Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia To commemorate the celebration of Hari Raya, Malaysian bank RHB Bank has unveiled an inspiring film to prove that even the smallest things can be an instrument to create a bigger purpose. The ad was done in collaboration with ad agency FCB Shout.

The 4-minute film titled ‘Pengembaraan Sempurna’ (A Perfect Journey), features the real-life story of Ramli Aziz, a retired police officer who lost one of his legs due to vascular failure. Due to the current lack of bicycles in the market that are suitable for people with disabilities like himself, Aziz was inspired to create disabled-friendly bicycles using recyclable items.

Eventually, he meets his neighbour who is also a disabled boy that loves bicycles, Aziz similarly becomes a beacon of light and hope by roping in the young boy and working with him to create the said special form of bicycle.

Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, chief marketing officer of RHB Group, said that as a bank that fulfills ESG commitments, the story is personally important to them because they believe that recycling and repurposing are the ways to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Meanwhile, Tjer, FCB SHOUT’s head of creative, added, “This story is as much about environmental sustainability as it is about humanity, and to be able to shine the spotlight on both with such a charming and relatable true story was not an easy feat.”

“While Hari Raya is a time where we look forward to new beginnings, perhaps Pak Cik Ramli’s story can inspire us to also look deeper into the things or people around us that have been left behind by the world, so that we can find a newer and even greater purpose for them to keep progressing,” Ong Shi Ping, FCB SHOUT’s Co-Owner and chief creative officer, added.

Recently, FCB Shout has also crafted a Raya campaign for Pepsi to encourage people to minimise screen time and spend more time with their families.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Our mobile devices are now our lifelines but in order to have a healthy and balanced connection with the world, the challenge continues in maintaining an optimum amount of screen time. As Hari Raya and Eid Al-Fitr celebrations come around the corner, this bears greater importance as people look for ways to reconnect with loved ones. Pepsi Malaysia’s new digital initiative might just help. 

Together with creative agency FCB SHOUT, the beverage brand cooked up a campaign that will incentivise consumers for putting their phones down and spending time offline. Called the ‘Build Real Connections with Pepsi’ campaign, at the heart of it is a challenge that would reward the participant with the most number of hours spent offline. 

The challenge runs through a website that incorporates the motion-sensing technology in-built with every smartphone, revealing a timer that tracks the offline hours spent as users begin the challenge. Whenever users move their phones, the timer stops upon the detected motion and they will be prompted anew to go offline. As users accrue their offline hours, they’ll be able to increase their ranking and have the chance to bag an all-expenses-paid trip for 2 to Japan and other prizes that amount to up to RM100,000.

“If there’s one thing we’re absolutely certain of, it’s that everyone is extrinsically motivated. With this in mind, there’s no better way to urge Malaysians to disconnect from their devices than using technology to tackle the use of technology, and rewarding their efforts to enrich real and meaningful connections during the festivities,” said Jonathan Chan, associate creative director of FCB SHOUT.

On top of the main feature of the campaign, users are able to contribute to a good cause through their participation. For every hour offline, Pepsi, together with participating NGO partners, namely Kechara Soup Kitchen Society and The Lost Food Project, will donate a meal care pack to the underserved communities. Each meal care pack is made to provide sustenance to those in need for at least one or up to six weeks. 

“As the festive season of Raya approaches, we know that it’s a cherished time for families to bond, celebrate, and show compassion to those in need,” said PepsiCo Malaysia’s Beverage Marketing Lead, Jennifer Lee.

“At Pepsi, we’re proud to combine these heartfelt traditions through our ‘Build Real Connections with Pepsi’ campaign. We invite you to pledge your commitment to rekindle the warmth of family gatherings while extending a helping hand to our communities. When you disconnect from digital distractions, we will donate meal care packs, and you will also stand a chance to win fantastic prizes! Let’s embrace the spirit of Raya together.”

Pepsi Malaysia’s Raya Film

The campaign is currently running and will be active until 7 May 2023. Within the campaign is also Pepsi’s Raya film, which emphasises the importance of prioritising real-life connections over virtual ones. 

The global Pepsi brand has recently endeavoured to a brand refresh. The overhaul came with a new logo and visual identity that is taken after its branding history that spanned a 125-year period. 

The new visual identity which will introduce an updated colour palette and adopt a new typeface is part of the brand’s 125th anniversary. This comes alive in North America and globally by 2024. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Drinking water is essential for daily activities, especially if people want to be refreshed and hydrated. But natural bottled water brand Spritzer proves in its latest campaign that they are more than just a thirst-quencher drinking water, showcasing that its product can make skin look healthy and youthful because it was made with Silica.

