Singapore – Singaporean F&B tech startup Oddle has launched a new marketing campaign in collaboration with Stellar Ace as Media Partner, and OtterHalf, a fractional marketing agency.

The campaign aims to delight daily MRT commuters with exclusive dining deals, transforming their everyday journeys into culinary adventures through Oddle’s food discovery platform, Oddle Eats.

Targeting commuters at selected MRT stations, the adverts feature exclusive deals, including 1-for-1 promotions and up to 40% discounts at over 80 participating restaurants, which can be easily claimed by scanning QR codes on advertisement placements located at selected MRT stations along the North-South and Circle lines.

Inspired by Singaporeans’ love for food and deals, the campaign’s concept revolves around the convenience of accessing dining offers. Oddle and OtterHalf developed engaging, informative advertisements that highlight where to find these deals, making the advertisements relevant to daily commuters. Additionally, the campaign successfully achieved Stellar Ace’s goal of enhancing commuter’s lifestyles.

The campaign also features interactive elements to engage commuters. Digital screens showcase short videos of participating restaurants and the variety of cuisines available through Oddle Eats. All advertisements, including window and lift stickers, include QR codes leading directly to the Oddle Eats website that is accessible via the app, where commuters can browse and claim deals instantly.

Talking about the campaign, Wei Lin Tan, country manager of Oddle, said, “This campaign is incredibly exciting as it benefits both commuters and our restaurant partners. Commuters can easily access exclusive dining deals during their daily travels, while our restaurant partners gain increased visibility and customer engagement through this strategic partnership.”

Meanwhile, Cassandra Ong, founder of OtterHalf, commented, “Our initial concept played on the word ‘tap,’ highlighting that the best dining deals are just one tap away. During the review period, we decided to amplify the call-to-action to ensure that viewers clearly understand what they need to do to claim the deal.”

Singapore – Stellar Ace, the advertising arm of Stellar Lifestyle, has announced the launch of ‘WINK Hunt,’ an islandwide phygital game in Singapore that transforms daily commutes into exciting adventures, and encouraging fun for locals, both online and offline.

Commuters can embark on this fun journey as they ride the MRT, scanning QR codes strategically placed within MRT stations across Singapore, along the North-South Line, East-West Line, and Circle Line. At its core, WINK Hunt is about bringing joy, interactivity, and a touch of fun and lifestyle to the daily commute, encouraging everyone to embark on an exciting journey as they ride the MRT. 

The comprehensive list of prizes made possible through support of DCS Card Centre, SMRT Trains, Holland & Barrett, CUCKOO, Japan Airlines, Marigold, Maxi-Cash, OSIM, Trafalgar, Difflam, Etiqa Insurance, amongst others.

To boost their chances of winning top prizes, players can invite friends to ‘Join My Team,’ forming a team of up to four members. Additionally, participants can earn more game cards by exploring the Brand Wall within the game, engaging with brands, and taking advantage of offers such as signing up for a DCS Card at MRT stations or making purchases at partner merchants.

Jeslyn Tan, managing director of Stellar Ace, said, “Stellar Ace is bringing fun to commuters with WINK Hunt, crystallising our idea of blending physical and digital experiences. As the inaugural edition of an annual adventure, we want to establish meaningful connections between people and places. People spend a lot of time online and offline, and this game will engage them both ways, among friends and fellow commuters.”

She added, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our sponsors, particularly DCS, who have placed their trust in us and collaborated seamlessly to bring this game to life. It’s a testament to our commitment to continually explore innovative avenues that empower advertisers to engage consumers effectively, with ‘phygital’ experiences leading the way. Stellar Ace also commemorates the golden jubilee of DCS Card Centre through WINK Hunt, marking our joint achievements in pioneering new and innovative milestones in Singapore.”

Meanwhile, Karen Low, CEO of DCS Card Centre, commented, “We are thrilled to be the Title Sponsor of the very first WINK Hunt as we celebrate DCS Card Centre’s 50th anniversary. In 1973, we pioneered cashless payments in Singapore by issuing its first credit and charge cards. Today, we celebrate the same legacy of pioneering the next payment frontiers with a renewed commitment towards delivering integrated payment experiences through innovation and digitalization.”

She added, “The WINK Hunt is a fun and interactive campaign that engages a large population of commuters, providing an excellent platform for us to celebrate our ambitions and reward our customers for their ongoing support.”

Singapore – Singaporean media company Stellar Ace has unveiled the ‘Green Package’, a first-of-its-kind initiative to support all companies that need to promote their environment friendly efforts. 

Being a part of Stellar Ace’s ‘Green Journey’ workflow, the new offering will be focusing on sustainability,  considering the entire life cycle of each client’s advertising campaign, from the supplies and processes used, to end-of-life recycling.

In this light, Green Package will be committed to the use of eco-friendly FSC certified paper and environmentally friendly inks for printed materials. Large format displays will also be using PET backlit materials and the most recyclable plastic available, ensuring high vividness and contrast for client advertisements while remaining environmentally friendly.

Stellar Ace’s Green Package offers two features with the first one being that every asset purchased by a client to promote their ESG initiatives will be matched by Stellar Ace, effectively doubling the client’s ESG efforts at no additional cost.

The second feature is that clients can choose from three network solution bundles namely Planet Save, Happy Forest and Eco-view which combine OOH, DOOH and Online assets, and are available at half the cost for ESG driven content. Each package will save an estimated 0.022 tons of CO2e in carbon footprint and 199.73 tons of CO2e in light savings per unit. Additionally, the production cost of the free assets will be absorbed by Stellar Ace.

