Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Whisky brand Glenfiddich’s new immersive experience takes consumers on ‘cosmic voyage’

Singapore – For this year’s Chinese New Year, William Grant & Sons’ Scotch whisky brand, Glenfiddich, has launched its new immersive 360° cinematic experience called, ‘The Cosmic Voyage’, which is set on the rooftop of Design Orchard in Singapore and White Box @ Publika in Kuala Lumpur. 

Brought to life by regional independent agency The Teeth and event agencies Idea Fabrik in Singapore and Virtue Communications in Malaysia, ‘The Cosmic Voyage’ is a vivid passage that invites visitors to a bright galaxy of possibilities as they follow Glenfiddich’s Royal Stag through the ethereal cosmic forest, an enchanting place alive with storytelling and embedded with hidden gems.

Moreover, the experience includes a starry sky containing the familiar sights of Lunar New Year – lanterns, fireworks, and dancing lions – alongside an array of rockets, planets, and other cosmic features that bring to mind space exploration at its most fantastical and takes visitors’ imagination beyond earthly limitations. Visitors can also discover the Limited Edition Gift Packs designed by celebrated artist Rlon Wang, as well as the Tree of Fortune, where visitors can draw exclusive branded red packets and stand a chance to win exclusive vouchers on the gift packs.

Zee Agnew, The Teeth’s founder and business partner, shared that lots of marketers are keen on engaging with consumers on a bigger scale again as many consumers want to reconnect and are craving unique and entertaining experiences more than ever.

“We’ve shaped our experience in a way that fits well within the COVID limitations, while bringing our consumers on a journey through The Cosmic Voyage – designed to unleash their imagination and get them thinking ‘Where Next?’, embracing the Glenfiddich DNA of curiousness and future-thinking vision,” said Agnew.

Meanwhile, Ling Versteegen, William Grant & Sons’ head of marketing for SEA, said they wanted to encapsulate a feeling of optimism for consumers as they journey with Glenfiddich towards a future of good fortune this Lunar New Year.

“The agency managed to bring to life the celestial-themed illustration of Rlon Wang, into an immersive cinematic experience that brings them into a galaxy of exciting possibilities. It’s heartening to be able to create impactful brand experiences in a safe environment for consumers,” said Versteegen.

Marketing Featured South Asia

VICE World News’ latest multimedia campaign unveils ‘unfiltered’ history of British Museum artifacts

India – VICE Media Group’s international news network, VICE World News, has launched a new multimedia project, aimed at exploring the most disputed artifacts displayed in the British Museum. 

Titled ‘The Unfiltered History Tour’, which was developed in collaboration with creative agency Dentsu Webchutney, includes an interactive mobile site, where users can take a tour of the museum via Instagram filters and immersive audio. They can also scan objects including the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon Marbles, and Benin Bronzes, to unlock an augmented reality, which steps back in time to show the moment these items were removed.

Moreover, the immersive history tour includes a series of podcast episodes, featuring interviews with experts from these countries, namely Aboriginal rights activist Rodney Kelly, Nigerian artist Victor Ehikhamenor, and Rapa Nui governor Tarita Rapu. It is accessible through the mobile site and all major podcast platforms.

John Montoya, VICE Media Group’s senior director of audience and content strategy, shared that they wanted to continue to educate the audience on the historic and modern inequalities, using technology and social media. 

“There is still so much to unpack about colonialism in Britain today, and we hope that this project can play a part in furthering this,” said Montoya.

Meanwhile, Dentsu Webchutney’s COO PG Aditiya, creative director Binaifer Dulani, and group account director Karishma Changroth, believe that through the project, the people from the countries these artifacts came from can tell their side of their artifact’s history to every visitor in an incredibly immersive way. 

“We hope this encourages every visitor to start engaging in meaningful dialogue about reconciling with our uncomfortable shared pasts in an equitable manner,” they said.

Vice said that the project follows VICE World News’ video series ‘Empires of Dirt’, which uncovered stories of colonialism.

