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Kärcher MY reminds families to go beyond ‘coming together’ this Raya in new short

Malaysia – In this year’s celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Malaysian cleaning appliance brand Kärcher releases a touching short film that reminds the value of ‘home’ and ‘memories’.

The almost 7-minute film was done in collaboration with social media agency Kingdom Digital, and Lui Xiao Yee, its head for account servicing, said that while the tradition of families coming together to clean and spruce up their homes in preparation for the Raya festive occasion serves as a great bonding experience, “memories are often sidelined.” 

Karcher Malaysia Kingdom Digital

Hence, the insight for the new short film, ‘Rumahku, Memoriku’ or ‘My Home, My Memories’.

The story revolves around the son, Zack, who is convincing his father to sell the family’s old house in order to gain money from it, but the father contests as the house holds many precious memories of the family. 

As the family visits and sets out to clean and ‘prepare’ the house for sale, Zack is brought back to his fond memories of childhood which he had spent happily with his parents. This brings the important realization that his parents are right all along, and that family comes first before anything else.

William Kiew, general manager of Kärcher Malaysia, said, “We are excited to have released our first Raya short film on social media platforms. Besides showcasing the capabilities of our key products to ease Malaysians with the spring-cleaning process, we hope to remind them that remnants of our past can often bring back memories and help us remember what made us who we are today.”

Kingdom Digital produced the short film in partnership with production company Untitled Films.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri which marks the end of Ramadan will be celebrated on 13 May in Malaysia. 

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

WATCH: Jollibee’s Christmas ad shines on the ‘gift of family’ amid pandemic

Manila, Philippines – The Philippine headquarters of the now global fast-food brand Jollibee has released its Christmas ad in the country, which puts to the spotlight one of the few silver linings the pandemic has brought – more time with family.

The ad is one straight out of the “new normal,” where in the first few seconds of the ad, people walking in the streets with face shields on are seen.

The ad was made with no special fuss, but hits home – people have definitely been plagued by the massive lifestyle changes amid the pandemic, but on the other hand, it has also unexpectedly brought a positive effect, such as closer ties with the family.

Such sentiment is represented by the inner thoughts of a child, who looks out the window, longing to go back outside and play in the playground. Then the mellow beginning quickly changes into a happy and grateful disposition.

From the bothered musings of the child “Hangang kailan kaya ganito…” (Until when will this continue) that are delivered as a lyrcial song, the child breaks into a smile and an upbeat tune, now enumerating, still through a song, the good side of it all: the home standing in as the boy’s playground, creating bonding moments with his parents, grandparents, and siblings.

So where does Jollibee appear? In the ad, Jollibee’s signature food items – such as Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti – are displayed as the anchor for the characters’ family time at dinner and merienda (snack time).

Within two days, the ad has already raked in 2.6M views, as of writing, on YouTube. Filipino viewers loved the film, with one commenting on Jollibee’s channel, “[Nice] commercial. [Showing] the positive side of this pandemic ?? [and] bringing family closer to each other ?”

Another user commented, “Jollibee never fails me with [its] commercial ✨??”

Jollibee has been known for proactively participating in designated calendar celebrations and using its special films to pay tribute on Valentine’s, Mother’s, and Grandparents day.

One of its films released on Valentine’s of this year called #CoupleGoals, garnered 21M views, which depicts the reality among seemingly perfect couples on social media.

Aside from the brand’s Christmas ad, the fast-food chain has also recently delighted its Filipino patrons with another year-end surprise when it brought back its signature one-third pound patty burger Champ, and the jumbo variant of its staple Burger Steak, Ultimate Burger Steak.