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JCDecaux Australia launches new programmatic offering, unveils new senior hires

Sydney, Australia – The Australian arm of out-of-home (OOH) advertising company JCDecaux has announced a new programmatic offering across its clients, in which the offering will be supported by the company’s newest hires and appointments.

The new programmatic offering called ‘JCDecauxPROGRAMMATIC’ will offer brands access to OOH with control and flexibility. Advertisers and agencies can execute and optimize campaigns in real time, with the company guaranteeing supply for programmatic advertisers, setting aside at least 5% of its digital networks to be published via its exclusive supply side platform (SSP), VIOOH.

JCDecaux’s sights are set on programmatic making up 2% to 4% of digital revenues in 2021 and 15% by 2023.

“Programmatic out-of-home is now part of the broader digital universe, sitting alongside programmatic online in omnichannel buying platforms. This gives us an opportunity to take a share of the US$9.5B invested in digital media in Australia each year,” said Steve O’Connor, CEO of JCDecaux ANZ.

As part of the wider programmatic offering, JCDecaux Australia has also announced new appointees namely Cassandra Cameron, who has been promoted into the expanded role of executive general manager, revenue strategy and operations; Brad Palmer as national programmatic director; and Kasey Climpson as programmatic operations manager.

Prior to their new positions, Cameron has worked with media company APN Outdoor as national training director and as a member of the DOOH council of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Meanwhile, Palmer has worked as the national programmatic manager at both digital publisher Allure Media and youth media group Pedestrian Group, and Climpson has worked with APN Outdoor as well as campaign delivery executive.

“Programmatic out-of-home used to be just an idea, now it’s a reality and we are excited to be the pioneers in Australia. Our business is primed and ready to change the conversation, giving advertisers a solution for buying out-of-home that’s as easy, and as sophisticated, as web or mobile audience buying. By reducing operational barriers, we anticipate a range of new advertisers will leverage the power of this valuable channel,” Cameron stated.

In regards to their appointments, O’Connor said that these changes align the talent’s organization’s aim to deliver on their business strategy.

“Our unique programmatic offering changes the way advertisers can plan and transact out-of-home and reflects our strong commitment to growing the Out-of-Home channel and leading through change,” O’Connor stated.

“Today, more than ever, our clients look to us to understand the future, and the future is now. Advertisers can be confident that when they plan a programmatic Out-of-Home campaign with JCDecaux they will have access to Australia’s most desirable outdoor formats and locations, whenever they choose to be active,” Cameron added.

Marketing Featured APAC

dentsu bags William Grant & Sons’ APAC business

APAC – Dentsu has recently been appointed by William Grant & Sons, an independent family-owned distiller and global distributor of Scotch whisky, to be its agency partner. This comes as the company concludes in 2020 the consolidation of its APAC business.

The appointment will see dentsu driving omnichannel marketing for William Grant & Sons, focusing on connections planning, digital acceleration, and driving media effectiveness and efficiency across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

According to Susie O’Donoghue, global head of communication strategy and planning at William Grant & Sons, the company has an established global relationship with dentsu and after engaging with the APAC team during the chemistry meeting, they were impressed with their well-rounded thinking, demonstration of planning capability, as well as expertise in driving omnichannel thinking. 

“Throughout the engagement, dentsu demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our consumer landscape, ever-evolving media, and tech ecosystem. Most of all, we like that they have expertise working with clients in the alcohol and spirits business. We look forward to partnering with dentsu to drive growth for our brands in APAC,” said O’Donoghue.

Meanwhile, Prerna Mehrotra, CEO of Media at dentsu APAC, shared that they have been working with William Grant & Sons globally, saying that they are delighted to have managed to expand their partnership within APAC.

“By understanding our consumers’ world digital-first, we are able to unlock new growth opportunities at every stage of the consumer journey. For William Grant & Sons, this has translated into a full digital transformation project as we look to support them in their omnichannel, ‘people first’ future. We are excited to work on iconic William Grant & Sons brands and delighted to partner them in their omnichannel journey here in APAC,” added Mehrotra.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

MY-based omnichannel e-commerce Everpeaks launches integrated logistics platform

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – To facilitate the global manufacturer to consumer (M2C) commerce in Southeast Asia, Malaysia-based omnichannel e-commerce solution provider Everpeaks® has launched its new integrated logistics platform called Fulfilment by Everpeaks (FBE).

