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Yahoo announces key appointments to bolster adtech business in APAC

Singapore – Yahoo has announced key appointments in its APAC team to bolster its adtech business in the region. They include Matt Farringtona as APAC head of partnerships and investment, Sandra Lin as APAC head of DSP strategy, Kenneth Koh as head of DSP for SEA, Terence Lim as business lead for SEA, and Natalie Phang as data and insights strategist for SEA.

Farrington will drive Yahoo’s investment strategy in the region and oversee commercial trading relationships with agencies and clients. He will lead the development and delivery of Yahoo’s trading deal models in APAC, generating value for agencies and clients across Yahoo’s best-in-class unified ad tech stack and omnichannel platforms.

Meanwhile, Lin will oversee the strategy for Yahoo’s ad platforms and unified ad tech stack, focusing on growing product adoption across the region. She will lead regional multi-discipline initiatives across product, positioning, and partnerships.

Koh will lead the demand-side Platform (DSP) team for SEA. His remit will include managing Yahoo’s growing platform specialist team that helps partners in Singapore and SEA realise their full potential through Yahoo’s buying solutions powered by its omnichannel, unified ad tech stack.

On the other hand, Lim will work closely with partners and agencies to help brands future-proof their marketing strategies and achieve their business goals through Yahoo’s unified ad tech stack.

Lastly, Phang will leverage her data strategy experience built across APAC and the EU, to help Yahoo’s agency and brand clients in SEA maximise their marketing investment for the cookieless world.

Paul Sigaloff, vice president and head of APAC at Yahoo, commented, “We are pleased to welcome these new talents to the Yahoo APAC team as we enter a phase of accelerated growth for Yahoo’s ad tech business in the region. Their collective expertise and experience will be invaluable to help create value for our clients and partners in APAC.” 

He added, “With a high-performance team and our market-leading ad tech capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to help brands solve their business objectives and take advantage of new opportunities in APAC’s dynamic digital landscape.”

The slew of appointments follows a series of appointments done this year, including Sebastian Graham as director of native, as well as John McNerneypromoted to senior director of platforms for APAC and Dan Richardson promoted to head of data for APAC.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Citibank, Yahoo team up to enhance public literacy on personal finance

Singapore – Global financial services company Citibank and Yahoo have announced a partnership to create a dedicated personal finance hub geared towards diverse audiences, providing fresh perspectives on money and equipping them for their financial journey across different life stages.

Hosted on Yahoo Finance in Singapore, the hub–called ‘Life and Money; will see Citibank share expert insights and tips on personal finance with readers.

‘Life and Money’ will feature a specially curated selection of original content contributed by and jointly with Citibank, as well as relevant aggregated content from Yahoo Finance. With insightful explainers accessible in various multimedia formats such as articles, videos, and podcasts, the hub will cover a wide range of topics around personal finance and lifestyle. 

Some of the content topics will include saving, investing, advancing careers, achieving work-life balance, sustainable living, parenting, and other personal finance and lifestyle interests.

In addition, the content will address misconceptions, inspire new lifestyle habits, and provide actionable recommendations for readers of different life stages. Among them are first jobbers seeking financial independence, starter families purchasing their dream homes, mid-career professionals progressing through milestones, and seasoned achievers planning their ideal retirement.

Carol Tay, senior director sales for Southeast Asia at Yahoo, said, “As a leading source for finance news, Yahoo is focused on providing news and information that will help give our readers the confidence to make smart financial decisions. We are thrilled to partner with Citibank and build empowering content on personal finance, and help drive meaningful connections with audiences seeking rich insights that will help them achieve financial empowerment and lead their desired lifestyles.”

Meanwhile, Mylene Ong, head of digital sales and marketing at Citibank Singapore, commented, “Our partnership will give readers the opportunity to access Citibank’s latest personal finance insights and tips, as well as better serve our clients with an additional source of trusted finance-related content. We hope to provide a fresh and reliable financial perspective to those navigating life’s milestones, leveraging Yahoo’s strong editorial expertise and sizeable organic database.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Yahoo, StarHub partner to launch new Premier League topic hub

Singapore – Technology company Yahoo and StarHub, Singapore’s official broadcaster of the Premier League, have teamed up to launch a dedicated Premier League topic hub on Yahoo Singapore. This will serve as a one-stop destination for avid Premier League fans, comprising all the latest news, results, analyses, and player transfers during the 2022/23 season.