In collaboration with advertising agency FCB Shout, Spritzer released a 60-second video ad titled ‘Nourishing Youthful Skin from Within with Silica’ which showcased the benefits of Silica, a mineral which is scientifically proven to boost collagen production to make the skin look ‘youthful’. 

Malaysian celebrities Ayda Jebat and Merqeen served as the stars of the campaign.

Shiao Chan, Spritzer’s head of marketing said that Silica has a key role in producing collagen that makes the skin beautiful, therefore, it’s a key to change the perception of the consumers towards Spritzer mineral water as a merely thirst-quencher drink.

Syahriza Badron, general manager of FCB SHOUT, added, “After all, we live in a world where skincare is rapidly ascending on the consumers’ list of priorities, as evidently seen in the extensive routines they are willing to go through each day to ensure good skin health.”

Other works from the campaign will be shown across all media channels.

In 2021, FCB was tapped by Spritzer to handle its creative mandate.

Kuala Lumpur – Creative agency FCB Shout has been appointed as the creative agency of record for Offspring Inc Sdn Bhd, a premium babycare brand specialising in sustainable and eco-friendly preventive healthcare products.

The recent win adds to FCB Shout’s portfolio of FMCG clientele, which already features marquee packaged goods brands like Spritzer, Darlie, Pepsi, McCain and Twinings. 

“We have been in hyper-growth mode in recent years, having penetrated approximately 26 new foreign markets in the past two years. We are looking to build an eco-friendly brand that enables sustainability beyond solely Malaysian shores, thereby providing mums all over the world with the safest baby products and allowing them to play a part in saving the environment,” said Roslan Ismail, chief executive officer of Offspring Inc.

On why the agency was chosen, John Teoh, Offspring Inc.’s chief marketing officer, said that FCB Shout has a proven reputation as brand-builders and their solid FMCG experience and storytelling capabilities were evident in their proposal. 

“Coupled with a challenger attitude that we also share and their growing cross-border capabilities, we are confident that they will be the ones to take our brand to the next level,” Teoh added.

Shaun Tay, co-owner and chief executive officer of The Shout Group and FCB Shout, likewise added that the agency wanted to align with brands that are forces for good, hence the partnership with Offspring. 

“The brand has a clear purpose, and for many of us who are parents, it’s one that we appreciate and resonate with. Inspiring consumers who have the means to make sustainable, eco-friendly purchase decisions that are not just good for the planet but also good for us is a little change that cumulatively will go a long way,” Tay added. 

Last year, FCB Shout has also won eight businesses over the course of eight months, which included several high-profile Malaysian, regional and global brands.

Malaysia – As Resorts World Genting is well-known for its cool highland weather, thrilling theme parks, majestic hotels, and unique gaming offerings, the hotel aims to prove that it is more than what meets the eye. Its latest ‘Welcome to My World’ campaign directs the spotlight to its lesser-known features such as its nature, spa and dining front and centre. 

The campaign was developed together with The Shout Group’s boutique branding agency IGNITE, and was conceptualized to change the idea that Resorts World Genting only have few hotel offerings for Malaysians and other tourists.

Ong Shi-Ping, co-owner and chief creative officer of The Shout Group said, “The most powerful ideas are often encapsulated by the simplest expression. Our campaign is simply echoing what’s already on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and using that simple truth to reset their perception to see for themselves that Resorts World Genting is truly a place where they can proudly say, Welcome to My World. It’s brilliantly simple.”

The campaign comes with a star-studded music video where catchy lyrics encourage tourists to experience the hotel’s must-try offers. The music video also highlighted inclusivity, which is a major part of Resorts World Genting’s vision.

“Inclusivity has always been a major part of the Resorts World Genting vision. In fact, it’s the very foundation of everything we do here and it’s what makes us such a unique resort destination in the first place,.” added Kristine Lee, Genting Malaysia’s assistant vice president of marketing.

Spencer Lee, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Genting Malaysia, added, “As Malaysia’s premier integrated resort destination, Resorts World Genting is truly for everyone. If you look at all the diverse out-of-this-world experiences we have brought to the resort throughout the decades, you will find the perfect testament to our dedication in making this place a holiday destination for all.”

Launched on 5 January, works from the campaign can be seen across all of Resorts World Genting’s media channels, including ATL, BTL, digital and social media.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysian banking company RHB Bank, in collaboration with creative agency FCB SHOUT, has released a new campaign titled ‘The Extra Mile’ highlighting the former’s customer-first culture and service excellence values.

The campaign features a short film inspired by the true story of two RHB staff from Kuala Kangsar, who travelled 140 kilometres to Gerik during the pandemic to help a bedridden customer withdraw his Employees Provident Fund for medical expenses.

