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Local fitness company Fit Hub to add 50 locations in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia – Local health and wellness company based in Indonesia, Fit Hub, has announced that it is expanding its offline fitness centres to 50 branches across 15 cities by the end of 2022. The company will be opening branches in Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Bali, and Sidoarjo, as well as Yogyakarta, Solo, Gresik, and other tier-2 and tier-3 cities. 

The company said the expansion is in response to the increasing demands and needs for fitness and wellness centres that are near the neighbourhood and with excellent hygiene at reasonable rates. According to Fit Hub, the said business plan is made possible from its newly acquired USD 3 million seed funding led by Global Founders Capital (GFC), a Berlin-based venture capital firm. 

“We hope that the opening of new branches will solve the issue on lack of reachable and affordable gyms in the heart of Indonesian neighbourhood,” said Timothy Situmeang, Fit Hub’s senior growth manager.

According to Situmeang, to date, said business model has successfully captured a broader market with 40% of Fit Hub’s members being first-time gym go-ers, followed-up with huge interest in personal trainer services.

In addition, Fit Hub has announced further plans to provide accessible fitness facilities to the public by introducing mini fitness studios namely ClassHub, to be launched in Q3 2022. ClassHub will be offering specific fitness classes for a more segmented market.

Aside from the physical expansion, the company is also eyeing major enhancements to its online engagement. Fit Hub will be revamping its app to become a fitness super app, an online platform with focuses on community, personalized goals, online workouts, and e-commerce. 

“The super app is expected to gather like-minded fitness communities in Indonesia, eventually establishing a hyper-local community in each gym,” said Situmeang.

Engaging online fitness content will also be available on the app, consisting of free and premium content ranging from live and pre-recorded workouts. Accordingly, since most of Fit Hub’s members are new to the fitness world, the company said the app will have learning tools to help them use weights and exercise properly.

Furthermore, for convenience reasons, the super app will also function as a marketplace where workout enthusiasts can purchase bundling packages for online and offline fitness classes, as well as Fit Hub’s in-house products, selling apparel, healthy food, home fitness equipment, and other fitness-related goods.