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Adtech Adzymic launches new consumer insight solution, Smart Survey

Singapore – Adzymic, the adtech company that provides AI-driven creative personalization, has announced the launch of their Smart Survey solution. The new survey-based display ad format allows marketers to capture customer insights or take a pulse check on campaigns within a matter of days.

The solution is easily set up on the Adzymic platform and banner ads containing the survey will run on programmatic display inventory, targeting specific audience groups. Results are tracked on the Adzymic dashboard giving insights to advertisers in real-time.

The company said pilot use cases of Smart Survey have included advertisers seeking to measure full-funnel campaign effectiveness, brand lift, third-party audience validation, and audience insights. Adzymic shared media agency Mindshare in India has been one of its early adopters who used the solution for its client, PepsiCo.

“As brands continue to increase investments in programmatic media to drive awareness and purchase intent, we seek to provide a more cost-effective method to measure campaign performance beyond basic metrics like clicks and impressions,” said Travis Teo, co-founder and executive director of Adzymic. 

“Smart Survey offers the added advantages of allowing brands to run anonymous surveys that contain 2-3 multiple-choice questions. The ads appear as native content on web pages and are relatively less intrusive,” added Teo.

The Smart Survey solution is now available to advertisers in scalable packages, with self-serve options, creative supported packages, or managed services. Adzymic said Smart Surveys executed under managed services come with a guaranteed number of respondents to give significant results for advertisers.

Earlier in October, Adzymic, which has a major presence in Asia, announced that it has expanded to Latin America (LATAM) through strategic partnerships with consultant for programmatic media, Grupo Digital Soul, and marketing solution for digital advertising, Latin Interactive.