase of growth with integrated analytics, media, and creative to boost e-commerce operations for all brands in the region.”

The merger opens a new market for ADA in Vietnam with over 150 e-commerce specialists currently serving more than 120 brands, driving e-commerce growth for clients such as P&G, Unilever, BMW, and Wyeth; and e-commerce partners including Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada among others.

ADA has recently been expanding its data and AI-oriented services across Asia Pacific, such as launching its martech service, an end-to-end e-commerce service, and its partnership with Insider for data-led enterprise marketing endeavors, as well its recent US$60m funding from Softbank.