Speaking on this, Jeslyn Tan, managing director of Stellar Ace, said, “We have a responsibility to our planet, and the time to act is now. The Green Package represents our commitment to sustainability and offers our clients a tangible way to enhance their own green initiatives.”

Singapore – To continuously enhance creative tech advertising for businesses, Stellar Ace, the media and digital arm of Stellar Lifestyle, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with REVEZ Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary REVEZ Motion for the advancement of next-gen digital interactive media in Singapore.

The opportunities include the adoption of REVEZ’s Metaverse, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, and a suite of cutting-edge technologies with 5G-ready capabilities as part of Stellar Ace’s expansion into an omnichannel advertising ecosystem. Both parties will also brainstorm ways to create Intellectual Property relating to digital creative initiatives. as well as conduct business feasibility, research, and development in the media industry to create new go-to-market experiential engagements.

PLONK, REVEZ’s MarTech platform, will be the first product in this collaboration to be launched. One of the region’s first web AR Content Management platforms makes AR campaign executions easy, cost-efficient, and consumers can view it easily with no app required. An immediate application would be the enhancement of social messaging communications such as Singtel location-based SMS. Traditional text will now come with an added AR experience for brand awareness and product showcasing through gamification to deliver consumer engagements.

“We look forward to enhancing our omnichannel solutions with REVEZ to include Extended Reality Technology and Metaverse. As we work on R&D for creative digital solutions, we aim to break new ground in the areas of digital innovation, engagements, and holistic insights in campaigns across our HOME, TRAVEL, EAT, SHOP & PLAY daily touchpoints platforms,” said Jeslyn Tan, managing director of Stellar Ace.

Meanwhile, Victor Neo, deputy board chairman and group CEO of REVEZ Corporation, commented, “REVEZ Motion is pleased to work towards more innovative and creative solutions. This will herald a new generation of advertising and digital creativity in campaigns. With Stellar Ace’s advertising ecosystem, we can extend more options to offer new edge creative experiences to customers.”

Singapore – Stellar Ace, the media and digital arm of Stellar Lifestyle, has unveiled its digital avatar influencers called WINKmets, which will promote creative content generation with the latest trends and happenings in Singapore.

The digital influencers are launched to mark Singapore’s 57th National Day.

The WINKmets includes Cashie Greeny, Shopper Pinky, Chef Reddy, and Gamer Bluey; these curious and adventurous explorers will feature across the island in Stellar Ace’s Home, Travel, Eat, Shop, Play (HTESP) consumer daily touchpoint ecosystem.

According to Stellar Ace, working with the WINKmets as influencers, partners and advertisers can create customisable and engaging content for Stellar Ace’s social media platforms, and their extensive digital out-of-home network, consisting of 6000 screens. 

“That’s targeted engagement to 35 million eyeballs every week. On top of this, there is direct engagement with the WINK+ App’s 220,000-user base. This is a cost-effective and streamlined way for brand exposure,” the company stated.

Meanwhile, Jeslyn Tan, managing director at Stellar Ace, commented, “This is an opportunity to change how we engage the public, in a way that’s more personable, conversational, and out of the box. Each of these WINKmets represent our audience. They are as amusing as they are relatable. This is us creatively repositioning ourselves to deliver a connected online and offline engagement experience for brand messaging and product content sharing.”

The WINKmets will share their personality and stories with artificial intelligence voices modelled after SMRT staffs that had been identified through an internal voice search campaign in June 2022. 

Singapore – TransitLink, a service provider in Singapore’s public transport sector, and Stellar Lifestyle’s media and digital arm, Stellar Ace, have joined forces for a two-year marketing partnership, aimed at promoting TransitLink’s TL SimplyGo app and Stellar Ace’s WINK+ app.

TL SimplyGo mobile app allows commuters to make contactless fare payments on buses and trains with their bank cards, while WINK+ app is an engagement platform that rewards users with points for active engagements within the WINK+ ecosystem. 

The move follows the successful execution of their current ‘Unleash The Gates’ campaign, which showcased the WINK+ app’s gamification and rewards capability and resulted in a significant uplift of new TL SimplyGo app users. 

As part of the partnership, TransitLink will be adopting the WINK+ app as a customer loyalty platform for the redemption of rewards such as public transport fare rebates that may be offered under any acquisition campaign to drive usage of the TL SimplyGo app and WINK+ app. 

Furthermore, TransitLink has exclusively appointed Stellar Ace as the sales and marketing representative for all its available offline and online advertising assets such as the TL SimplyGo app and its transit ticketing machine, the TransitLink Kiosk, which is located at major bus interchanges and integrated transport hubs. The addition of these new advertising assets will expand Stellar Ace’s Home-Travel-Eat-Shop-Play (HTESP) Daily Touchpoint Ecosystem.

Yuen Hee Lee, TransitLink’s chief executive officer, said, “It is also a step towards opening up opportunities with partners and advertisers to expand the range of benefits that our users can enjoy on top of the services that we are currently offering.”

Meanwhile, Jeslyn Tan, Stellar Ace’s managing director, shared that the multi-prong alliance created exciting engagement milestones for both apps and reinforces an even stronger and targeted reach of their consumers utilizing public transport daily. 

“The understanding of the transit audience travel pattern will help us synergize transport-related activities through SimplyGo and a consumer loyalty program with the WINK+ app. For Advertisers, coming on board Stellar Ace will mean reaching out to a connected and seamless Offline to Online (O2O) audience with a continuous recall of your brand message with accountable ROIs,” said Tan.