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AppsFlyer, TikTok For Business partner to release guide on best practices on iOS 14+ for advertisers

Singapore – Marketing analytics company AppsFlyer and TikTok For Business have partnered to launch a comprehensive guide to help marketers configure their customers’ user journeys on iOS14+ and provide advertisers with best practices for iOS 14+ in the new era of privacy, with easy-to-use and scalable privacy-first solutions.

Titled ‘How to win on iOS 14+ with AppsFlyer and TikTok For Business: The complete guide’, the guide serves to help businesses navigate disruptions in app marketing. This is done by analyzing and optimizing ads in the most effective way, to source new growth opportunities. 

The inception of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework in April 2021 has changed the way the mobile app ecosystem works across the value chain. From app marketers to developers, industry players have been trying to decode and reimagine marketing measurement. This guide aims to help businesses overcome the implementation parameters of ATT prompt to continue leveraging data-driven marketing.

According to AppsFlyer data, the ATT prompt has so far been implemented in 65% of apps globally, and at a user level, the opt-in rate is at 46%. From a pure user experience perspective, this number is quite significant, showing that many users are amenable to ‘tracking’, in return for a more personalised experience.

Tan Tmangraksat, AppsFlyer’s director of partner development for SEAPAC, noted that iOS 14 has ushered in a new era of privacy-centric marketing within the mobile ecosystem, and as the industry continues to adapt to these changes, it is crucial that data accuracy and user privacy continue to coexist.

Tmangraksat further shared that marketers who are fast to evolve and roll out privacy-centric solutions will reap the benefits in both the short and long term, and for their part, AppsFlyer is always looking to facilitate limitless collaboration between marketers and solution providers. 

“This is powered by safeguarded data and technology innovations. We are thrilled to launch this insightful guide and further provide the larger ecosystem with seamless enablement capabilities,” said Tmangraksat.

Meanwhile, Adrian Man, TikTok’s director of ecosystem partnerships for APAC, said that through the launch of this joint playbook with AppsFlyer, they break down how iOS 14+ impacts campaigns and provide actionable recommendations and solutions for their community of marketers.

”From TikTok’s Dedicated iOS 14+ Campaign solution to guidelines for set up and optimization, we hope that these best practices will continue to guide our community, and inspire marketers to create a more engaging and safe environment for our users across the world,” added Man.

AppsFlyer said that the SKAdNetwork (SKAN) lets advertisers measure campaign performance while simultaneously preserving user privacy. SKAN operates without IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) or other advertising ID and without the need for ATT consent. Though there are limitations to SKAN features, according to the new guide, there are three different avenues marketers can use to make the most of these SKAN limited features, namely revenue, in-app events, and funnel. With the help of Conversion Studio, a flexible, first-to-market tool, marketers can easily map conversion values with an intuitive visual interface.

In addition, there are solutions for a privacy-first iOS set-up. For advertisers that face fragmented and time-consuming challenges when updating each platform’s requirement on iOS14+ campaigns, the report suggested working with a partner that provides Advanced Privacy solutions, while for AppsFlyer’s Advance Privacy solution, it hands over to advertisers complete control of data, helping them decide how it’s collected, managed, and used by partners through access permissions that are easy to navigate.

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TikTok supports SMB growth in SEA with ‘Shop Local Saturday’ initiative

Singapore – With the initiative to give small and medium businesses (SMBs) across Southeast Asia to boost brand engagement and accessibility, short video platform TikTok has launched its newest initiative ‘Shop Local Saturday’ that gives SMBs opportunities to be featured on their platform.

Currently available for SMBs across Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, the ‘Shop Local Initiative’ features a variety of paid advertising packages to showcase the SMB branding through a unique suite of in-app spotlight features on TikTok, which will roll out starting 4 June. With many SMBs still managing the impact of the pandemic, this initiative also seeks to level the playing field by raising awareness about their businesses and amplifying their offerings.

Through the initiative, SMBs will have the unique opportunity to not only participate in TikTok’s campaign but also to leverage the platform’s scale and reach. With special perks such as a dedicated in-app page that is designed to drive traffic to the various SMBs’ sites, exclusive access to creators, produced ads, creative workshops and listings on TikTok’s website and blog, SMBs will receive next-level brand exposure to drive conversions of more users into new customers. 

Beyond the benefits to local SMBs, local TikTok users in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam can also look forward to great deals, including providing promotion codes within the app for customers, available on TikTok all across June as they do their part to support their local businesses.

Esme Lean, head of small and medium business in Southeast Asia at TikTok stated that they are thrilled with the launch of said initiative, adding that the initiative aims to empower more SMBs to use TikTok as a platform to find their authentic voice and reach new audiences.

“This is our way of supporting SMBs and enabling them to grow in spite of the pandemic. We hope to show SMBs in Southeast Asia that they can leverage TikTok to launch meaningful campaigns that will ultimately drive sales and real business results,” Lean stated.

TikTok notes in its TikTok SMB Report conducted by TikTok for Business, 1 in every 4 SMBs in Thailand as well as 1 in every 3 Vietnamese and Indonesian SMBs have used TikTok as their preferred ad platform and find TikTok ads to be most effective, highlighting the strength of the platform as a marketing tool to drive their business goals.

