Platforms Featured ANZ

SBS Australia partners with Spotify, Zenith to drive new audiences to video streaming platform

Australia – Television network SBS in Australia has partnered with Spotify and Publicis Media’s ROI agency Zenith for its new media campaign called ‘Demand Different’.

The campaign, which runs until July 2021, aims to build a customized digital experience to drive new audiences to SBS’s video streaming platform, SBS On Demand, and reconnect with its lapsed viewers. 

Through the partnership, Zenith will be tapping into Spotify’s enhanced algorithms to curate a custom SBS weekly playlist based on a user’s unique music preferences. Spotify users in the free service will be targeted via audio and display ads across platforms, while its paid subscribers are targeted on social media. 

Users will all be directed to a ‘Spotify X SBS On Demand’ microsite where they can opt in to be served a weekly SBS playlist based on their music preferences. This will allow SBS to showcase the breadth and depth of its SBS On Demand back catalog as a world-class streaming destination while opening up a new world of programs, genres, and key sporting events to Spotify listeners.

Zenith Sydney’s Managing Director Jonny Cordony shared that the team at Zenith has worked hard to differentiate from other performance-driven campaigns, and as part of this, they identified music as a core consumption opportunity within the streaming community.

“We were able to showcase hero programs and hidden gems across various content pillars in a completely customized way, curated based on their music preferences,” said Cordony.

Meanwhile, Pieter Manten, the regional head of sales at Spotify AUNZ, said that the breadth and depth of their data and insights offer a level of targeting which is unparalleled with any other audio format, as they are with their 11.9 million users every day.

“The opportunity to collaborate with SBS and Zenith to combine our insights represents a best in class approach to targeting, as we are not only driving new audiences but creating unique and customized experiences for users across both platforms,” said Manten.

SME Featured Southeast Asia

Enterprise Singapore, Lazada launches anew ‘E-commerce Booster Package’ for SMEs

Singapore – Enterprise Singapore (ESG), the statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore, has partnered anew with e-commerce platform Lazada to reintroduce its ‘E-commerce Booster Package’, an initiative that encourages local SMEs and brands to shift to digital.

The ‘E-commerce Booster Package’, which was initially rolled out last year, has been relaunched by ESG on 16 May, with the aim to help retail businesses affected by the pandemic to diversify their revenue channels and defray business costs of going online.

Through the new partnership, Lazada will be putting together three specially curated packages, which are basic, standard, and premium, offering different value propositions to cater to different merchant appetites. The packages will help boost businesses across areas of content creation and store decoration, onboarding and incubation, as well as an advance training class, and marketing credits, among others. Each package is designed to eliminate barriers to selling online. 

Availing the package, retailers can enjoy an 80% subsidy off qualifying costs, up to S$8,000. In addition to the assistance on content and creative marketing efforts of brands, the onboarding packages will also come with marketing and shipping credits, and a dedicated account manager. 

Furthermore, under the ‘Premium’ package, valued at S$28,890, qualifying retailers only need to pay S$2,000 after the subsidies, which amounts to 93% in savings.

The deadline for interested parties to apply for the ‘E-commerce Booster Package’ via Lazada is 16 November 2021.

Enterprise Singapore’s Assistant Chief Executive Officer Dilys Boey commented that they are heartened by the support shown by industry players like Lazada who have continued to work with ESG to help retailers accelerate their move to acquire more customers online. 

“With the support of our E-Commerce Booster Package, we hope to lower the barriers for retailers to build new digital capabilities, like digital marketing or product positioning, which will not only help sustain operations in the immediate term but also strengthen their competitiveness beyond the pandemic,” said Boey.

Meanwhile, James Chang, the CEO of Lazada Singapore, said that it is part of Lazada’s mission to empower retailers and transform them for the future – as e-commerce increasingly becomes part and parcel of the way to shop, it will be an avenue that retailers cannot ignore. 

“If retailers fail, e-commerce also fails. We want to extend our hand and do our part to see merchants through this period where the pandemic is ravaging many industries, especially retail,” said Chang.