Speaking about the campaign, Group Chief Marketing Officer of RHB Group Abdul Sani Abdul Murad said, “We knew right from the get-go that a commercial about RHB’s commitment in providing service excellence has to be based on a true story of our staff, because the RHB  brand that Malaysians have come to know and love is not built by the numbers in our annual report or the products that we have, but by our people.”

He added that the campaign is aimed at showing the public the “unsung heroes” of the company, who go beyond their call of duty by providing the best service possible.

Meanwhile, Tjer, FCB SHOUT’s head of creative, added, “The pressure on us was immense because we had to do justice to such an incredible true story. We could’ve taken the easy way out by simply producing a documentary, but to stay true to the work that the agency has been creating for RHB over the years, we took up the challenge to produce a commercial that contains a cornucopia of entertainment, emotions and unexpected twists.”

Tjer also thanked their production partners D’Moving Pictures and Grand Theft Records for making the campaign possible. 

“While brand commercials about service excellence are neither new nor rare, what makes ‘The Extra Mile’ such a uniquely powerful story is the fact that it’s based on a true story. This film is proof that RHB is a bank that truly walks the talk,” FCB SHOUT’s Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer Ong Shi Ping, concluded.

RHB Bank has also previously released creative advertisements to celebrate Eid/Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Creative agency FCB Shout has listed around eight new business wins over the course of eight months, which included several high-profile Malaysian, regional and global brands.

Leading the list is Resorts World Genting, where the agency is appointed as the resort’s agency of record. They will be responsible for strategic and creative duties for Malaysia’s premier integrated resort, including Resorts World Awana and Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park.

In addition, some of the other duties include branding and strategic work for Touch n’ Go; campaign conceptualisation for a number of key projects for Sun Life Malaysia; creative implementation for Drypers; and brand launches for healthy snack brand Allswell Frutara.

Other companies that FCB Shout have been working on include Portuguese luxury fashion retailer Sacoor Brother’s Sacoor Blue label; new product launches for multi-level marketing company Amway in Malaysia; and a key regional assignment for McCain KSEAT, a frozen food company.

When asked about the agency’s winning new business approach, FCB SHOUT’s General Manager, Syahriza Badon, said, Accelerating growth via new client acquisitions was a key priority for 2022. Thanks to our earlier investments in talent and our collaborative business approach with key business partners – which allowed us to diversify our capabilities to include media, PR and activation – we were able to hit the ground running once Covid-19 restrictions eased and new opportunities emerged. We’re now well ahead of new business targets.”

Meanwhile, Shaun Tay, co-owner and CEO of FCB SHOUT and The Shout Group, commented, “2021 was one of our best performing years but this year is projected to beat that. Full credit to our leadership team and all the incredible talents within the agency who’ve worked tirelessly to make success happen.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In commemoration of the upcoming Kebangsaan (Independence Day) and Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day) celebrations, banking company RHB has launched a Merdeka celebration-themed campaign to showcase the message of unity and love for the country, despite different beliefs and cultures.

The campaign, conceptualised alongside FCB SHOUT, shows a charming story about a group of school children who found themselves at odds with one another after being tasked to work together to paint a mural for their school.

Further into ad, the students find themselves in a debacle of one-upmanship, verbal disagreements and even physical altercations. However, when a catastrophic force threatened to derail and destroy the entire project, what divided the students quickly became what united them in the end.

Speaking about the campaign launch, Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, chief marketing officer of RHB Group, said, “This film is an incredible reflection of the Malaysian spirit and RHB’s brand belief of ‘Together We Progress’. Living in this multi-racial, multi-cultural and democratic country, it’s inevitable that we find ourselves disagreeing with one another time after time. But, at the end of the day, we all want what’s best for Malaysia because it is a home that we share.” 

He added, “And like true siblings, we always put aside our differences, come together and stand up for one another whenever adversity strikes. That’s just who we are as Malaysians, and often, it’s this quality we possess that has helped us weather many storms since our independence 65 years ago.”

Meanwhile, Wang Ie Tjer, head of creative at FCB SHOUT, commented, “Malaysia, being such a diverse nation, has an inevitably complex social fabric. Hence, we are delighted to be able to capture the essence of what national celebrations mean to us with such a simple, meaningful and uplifting spot. Huge appreciation to our production partners at PRS Films and GT Records for helping us bring this beautiful story to life.”

Lastly, Ong Shi Ping, co-owner and chief creative officer at FCB SHOUT, said, “The past 2.5 years of challenging times have proven that Malaysians will always rise to the occasion together when it matters most, and we hope this film serves as a timely reminder for us to continue upholding our unique brand of unity.”

