Australia – Global content management system (CMS) company Storyblok has announced the launch of ‘Creator Fund’, which invites content creators globally to submit ideas for content related to CMS topics for a chance to receive US$5k to work on the project.

The ‘Creator Fund’ is open to any creator-driven media and has previously collaborated with a diverse community of creators; including bloggers, podcasters, live streamers, social media influencers, amongst others.

This was not the first time Storyblok has put its focus to content creation, as it has sponsored 231 creators in 2022 in their projects. For the company, working with the creator community to raise awareness of the benefits of headless content management has always been a priority.

Thomas Peham, VP of marketing at Storyblok, said, “Whether they’re new or established creators, we find the best content ideas to promote headless architecture come from the community. Through our new Creator Fund, not only will more businesses learn about the future of content management, but we’ll also help creators get more attention for their great work and creativity.”

The new Storyblok initiative comes after a recent partnership with Mindvalley to develop the brand’s digital experience. In said partnership, Storyblok has helped the self-help digital platform deliver such experience with a 50% cut in development time as well as a 2x faster time to market in 8 languages.

Moreover, a recent study by Forrester found out that Storyblok was able to provide its customers with high return on investment (ROI) once they modernise their content operation, as high as 582%, over a three-year period and paid for itself in less than six months.