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Australia’s ALDI spotlights ‘spirit of generosity’ in sophomore  instalment of Christmas campaign

Sydney, Australia – Christmas is no doubt coming to town, and Australia-based supermarket chain ALDI has released the new instalment of its Christmas campaign, newly called ‘Overcooked Generosity’.  

The said ad is the sophomore rendition of the ‘You Can’t Overcook Christmas’ campaign launched by ALDI Australia last year. The campaign, conceptualised together with creative agency BMF, aims to encourage Aussies to ‘go all-out’ this festive season and feed the ‘spirit of generosity.’

The campaign comes with a 30-second understated comic that sees two women trying ‘too hard’ to not be the one to grab the very last piece of prawn off the table out of ‘generosity’. Just to avoid the prawn finally landing on one’s plate, the women fight it off with silly aggressive stunts such as plates being shoved with one of the women even throwing herself out the door, only to roll down the veranda to avoid the prawn. 

In a real jovial punch, we find that there are indeed more prawns cooked and prepared for everyone. The ad finally ends with the line, ‘more prawns, more everything, because you can’t overcook Christmas’. 

ALDI Australia’s Marketing Director, Mark Richardson, said, “At a time when Aussies will be auditing their festive plans to balance the Christmas they want, with the Christmas they can afford, ALDI plays a unique role in helping people Overcook their Christmas, without overcooking their budget.”

Richardson continued “Aussies can have the Christmas they want while saving the money they need and not compromising on quality. Because at ALDI Christmas is about more than just savings, it’s about getting more for your money.”

Meanwhile, David Fraser, creative director at BMF attributed the concept of the new ad to the proverbial family animosities that are always bound to happen when families get together during the holidays, even saying that Christmas isn’t complete without a few well-meaning relatives engaging in a polite fight.

“Overcooking such a simple truth felt like it would strike a chord with Aussies. And hopefully, ALDI can help families have one less argument this year,” Fraser said.

Aside from BMF, ALDI collaborated with key agency partners Zenith Media, and Ogilvy PR to bring the campaign to market across key media channels, including TV, outdoor, radio, digital, social, PR, catalogue, owned website, EDM, media partnerships, and POS.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Grab acquires majority stake in MY grocery chain Jaya Grocer

Singapore — Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super-app, announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Jaya Grocer, a leading mass-premium supermarket chain in Malaysia. The two companies plan on bringing the convenience of on-demand grocery delivery to more customers in Malaysia.

With the partnership, Jaya Grocer will now be part of Grab’s ecosystem, allowing the grocery chain to accept GrabPay and GrabRewards across all its physical retail stores, expanding usage of Grab’s popular cashless wallet.

Grab disclosed that the acquisition is timely as there is an accelerated growth in on-demand delivery services due to the pandemic causing consumers to opt for online grocery shopping. With a forecast that online grocery in Southeast Asia could grow to US$50B in gross merchandise value, equal to the size of the entire e-commerce market today, the technology company sees the acquisition as an advance step to get ahead and secure a foothold in the industry post-pandemic.

Online grocery demand remained elevated even as restrictions eased. GrabMart, Grab’s on-demand grocery and speciality retail marketplace, recorded three straight quarters of growth in the first three quarters of 2021. Jaya Grocer, a trusted and well-loved consumer brand in Malaysia, also saw continued strong growth, with revenues growing at double-digit rates year-on-year from 2018 to 2020, and is EBITDA accretive to Grab’s business. 

Anthony Tan, Group CEO and co-founder at Grab, said that it is the company’s vision to make on-demand groceries more accessible for everyone.

“Jaya Grocer is known for its wide selection of good-quality fresh produce and grocery products. By combining our extensive on-demand delivery fleet and capabilities, with Jaya Grocer’s strong retail presence and supplier network, we can have these quality products delivered to more homes even faster. We believe this partnership will further accelerate the growth of our groceries delivery business, and we are excited by the immense opportunity ahead of us,” Tan said.