As part of the campaign, which will run till 31 December 2022, readers will be able to access all Premier League-related content within the topic hub – featuring a mix of Yahoo’s editorial and aggregated content and StarHub’s branded content that includes pre-match predictions, post-match reviews, and team and player analyses. 

Moreover, connecting users to their passions and as part of efforts to continually reinvigorate content, the topic hub will see the launch of an all-new ‘Footballing Weekly’ talk show that discusses the latest news and issues surrounding the exhilarating football action, co-hosted by Yahoo Editor, Chia Han Keong, and author and Yahoo columnist, Neil Humphreys.

The campaign will also serve as the twelfth man to StarHub’s exclusive Premier League offerings – combining the best of contextual advertising and branded content into a relevant, useful and seamless branded experience for StarHub and its target audience.

The takeover will see the StarHub Premier League banner replacing the regular Yahoo banner with a prominent feature on the hub, alongside other StarHub ads that take readers to StarHub’s online store to explore the Premier League offerings and packages.

Carol Tay, Yahoo’s senior director of sales for Southeast Asia, shared that at Yahoo, they constantly explore new and interesting ways to help brands and advertisers connect audiences to their passions, and this campaign is a great example of employing creative and simple solutions, backed by their unified ad tech stack and ad solutions, to meet audacious ambitions and unlock the full value of marketing at scale.

“As a key destination for news, finance, sports, and lifestyle content, we look forward to giving consumers more of what they want and helping brands drive meaningful connections,” said Tay.

Meanwhile, Maneesh Varma, VP of marketing at StarHub, commented that they are eager for as many football fans to enjoy this enriched viewing experience, at a fraction of the price the Premier League was offered in prior seasons. 

“To that end, we struck up a partnership with Yahoo, tapping on their strong editorial lineup of Premier League-related content alongside branded content pieces that will reach our ideal target audience through their engaged sports readership,” said Varma.

The campaign will also be promoted through Yahoo Native ads and across Yahoo’s owned social media channels.

Marketing Featured APAC

Sebastian Graham promoted to director of native for Yahoo APAC

Singapore – Tech company Yahoo has announced the promotion of Sebastian Graham, current head of native, to the role of director of native in Asia-Pacific, where he will oversee the strategy for native advertising through Yahoo’s unified ad tech stack in APAC.

Graham’s remit will include strengthening Yahoo native ad product capabilities to suit APAC’s marketing landscape, while building on strategic and technical global partnerships to create value through Yahoo native ads for advertisers and publishers. 

Graham’s elevation comes amidst Yahoo Native’s robust demand and growth, and rising relevance as a central channel in omnichannel campaigns, with its integration into the Yahoo DSP. Yahoo Native now has the creative, data and platform capabilities to deliver full-funnel results for advertisers, even as it helps premium publishers grow their revenue.

In his previous role, Graham drove Yahoo’s native commercial and partnership strategies for Australia and New Zealand.

Paul Sigaloff, vice president and head of APAC at Yahoo, said, “As native advertising gets an upgrade for an omnichannel world, it unlocks valuable possibilities for advertisers and publishers. In his expanded role, Graham brings the right experience and understanding to take Yahoo Native Ads forward, channelling the strengths and capabilities of this versatile product to deliver exceptional value to Yahoo’s advertisers and publishers in APAC.”

Recent changes to Yahoo’s leadership team in APAC include Paul Sigaloff leading Yahoo’s ad tech business in the region, and expanded remits for Dan Richardson and John McNerney.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Yahoo unveils mobile-web-first solution, Yahoo Stories Ad

Singapore – Yahoo has announced its latest offering in Southeast Asia, Yahoo Stories Ad, an innovative solution that enables a dynamic and interactive storytelling experience. A mobile-web-first solution, Yahoo Stories Ad brings one of social media’s most popular formats to premium environments on the open web, offering advertisers the ability to deliver a more seamless storytelling experience on a larger scale and with greater reach. 

Yahoo said, stories are one of the fastest-growing formats to engage audiences, with over one billion users daily exposed to the format across social media platforms. Among the reasons for the meteoric rise in the appeal of stories is its ability to offer snackable content that favours audiences’ attention investment. Another factor is the nature of stories which empowers consumers with the option to select the content they would like to see. 