In May this year, Lazada has also announced its partnership with Great Singapore Sale (GSS), offering benefits including three months 0% commission for new LazMall sellers, as well as a free live streaming slot on the platform, exclusively for members of the Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) who take part in GSS.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Aussie telco felix mobile reiterates sustainability mission with CO2-absorbing mural

Australia – In celebration of World Environmental Day which was celebrated on 5 June, felix mobile, a strongly-committed environmental-conscious telecom in the country, has put up a mural painting in Melbourne that is very much like a tree – using paint that absorbs CO2 emissions. 

Felix mobile is a telco startup that is certified carbon neutral and is powered by 100% renewable electricity. To double down on its support for the environment, it has made its mission to plant one tree for every active customer in a month.

Done in collaboration with hybrid creative agency Paper Moose, the mural is the centerpiece of felix mobile’s new national campaign, building off its brand platform ‘The Plan With A Bigger Plan’.

The mural is painted with CO2 absorbing paint made by paint manufacturer Graphenstone. It absorbs as much carbon dioxide as what a mature 250kg tree does in six months. The paint also emits ultra-low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to traditional commercial paints.

Kelly Rollason, the head of sales and marketing at felix mobile, said that they are proud to show the industry that by minimizing your impact on the planet, you in turn are able to maximize brand loyalty. 

“A billboard that consumes CO2 like a tree was the perfect execution to complement our existing efforts as a mobile provider that puts people and planet first,” said Rollason.

Meanwhile, Paper Moose’s Creative Director Jeremy Willmot, said, “It’s so rewarding to partner with a brand that’s not only committed to neutralizing their environmental impact, but are eager to embrace innovative new ways to do it too.”

Furthermore, the telco has announced its commitment to planting an additional 25,000 trees, in aid of their larger goal of 1 million trees planted.

The new campaign follows Paper Moose’s announcement on its imperative to work with more sustainable brands, with its goal to drive a positive and lasting change in the economy. Through a new program for clients, the agency will be donating time and creative resources to selected organizations that are on the mission to decarbonize the planet.

Marketing Featured APAC

beIN Asia Pacific extends digital media remit with M&C Saatchi Performance

Singapore – Multi-platform media company beIN Asia Pacific has extended its digital media remit with global digital media agency M&C Saatchi Performance.

beIN Asia Pacific offers a line-up of live sporting events through its premium sports brand, beIN Sports, and serves great coverage, news, and analysis of the top leagues and competitions, as well as exclusive content globally.

The extension, which will run until April 2022, comes after one year of successful partnership, where M&C Saatchi Performance was responsible for leading the digital media planning, buying, strategy, and analytics for beIN’s streaming service, beIN Sports Connect. The agency has also been handling its branding and performance campaigns. 

In addition to the markets currently managed by M&C Saatchi Performance, which are Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, the new contract will expand to include the scope to Hong Kong as well.

beIN Asia Pacific’s Head of Marketing and Communications Magdalene Ng commented that they are thrilled to continue working with the team at M&C Saatchi Performance. 

“Looking ahead, we plan to consolidate our positioning as the leading sports streaming platform in the region. We’re confident that the integrated marketing approach adopted by M&C Saatchi Performance will help us communicate the great value offered by our platform and ultimately win market share,” said Ng.

Meanwhile, Melissa Yik, the account director at M&C Saatchi Performance, commented that over the past year, digital adoption has increased rapidly with larger audiences shifting online to watch their favorite sports competitions. 

“It has been a real pleasure to work with beIN Sports to leverage this unique momentum. We take great pride in having grown the company’s subscriber base in Southeast Asia and look forward to a long working relationship with beIN in the region,” said Yik.

Marketing Featured South Asia

India’s real estate firm Gulshan Group appoints iCubesWire as digital creative partner

India – Real estate company Gulshan Group in India has appointed digital marketing agency iCubesWire to be its digital creative partner.

Gulshan Group is an established real estate organization with vast business networks in the country. It has a presence in the infrastructure development, construction, and housing segment, as well as other business operations. 

As per the mandate, iCubesWire will be handling the digital creative duties of Gulshan’s residential and commercial projects, including Gulshan Dynasty and Gulshan one29, among others. The marketing agency will also be heading the brand’s communication and strategy across digital and offline media channels. 

Gulshan Group’s Vice President of Marketing Suneet Singh shared that iCubesWire owes its win to their expertise in marketing, especially for the real estate market.

