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HSBC’s PayMe takes CNY tradition of red envelopes a step more modern

Hong Kong – As part of the Chinese New Year festivities, HSBC has launched its festivity-centric campaign for its mobile payment service PayMe, focusing on breaking traditional conventions and gamifying the custom by bringing family and friends together in a more fun and inclusive way.

PayMe partnered with an array of gen X, millennial and gen Z talents. Local idol Keung To, along with multi-talented artist Ivana Wong, newly formed girl group members Marf & Day, and YouTuber Ray were cast to reflect the e-wallet’s widespread popularity amongst all demographics in Hong Kong.

In addition, they also released a series of films that make reference to the classic Chinese New Year TV commercial format. Created in partnership with Ogilvy Hong Kong, the films show their star-studded outfit playing the roles of relatives, friends and colleagues and then are transformed into a fun-filled virtual world with gaming-inspired graphics amplifying the message that anyone and everyone in Hong Kong can use, play and have fun with the new group laisee function.

Jaslin Goh, head of marketing, CX and design at PayMe, said, “We’ve positioned PayMe as ‘Hong Kong’s Wallet’ and won over 2.5M hearts and those hearts are pumping fast for love of PayMe’s new elaisee feature over CNY and we’re super excited to hit a record high of over 5.3 million elaisee sent. Within a short one month period, it went viral very fast and we’ve got over 200 earned media and social shares of their love of the gamification experience. PayMe elaisee even became a new urban dictionary term in social media.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

Hong Kong superstar Keung To stars in new campaign by HSBC’s PayMe

Hong Kong – HSBC’s mobile payment platform, PayMe, has just launched a new campaign, featuring today’s most popular actor and singer in Hong Kong, Keung To.

The new campaign, which was created in collaboration with creative agency Ogilvy, stems from PayMe’s pride in being the only e-wallet designed specifically for the people of Hong Kong.

Titled, ‘Hong Kong’s Wallet’, the ad centers around a music video showing Keung To in ‘PayMeow cat ears’, singing the catchy PayMe song that highlights the message ‘dine-shop-play anywhere, anytime’, and dancing with PayMeow, the brand’s chubby feline mascot, and his group of dancers.

Furthermore, the campaign includes a series of print and social executions, directing people to ‘PayMeow Spin and Win’ – the in-app game in PayMe that gives users a chance to receive rewards of up to HK$500 in their PayMe wallet and other prizes when they spend HK$100 or more at PayMe for Business merchants. It also includes a PayMeow dance challenge on Instagram with special giveaways signed by Keung To.

Jaslin Goh, HSBC’s head of marketing, CX, and design, said that PayMe has become a part of Hong Konger’s lives, where for instance, they often hear people say ‘pay me lar’ among friends, becoming the country’s wallet. 

“So we asked ourselves who’s best to collaborate with our adorable mascot PayMeow with the magic of bringing people together to enjoy the PayMe cashback promotion?” said Goh.

Meanwhile, Buji Ng, the group creative director at Ogilvy, commented that Keung To is undoubtedly Hong Kong’s favorite singer who is making a strong influence in peoples’ lives.

“Therefore, we paired him up with PayMeow to make a music video debut, creating an unprecedented performance for our audience. More fascinating activities are coming up to engage everyone in town,” said Ng.

HSBC’s PayMe said that the campaign will be running until 30 September 2021.

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HSBC’s PayMe to drive digital payment adoption in HK via partnership with Global Payments

Hong Kong – HSBC’s mobile payment platform PayMe has announced today a strategic partnership with payment technology and software services provider Global Payments Inc., in an aim to expand the merchant coverage of PayMe, making payments simpler for both businesses and consumers in Hong Kong. 

The partnership will allow merchants to connect with PayMe users by simply adding PayMe for Business in their Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) system. A QR code will then be generated automatically at checkout. 

For consumers, they will only have to scan the QR code with their PayMe app and authenticate the payment. 

The PayMe app will be supported by Global Payments’ leading data analytics platform. Through this, merchants can now access real-time PayMe transaction reports digitally via the Global Payments Merchant Portal and process instant refunds with a few clicks, which will enable merchants to enhance operational efficiency in cash management and reconciliation, as well as further simplify customer experiences. 

Kerry Wong, head of HSBC’s PayMe, commented that they are thrilled to forge a new strategic partnership with Global Payments, which plays an important part in the merchant expansion plan of PayMe for Business. 

“This also provides a convenient payment collection solution to Hong Kong businesses as they adapt to the accelerating trend of digital transformation. We will continue our commitment to make payments simpler for merchants and consumers in both online and offline scenarios,” said Wong. 

Meanwhile, the President of Asia Pacific’s Global Payments, Konrad Chan, said, “We have always been at the forefront of payment technology innovation and are committed to providing our merchants with distinctive payment solutions to satisfy the evolving needs of consumers in Hong Kong.”

Starting today, PayMe is an available payment option at sandwich chain store Pret A Manger, Japanese café Panash Bakery & Café (applicable for dine-in at Café locations only), coffee shop Pause It, and pizza specialist Dough Bros. Pizza & Doughnuts branches across the city. More businesses using Global Payments’ payment services will be able to deploy PayMe for Business in the near future.