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Convo Ink raises $1.5m in seed funding to accelerate growth

Sydney, Australia Smart content marketing engine, Convo Ink has announced it has closed a $1.5 million seed funding round led by 3C and M2 Capital. 3C Capital is a UK based private investment house led by Australian investor Richard Gazal. M2 Capital is a Sydney based private investment firm led by technology entrepreneur, Matthew Hunt.

Convo Ink will use the new seed funds to expand their content platform capabilities and further invest in the recently launched attention measure, the Quality Attention Score – an algorithm that combines three core indexes for measurement; time in view, engagement and environment. The funding will also accelerate delivery on their technology road map with dynamic content optimisation powered by applied machine learning, the next feature to be released to the market.

Launched in September 2021, Convo Ink is a smart content marketing engine connecting marketers, content producers and publishers to deliver branded content to audiences with precision and at scale. Convo Ink’s content platform integrates with all major DSPs including DV360, The Trade Desk and Amobee.

Aaron Macarthur, CEO of Convo Ink, said the investment from 3C and M2 Capital allows Convo Ink to capitalise on growth opportunities with our partners who are telling us that content has never been more important in driving commercial growth. Over the past nine months we have seen the critical contribution that branded content has played in overall campaign performance. 

“Our proprietary attention analytics have been pivotal in providing actionable insights to our marketing, content and publishing partners and we’ve only just scratched the surface in applying this capability,” Macarthur said.

 Macarthur added, “The combination of our content marketing platform, with live attention analytics, has the potential to rewrite the book on content campaigns in the future. This is one of the most exciting areas in content technology, the combination of content design with rich data sets to tell truly dynamic brand stories.”

Meanwhile, Richard Gazal, Principal at 3C, commented, “The technology sector is an important growth area for us, so we jumped at the opportunity to partner with M2 Capital on this deal. We see a revolutionary business in Convo Ink. This is a smart combination of product, tech and data that will shape advertising for the better. 

“We are excited to be in partnership with Aaron and the Convo Ink team as we look to scale this platform around the world,” Gazal adds.

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Convo Ink launches AU-first proprietary audience measurement metric

Sydney, Australia – Smart content marketing engine Convo Ink has recently launched an Australian-first proprietary audience measurement metric for marketers and agencies to optimise content marketing campaigns based on attention.

Convo Ink’s Quality Attention Score (QAS) is an algorithm that combines three core indexes for measurement – time in view, engagement and environment. Campaigns using attention analytics with compelling content have stronger and more sustainable connections with audiences. With a total of nine data points for every digital impression, marketing decision makers can enhance the impact of creative and messaging based on the attention it attracts.

Aaron Macarthur, CEO of Convo Ink, said, “The big difference in our attention metric is that we are not just looking at siloed factors such as the channel or environment. Our Quality Attention Score also analyses how the format and content combines to impact attention. It is a much more holistic view of the attention ecosystem.

He added, “We have always believed in the power of great content. A story put in front of the right person is incredibly influential for advertisers. We have long seen a plateau in ad performance, however we can now determine the impact that compelling content has on an audience’s attention over a campaign period.”

Campaigns with Convo Ink have a dedicated content attention dashboard with live data feed, allowing advertisers to dynamically optimise content to these attention metrics.

“For me this is where it truly comes together. Not only can you see what your current attention score is, but the data gives you a map of what you need to change in order to drive stronger results,” Macarthur concluded.

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AU martech firm Convo Ink unveils new smart content marketing engine

Sydney, Australia – Marketing technology startup Convo Ink has just launched its smart content marketing engine, aimed at bringing a new level of technology innovation to the content marketing, PR, and media industry. 

Convo Ink connects marketers, content writers, and publishers to simplify and scale content marketing in a single platform that delivers content to audiences with unprecedented precision and scale. The new smart content marketing engine will be using simple drag and drop functionality, enabling marketers to create branded content formats in minutes. 

The engine generates content formats that can be distributed across a network of mobile, desktop, and digital out-of-home publishers with a level of precision and scale never before seen in the content marketing industry. 

Aaron Macarthur, Convo Ink’s CEO, said that Convo Ink believes that every brand has a story to tell and great brand stories create attention with customers, and drive sales, and they are excited to launch their smart content marketing engine.

“The response from the industry has been huge. In the last six months, we have raised capital and completed advertiser trials with Young Henry’s, numobile, hayu, and Baptist Care. We have also validated the platform with important tech partners including the Trade Desk and Double Verify and we are excited to be announcing our major digital, mobile, and out-of-home publishing partners in the coming weeks,” said Macarthur.