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Anzu, Oracle Moat join forces to enable first-to-market viewability measurement for in-game ads

Tel Aviv, Israel – In-game advertising solution Anzu and Oracle Moat, a measurement and marketing analytics suite that is part of Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX), have announced the launch of its first-to-market viewability measurement for in-game ads. 

This means advertisers working with Anzu have access to third-party viewability verifications and in-view metrics by Oracle Moat when running in-game ads, either direct or programmatically, on mobile and PC.

The in-view ad impressions within in-game take into consideration the percentage of the creative on-screen, the ad size, time in view, and the angle of the ad to ensure a robust and accurate measurement is made. 

Moreover, these metrics are also available globally, no matter where advertisers are running their campaigns from. In addition to in-view metrics, Oracle Moat will also continue to verify impressions delivery and detect invalid traffic (IVT) across Anzu’s in-game banner and video ad formats.

Ben Fenster, chief product officer at Anzu said, “Providing third-party measurement is essential to building effective media strategies, industry confidence, and wider adoption of in-game advertising, helping to establish it as an ad category. We’re excited to be the first to bring Oracle Moat’s viewability measurement for in-game ads to advertisers, and we look forward to helping them establish clear benchmarks when it comes to viewability so they can see how their in-game campaign performance compares to other channels.”

Meanwhile, Mark Kopera, head of product at Oracle Moat added, “As advertisers continue to invest in in-game advertising, it’s crucial that they can measure key viewability metrics, like the percentage of an ad that appeared on-screen, time in-view, and more. By expanding our collaboration with Anzu, we’re able to give advertisers the measurement tools they need to make more informed buying decisions to reach these highly engaged audiences across gaming environments.”

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Anzu ties with Livewire for APAC advertisers to reach Roblox players

Australia – In-game advertising platform Anzu has partnered with global gametech company Livewire to help APAC advertisers reach Roblox players through blended in-game ad placements.

Roblox is a global metaverse where players gather to create, share, and play together in immersive worlds. Currently, the platform has over 40 million games covering every genre imaginable.

The partnership will allow advertisers to run non-disruptive ads within many of Roblox’s most popular titles, namely All Star Tower Defense, Speed Run 4, Wacky Wizards, and Weight Lifting Simulator. Advertisers working with Anzu also benefit from guaranteed viewable impressions, brand safety, detailed campaign reporting, and brand lift measurement. 

According to Top Down Games, the studio behind Roblox hit ‘All Star Tower Defense’ which is one of Roblox’s most-played titles, Anzu’s solution allows brands to become part of the game, with their ads appearing on in-game objects that naturally feel part of the gameplay. At the same time, they can reach millions of players within an environment where they are fully engaged and feel comfortable.

Indy Khabra and Brad Manuel, Livewire’s co-founders, commented that they are thrilled to partner with Anzu and extremely excited to bring the Roblox platform exclusively to marketers and agencies in APAC. 

“Livewire’s vision to be the leading gaming marketing and gametech company takes another leap forward with the immersive virtual world of Roblox. The platform is also fully GDPR and COPPA compliant highlighting their dedication to kidsafe gaming,” said Khabra and Manuel. 

Itamar Benedy, Anzu’s co-founder and CEO, noted that some of the world’s biggest brands are using Roblox’s popularity and global reach to access previously hard-to-reach audiences, who are increasingly spending more time on the platform. 

“Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Livewire, advertisers in APAC can now reach an engaged and diverse audience through our non-disruptive in-game ads that add to the gameplay, making experiences more realistic,” said Benedy.

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Anzu, Ubisoft extend in-game advertising partnership

Tel Aviv, Israel – In-game advertising platform Anzu and video gaming giant Ubisoft have extended their partnership following the success of dynamic ads being integrated to Ubisoft’s games, namely racing title Trackmania and sandbox MMO Growtopia.

The in-game advertising integration by Ubisoft started out in 2021, which blended into the gaming environment, appearing on 3D objects like roadside billboards and banners. Since then, Anzu has brought several big-name brands into the titles, including Samsung, Microsoft, American Eagle, and Vodafone.

Said integration premiered as part of the DIGI1 by Gamevention online gaming convention. During a 30-minute live stream, four streamers participated in the first-ever worldwide multiplayer streaming session of the yet-to-be-released, new version of Trackmania, complete with the blended in-game Vodafone banner ads powered by Anzu technology.

Itamar Benedy, CEO at Anzu, said that they are thrilled about extending their partnership, adding that they look forward to bringing their blended in-game ads to more of Ubisoft’s premium titles.

