In a conversation with Vasuta Agarwal, the senior vice president & managing director for Asia Pacific of InMobi, she shares the career journey she’s had, from starting off as a chip design engineer at Intel, then climbing into the senior vice president & managing director at InMobi, and how she continues to champion for women in the world of marketing. 

Vasuta boasts more than 10 years of experience in the marketing tech space. Of what makes her thrive in different roles she managed, she shares, “I was fortunate to try different [functions] and [roles] and I think all of these different roles really helped me to get a holistic understanding of the business and help make my transition to advertising technology.”  

“I think it’s very important for women to [explore] and in order to sort of compete or survive you need to keep yourself continuously being updated and prepared for every new role and challenge and never stop learning because it’s the only way to thrive in competitive environments,” Vasuta adds.

During the conversation with Vasuta, we asked about her leadership and management journey, and she shared, “As a leader, I feel like I really need to create other leaders, I should not create followers that’s not my job as a leader but to create more leaders and enable other people in their leadership journey.”

“In management, it is really important to trust people to do the right thing because when you create that trust then they feel empowered to make the right decisions. Then you can encourage them to dream big to take risks, to take big bets,” Vasuta said.

Listen to the full conversation with Vasuta Agarwal over at Spotify, where Vasuta shares further on what she believes are the best advertising practices as well as her insights about the significant changes in the gaming industry in Southeast Asia in terms of consumer behaviour, management, and innovation. You can also view the highlights of the conversation on our Youtube channel. 

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