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Asiaray, Hivestack launch pDOOH campaign for Gojek in Singapore

Singapore – Out-of-home (OOH) media company Asiaray and independent programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) adtech company Hivestack has launched a pDOOH campaign for mobile on-demand services platform Gojek alongside Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail network via The Trade Desk’s demand side platform (DSP).

The campaign is launched on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). To launch the pDOOH campaign, Asiaray used proximity geofencing to activate Gojek’s ‘GOTOMALLS’ campaign on DOOH screens along the TEL line.

In the coming months, Asiaray will expand its digital inventory to additional TEL stations including digital floor, wall and ceiling mounted screens. This premium inventory is on for approximately 16 hours a day and is available for advertisers to reach their audiences with precise targeting during their daily travel.

Vincent Lam, chairman and executive director at Asiaray, said, “We are glad to have partnered with Hivestack again to support Gojek on the ‘GOTOMALLS’ campaign. This is another implementation of Asiaray’s unique ‘Outdoor and Online (O&O)’ new media strategy to provide our hallmark DOOH+ solution delivering fruitful results to both our customers and partners.” 

He added, “Looking ahead, Asiaray will continue to build on TEL’s role of ‘National Gateway’ with innovative advertising solutions that will brighten the passengers’ journey, and thus creating better values for advertisers as well as the brands.”

Meanwhile, Matt Bushby, managing director at Hivestack ANZ and SEA, commented, “We are thrilled to have launched the first ever programmatic DOOH campaign along Singapore’s latest Thomson East-Coast Line (TEL) following the announcement of our partnership with Asiaray in March. It’s an exciting time in Singapore as the streets are busy again and audiences are on the move, posing an unmissable opportunity for brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs to activate DOOH with precision and scale.”

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Martech TenMax announces TikTok integration for Gojek Ads Network

Indonesia – Taiwanese martech TenMax has announced a new TikTok integration for Gojek Ads Network (GoGAN), allowing Indonesia marketers and advertisers to use GoGAN to programmatically place TikTok In-Feed video ads.

Through this new integration, GoGAN now also supports TikTok’s most popular ad format, In-Feed, the video advertisements embedded into a user’s ‘For You’ feed. In-Feed ads can be up to 60 seconds long with the look and feel similar to native organic content. 

To utilise this feature, marketers need to upload their video content into the GoGAN interface and select their targeted audience. The supported video aspect ratios are 9:16, 1:1, and 16:9.

In addition, GoGAN lookalike audiences can now be magnified on TikTok through ‘audience augmentation’ technology. For a multi-channel campaign, GoGAN users only need to build a single target audience and the AI will match it with similar TikTok users, or those of any of the other media selected for the campaign.

Jeremy Lin, general manager and managing director at TenMax Indonesia, said, “This integration is an exciting proposition for marketers as it brings together the current best-in-class digital ad product with the Indonesian market’s most precise targeting engine. GoGAN will amplify the performance of brands’ TikTok advertising and this synergy between in-depth insights and high-impact video ads cannot be found elsewhere.”

He added, “As we continue to add more media publishers to GoGAN, it becomes even easier for brands and marketers to reach all their targeted audiences and strategic goals from this single platform,” added Jeremy Lin.“ TikTok is shaping the way Gen-Z, especially in Indonesia, communicates and interacts with the world, and now GoGAN can connect with these coveted younger consumers.”

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Gojek, MoMo announce strategic partnership in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Indonesia super-app has inked a strategic partnership with Vietnamese e-wallet MoMo, entailing MoMo to be integrated in the Gojek super-app in the local market. 

Through the partnership, Gojek and MoMo will combine their technological strengths and large ecosystems to jointly raise the level of use of cashless payment methods among Vietnamese people, and at the same time provide a better customer experience.

MoMo will support Gojek’s ecosystem of millions of users who are using online technology ride-hailing services such as GoRide, GoCar, and online food delivery GoFood. This then gives Gojek customers the option to pay via MoMo’s e-wallet in addition to credit, debit and cash payments.

Gojek will have the opportunity to reach out to MoMo’s ecosystem of more than 31 million users, and at the same time meet the growing demand of customers who want more payment options on the app, especially the use of contactless payments amid the COVID-19.

