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foodpanda launches ‘panda ads’, teams up with GroupM to accelerate adtech growth in APAC

Singapore – Food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has launched its advertising technology and marketing solutions suite ‘panda ads’. As part of the suite launch, the company has partnered with GroupM to accelerate panda ads growth across Asia.

With this strategic partnership, GroupM clients can tap into the fast-growing AdTech space by activating foodpanda’s in-app advertising and other media assets, and collaborate with foodpanda on brand partnerships and campaigns. 

The partnership spans seven markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

With the launch, foodpanda unveils a fresh suite of integrated advertising features that encompass the foodpanda app, digital marketing assets and new partnership programmes. Through panda ads, foodpanda aims to help brands increase their visibility and reach, improve sales conversion and build brand awareness to drive sales.

As an integrated advertising solution, panda ads offers a full suite of advertising options, from static or carousel images, to videos and lead-generating ads. Brands can also leverage foodpanda’s social media channels and enter collaborative partnerships across foodpanda’s verticals. These build brand visibility, and allow for performance tracking and monitoring. panda ads support brands with their digital marketing campaigns.

Kiranjeet Singh Purba, senior director of advertising and partnerships at foodpanda, said, “foodpanda has worked extensively to improve our ads solutions over the past year, and we are excited to offer advertisers a new, full suite of ad solutions with panda ads. We are especially thrilled to kick off our panda ads launch with a partnership with leading agency GroupM, and believe this will help their clients tap into new areas of digital marketing in Asia.”

Meanwhile, Toni Ruotanen, head of commerce for APAC at GroupM Nexus, commented, “Our partnership with panda ads covers an extensive region – across seven markets – opening up expansive possibilities for our clients in the digital and mobile space to enhance their brand visibility and increase business impact. panda ads’ innovative tech will see a great degree of personalisation and targeted advertisements, which charts the way forward in retail media.”

Technology Featured Global

Quantcast launches brand advertising solutions suite for digital marketers

California, USA – Global adtech company Quantcast has launched a new suite of brand advertising solutions for digital marketers who demand more from their brand advertising. 

The new suite can aid marketers plan, activate, and measure video, native and display brand campaigns across the web and on connected TV (CTV). Built on Quantcast’s cookieless technology, marketers benefit from access to their entire audience.

Through the Quantcast Platform, marketers can measure and optimise brand advertising as effectively as their direct response campaigns. These new, easy-to-use solutions build on Quantcast’s leadership in data and machine learning to deliver planning against scalable audiences and premium inventory.

Other factors that the new suite addressed includes hi-fidelity audience activation across screens, automated campaign optimisation, and comprehensive measurement of brand advertising’s impact on consumer preference and downstream business outcomes.

Andrew Double, vice president for APAC at Quantcast, said, “As demand for programmatic brand advertising grows in Asia-Pacific, our aim is to simplify things for marketers. Siloed systems and data detract from marketing intent, limit marketing innovation, and lack real-time, actionable feedback. We’re excited to introduce our streamlined take on integrated brand advertising, with automated optimisation and timely measurement of impact.”

At the heart of this new product suite is Brand Lift Live, an integrated, real-time survey solution that enables marketers to optimise campaigns continuously against the brand awareness and consideration metrics that really matter, rather than limiting substitute metrics such as viewability and click-through rate (CTR).

Through the solution, it uses statistically controlled survey groups to measure the real-time impact of ads throughout a campaign, allowing for refinement of campaign audiences and delivery characteristics to maximise the impact of every marketing dollar. A new measurement approach for the open internet, Brand Lift Live complements traditional research methodologies similar to the way a fitness tracker complements an annual medical check-up.

Meanwhile, Peter Day, chief technology officer at Quantcast, commented, “We found that practitioners relied on poor proxy metrics like viewability and CTR because assessing what they really care about – recall, awareness, and consideration – in a timely and precise enough manner to support campaign optimisation was simply too hard. Brand Lift Live solves this problem.”

Alongside Brand Lift Live, additional platform insights examine the incremental reach of campaigns across web and CTV and the downstream contribution these brand activations deliver to performance campaigns and conversions.

