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SP Setia’s new campaign embraces old Raya traditions in new normal

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, property development group SP Setia in Malaysia has launched a new heart-warming campaign that aims to embrace the old Raya traditions and strengthen its value on togetherness, done in collaboration with marketing consultancy Entropia’s brand for disruptors Rouge by Entropia.

SP Setia is one of the leading property developers in Malaysia. Its portfolio includes townships, eco homes, luxury homes, and high-rise residences, as well as retail and commercial, and integrated developments.

The almost four-minute film depicts one of the longest-standing Raya traditions – the traditional way of cooking Rendang – a tender coconut beef stew dish especially served during Hari Raya. It centers around a father and a son, and their 10-hour journey of keeping their Raya tradition alive by preparing homemade Rendang from scratch. In an ‘old vs new’ scenario, the father tries to instill traditional values in his son. Even though there are easy ways to cook Rendang with plenty of shortcuts like ordering on food delivery service, buying it off a roadside stall, or buying ready-made paste, the tradition lies in the time spent together and the adventures shared.

Rouge by Entropia’s Principal Samantha Tay commented that they are honored to be part of SP Setia’s 2021 Raya campaign, assisting the brand’s goal in keeping the core values and traditions that have transcended the times. 

She further shared that synonymous with quality, reliability, and value creation, SP Setia is a brand that believes every tradition is “worth doing, worth keeping, and worth continuing,” and they wanted this brand campaign to reflect these beliefs while “making old traditions the new normal”.

“Contrary to previous Raya celebrations, we might not be able to spend the time with our extended family members and friends, but as our campaign shows, we hope the effort of our traditions can still bring us closer together,” said Tay.

The Raya campaign is now available on SP Setia’s Facebook page, and will also run in print on newspapers and as a radio ad.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

WATCH: RHB’s latest Raya spot is a musical message of togetherness

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In the spirit of unity and hope looking forward to the Hari Raya festivities, banking institution RHB has partnered with advertising agency FCB KL with a new spot centered around the true-to-life story of content creator Nuramira Binti Mohd Amin and her endeavor to create sign language video covers of songs.

Titled ‘Sempurna’ which translates to ‘Perfect’, the campaign follows the story of Nuramira and her best friend Izzatul, who also serves as the narrator of the film. Despite Izzatul’s inability to hear, this hasn’t stopped the duo from bonding over music, and later on inspiring Nuramira to be an online content creator.

‘Sempurna’ encapsulates the musical beauty brought by Nuramira as the latter part of the film features a tear-jerker moment where Nuramira performs an original song specifically made for the film dedicated to her best friend Izzatul.

Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, chief marketing officer at RHB Group, said, “The most inspiring part about Nuramira’s story is how she chose to stand by her friend, even though it wasn’t her challenge to face. Her act of selflessness is not just an anthem of what RHB stands for, but also what the people believe in during these trying times – that only by standing together in the face of challenges can true progress be found. Hence, this film is more than just about her story; it’s a story for Malaysians this Hari Raya.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Chan, creative group head at FCB Malaysia, explained that music has played a crucial role in Nuramira and her friend’s relationship, so they had to ensure that it has similar importance in the film to do the story’s justice. 

“It took a collaborative effort from the brand, the agency and our amazing partners at Reservoir World and GT Records to evolve the film from the usual way RHB tells stories of progress to this bold musical piece that truly echoes the essence of Nuramira’s incredible tale,” Chan added.

Ong Shi Ping, co-owner and chief creative officer at FCB Malaysia noted that the message of inclusivity and togetherness not only rang loudly throughout Nuramira’s story, but also in how they created the film itself. 

“By taking extra steps to make sure that the film is accessible to even the hearing impaired, our film transcends beyond just a festive piece to a deafening demonstration of what RHB believes in – that progress is truly for everyone,” he stated.

Nuramira posts her sign language song covers on her social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. She uses Malaysian Sign Language (MSL) for Bahasa Malaysia songs, and American Sign Language (ASL) for international songs.

The campaign was launched on 3 May 2021 and is running across all RHB Bank’s social and digital channels in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive celebration on 13 May in Malaysia.. To date, it has received over 4.1 million views on YouTube.

FCB KL has also previously worked with RHB Bank l when they launched a Chinese New Year-centric ad about the sentimental importance of parent’s love.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Kärcher MY reminds families to go beyond ‘coming together’ this Raya in new short

Malaysia – In this year’s celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Malaysian cleaning appliance brand Kärcher releases a touching short film that reminds the value of ‘home’ and ‘memories’.

The almost 7-minute film was done in collaboration with social media agency Kingdom Digital, and Lui Xiao Yee, its head for account servicing, said that while the tradition of families coming together to clean and spruce up their homes in preparation for the Raya festive occasion serves as a great bonding experience, “memories are often sidelined.” 

Karcher Malaysia Kingdom Digital

Hence, the insight for the new short film, ‘Rumahku, Memoriku’ or ‘My Home, My Memories’.

The story revolves around the son, Zack, who is convincing his father to sell the family’s old house in order to gain money from it, but the father contests as the house holds many precious memories of the family. 

As the family visits and sets out to clean and ‘prepare’ the house for sale, Zack is brought back to his fond memories of childhood which he had spent happily with his parents. This brings the important realization that his parents are right all along, and that family comes first before anything else.

William Kiew, general manager of Kärcher Malaysia, said, “We are excited to have released our first Raya short film on social media platforms. Besides showcasing the capabilities of our key products to ease Malaysians with the spring-cleaning process, we hope to remind them that remnants of our past can often bring back memories and help us remember what made us who we are today.”

Kingdom Digital produced the short film in partnership with production company Untitled Films.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri which marks the end of Ramadan will be celebrated on 13 May in Malaysia.