Thailand – CP, Thailand-based food company, has launched a new metaverse campaign in March for its product Sausage. CP Sausage used to have a fandom strategy every year in order to reach a new generation of consumers, this time, metaverse is making an entry. 

According to CP, they didn’t open the free verse in the hope of gaining traffic and selling their products, but instead, they used the power of fandom to acquire fans in the verse by using their product as a ticket to attend a Metaverse event. They predicted that more than 10,000 people would attend their Metaverse event on the day. 

The company said Asian fans are passionately devoted to their idols, as seen by the group’s long history of success. Because of the exclusivity of their product or event, especially if it is a limited edition. With this campaign, CP is looking for fans not just from Thailand, but also from China, Korea, Japan, and other ASEAN countries.

This year’s plan was the same as last year’s. One of Thailand’s best-known male idols, with more than a million Facebook fans, Mew Suppasit, has been tapped as a presenter. Gather, the 2D Metaverse platform was used to create his Metaverse world. Because Gather is the most practical platform, with over 10 million users worldwide.

The company said, “Apart from choosing a presenter with a strong fan base, building relationship with them is also delicate.”

“It’s not about marketing or advertising, it’s about telling the details that fans want to know, helping to solve the problem, answering their questions clearly and listen to the needs of the fans. Because they are people who have most influenced in campaign success,” CP added.