Meanwhile, Teng Yew Huat, founder of Jaya Grocer, shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, “I have built Jaya Grocer from the ground up – from our first store in Klang Valley to over 40 stores today. Grab’s strong track record and ability to execute in a hyperlocal way gives me confidence that I have found the right partner to take Jaya Grocer to new heights. This acquisition provides us with an amazing opportunity to not only grow as a company, but also grow the market for online grocery services in Malaysia.” 

Grab continues to double down on on-demand grocery delivery. The company is scaling its GrabMart marketplace by partnering with retailers to provide consumers with greater product variety and convenience. The acquisition enables Grab to bring more Jaya Grocer retail stores onto its marketplace, while also leveraging Jaya Grocer’s large supplier network to further expand its GrabSupermarket product line at lower costs. This in turn contributes to improved unit economics and overall affordability of grocery delivery.

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Supermarket chain ALDI invites Aussies to prep Christmas with utter gusto

Sydney, Australia – With lockdowns in Australia slowly being lifted out across many cities, supermarket chain ALDI has launched its newest campaign, inviting Australians to make their Christmas preparations more creative, exciting, and with gusto.

Part of the campaign includes a 60-second TVC depicting Australians seemingly getting bored or frustrated in preparing for Christmas-related things such as wrapping gifts, setting the table for Christmas dinner or dressing the chicken for cooking. Then, with the popular track ‘Sandstorm’ by Darude, the ad shifts these ‘mundane’ preparations into something more exciting, and ‘party-like’.

“ALDI wants Aussies to have the Christmas they deserve. A completely overcooked Christmas. From birds inside birds, to ridiculously low-priced French Champagne and award-winning hams, ALDI is proving that you simply can’t overcook Christmas this year. We know Australians deserve it, and they deserve it at the best possible prices,” the company said in a press statement.

Mark Richardson, director of marketing at ALDI Australia, said that they wanted to tap into post-lockdown excitement and show what many of us are feeling: this year is the year to go a bit bigger for Christmas.

“To do this, we’ve created an emotive and upbeat Christmas campaign that is centred on the joy of letting loose. We hope that the ‘You Can’t Overcook Christmas’ call to arms, together with ALDI’s prices and phenomenal range, will energise shoppers to create the best possible Christmas for family and friends this year,” Richardson stated.

The campaign is a collaborative effort that has seen the participation of creative agency BMF, production company FINCH, The Kitchen Creative Group, and Bantam Productions.

The integrated campaign, targeting 5 million grocery buyers, will run across key media channels of TV, radio, outdoor, digital, social, catalog, and POS.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Japan supermarket chain KINOKUNIYA to open pop-up store in Singapore

Singapore – KINOKUNIYA, a pioneer of the ‘self-service supermarket’ in Japan, has recently announced that it will be opening two pop-up stores in Singapore, one in local restaurant JAPAN RAIL CAFE and one in Japanese department store, Isetan Scotts.

The chain said it is looking for fresh ways to connect to customers, and that with restrictions to international travel still in place, it has decided to bring some of the country’s most popular food items to Singaporeans through its first-ever pop-up series. 

KINOKUNIYA’s flagship store in Aoyama, Tokyo

For a limited period, the pop-up stores will offer an exclusive range of Japanese products, such as Strawberry Butter, a spread made with Japanese strawberries and butter; Premium Truffle Soy sauce, which is a blend of white olive oil, french black truffles, and Japanese soy sauce; and Drinking Yuzu Vinegar, which is a health boost made with yuzu juice and natural spring water.

The supermarket brand’s original KINOKUNIYA eco-bags are also available in the pop-up stores. A special promo has also been thrown in, where customers who spend above $20 on products, or order the ‘KINOKUNIYA Vinegar Drink’ at JAPAN RAIL CAFE will be given a special edition mini cooler bag.

The pop-up store will be open at JAPAN RAIL CAFE from February 27, 2021 to March 18, 2021, while the store at Isetan Scotts will open on March 5, 2021 until March 18, 2021.