“We at Gulshan Group believe building a better world takes time and years of experience. And since iCubesWire shares the same ideology and brings the perfect mix of creativity and strategy, we are glad to have them on board as the brand’s creative agency,” said Singh.

Meanwhile, Sahil Chopra, the CEO and founder of iCubesWire, commented that they are honored to be chosen as the creative agency for the Gulshan Group. 

“We hope to scale new heights for the brand through our innovative solutions and expertise in marketing. We are looking forward to growing the brand’s business exponentially,” said Chopra.

iCubesWire is a digital marketing agency in the country that offers 360° concepts to various clients across e-commerce, automobile, technology, and finance, as well as travel, and hospitality, among others.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Maserati India awards PR, digital duties to Alphabet Media

India – Global luxury vehicles company Maserati in India has awarded its public relations and digital mandate to communications agency Alphabet Media.

Maserati is an Italian manufacturer of luxury automobiles including a tradition of successful cars, namely the Quattroporte flagship, the Ghibli sports sedan, and the Levante.

As per the mandate, Alphabet Media will be responsible for Maserati’s strategic planning, media relations, digital campaigns, and providing integrated communication solutions in the country.

Bojan Jankulovski, the head of operations at Maserati India, shared that the brand is driven to challenge the status quo being innovative by nature, powered by passion, and unique by design.

“The partnership with Alphabet Media is the embodiment of all these values. We are pleased to onboard the agency as our communications partner in India and we look forward to a great working relationship with the team,” said Jankulovski.

Meanwhile, Alphabet Media’s Founder Tejal Daftary commented that they are delighted to get the opportunity to work for an iconic brand like Maserati in India. 

“We are committed to delivering Maserati customer experience through well-planned communications to further strengthen the brand’s presence in the country,” said Daftary.

Alphabet Media is a public relations and communications agency that provides strategic and integrated solutions. It also offers services across public relations, marketing communications, and digital communications.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Delhi International Airport says postpone your travel plans amid COVID-19 in new campaign

Delhi, India – As India continues to grapple with the second wave of the pandemic, people have been advised to stay indoors to curb the spread of the virus. However, constant reminders of beautiful locations and serene beaches on social media can potentially trigger housebound travelers to put their pending travel plans in action. 

To urge people to avoid non-essential travel, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has launched a social media campaign series, consisting of travel quotes with a twist, done in collaboration with 22feet Tribal Worldwide, the media agency by advertising holding company DDB Mudra Group.

The new campaign by DIAL aims to put the national interest first, for the safety of the people and the country. It was brought to life by putting a unique spin on often used terms such as ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Wanderlust’ with visuals that are looking out from a window, showing beautiful locations but from the safety of one’s home. The idea was to play around with people’s expectations of such inspiring travel quotes.

Debashish Ghosh, the national creative director at 22feet Tribal Worldwide, said that social media captures an individual’s imagination, especially when they are cooped up in their home with a limited set of activities. 

He further shared that in the current scenario, staying home is the best way to protect ourselves, and leisure travel must be avoided. 

“While DIAL is at the forefront of receiving and facilitating aid flights as well as Vande Bharat flights from across the globe; the travel facilitator also took on the responsibility to dissuade people from non-essential travel. The team deployed a counter-intuitive take on popular travel verbiage to inject the message with a dose of levity. And that’s how this campaign came to fruition,” said Ghosh.

The campaign is already available across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Technology Featured ANZ

Professional services H&R Block Australia taps InMoment to boost CX

Sydney, Australia – Multinational tax services company H&R Block in Australia has appointed InMoment, the experience improvement (XI) software and solutions company, to be its customer experience improvement partner. 

H&R Block deems to be the leading tax services company in the country, providing advisory on income tax returns, tax preparation, and refunds. 

The partnership aims to expand H&R Block’s current Voice of the Customer (VoC) program, with the goal of understanding exactly what customers want and expect. The new program will include listening posts across critical moments in the customer journey. By gathering solicited and unsolicited feedback, as well as using text analytics data from InMoment and its XI technology, H&R Block will unlock richer customer insights, to employ more innovative ways to deliver an improved digital experience for customers. 

