Singapore – Singapore small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are afforded another aid towards digitalization through the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)-approved workforce management system King of Time. The tech is from Singapore-based HR solutions provider Huubap. 

By the approval of IMDA, the cloud-based attendance management system is offered under the Productivity Solutions grant with a maximum of 70% funding support. 

King of Time digitalizes and streamlines the process of HR tasks such as leave application, rostering, and approvals. Features also include flexible work hours management, staggered shifts, employee tracking, and overtime requests, with them customizable to industry and company-specific needs. 

Through the system, managing global locations through one centralized master account is also made possible. Access to the system would require only a PC and an internet connection, which includes all stakeholders such as HR, managers, and employees. 

Kazuyuki Okuhata, co-founder and CEO of Huubap said, “SMEs are key drivers of the Singapore economy and they need to be well-equipped to improve operations, especially for industries that are harder hit by the pandemic. We hope that the adoption of King of Time as part of their innovation initiatives will help them to optimize workflow in the face of limited resources and manpower.”

The Productivity Solutions grant by IMDA was put up to help companies adopt technology solutions to improve productivity and enhance business processes.

For the King of Time, five versions are available for subsidy, catering to 20 up to 150 users. The subsidized rates cover the most expensive and time-consuming phase of the adoption such as the training, set-up, and hardware. 

The initial set-up fee for the system is from S$500 with the monthly fee standing at S$3 per user.

Huubap is offering a 30-day free trial of King of Time with full features available. Companies can apply for the trial on the website and receive assistance from the support team with set-up and operation.