Speaking about the partnership, Nguyen Ba Diep, co-founder and vice president at MoMo, said, “I firmly believe that this partnership will bring optimal payment options and experience. for users. With this cooperation, we hope to partly help technology drivers and partners of Gojek and MoMo to reach more customers, increase sales and quickly recover from the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Pham Huu Thanh, operations director of payments division at Gojek Vietnam, commented, “Through the integration of MoMo e-wallet on the Gojek application, our users will have more choices when paying for services, thus having a smoother, more convenient, and safer experience when paying for services. use Gojek. Together with MoMo, we are delighted to continue to contribute to the promotion of cashless payments in Vietnam, by influencing to change user habits and constantly expanding the payment ecosystem.”

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Gojek, TenMax’s new tie-up aims to provide AI-based martech solution in Indonesia

Indonesia – Southeast Asia’s multi-service platform, Gojek, has announced a new partnership with marketing technology firm,, to support its advertisement network, GoGAN, in delivering ad services to consumer brands, merchants, and ad agencies in Indonesia.

TenMax is an innovative ad network focusing on research, innovation, and development of digital advertising technologies. It is committed to becoming the digital advertising and real-time bidding (RTB) ecosystem leader in the SEA region.

By leveraging TenMax’s artificial intelligence and Gojek’s insights-driven platform, the partnership aims to provide an AI-based marketing technology solution to marketers in the country, enabling merchants and brands to access, plan, and monitor their digital marketing efforts across social media and content sites in a real-time manner.

According to Gojek, the platform is founded on the principle of utilizing technology to remove life’s daily frictions by connecting consumers to the best providers of goods and services in the market, from transportation to food, among many other services. 

The platform’s GoGAN proprietary AI or deep learning technology can assist marketers in key aspects of programmatic media buying through a one-stop shopping cross-channel media buy, like buying Facebook or Instagram and local website ad space in a few clicks. Through this, the RTB capability makes sure advertisers get superior costs per click and impressions to reach their target audiences. Another is real time analytics and performance report generating dashboard, which provides brands and agencies insights and allows them to recalibrate marketing strategy.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gojek to support GoGAN in Indonesia, by combining our expertise and Gojek’s valuable insights to introduce solutions to the Indonesian digital economy,” commented Nathan Chu, TenMax’s CEO.

Meanwhile, Antoine de Carbonnel, Gojek’s chief commercial officer, said that through the collaboration with, they are further reducing the friction of digital media buying, allowing the merchant partners and global brand clients to optimize their digital marketing initiatives of all sizes, powered by their user-base and first-party insights, and the proprietary martech platform from, to create value for the Gojek ecosystem.

“We engaged with brands beyond the food sectors, including insurance, banking, lifestyle, fashion, gaming, and we look forward to working with ad agencies as well to provide innovative solutions to more world brands,” said de Carbonnel.

Brian Yang, the managing director of, shared that co-working with the Gojek team has been a pleasure, as the insights allow them to further train and optimize the RTB algorithm, placing the right content to the right audiences at the right cost. 

“With satisfactory initial results, we now work with more partners from the ad agencies world, premium content publishers, and the entire Gojek ecosystem, from global FMCG brands, consumer electronics, to regional SMBs, and MSMEs, to GoGAN platform as a solution for any company in Indonesia and beyond,” said Yang.

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InMobi, Gojek team up to help brands in SEA drive personalization

Singapore – Mobile ad platform InMobi has partnered with multi-service platform Gojek, in an aim to provide privacy-compliant personalized advertising, consumer intelligence, and identity resolution for brands in Southeast Asia – particularly to Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Through the partnership, InMobi will also provide brands the capability to run surveys among Gojek audiences to unravel unique industry and consumer insights. The industry and vertical insights will be powered by InMobi’s AI-driven mobile-first consumer intelligence platform – Pulse.

Rishi Bedi, vice president and general manager for InMobi Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, stated that through this partnership, brands can engage with Gojek audiences programmatically on InMobi Exchange via their preferred demand-side platform (DSP) platform.