The solution, generally characterized as a duty-free, e-commerce integrated warehousing and fulfilment solution allows global brands to tap into new markets, specifically in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, FBE integrates marketplaces and websites into the FBE System, connecting brand owners and manufacturers directly to consumers, eliminating layers of traditional retail operations and market barriers. 

The new FBE solution’s launch comes in perfect timing as the Southeast Asia e-commerce sector rapidly grows, where from 2015 to 2019, its value in the region increased nearly 600% from US$5.5B in 2015 to US$38B in 2019, research from Google, Temasek Holdings and Bain & Co. The same study also showed that the region’s internet economy is valued at US$100B in 2019, with a forecast of it rising to US$300B by 2025.

FBE operates under a technology platform that provides brand owners and manufacturers with an omnichannel inventory management feature, capable of integration with most e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, and eBay, among others. It optimizes a total system solution that centralizes orders, tracks inventory, and automates order fulfilment, enabling sellers to create shipping plans, send shipments to the FBE Warehouse, and track shipments.

“The COVID-19 pandemic overhauled consumer purchasing behaviour across the globe, causing e-commerce to rise and drive a permanent shift in fulfilment and warehouse management technology. FBE simplifies end-to-end fulfilment operations, helping businesses grow without logistical restraints as they expand into new markets,” said Joachim Sebastian, founder and CEO of Everpeaks®.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

AFFINBANK gets CX transformation with omnichannel solutions Genesys

Singapore – Malaysia-based bank AFFINBANK has announced a new partnership with omnichannel solutions service Genesys in transforming its customer experience (CX) capabilities through the Genesys Engage™ platform, which is focused on providing CX services digitally such as email, web chat and social media.

Through the newly-integrated omnichannel service, AFFINBANK’s call center, which initially used voice channels for customer service, is able to lower its operational costs, sharing that telesales capability have improved by 50%, and that average call abandonment rate has been reduced as well by 40%.

“By providing a seamless omnichannel experience, we are not only able to interact with customers on their channel of choice, but also deepen our relationship with them through the use of data-driven insights that strengthens our commitment to customer-centricity and personalized service.”

Datuk Wan Razly Abdullah Wan Ali, president and group chief executive officer at Affin Bank Berhad

“The partnership with Genesys has enabled us to serve our customers more effectively and efficiently. Our industry-leading contact centre has moved beyond a mere transactional platform, today representing a conduit for relationship building. We are constantly raising the bar in our customer experience strategy to retain and attract more customers,” said Datuk Wan Razly Abdullah Wan Ali, president and group chief executive officer at Affin Bank Berhad.

Furthermore, AFFINBANK is looking to leverage Genesys’ solutions for the following to create more meaningful engagements and better service to their clientele base: 

  • Better performance management – allowing agents to monitor their individual performance in real-time to identify areas for improvement.
  • Improved efficiency – a single interaction recording depository with comprehensive search functions, facilitating call follow-ups and continuity among agents across multiple sites or interactions.
  • Simplified processes – Calls to be easily re-routed without third party dependency.
  • Enhanced customer visibility– Collection of customer data that is analysed for actionable insights to improve customer experiences and retention.

“In today’s digital economy, businesses need to be able to seamlessly serve their customer base across multiple channels by accelerating their digital transformation agenda.”

Gwilym Funnell, senior vice president and general manager at Genesys Asia-Pacific

“Genesys is honoured to have had the opportunity to work with a like-minded partner such as AFFINBANK, a third time recipient of the Genesys Customer Innovation Award which is a reaffirmation of their commitment to customer experience. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with AFFINBANK as it continues to push boundaries and keep in step with evolving market and customer demands in a digital economy,” said Gwilym Funnell (pictured above), senior vice president and general manager at Genesys Asia-Pacific.