The project is accompanied by social activation across VICE Media Group’s network, including VICE World News’ Instagram account.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Interactive digital journeys through gamification

Malaysia – The pandemic has changed the digital consumption habits of your everyday user. On average, digital consumption rose by over 30% since COVID-19 started. With the increase in digital consumption by consumers, one would assume that it is easier to grab the attention of your audience, however, the opposite is true.

Attention spans are at an all-time low – another byproduct of the pandemic. How then can marketers attract and retain the attention of their target audiences? One of the ways we can do this is through an ever-growing popular term, ‘Gamification’.

Gamification is “the concept of using game design elements in non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.” By providing an immersive, engaging, and fun experience for users, it is more likely that we would be able to retain their attention which then, in turn, leads to association with your brand.

Unicom Interactive Digital (UID), a Malaysia-based digital company, that focuses on creating immersive experiences for its clients, offers a simple process for brands to start their gamification digital journey.

Through an entire library of games, brands would only need to choose one that is most relevant to their messaging and have it reskinned to its brand colors. Brands can mix and match however they like and can re-skin and customize them to suit their brand and messaging. In addition, the user journey has also been mapped out by the digital agency.

Some of the recent works of UID for brands Maxis, PepperLunch, and Tsubaki

For example, beauty brands could choose UID‘s Face Analysis system for product recommendations or security brands could reskin Space Invaders, or real estate companies could remodel Monopoly. The possibilities are endless.

Jason Yong, founder of UID, commented, “Build a door if opportunity doesn’t knock! The pandemic may have kept us indoors and grounded but it was no reason for us to stop trying. We can only adapt and keep striving in finding new ways to engage with our target audiences. We saw an opportunity to put our skills into helping brands bridge the physical divide with their audiences through gamification and we have never looked back since.”

Coupled with its backend dashboard, UID helps brands make sense of all that raw data the internet provides to deliver campaigns and activations in the new normal.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Cruise operator Hurtigruten taps Aussie creative agency to debut ‘immersive’ digital magazine

Sydney, Australia – Norwegian sustainable cruise operator Hurtigruten has tapped the creative talents of Australia-based publishing agency Grin Creative in launching its first-ever ‘immersive’ digital magazine, initially set to roll out in Australia.

Hurtigruten is known for their cruise routes locally in Norway and through the Arctic region, such as Svalbard, Alaska, Iceland, as well as Antarctica, the Carribean, the British Isles and parts of Europe and North America. Hurtigruten Magazine is its first foray into publishing.

The new ‘immersive’ digital magazine will make full use of immersive videos and sound, the first issue of the magazine allows readers to tour Norway’s coastal kitchen with Danish food and travel blogger Anders Husa, embark on a visual journey to Antarctica with award-winning Australian travel photographer Dan Avila, and follow in the footsteps of Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen.

Hurtigruten’s digital magazine will also feature the cruise line’s mission for sustainability, showcasing stories about the first all-women team to overwinter in the Arctic, and discover how ice samples in Greenland are helping scientists to predict the future.

“Much like our hybrid ships, we’re embracing new technologies to keep our audiences’ travel dreams alive through an interactive and immersive experience that goes beyond brochures,” said Damian Perry, managing director of Hurtigruten Asia Pacific.

The digital magazine will be published quarterly and will be optimized for mobile phones, tablets and desktops.The creation of the digital magazine was spearheaded by Joel Victoria, head of marketing for Hurtigruten Asia Pacific, who believes that the magazine will serve as a ‘temporary escape’ and an inspiration for travel in future, still restricted by the ongoing global pandemic.

“We’re finding that cruises exploring remote destinations are performing exceptionally well at the moment for forward bookings; nearly 80% of bookings in the last quarter of 2020 were for Antarctica, fuelled by an ‘All-Inclusive’ marketing campaign. Svalbard, in the Norwegian Arctic, has also proven popular with Aussies,” Victoria stated.

After its initial release in Australia, the printed edition of the magazine will roll out in the UK with translated editions also available in France, Germany and Norway and soon to roll out in Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark.