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Hyundai Tucson says ‘future wants its car back’ in latest campaign

Australia – The global automotive manufacturer, Hyundai, has just unveiled its newest campaign for its all-new car model, ‘Hyundai Tucson’, in order to bring Australians closer to “tomorrow’s car.”

The campaign, which is created in partnership with creative agency Innocean Australia, marks a step-change for Hyundai, helping customers reappraise the brand one that is now more visually ‘desirable’ and innovative.

Titled, ‘Tomorrow wants its car back’, the new ad captures the ‘Hyundai Tucson’ as a preview of the brand’s bold design and innovation-led future. It features the car’s futuristic look with the appearance of robots coming from the future to steal back what is rightfully theirs from 2021.

In the pre-launch ad, viewers get a glimpse of an unexplained object in a Tucson driver’s blind spot monitor, with the initial ad introducing robots that are on-watch. Soon after in the final launch ad, we see a conclusion where the robots creep from the bushes towards a Hyundai Tucson, driving the owners to drive the car back to the future. 

Hyundai Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Goult commented, “This is a truly flexible, fully integrated campaign designed to work with the requirements of our business this year and represents a step-change for Hyundai. This is only the start.”

Meanwhile, Wes Hawes, Innocean Australia’s executive creative director, shared that by working closely with their partners at Hyundai, they were able to react to the problems facing the automotive industry and successfully launch a new brand platform using one of their most innovative, futuristic models – the all-new Tucson.

“The phasing and reactive design of the campaign actually made it all the more impactful, with bots discreetly hidden in multiple channels, before being unleashed to stalk and infiltrate our own advertising and steal the Tucson back. It’s essentially a COVID era campaign – except you’d never know that,” said Hawes.

Ian Hartley, the client partner at Innocean, also said that it is a very interesting time to be involved with the automotive industry and particularly Hyundai who blow them away every day with their innovation and new product – so robots from the future couldn’t be more appropriate. 

“I’m loving the opportunity to help steer this brand into what will be a really bright future in Australia,” said Hartley.

The campaign is now available on social, radio, and digital, as well as out-of-home, and CRM.