Bringing together the popularity of social stories, the seamless browsing experience of native ads, and the power of programmatic advertising, Yahoo Stories Ad delivers rich, full-screen brand narratives in premium, trusted environments. Utilising a range of creative tools, brands and advertisers can now leverage synergistic capabilities to include a combination of static visuals and videos in different panels, and allow users to interact and rewatch content with left and right navigation clicks.

Carol Tay, senior director sales Southeast Asia at Yahoo, shared, “Yahoo Stories Ad is a self-contained brand experience formatted for action. With the ability to customise functionality and provide an elegant and highly visual framework within premium environments, Yahoo’s latest native format will enable brands to not only focus on ad performance but also build brand image and awareness through experiences that consumers know, want and love.”

In addition, primed to take advantage of smartphone features that appeal to consumers, the solution enables advertisers greater flexibility to tailor audience journeys towards consideration and response. Advertisers can directly integrate CTA buttons into Yahoo Stories Ad that bring users to brand and ecommerce websites, booking engines, maps, coupons, discount codes, or shopping carts for consumer action.

Yahoo Stories Ad is now available in markets across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and is delivered via native mobile ads.

Marketing Featured Global

Hivestack, Yahoo announce strategic tie-up for global DOOH efforts

New York, USA — Yahoo and Hivestack, the independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company, has announced a global strategic partnership to connect their industry-leading technologies, and enable premium, programmatic DOOH cross-channel media campaigns on a worldwide scale.

Via the partnership, Yahoo’s omnichannel demand side platform (DSP), will be integrated into the Hivestack supply side platform (SSP), which will allow Yahoo and its clients to access Hivestack’s premium global DOOH inventory through real-time bidding (RTB) transactions via open exchange and private marketplace (PMP) deals.

Bruno Guerrero, COO at Hivestack, said, “The evolving programmatic DOOH landscape has created numerous opportunities for brands, agencies and media owners to leverage the channel to drive meaningful and measurable connections with audiences across the globe.”

Guerrero adds, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to integrate with the Yahoo DSP to facilitate seamless, efficient experiences for omnichannel marketers to transact across DOOH programmatically, providing access to premium global DOOH inventory and data.”

Interested advertisers and agencies can immediately access Hivestack’s global DOOH inventory through the Yahoo demand side platform.

Iván Markman, chief business officer at Yahoo, commented, “Early in the space, Yahoo has helped advertisers maximise DOOH screens throughout the consumer journey and foster meaningful and memorable connections. This partnership amplifies that ability and provides Yahoo DSP advertisers with the diverse, global and premium OOH inventory Hivestack affords.”

Meanwhile, Barry Frey, president and CEO of DPAA, shared that the out-of-home sector has seen a resurgence in the last year, fueled by innovative creative execution, digital facilitation and a return to ‘normal’. Frey says that they are thrilled to see major players and DPAA Board Members like Yahoo and Hivestack connect to facilitate these interactions between consumers and brands.

Platforms Featured ANZ

Yahoo to run Web3 explainer series with art curator Future Art

Sydney, Australia – Tech company Yahoo has announced the launch of an integrated campaign with their art curator project Future Art to release an explainer series about the concept and implications of Web3 technology.

As part of the integrated campaign, Yahoo has collaborated with crypto artists – Em!, Serwah Attafuah, and Coldie – to create and promote original NFT artworks for a series called ‘Future Shock’. In addition, Yahoo Creative Studios has built custom WebAR extensions of these NFTs through their immersive platform. By simply scanning a QR code, users can interact and explore the works in augmented reality wherever they are. 

Yahoo’s Head of Innovation & Yahoo Creative Studios, Zoe Cocker, explains how this campaign peeks into the future of digital advertising.

“Future Shock celebrates the changing face of the internet which is fundamentally what our industry is based upon. Yahoo has long been at the forefront of innovation and we’re committed to helping our partners navigate this new space,” Cocker said.

She added, “This project explores the intersection of art, culture and commerce that we’re seeing emerge in Web3. The creator economy is on the rise and raising huge opportunities for artists, many industries are facing disruption, and new communities are emerging as the internet evolves. There’s never been a more exciting time for advertisers to connect with consumers in an immersive way to offer real value.”

The NFT artworks will be on show at the ‘Future Art is Vivid’ event at Home The Venue on 27 May. Organised by Future Art as part of Vivid’s opening night, the event will showcase original artworks from 24 of the world’s leading crypto-artists. Guests will be able to interact with the works and the stories behind them, plus experience immersive shows, live music, theatrical performances, AR/VR lounges, and cocktail bars. 

