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Ipsos releases new online market research platform in APAC

Paris, France — Ipsos has announced the launch of its new online market research platform Ipsos.Digital in key markets across the Asia Pacific. The company said the launch is part of its ongoing vision in delivering fast, high-quality data while simultaneously bringing the best of science, technology, and know-how to its clients.

The intuitive, self-service, end-to-end platform offers clients efficient access to Ipsos’s global research capabilities and insights. It provides access to Ipsos’ fully integrated online panels of consumers.

Ipsos has developed this proprietary platform to seamlessly provide clients with innovative technology and efficient professional expertise, providing as-needed access to its expert teams across the world.

The Ipsos.Digital platform contains a range of solutions such as FastFacts, its DIY research tool allowing users to build their own surveys. Clients can choose from more than 700 pre-defined category targets or create their own bespoke definitions. Other solutions include two Ipsos flagship tools: InnoTest, an innovation testing tool, Creative|Spark, and Creative|Spark Digital – a 24-hour turnaround creative assessment tool.

Commenting on the implications of the launch in a new market, Yang Kil, chief growth officer of Ipsos for Asia Pacific, said that Ipsos.Digital is a revolutionary step for them, with real-time, self-serve consumer research. Kil added that clients need to make faster decisions than ever to cope with rapid changes in consumer behaviour and Ipsos.Digital answers these needs.

“Its fast turnaround time, from set-up to delivery, ensures high data quality. It reflects our commitment to outstanding research quality and turning data into actionable insights. In an ever-growing DIY market, we bring a unique alternative that combines technology with state-of-the-art knowledge and applies our principles of ‘security, simplicity, speed and substance’,” Kil said.

Ipsos. Digital’s main benefits are its speed with the ability to access research responses within 24 hours; simplicity of use with DIY functions and the ability to access a research expert at any stage; security with time efficiencies without compromising quality, and substance of being able to design bespoke surveys or a specialised Ipsos solution.

Andrei Postoaca, CEO of Ipsos.Digital, commented, “The digitalisation of market research, like that of most industries, has risen significantly over the last few years. The global pandemic has accelerated this trend, making the ambitious vision of the democratisation of market research a reality. We are delighted to launch our digital platform in Asia, the power of Ipsos.Digital is its ability to streamline processes and enable clients to access insights in hours rather than days or weeks. Platform users can work on their own or obtain assistance from relevant Ipsos experts around the world.”

In February, JCDecaux partnered with research firm IPSOS to launch a customer feedback program called ‘JCDecaux VOICE’.

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JCDecaux ties with research firm IPSOS to launch customer feedback program

Australia – Out-of-Home (OOH) media company JCDecaux has partnered with research firm IPSOS, to create a new customer feedback program called ‘JCDecaux VOICE’. 

‘JCDecaux VOICE’ allows the media company to implement strategic changes, act on any immediate issues, and help client partners achieve success. Through the program, three one-minute surveys will be sent to clients throughout their campaign, providing a holistic overview of the end-to-end campaign experience. The first survey is sent when the campaign is booked, the second just before the campaign live date, and the final four weeks after the campaign has ended.

Max Eburne, JCDecaux’s chief commercial officer, noted that JCDecaux VOICE has been developed to ultimately improve the customer experience in the long term.

He further shared that the new program delivers regular, ongoing customer feedback at key points throughout the JCDecaux campaign journey, to drive tactical and strategic change.

“Customer feedback is an essential part of what makes our service the best in the business and, through our partnership with leading research company IPSOS, we will now be able to measure client satisfaction at every step of the customer journey,” said Eburne. 

JCDecaux said that the latest program follows the 2020 launch of JCDecaux CONSULT, a biannual survey implemented to capture feedback about JCDecaux’s performance to understand client needs and identify areas of growth.

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More than half of Aussie audiences unaware on how free online content generate revenue

Sydney, Australia Despite 87% of Australian respondents saying that they support advertising measures among online content providers who offer free content, around 70% of Australian respondents are still unaware on how these online content providers generate their revenue despite being a ‘free service’ to customers, according to insights provided by market research company Ipsos during the latest IAB Australia MeasureUp conference.

The report leans heavily on facts relating to importance of transparency and control over data, stating that 81% of consumers stating they want ‘more control and choice’ over the collection and use of their personal information, and 46% stating they wanted companies to stop sharing their information with third parties without consent as a high priority.

Transparency on what data is collected and how it is used is the key driver to a high level of trust in providing personal information (43% ), however sound corporate values such as having a good corporate reputation (40%) and being ethical (39%) are nearly equally key trust drivers.

It also noted that customers who are loyal to certain brands are most likely to share their information out of brand trust. About 47% of respondents say that they are more comfortable about sharing their data, provided that brands need to be more upfront with how the data collected will be used.

In addition, 46% of respondents say that they are willing to share information to these online providers, provided they are the only data needed.

For specific instances, 38% feel comfortable sharing their purchase history with a brand online if requested, 34% feel comfortable sharing browsing history and 38% feel comfortable sharing personal details to online content providers such as email, phone, or address. 

For Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia, while it is great news that consumers are so supportive of an ad-funded model to these online content providers, the insights suggests the industry has some work to do.

“Trust with a digital brand, including openness to provide data, goes well beyond reading consent notices and extends across all their interactions with the brand online and offline. To ensure the strength and sustainability of the industry, we need to build on existing levels of trust, and respect consumer’s preferences for more transparency and more control in relation to how their data is used,” Le Roy stated.

While nearly all Australians think privacy of their information is important when choosing digital content and services, only 3 in 10 people feel their understanding of data protection and privacy rights is of a high standard. Ultimately 8 in 10 people want more control and choice over the collection of their personal information, while 69% care about their data privacy but don’t know what to do about it.