The ad was launched on 8 August 2022 and is currently playing across all RHB Bank’s social and digital channels.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – To continue inspiring Malaysia to build back what was lost during the COVID-19 outbreak, oral care brand Darlie Malaysia has launched ‘The Flavours of Semangat’ – the third part of its #SemangatTogether campaign, the brand’s ambitious year-long project, with Semangat Hari Raya, a musically driven piece that displays the spirit of Malaysians in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations.

The third spot of the campaign features Malaysian food heroes Bruce Wong of Wongka, and Ahmad Munzir Shahril and Nurul Farah Hamizah of Cakoi Krabi. Like many other local food operators, Bruce, Munzir and Farah spent a large part of the pandemic-ridden years selflessly feeding the needy with their signature dishes, despite struggling to keep their own businesses afloat themselves.

‘The Flavours of Semangat’ documents the unexpected help received by these three food heroes as they continued their journey in feeding the needy. In this film, Malaysians who were inspired by the kindness that these operators have been displaying throughout the pandemic joined hands to not only learn how to cook from them, but also help distribute the meals to various underprivileged communities.

Aside from the film, Darlie has also launched ‘The Flavours Of Semangat’ recipe book, which is a collection of recipes created by numerous Malaysian food heroes who have united people through their food. Through these curated recipes, Darlie and the food heroes hope to inspire and empower people with the knowledge to prepare simple meals on their own. The digital copy of the recipe book is made downloadable on Darlie’s official website.

Additionally, during the campaign period, purchasers of the Darlie Twin Pack will get to take home exclusive LINE FRIENDS mugs that are designed to celebrate Malaysian food.

In April 2022, Darlie Malaysia – together with its creative agency FCB SHOUT – has kick-started #SemangatTogether. Then, in May 2022, Darlie has introduced ‘The Art of Semangat’, the second part of the campaign which follows two artists from East Malaysia on their journeys of uniting the people of Sarawak and Sabah respectively through the power of art. 

Ian Chew, general manager of Darlie Malaysia, said that as Malaysians, they are obviously very proud of their amazing food but beyond just how great their food tastes, this campaign has opened their eyes to what Malaysian food can truly do – lifting the spirits of the people in troubling times.

“Watching Bruce, Munzir and Farah work so closely with Malaysians to prepare and deliver these wonderful meals of hope to those who needed them most was truly a humbling and inspiring experience. This journey absolutely captured what #SemangatTogether is all about – people coming together to help others build back what was lost,” added Chew.

Meanwhile, Ong Shi Ping, co-owner and chief creative officer of FCB SHOUT, noted, “They say that food is the identity of a nation. After watching The Flavours of Semangat campaign come to life, I cannot agree more. It absolutely encapsulated what being a Malaysian is all about.”

Darlie Malaysia said that the fourth and final part of the #SemangatTogether campaign is slated to be released in November 2022.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Doubling down on its brand promise of ‘It’s All About You’ in conjunction with its 25th anniversary, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has brought back its highly demanded and requested Ssamjeang range to give Malaysians the spicy Korean flavours that they have been missing for two years. Entitled ‘There’s Ssam Heat You Just Can’t Beat’, the campaign was done in collaboration with ad agency FCB SHOUT.

To celebrate Ssamjeang’s return, FCB SHOUT cooked up a 360-degree campaign that echoes the emotions of the limited-time range’s fans in the most Korean way possible – a dramatic, teary welcome that’s usually reserved for the reunion of long-lost lovers in K-dramas – while amping up on the offerings’ unique Korean-inspired spiciness that Malaysians love and miss.

Linda Hassan, group CMO of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia, said, “Bringing back Ssamjeang marks more than just the return of an iconic range but also reinforces our It’s All About You ethos.”

“Our Ssamjeang range’s popularity among Malaysians makes this campaign one of the most important ones to us this year. FCB SHOUT and our team have poured a lot of heart and soul into the communication strategy and plan to bring the campaign to life, and the collaborative effort has resulted in some really wonderful works that would get all Domino’s Ssamjeang fans excited about its return,” Hassan said.

The ‘There’s Ssam Heat You Just Can’t Beat’ campaign gives the stage and spotlight to the range’s limited-time offerings and their adored spicy taste profiles, which include fan-favourites like Ayam-Haseyo, as well as new and improved ones, such as Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Chan, associate creative director of FCB SHOUT, shared, “Domino’s Ssamjeang has a special place in the hearts of Malaysians, so we want to ensure that our campaign does the iconic range justice in celebrating its long-awaited return.”

“Every piece of work in the campaign – from the films to the visuals – is crafted to evoke the longing and anticipation that consumers have for Domino’s Ssamjeang, through a visually stunning showcase of all the delicious and spicy Korean-inspired elements that made them fall in love with the range in the first place.”

The campaign can be seen across all media channels, including ATL, BTL and social media as well as in every Domino’s Pizza Malaysia outlet.