SME Featured Southeast Asia

Mobile-first commerce solutions KADDRA integrates with accounting software XERO

Singapore – Mobile-first commerce solutions for businesses, KADDRA, has announced the completion of its integration with accounting software XERO to provide a fully automated sales-to-accounting flow for SMEs to improve their productivity and have the right tools to scale.

KADDRA provides mobile-first e-commerce and marketing solutions by connecting businesses with their customers through a white label end-to-end platform. It operates under the premise of improving sales processes, marketing reach, and customer service through a subscription based model for native mobile technology catered to SMEs venturing into digitizing their operations. 

According to Quentin Chiarugi, executive chairman and CEO of KADDRA, the integration is part of a larger roadmap the company has slated for software integrations this year.

“It is a crucial step, and it will provide a huge advantage to companies using both our solutions to run their operations. With minimal cost, productivity will dramatically improve from sales to accounting,” Chiarugi stated.

Meanwhile, Will Beattie, CTO & COO of KADDRA, said, “Xero, like KADDRA, is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution used by forward-thinking businesses. Their rapid global expansion is proof that back-office operations want to streamline and evolve. With this integration, sales orders can seamlessly be created as invoices in Xero, reducing manual work, data-entry errors and ultimately saving time for the whole operation.” 

Last month, KADDRA has also integrated e-commerce service Shopify in its platform to amplify its stance for business support for SMEs.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Adtech Criteo partners with MediaDonuts for Vietnam market expansion

Singapore – Adtech Criteo has announced a strategic partnership with advertising and technology company MediaDonuts to expand its market in Vietnam through providing performance marketing solutions among Vietnamese brands.

Through the partnership, Criteo is expanding its services in the country through the Ad Sales Partner Program within MediaDonuts. The said program provides brands with performance marketing solutions which include funnel marketing solutions, aimed at driving profits and sales for retailers and brands. By connecting shoppers to products and services that appeal to them, it delivers performance at scale while working with its Ad Sales Partners. Furthermore, the partnership provides Criteo a unique platform to cover broader market segments in this fast-growing country. 

“This exclusive partnership will help us to expand our coverage in Vietnam. For Criteo, Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing markets in SEA. And shoppers in Vietnam have a variety of choices when it comes to e-commerce platforms, millions of products and services to choose from, and multiple devices to engage with and discover,” said Taranjeet Singh, managing director of Criteo SEA and India.

Pieter-Jan de Kroon, managing partner at MediaDonuts, noted that the Vietnamese internet economy has reached USD14B in gross merchandise value (GMV), and is expected to grow to USD52B by 2025.

“The digital media landscape is evolving fast in Vietnam and we’re seeing a very interesting opportunity, especially in the performance space. Therefore this partnership will be a game-changer for all companies eager to exceed their media and business objectives by implementing sophisticated campaign strategies through the world-class technology developed by Criteo,” de Kroon stated.

Technology Featured ANZ

Adtech Cartelux pilots new marketing solution with Kia Australia

Sydney, Australia – Australian-based adtech company Cartelux has launched its centralized marketing solution, and it has decided to pilot it to the Australian arm of global automotive brand Kia, specifically in its dealer’s network.

Through the solution, Cartelux’s technology will assist Kia in driving local innovation by simplifying and automating ad creation, approval, and media buying process. This then enables dynamic personalization of creative assets by each dealer, while delivering a consistent brand campaign for Kia. 

For Nikolas Souliotis, digital marketing manager at Kia Australia, their partnership with Cartelux means achieving success in the digital age between the brand itself and its numerous dealers nationwide.

“The Cartelux platform offers an entirely new playground allowing better marketing alignment across national and local tiers through scalable video and data consolidation. This enables us to see consumers through the same lens and drive better results and greater efficiencies – it’s the future of performance-driven retail marketing,” Souliotis said.

Meanwhile, Randy Han, global lead for Kia at Google noted that Kia’s partnership with Cartelux means creating more engaging video content for the automotive brand, as Kia has been looking for simple ways to create dealer ad content at scale.

Patrick Doble, global general manager at Cartelux, commented, “Kia is one of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing brands. The program for Kia will commence with providing digital video advertising, which geo-targets campaigns based on the dealers primary marketing area.”