According to H&R Block, they are committed to differentiating themselves by deep-diving into each customer’s experience along the process of preparing taxes. It plans to push industry boundaries and proactively meet customer’s needs in an evolving, digital-first world.

H&R Block’s Managing Director Brodie Dixon said, “Our primary goal is to provide the very best customer experience possible on every visit. Whether you visit one of our stores or engage in our digital services, we believe a strategic differentiator is our focus on continual experience improvement.”

Meanwhile, David Blakers, the managing director of InMoment APAC, commented, “This partnership is special to me on a personal level as I trained as an H&R Block tax consultant for my first proper job. We are so excited to partner with this iconic brand and see the industry as a whole turn toward being more customer-focused.”

Marketing Featured Global

Baby products brand Bugaboo rolls out global brand campaign as part of its new brand platform

Netherlands Parental products brand Bugaboo has launched a global brand campaign ‘Adventure Awaits’, to build on its new brand platform ‘Designed for Discovery’.

Done in collaboration with digital creative agency AnalogFolk, the campaign connects Bugaboo with modern, vibrant parents, and parents-to-be, to celebrate the diverse, authentic, and joyful world of parenthood.

‘Adventure Awaits’ aims to drive brand awareness through a 30-second anthem film, 15-second product-focused films, and lifestyle, as well as product photography. Each film brings the seemingly mundane and expected into a new light where parent, baby, and Bugaboo are the protagonists of making key product benefits to enhance the storytelling and personality of the campaign.

The campaign involved the collaboration of two production houses, namely Amsterdam-based Mr.Frank and Lisbon’s own More Maria, while its soundtrack was provided by creative music agency MassiveMusic.

Bugaboo’s Global Brand Director Bridget O’Lone commented that they believe families can come in all shapes and sizes but what unites Bugaboo families is a sense of fun and adventure. 

She further shared that their products are designed for discovery and now, through the partnership with AnalogFolk, the brand communications are also uniquely placed to connect with a new generation of parents. 

“At lightning speed, and in the face of a global pandemic, the team at AnalogFolk were incredible partners in bringing our brand positioning to life through bold, vibrant communication and we look forward to continuing our partnership as we announce new, exciting products to help parents and children discover and enjoy the world together,” said O’Lone.

Meanwhile, Carren O’Keefe, the executive creative director at AnalogFolk Amsterdam, said “Partnering with brave clients like Bugaboo who want to make serious strides forward in their category combined with the evolution of what parenting means to younger generations was the perfect combination to rethink the historical pastel parenting market and imagine a more vibrant, inclusive world.”

The campaign will be running across paid and organic social, YouTube, and retail locations, as well as the brand’s website.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

FairPrice Group names Lewis as PR agency partner

Singapore – FairPrice Group, the cooperative that runs Singapore’s largest supermarket retail chain and cooked food centers, has appointed global marketing agency Lewis, to be its agency partner for public relations.

FairPrice Group is an organization that brings together four social enterprises – namely NTUC  FairPrice, NTUC Foodfare, and Kopitiam, as well as NTUC Link.

Through the partnership, Lewis will be responsible for providing brand, communications, issues consultancy, and media relations, as well as content creation, and issues monitoring. 

In addition, the agency will also be working alongside the group’s corporate communications team to bring the cooperative’s vision to life and strengthen the brand’s relationship with the community as consumer needs evolve.

FairPrice Group’s Director of Corporate Communications Jonas Kor shared that the formation of the group has provided an opportunity to develop a holistic approach to cater to the evolving food needs of consumers. 

“During the pitch process, the Lewis team demonstrated a deep understanding of our brand and the areas where we are keen to strengthen. Since working together in April, the agency has developed and implemented creative communication and media strategies that are designed to serve the Group’s unique services and proposition,” said Kor.

Pamela Tor Das, the managing director at Lewis Singapore, commented that they are excited to have the opportunity to share its story with the people of Singapore and look forward to working closely with the FairPrice Group team.

“The demand for brands today goes beyond delivering great services or products. We’re living in a time where brands increasingly need to act with purpose and meaning – traits that FairPrice Group embodies. It’s a brand that touches many of our lives with a clear vision that is fuelling its growth,” said Das.