Jakarta, Indonesia – Financial institution, Indonesia Eximbank (LPEI), has introduced a number of export-oriented SMEs during Indonesia’s historic event, G-20 2022, which has the theme ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’.

The move aims to show the resilience of Indonesian SMEs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. These SMEs have participated in ‘Coaching Program for New Exporters’ (CPNE) or new export pilot programs, which is one of the government’s mandates through the Act to LPEI to create new exporters.

Rijani Tirtoso, LPEI’s executive director, shared that they have presented 16 selected SMEs during the event, of which are the results of the Consulting Services program, namely CPNE.

CPNE is a one-year mentoring and training program is also carried out by LPEI during the pandemic and has produced more than 2000 alumni. It aims to provide sustainable financial inclusion for SMEs can be accelerated, especially related to exports in accordance with one of the finance track agendas in the G-20 Indonesia presidency, namely ‘Financial Inclusion: Digital and SMEs’.

“A continuous training program for one year or we can say financial inclusion for export-oriented SMEs which aims to give birth to new exporters. Their presence at the G-20 presidency shows the resilience of SMEs to face the pandemic storm that has occurred for approximately the last two years,” said Tirtoso.

“We can find export-oriented SMEs from the CPNE program at the Rumah Joglo and Rumah Minahasa stands at JCC, Senayan. The products are also quite varied, such as fashion, handicrafts and home decorations, to accessories. Even more uniquely, a non-machine loom (ATBM) from one of the fostered partners that produce sarongs was brought directly to the JCC and attracted the attention of a number of delegates, even the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia,” said LPEI in a press statement.