Future Art is the brainchild of Sydney-based crypto art curators Sats Moon and Potbelleez Producer and DJ Dave Goode, two pioneers of the Australian digital art scene.

Moon commented, “Future Art is Vivid has been curated as a multi-sensory journey to remodel your experience of contemporary art. We’re so excited to be bringing the very best international crypto-artists onto the Australian stage. Digital art has boomed into a multi-billion-dollar global market. There’s no doubt this is the way of the future.”

Technology Featured APAC

Yahoo elevates John McNerney, Dan Richardson to new APAC leadership roles

Singapore – Tech company Yahoo has announced promotions for its Asia-Pacific leadership team, namely John McNerney promoted to senior director of platforms for APAC and Dan Richardson promoted to head of data for APAC.

Through the new roles, Yahoo will build on the growth and demand for its ad tech solutions in the region under McNerney’s leadership, while Richardson’s larger mandate will strengthen Yahoo’s market-leading data proposition in the region, especially relevant as advertisers look to connect the dots in a cookie-less world.

In addition, McNerney’s remit will oversee the commercial and technology strategy underpinning Yahoo’s ad platforms and unified ad tech stack, and grow Yahoo’s omnichannel capabilities across flourishing channels like CTV and DOOH across the region.

Meanwhile, Richardson’s responsibilities will include developing omnichannel partnerships, audience insights, segmentation, testing and implementation strategies for APAC.

Paul Sigaloff, vice president and head of APAC at Yahoo, said, “These leadership changes will position us to capitalise on rising opportunities as we drive the next chapter of growth in APAC. Richardson and McNerney have a proven track-record in their respective domains. Their leadership, expertise and experience will be invaluable for our evolution, as we double down on driving value for partners and customers in the region.”

Platforms Featured ANZ

Yahoo partners with data intel Near to boost Yahoo DSP

Singapore – Yahoo, the premier global media and technology company, has announced an APAC-wide partnership with Near, a privacy-led data intelligence on people, places and products, which will be bringing together the strengths of Near’s unique location intelligence data combined with Yahoo’s omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP) and a suite of identity solutions for cookieless advertising.

This partnership builds on Yahoo and Near’s year-long alliance in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), which yielded positive results for Yahoo’s clients in the region. Near’s privacy-by-design data set of people’s real-world behaviour and AI solutions will be integrated into Yahoo’s DSP, complementing Yahoo’s suite of identity solutions, Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions.

In an increasingly omnichannel world, where consumers routinely move between online channels and offline environments, marketers continue to deal with the fragmentation of their customer view across channels, between online engagement and real-world store visits. Yahoo’s APAC partnership with Near  aims to deliver a unified perspective to advertisers, bridging the gap in online and offline targeting, attribution, and measurement. 

Within the same campaign, brands can now track all digital marketing delivered through Yahoo’s ad platforms, regardless of the channel or creatives, against online engagement or store traffic. As they connect the connections in omnichannel audience activation and campaigns, this benefit will be crucial for advertisers to find incremental audiences and design the correct channel mix.

Dan Richardson, head of data ANZ at Yahoo, shared, “Our partnership with Near has been pivotal in driving the success of the Yahoo DSP in ANZ, particularly for emerging channels such as Digital Out of Home and immersive experiences with Augmented Reality, enabling effective targeting, measurement and attribution of consumers across all channels.”

Richardson added, “The benefits of Yahoo’s omnichannel DSP and our direct consumer relationship with nearly 900 million people globally, combined with Near’s rich insights and actionable intelligence, can now empower advertisers across the wider APAC region to steer the success of omnichannel campaigns.”

Shobhit Shukla, co-founder at Near, commented, “We are excited to expand our partnership with Yahoo to help advertisers across APAC harness the power of privacy-led data intelligence to optimise their omnichannel campaigns. Early successes have shown that the combination of Near’s real-world signals, Yahoo’s first-party data and omnichannel DSP give advertisers the leverage and actionable insights they need to make better decisions to drive impactful omnichannel campaigns,” 

In APAC, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and India, the location-based targeting and measurement solutions, as well as Near’s data collection, are now available for activation in the Yahoo DSP.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Yahoo unveils new Video Lite feature

Singapore — Global media and tech company Yahoo has unveiled its latest ad solution, Video Lite, in Asia-Pacific (APAC) that will elevate the video assets of brands for a stronger storytelling experience. Among those who had already utilised the new feature are transport company Grab, and delivery platform foodpanda.