In addition to the various benefits brought to SMBs by Shop Local Saturdays, TikTok will also amplify the initiative further on the platform through In-Feed Ads as well as attention-grabbing full-screen displays known as Brand Takeovers, to direct users to the Shop Local Saturday listings throughout June.

Beyond Shop Local Saturday, TikTok is firmly committed to helping SMBs bounce back by providing them with the tools, resources and best practices to connect with their audiences and grow their business during this difficult time:

  • TikTok Ads Manager: SMB can leverage TikTok Ads Manager to create advertising campaigns with easy set up and flexible budgets while helping their business to reach their relevant audiences. 
  • Grow with TikTok – Starter Lab: A monthly training programme kickstarted in February 2021, where over 6,600 SMBs have since benefited from learning directly from established figures in the marketing industry and TikTok experts on getting started on the platform. 
  • Small Business Resource Center: Introduced in March 2021, it houses TikTok’s practices and resources for SMBs to learn to connect with their audience and drive results. 
  • Lead Generation: TikTok’s first-party solution that helps businesses reach prospects in order to convert them into potential customers with ease, is also available to businesses. Lead Generation enables businesses of all sizes to create seamless interactions to reach prospects in order to convert them into potential customers. 
  • Supporting Local Payments on TikTok Ads Manager: TikTok supports local-friendly payments through integration with e-wallets like DANA in Indonesia and Rabbit LINE Pay. 
  • Signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with the governments in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam: TikTok has also partnered local governments in key markets with MOUs, reinforcing its commitment to supporting SMBs across the region.
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TikTok welcomes new head of global business solutions for SEA region

Singapore – Video-sharing app TikTok has appointed Sameer Singh, former chief executive officer of media investment company GroupM in South Asia (SA), as its new head of global business solutions for the platform’s ‘TikTok for Business’ Southeast Asia (SEA) team.

The ‘TikTok For Business’ arm was introduced in July 2020 which aims to empower businesses of all sizes to engage with their target customers in a unique and creative way while creating a positive and safe environment for brand partners.

The new appointment will see Singh leading the sales and business marketing solutions for ‘TikTok for Business’ products across SEA. He brings with him over 25 years of experience in innovative marketing and advertising solutions, working as a key employee for brands like Google, and healthcare giant GSK, as well as consumer goods company Procter & Gamble, and advertising agency IPG. Singh has also worked in various locations across the globe, including Boston, London, and Dubai, as well as Guangzhou, among others.

“TikTok has supported tens of thousands of enterprises and partners, especially small and medium businesses, to elevate their marketing and advertising efforts and grow their business with our extensive product suite,” said Singh. 

“Southeast Asia is a fast-growing region with boundless potential, especially in the short-form content space, and the Southeast Asian markets continue to be a priority for us as we expand and innovate our TikTok for Business offerings to suit the diverse needs of this region,” added Singh.

Meanwhile, Blake Chandlee, the president of TikTok’s Global Business Solutions, said that Singh’s role comes at a dynamic time as TikTok introduces new and creative ways for brands of all sizes to reach success on TikTok. 

“Singh has been indispensable in driving TikTok’s advertising efforts thus far. We’re absolutely delighted to welcome him to this new role and look forward to seeing how he will propel the team to new heights as Head of Global Business Solutions in Southeast Asia,” said Chandlee.

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Adjust joins TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program to aid advertisers in TikTok ad campaigns

Singapore – App marketing platform Adjust joins the TikTok Marketing Partner Program in order to optimize advertising visibility for advertisers in the short video-sharing platform.

The partnership includes integration of Adjust’s ‘Audience Builder’, enabling clients to export first-party data, such as audience groups, directly to TikTok from the Adjust dashboard. Adjust’s ‘Audience Builder’ helps advertisers retarget their campaigns based on focus groups such as age groups. As advertisers are armed with this data from audience segregation, marketers can run highly personalized campaigns to boost user engagement and loyalty, all while protecting their users’ data privacy.

The TikTok Marketing Partner Program is part of the TikTok for Business platform, and aims to provide marketing solutions designed to give brands and marketers the tools to be creative storytellers and be able to meaningfully engage with the TikTok community.

As a mobile measurement partner, Adjust enables advertisers create, optimize, target, and measure their ad campaigns on TikTok. To simplify campaign optimization, clients can link their TikTok account to view and edit TikTok campaign data directly in the Adjust Automate dashboard, another Adjust feature that allows advertisers to automate their mobile marketing campaigns. From there, advertisers can generate cross-app, cross-partner, and cross-network reports. 

“Finding and retaining the right users is critical, as many drop off after the first days of installing the app and competition for users’ eyeballs is fierce. That is why it is imperative for mobile advertisers to push the right messaging to the right audience at the right point in the marketing funnel,” said Andrey Kazakov, vice president of partnerships at Adjust

“We are excited to partner with TikTok to give marketers a simpler, more seamless way to segment their desired audiences, automate their campaigns, measure ad spend, and grow their apps,” Kazakov added.

In November last year, Adjust also joined Adobe’s Exchange Partner Program to boost its customer experience (CX) analytics.