“We’ve been on an incredible journey with Ubisoft. They were one of the first big studios to work with us on our PC offering after identifying an opportunity to offer Trackmania fans a popular title, with in-game ads that not only compliment the gameplay but make it more realistic,” Benedy said.

Anzu has worked with several entities in the past year to extend their in-game advertising offering, including Saber Interactive, Roblox, and Eskimi.

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Anzu, HUMAN team up for safeguarding in-game ad spaces

Tel Aviv, Israel – Global in-game advertising platform Anzu and cybersecurity company HUMAN, formerly White Ops, have announced a new partnership, with the objective of safeguarding the in-game advertising space by detecting invalid traffic (IVT), general invalid traffic (GIVT), and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) among Anzu’s programmatic gaming inventory across mobile and PC.

By leveraging HUMAN’s pre-bid and post-bid solutions, MediaGuard, Anzu ensures that campaigns run across its inventory retain low fraud levels, allowing them to continue to harbor a safe space where both advertisers and publishers can feel confident working together to effectively reach gamers around the world.

Part of the inspiration between the partnership can be traced back to the fact that losses due to ad fraud are expected to continue to cost the industry billions of dollars each year, and sophisticated bots pose a significantly increasing threat to the gaming world.

For Itamar Benedy, co-founder and CEO at Anzu, he states that the company remains committed to making advertising in games better and putting ad quality at the heart of everything they do, adding that they aim at bringing in digital standards in-game and partnering with the industry leaders that advertisers know and trust.

“We continue to partner with the world’s brand safety, transparency, measurement, and data privacy leaders to ensure our clients can measure media value across channels and build their media strategy accordingly. This new partnership with HUMAN will take our commitment to create a brand-safe, fraud-free ecosystem to the next level,” Benedy stated.

Furthermore, said partnership ensures that customers and partners will be protected from emerging forms of in-game SIVT-background ad activity, hidden ads, misrepresentation/spoofing, measurement manipulation and more, while guaranteeing always-on filtering and measurement across the platform.

“Anzu ensures gamers can play without interruption while enabling brands to enter into a trusted marketplace that is native, creative and dynamically updateable. This forward-looking partnership with HUMAN will strengthen our ability to fight sophisticated cybercrime while ensuring a seamless user experience across the advanced in-game advertising platform,” says Tamer Hassan, co-founder and CEO at HUMAN.

HUMAN achieves the scale of ad verification through its continued expansion in cybersecurity, now offering a suite of products to protect the complete digital customer journey: BotGuard for Applications, BotGuard for Growth Marketing and MediaGuard. With new partners and enterprises now able to leverage one of its products, Human Verification Engine™, comes an even deeper understanding of the cybercrime landscape, enabling HUMAN to adapt continuously, staying ahead of adversaries and offering their clients collective protection against threat models they have yet to encounter.

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SHAREit Group to bolster business in Bangladesh market

Dhaka, Bangladesh – SHAREit Group, the global internet technology company, mainly dedicated to mobile internet application development and digital services, is set to bolster its business in the Bangladesh market to fulfill the diverse demands of the people in the country.

According to a report by Dhaka Tribune, the number of internet users in Bangladesh has increased by 19%, totaling 7.7 million between 2020 and 2021. In January 2021, there were 47.61 million internet users and the Internet penetration in the country stood at 28.8%.

SHAREit, which owns the flagship product, SHAREit app, aims to double down on the highly engaged digital audience in the country. The company said that while there is a vastly increasing number of internet users in Bangladesh, the development of internet channels and resources is rather slow, and therefore opening up the need for a rapid and reliable internet application.

The SHAREit app offers opportunities for users to access a platform that enables online streaming videos, file transfer facilities, as well as applications aimed at gaming, entertainment, and personalized digital content. 

Starting mainly from offering a file transfer app, SHAREit group has since branched out to offering brand marketing, digital advertising, and entertainment solutions. SHAREit offers a wide inventory for advertisers and has also performance advertising solutions to drive installs for brands and gaming apps. In addition, SHAREit offers in-game advertising and payment solutions. 

“Over the years, our growth as a platform for marketing and entertainment as well as the meteoric rise of total users has been phenomenal. Now that we have many users in Bangladesh, we want to strengthen our business in this country to partner with local and global apps and serve our users in more enhanced ways,” said Karam Malhotra, partner and global vice president of SHAREit

The SHAREit group has mapped out plans to cater to the digital entertainment, brand marketing, and advertising solution needs of the country. This is expected to benefit the users in multi-faceted ways as it comes as an alternative channel for brand marketing as well. 

