Hong Kong – AIA Hong Kong has launched its brand new advertising series ‘Going Beyond With You’ starring its new ambassador for Hong Kong and Macau, the world swimming champion Siobhan Haughey.

Based on Siobhan’s personal stories, the new commercial, which includes four commercials with different themes, not only showcases her extraordinary talents but also celebrates her fighting spirit in the face of challenges. The successful pursuit of her dreams would inspire people to be brave and stay strong to rise to the challenge. Moreover, the new advertising series also highlights her tenacity and resilience that resonate with the company’s ‘Beyond Insurance’ concept.

Bonnie Tse, chief customer, strategy, and transformation officer of AIA Hong Kong and Macau, said Siobhan is widely recognised as a world-class athlete who keeps pushing her own limits and has broken multiple records in the international sporting arena; her feats are more than impressive. 

“We are exhilarated to invite her to be ‘AIA Hong Kong & Macau Ambassador’ and star in our newest advertising campaign. Not only does she embody our theme of ‘Going Beyond’, but her personal story also exudes positivity and inspires people to face challenges head-on,” added Tse.

The new campaign has been rolled out on AIA and other major social media, as well as digital media platforms, last 14 July.

In addition, Siobhan has also participated in a short video to promote the AIA Healthiest Schools programme as an outstanding athlete, encouraging students to develop healthy and good living habits at an early age. Earlier this year, AIA set an ambition to engage a billion people to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives by 2030. The AIA Healthiest Schools programme, to be launched in Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam during the 2022/2023 academic year, will contribute to this goal by putting it into action. 

In Hong Kong, the AIA Healthiest Schools programme will be available in all primary schools and will provide teachers with free, curriculum-linked online resources developed by professional educators. These resources cover four areas, namely healthy eating, active lifestyles, mental well-being, as well as health and sustainability, and are designed to encourage students to actively pursue physical and mental wellness.

Tse noted, “We would like to thank Siobhan for her staunch support of the programme. We are also very grateful for the opportunity to help schools foster students’ health and well-being encompassing body and mind on top of their intellectual development. The programme would nurture healthier human capital of the next generation, bringing lasting positive change to society.”

The AIA Healthiest Schools programme will also include a competition to serve as a platform for participating schools to build communities that share best practices in promoting health and wellness and showcase their success in driving better health outcomes. Prizes worth US$50,000 in total will be given to winning schools to help them accelerate their health initiatives.