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Snap launches new multi-format delivery ad product

Sydney, Australia – Camera and social media company Snap has recently announced the launch of their new multi-format delivery advertising product, which enables a renewed buying experience for marketers to purchase all of Snap’s video formats in one advertising set.

Said product launch will include all of Snap’s video ad formats including Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads and Commercials and will feature Snap’s camera offerings, including augmented reality, by the second quarter of 2022.

In addition, the product will be inherently different from single product ad sets, in that delivery and ranking will be able to determine the best inventory to fill in for the selected formats, goal, target audience, and bid.

Kathryn Carter, general manager for APAC at Snap, said, “Snap ads have been successfully leveraged by businesses who seek to directly connect with audiences through immersive and engaging content. At Snap, we pioneered AR advertising at scale and have been innovating ever since.”

Multi-format delivery ad sets reporting will be broken out by ad format, so that buyers can evaluate the efficiency of each format and how it contributes to overall brand performance. While the core experience will remain relatively consistent, Snap has reconstructed how formats, and various campaign criteria are selected within the purchasing experience to allow for more flexibility for buyers.

“The launch of Multi-Format delivery, an industry first product, really solidifies augmented reality as an always-on buying opportunity for our clients. This launch is a game-changing opportunity for brands and advertisers, providing them with a simplified, all-encompassing buying process for their next campaign with Snap,” Carter added.

The new product announcement follows after Snap recently launched Arcadia, a global creative studio for branded augmented reality (AR), powered by a team of world-class experts that pioneered mobile AR advertising at Snap.

Speaking about how the new Snap product can aid Australian and Singaporean brands, Carter said, “Now, Australian and Singaporean brands across categories can easily discover innovative ad opportunities that optimize AR and video together to drive strong results. We are excited for advertisers to use Snap to reimagine their next campaign, using AR which we know is a growing sector and valuable tool.”

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

MiQ launches programmatic media creative studio for SEA market

Singapore – Programmatic media partner MiQ has announced the launch of its new suite of programmatic creative solutions, which will deliver multi-screen campaign assets catering the Southeast Asian market.

The creative studio, while based in Singapore, will offer free creative services, alongside MiQ’s brand and performance programmatic activation for the SEA market as a whole, enabling advertisers to tap into a full creative suite, as added value to their campaign spend.

Studio staff, including creative designers, project managers and developers, will create new campaigns from scratch, while also taking existing brand assets and repurposing them for multi-screen, omnichannel activation. 

In addition, services within the creative studio include original design, animation and reformatting of ads across desktop, tablet, mobile web and in-app.

Marcus D’Souza, managing director for SEA at MiQ, said that they have seen a real demand from marketers and agencies for the opportunity to harness highly engaging, data-driven advertising creative that will drive results. He added that they hope that their suite of solutions will help them achieve these objectives of results-driven creatives.

“As a programmatic partner, we understand that powerful creative, combined with expert data-driven targeting, can drive positive consumer behavior for brands. Engaging creative is set to become even more important in a post-cookie world, so we’re excited to have this additional offering for our clients,” D’Souza said.

MiQ’s creative studio allows advertisers to display creative needs across its programmatic solutions of ‘Performance’, ‘Time and Place’, and ‘High Impact Branding’. 

For ‘Performance’, MiQ offers formats that have proven high engagement rates such as social boost, chatbots and games. ‘Time and Place’ formats take mobile location data feeds for store or GPS locator features alongside MiQ’s ‘High Impact Branding’ suite of stories, carousels and interactive videos.

David Whiteley, head of product and analytics at MiQ, commented, “We have built out a creative studio to meet the growing demands of our clients and have specialized teams that can meet those quick turnaround times. This not only provides higher engaging formats but also a range of creative packages to suit any client need. Data plus creative is a really powerful tool to exceed KPIs.”

Platforms Featured East Asia

Self-service ad buying marketplace Adintime expands to HK

Hong Kong – Adintime, a self-service ad buying marketplace originating from France, has expanded its presence to the Hong Kong market, wherein its platform will be both available in English and Chinese.

The platform’s main purpose is to help companies advertise in Hong Kong through a simplified process of purchasing advertising media space in the city by both local and international advertisers.

All the advertisers have to do is choose the media which they wish to communicate with and fill in a quote request form. The quote request is sent directly to the media or Adintime’s expert media team, who will respond and provide a quote with the rates and specifics of the advertising space in question. With a simple interface, the platform aims to streamline and ease the process of purchasing advertising space.

“Hong Kong’s advertising market and media buying habits are changing very fast. Adintime is the perfect answer to that change and our team here is very excited to start this journey in such a promising market that is Hong Kong”, says Erick Gommeaux, CEO of Adintime.

Adintime was founded in France in 2015 by Gommeaux, previously media director of EFFICIO Group, an international advertising agency.

Adintime’s service has been designed to simplify and optimize the purchase of advertising space on traditional media such as press, OOH posters, TV, display or social networks for all advertisers, and more particularly for those who do not have a media agency.

According to Adintime, the platform benefits advertisers in a way that allows them to have easier access to a wide range of advertising possibilities and benefit from optimized pricing conditions. Meanwhile, the benefit for media companies is that it allows them to acquire new advertisers, hence grow their sales, and to increase exposure to their advertising offers thanks to the referencing on a platform dedicated to media buying.

Platforms Featured South Asia

SHAREit Group to bolster business in Bangladesh market

Dhaka, Bangladesh – SHAREit Group, the global internet technology company, mainly dedicated to mobile internet application development and digital services, is set to bolster its business in the Bangladesh market to fulfill the diverse demands of the people in the country.

According to a report by Dhaka Tribune, the number of internet users in Bangladesh has increased by 19%, totaling 7.7 million between 2020 and 2021. In January 2021, there were 47.61 million internet users and the Internet penetration in the country stood at 28.8%.

SHAREit, which owns the flagship product, SHAREit app, aims to double down on the highly engaged digital audience in the country. The company said that while there is a vastly increasing number of internet users in Bangladesh, the development of internet channels and resources is rather slow, and therefore opening up the need for a rapid and reliable internet application.

The SHAREit app offers opportunities for users to access a platform that enables online streaming videos, file transfer facilities, as well as applications aimed at gaming, entertainment, and personalized digital content. 

Starting mainly from offering a file transfer app, SHAREit group has since branched out to offering brand marketing, digital advertising, and entertainment solutions. SHAREit offers a wide inventory for advertisers and has also performance advertising solutions to drive installs for brands and gaming apps. In addition, SHAREit offers in-game advertising and payment solutions. 

“Over the years, our growth as a platform for marketing and entertainment as well as the meteoric rise of total users has been phenomenal. Now that we have many users in Bangladesh, we want to strengthen our business in this country to partner with local and global apps and serve our users in more enhanced ways,” said Karam Malhotra, partner and global vice president of SHAREit

The SHAREit group has mapped out plans to cater to the digital entertainment, brand marketing, and advertising solution needs of the country. This is expected to benefit the users in multi-faceted ways as it comes as an alternative channel for brand marketing as well. 

According to SHAREit, its presence is now at 200 countries and is available in 45 languages. Currently, SHAREit Group has its offices in various regions in the world, including Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.