According to SHAREit, its presence is now at 200 countries and is available in 45 languages. Currently, SHAREit Group has its offices in various regions in the world, including Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates, among others. 

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Anzu, OpenX to bring programmatic in-game advertising closer to advertisers

Tel Aviv, Israel – Global in-game advertising platform Anzu and independent advertising exchange OpenX, has recently announced a new partnership in which both companies will be able to programmatically serve Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)-recognized in-game video and banner ads at scale across mobile, PC, and console platforms.

For Brian Murphy, SVP of buyer and publisher development at OpenX, their company has always been in search of creating more value for our partners, adding that for marketers, this means integrating with new, cutting-edge ad units that will help them engage their target audiences.

“Gaming is an industry with an audience that is growing at an unprecedented rate and shows no signs of slowing down. Our integration with Anzu enables marketers to programmatically reach this audience through immersive ad placements that respect the gameplay and naturally match the environment,” said Murphy.

Meanwhile, Yaniv Rozencweig, global programmatic director at Anzu, commented, “We’re excited to partner with OpenX to offer gaming’s untapped premium and brand-safe environment to its advertisers, allowing them to reach players across a wide range of SDK supply from various game genres and devices. OpenX is known for being a leader in brand safety and creating a good user experience for the consumer, which perfectly aligns with Anzu’s values.”

Fully GDPR, COPPA, and CCPA compliant, Anzu’s innovative SDK technology integrated into games delivers high-quality direct traffic with complete control over ad placements and first-party data.

On the other hand, OpenX is a recognized global company in programmatic advertising, delivering value across every type of connected screen and format. The company powers effective and impactful audience targeting on the open web by enabling marketers to leverage first and third-party data to reach their target audience across OpenX’s global network of publishers.

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AdColony launches new ad product catered to gaming campaign

Singapore – AdColony, a gaming and esports mobile advertising company, has recently announced the launch of its newest product, ‘Social Ads’, in its bid to take existing campaigns that run on social media, such as image, carousel and video posts, and seamlessly place them within the mobile gaming environment.

Said product aims to target two objectives: offer a greater reach into Asia-Pacific’s wide and diverse mobile audiences, while minimizing brand safety risks of advertising on user-generated content, which is present within the social media ecosystem.

Part of the reason why said product is launched is due to the fact that it aims to cater advertisers that traditionally engage on social media and at a disadvantage when attempting to reach ‘social media dark audiences’ which are referred to as consumers with a presence on one platform but not on another or not on social media altogether, as well as people with ad blockers making up half of all internet users.

Mitchell Vaz, senior director strategy at AdColony, said, “We’re in an age where advertisers cannot categorise who is a social media user and who isn’t anymore, simply because everyone is a social media user of some sort. Gaming too offers this type of mass reach, ranging from hyper-casual gamers to hard-core esports fans.”

Furthermore in comparison to gaming, social media poses a higher threat to brand safety due to the presence of user-generated content. At the same time, much of users’ data is confined to the individual social media platform. Gaming, however, provides a brand-safe platform for advertisers to reach these consumers. Game environments offer advertisers greater insights into players’ behavioural data and prioritises viewability of the ads.

“As gamers ourselves, we fully understand the gaming experience. AdColony’s latest solution seamlessly integrates social media ads into the gameplay, resulting in an enhanced experience for the player. At the same time, we’re also on the side of advertisers. This has led to the creation of this product that amplifies reach and viewability of the ads, offering advertisers a smarter way to scale their brand campaigns while recording high levels of engagement among audiences who are immersed in the game,” Mitchell added.

Following the launch of this product, AdColony is already gearing up to launch a second phase, which brings shopability into these gaming ad units.

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Anzu’s latest global deal to bring in-game ad ops to Verizon Media’s ad platforms

Tel Aviv, Israel – Global in-game advertising platform Anzu has announced a new global deal with media company Verizon Media to bring Anzu’s fully-blended in-game advertising to ad platforms hosted by Verizon Media.

Verizon Media has established itself as a forward-thinking media brand that provides its clients with access to next-generation advertising opportunities across established and emerging platforms and channels. Its already strong foothold in the gaming industry will be bolstered by the partnership with Anzu.

Through the deal, Verizon Media advertisers will benefit from Anzu’s exclusive partnership with popular game publishers such Vivid Games, Toplitz Productions, Axis Games, to name a few. Clients will also be able to connect in-game with Xbox gamers as Anzu is the only platform of its kind licensed under the Xbox Tools and Middleware program.