Video Lite is available for private marketplace (PMP) campaigns via Yahoo Exchange, which allows advertisers to raise existing video creatives for digital media placements through the addition of end cards or branded frames, (Call To Action) CTA buttons and messages.

Yahoo cites the inspiration for the new feature as the massive digitisation wave continues across Southeast Asia, which recorded 60 million new internet users in 2021 alone. Notably, in SEA, e-commerce has experienced an unstoppable growth, valued at approximately US$120b in 2021 and forecasted to increase significantly by 2025 to be worth US$234b.

Although Yahoo recognises the strengths of videos as a medium and channel for brands to captivate audiences, the company says it is not known for causing actionable responses compared to other ad formats. But with Video Lite, brands will unlock stronger storytelling by helping brands bridge video’s convenience gap for consumers and close the loop, taking them from experience to action through a clearer path to purchase while also emphasising brand visuals and messaging.

The new video component has two new features: Branded Frames, and End Cards. Brand frames, fit for videos up to 30 seconds, give access to complementary graphics, text ad copies and CTA buttons to be added seamlessly alongside a minimised video to reinforce key brand visuals and messaging and provide a direct path to purchase. Meanwhile End Cards, suitable for shorter videos up to 15 seconds, create a one-click checkout point, when attention is at its peak, by maximising graphics and text ad copies with CTA buttons, emphasising key brand visuals and messaging with a direct path to purchase, at the end of existing video assets.

Shrivardhan Sarda, head of buyer development of Yahoo APAC, commented, “For many APAC advertisers, especially e-commerce brands, conversions remain the primary focus in their advertising campaigns. Our new Video Lite feature seeks to enhance brand storytelling through videos – optimising creatives for digital media placements by giving greater emphasis to important messages and forging a clearer path for consumers to complete their conversion journey with clear, actionable CTAs.”

Hadi Surya Koe, head of marketing Grabfood – Grab Indonesia, said,“We’re delighted to become one of the first users of Video Lite in the region. Makanthon is our marquee campaign of the year and we’re glad we got to explore new ways of reaching new audiences. We look forward to utilising more innovative ways to connect with our customers through collaboration with platforms and solutions, like Yahoo.”

Grab Indonesia utilised Video Lite by adding a branded frame to their existing video asset for their GrabFood and GrabMart prominent campaign, Makanthon 2021. The branded frame emphasised time urgency and highlighted the chance for customers to win prizes, namely gold, smartphones, and a luxury car, with a clear CTA button for users to make a purchase or order immediately. The campaign ran between Nov 16 and Dec 26 December on Yahoo’s owned and operated properties in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, foodpanda in Singapore also utilised Video Lite, with a branded frame over their “We’ve got you Santa!” video to drive awareness for its holiday Christmas campaign. The branded frame sought to up the ante on the Christmas spirit and emphasise foodpanda’s “we’ve got you” commitment to its customers to help with their gifting, feasting and festive needs that is conveniently just a tap away with the “Order Now” CTA button. The campaign ran from Dec 6 to 26 on Yahoo’s owned and operated properties in Singapore, alongside other premium lifestyle publishers in the country. 

Laura Kantor, marketing and sustainability director for foodpanda Singapore, shared, “Time is increasingly becoming a scarce resource for all of us. Being in the business of convenience, we know how much our customers appreciate having things delivered to them in a timely manner – and this goes for the content that they consume as well. With Video Lite, we can now enhance the way we engage with our customers by providing them with bite-sized videos that are visually engaging and easily digestible, therefore ensuring maximum recall.”

On the success of the two partnerships, Sarda said that better ads are better for everyone. According to him, as a consumer, better ads improve the browsing experience and clearer CTAs deliver convenience, shortening the path to purchase for immediate action.

“For brands, this will mean meaningful engagements at every touchpoint that will help realise their campaign goals and deliver maximum ROI. We’re excited to have piloted Video Lite with Grab and foodpanda in SEA, and we look forward to empowering more brands and helping them forge a path to engage with their target audiences at scale,” Sarda said.

The Video Lite feature can now be availed by agencies and advertisers across APAC, and enhanced video ads can be executed on their preferred DSP with PMP deals using Yahoo Exchange.