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MY’s Hong Leong Bank first bank to open a store on Shopee

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Malaysia’s Hong Leong Bank (HLB), has launched its online store on the popular e-commerce platform Shopee, making it the first bank in Malaysia to do so.

Through the Shopee online store, customers can sign up for banking products and services without the need to visit any of the bank’s physical branches. The initiative is part of HLB’s journey in fully providing digital banking solutions to meet the rising digital consumption. Last October, the Bank launched the country’s first fully digital account onboarding through mobile app ‘[email protected]’, which leverages e-Know-Your-Customer ([eKYC]) technology.

Three bank services are currently available on Shopee, namely Hong Leong Basic Savings Account, Hong Leong 3in1 Junior Account, and Hong Leong Pay&Save Account.

“The Bank’s digital-at-the-core strategy has helped in reimagining banking experiences, leading us to focus on a digital growth trajectory to make banking much more accessible and improve customer experiences. The success of eKYC has set the foundation for us to explore new opportunities in better serving customers on digital-only channels,” said Domenic Fuda, group managing director and CEO of HLB.

Meanwhile, Charles Sik, HLB’s MD of personal financial services reiterates that the move towards digital platforms is in response to customer shift to online activities.

“Offering banking products on e-commerce is a natural progression for us as customers shift their spending and consumption behavior online. We are excited to have a presence on this platform where customers can open an HLB account without visiting our other channels. As a start, we are offering bank accounts with other types of banking products coming in the near future,” Sik said.

Galvin Yeo, HLB’s GM for personal financial services for deposits & digital, commented that Malaysians have developed a natural proficiency in navigating e-commerce platforms with the shift to digital and mobile-first lifestyles. 

“The banking industry is playing catch up in the digital game considering you can get most essential items online or via e-commerce, [and] we are excited to reach out and serve customers on e-commerce sites. This will also challenge the Bank to constantly update and innovate our offerings to be exciting and relevant,” Yeo said.

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Second-hand vehicle platform Carsome enters eCommerce

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Malaysia unit of used-cars trading platform Carsome will now be available on the eCommerce platform Shopee.

The platform, which caters to both sellers and buyers of second-hand vehicles runs its own website, and now with the extension to Shopee, those looking to buy gain another avenue to view and purchase from the company’s selection.

Cars will be listed with complete car specification details and multi-angled photos. All featured vehicles also come with a one-year warranty and a five-day money back guarantee. Carsome assures that cars are “Carsome Certified,” which indicates that vehicles have passed the company’s inspection, ensuring that it has not been in a major accident, has no frame damages, and has not been through a flood.

Additionally, Shopee users can purchase a RM500 cash voucher at the special promotional price of RM199 and use it to pay for the down payment of their selected cars.

According to Carsome Co-founder and Group CEO Eric Cheng, the collaboration enables Carsome’s official store on Shopee to be the first online store selling used cars in Malaysia.

“We are proud to work with Shopee, who have been very supportive in our endeavor to reshape and elevate the used car buying experience through digitalization,” Cheng said.

Shopee’s Regional Managing Director Ian Ho said that the launch of Carsome in the platform is just in time as they gear up for the 10.10 Brands Festival. 

“Carsome will gain exposure from the increased customer traffic to the platform and by leveraging it, bring about the awareness that users can now experience a new way of shopping for quality used cars,” said Ho.

Carsome is currently running a number of promotions, and those buying through Shopee will also be able to avail them, such as exclusive Carsome merchandise for the first 100 test drives, and the Refer-A-Friend promotion, with which successful buyers can invite their friends and family to buy from Carsome, where both parties can receive combined cash rewards of up to RM800.

Carsome is a Southeast Asia-focused company where aside from Malaysia, it has presence in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.