“Our new partnership with Verizon Media is a testament to Anzu’s platform and strengthens our position as a leader in the in-game advertising industry. We are pleased to welcome Verizon Media advertisers to our platform and provide them with exclusive opportunities to deliver their campaigns to a growing and receptive gaming audience,” said Yaniv Rozenweig, director of business operations at Anzu.

Meanwhile, Kristiana Carlet, VP for international sales at Verizon Media, commented that they have been always on the lookout for new partnerships that help connect their advertisers and media partners to premium, engaged audiences through creative campaigns and innovative context and formats.

“We see an increasing demand for in-game advertising opportunities from clients across our global markets. This partnership with Anzu continues to build out our strong gaming credentials, supplying our ecosystem with even more premium advertising opportunities,” Carlet said.

Just recently, It was announced that 90% of Verizon Media’s division had been acquired by investment management firm Apollo Global Management for roughly US$5b, and will be known as ‘Yahoo!’ following the closure of the deal. Meanwhile, Anzu has also been ramping up its operations, recently announcing its new partner in China, Chen Zeng, as well as forging partnerships with companies such as Eskimi and AdColony similarly to bring in-game advertising to a greater reach.

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Oracle announces launch of ad measurement tech for in-game environments

Singapore – As more brands are now engaging and putting up ad space inside in-game environments, computer software company Oracle has announced the launch of a new ad measurement technology to measure ad performance within 3D game environments.

The launch was done in line with Oracle’s update of its Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) suite, which include impressions delivery and general invalid traffic (GIVT) measurement for PC, mobile, and web-based gaming environments in Oracle Moat Measurement.

Oracle Moat, part of Oracle Advertising, helps brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms solve their biggest media measurement challenges across digital and TV. The measurement suite includes solutions for ad verification, attention, brand safety, advertising effectiveness, and cross-platform reach and frequency.

“As the gaming industry continues to grow and become a key area of investment for advertisers, it’s crucial that advertisers can measure whether an ad was served to a human and detect any fraudulent ad activity inside games,” said Derek Wise, chief product officer at Oracle Advertising.

Oracle’s ad measurement tool launch best responds to the exponential growth of the gaming industry, expected to grow by US$56 billion in 2024, according to recent data from analyst firm Omdia. Advertisers can engage new audiences with this fast-growing channel, but it can also be a target for advertising fraud.

“Today’s industry-first announcement represents an important step forward in understanding ad performance in 3D in-game environments. We’re proud to be able to equip advertisers with the confidence and tools they need to make more informed buying decisions to reach these highly engaged audiences,” Wise added.

Oracle Moat works closely with other in-game advertising platforms such as Anzu, Bidstack, Adverty, and Frameplay, and enables advertisers to effectively measure impressions and GIVT to determine whether an ad was served to a human and to avoid ad spend on invalid traffic or fraudulent activity. By measuring impressions and GIVT, advertisers can make more informed decisions around their investments and better protect ad spend.

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Anzu taps into China gaming market; appoints new partner to lead expansion

Shanghai, China – In-game advertising solution Anzu has announced that it is now entering the Chinese gaming market, and has sought Chen Zeng to lead its expansion in Mainland China as its strategic partner for China.

Anzu’s expansion speaks for its previous goal after it concluded its US$9M series funding last February this year led by WPP and Sony.

In regards to Zeng’s background, Zeng is an industry professional with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry and an impressive track record of building technology-focused advertising brands in China. Before joining Anzu, Zeng spent five years as the General Manager of mobile ad tech Glispa China. He was also the head of sales at mobile marketing company MobPartner China, as well as leading InMobi China’s business development team.

Speaking about the partnership, Zeng said, “I am beyond excited to assist Anzu with its expansion into the region. Anzu’s unique and creative platform is a game-changer and Chinese advertisers and game developers will be eager to tap into the power of this disruptive technology. I am committed to seeing Anzu’s operations in China succeed and have no doubt that success is only moments away.”

Anzu has always ramped up its global presence prior to its China expansion, as it has forged partnerships with companies such as Eskimi and AdColony to bring in-game advertising to a greater reach, as well as with game developers like those of the game World Cricket Championship.

“Anzu has been operating in the APAC region for some time, but expanding to China specifically brings us one step closer to becoming a company with global operations. As the number one gaming market globally, China is overflowing with opportunities, and this partnership helps circumvent the Great Firewall,” said Itamar Benedy, co-founder and CEO of Anzu.

He added, “I’ve known Chen since the days of Glispa and am thrilled to be working with him again on this joint venture which promises exciting synergies for the local gaming industry.”