Brands will have a unique opportunity to build a single view of the consumer by combining browse and buy patterns, category or brand affinity, location intelligence, and media behavior across the InMobi and Gojek platforms. Additionally, brands can also measure the sales impact of their online advertising across platforms using InMobi’s mobile intelligence, such as location and Gojek’s in-app engagement signals.

“With the deprecation of the cookie, identity resolution is becoming critical for brands across the globe and Southeast Asia to reach consumers in a relevant manner. By combining InMobi and Gojek proprietary intelligence, we will soon provide brands with a unique ID to drive contextual targeting and advertising in a cookie less world,” said Bedi.

Meanwhile, Vice President for AdTech, Data Partnership & Monetization of Gojek Pulkit Khanna commented, “Our partnership with InMobi will offer an actionable solution for marketers and be a key growth driver for their businesses, as we will be able to help them optimize their marketing spends via effective targeting. By helping marketers deliver the right content to users on the right occasion, they will be able to maximize impact and ROI. Users will also benefit from having more targeted and relevant content, in line with Gojek’s mission to remove friction from consumers’ daily lives.”

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Gojek’s Bank Jago investment a move in Indonesia’s financial inclusion

Jakarta, Indonesia – Technology group Gojek has announced its investment to technology-based Bank Jago as part of a strategic partnership for Indonesia’s accelerated financial inclusion.

Within the partnership, Gojek and Bank Jago aim to bring digital banking closer to users through Gojek’s payment platform GoPay. Users can now open a Bank Jago account and manage it through the Gojek app. The partnership will also act as a model through which Gojek will go on to partner with other banking institutions to support them in reaching more customers.

For Gojek CEO Andre Soelistyo, the newly-forged partnership is a strategic move to get banks working for the superapp, hence leveraging Gojek’s purpose to be an accessible financial platform for Indonesians.

“Our partnership with Jago marks the latest milestone in our drive to reduce daily friction for users and improve their lives through technology. It is a key part of our strategy and will underpin the growth and sustainability of our business in the long term. Jago’s tech-based banking solutions will supercharge Gojek’s ecosystem offerings and facilitate access to banking services for the mass market, thereby supporting our common vision to accelerate financial inclusion in Indonesia,” Soelistyo stated.

The investment, made through Gojek’s financial and investment arm, would mean that 22% of Bank Jago will be held by Gojek.

On the other hand, Bank Jago’s president director Kharim Siregar, expressed high hopes for the new partnership, as it complements the Bank’s broad expertise to Indonesian financial needs.

“We believe that this strategic collaboration – between a tech-based bank like Bank Jago and a Super App like Gojek – is the first of its kind in Indonesia and Southeast Asia and represents a new way to spur growth in digital economies. As a bank designed with an open API, we will go on to work with multiple digital ecosystems to reach a wider audience and drive our aspiration to enhance the finances of millions of people through digital financial solutions,” said Siregar.

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Gojek moves to DOOH advertising, launches GoScreen

Jakarta, Indonesia – To provide brands with a larger advertising reach for an affordable price, Indonesian superapp Gojek has launchedGoScreen, a digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising solution on Gojek’s fleet of two-wheel partner vehicles.

Available in the Greater Jakarta area, GoScreen uses location and time-targeting features, where ads to be featured will be based on specific audiences and a hyper-localized approach.. 

“The key pain points that brands face with out-of-home advertising today include the inability to target their campaigns and measure performance. GoScreen addresses this through location and time-based campaigns as well as precise measurement technology that provides brands with an efficient return on investment,” said Antoine de Carbonnel, Gojek’s chief commercial officer.

Gojek’s GoScreen aims to benefit brands through creating larger impressions that can be monitored through an online dashboard for impressions and insights. Driver-partners, based on performance-based eligibility, can also join the program, and can receive additional income based on the distance they have covered with their vehicles.

“With Gojek’s commitment to enable inclusive growth, GoScreen makes out-of-home advertising accessible to small local businesses and supplements the income of participating driver-partners, paving the way for improved livelihoods. At the same time, it is providing a promising new source of revenue for the wider Gojek business, ensuring that our entire ecosystem thrives together,” De Carbonnel added.