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To incubate more sub-brands is retail chain MINISO’s goal this year

Guangzhou, China – Chinese variety store MINISO has unveiled its new business initiatives this year, by focusing on including more sub-brands to its growing retail platform.

Dubbed the ‘X Strategy’, MINISO aims at diversifying its business and becoming a world-leading new retail platform capable of incubating more sub-brands.

It should be recalled that in December last year, MINISO launched its sub-brand ‘TOPTOY’, a toy store for children and young adults, opening nine stores in five Chinese cities over the last 6 weeks. 

Furthermore, TOPTOY’s launch also paved the way for MINISO’s new strategic product focus this year, centered on the category of ‘Art Toy’.

A branch of TOPTOY inside a MINISO retail chain.

In addition to their new business alignment, MINISO also aims to boost its online presence on top of its proven success in brick-and-mortar channels. This comes also with the announcement of unmanned, self-service stores in China, with products also soon available on all online channels including its own e-commerce, WeChat mini-programs and flagship stores on major e-commerce platforms. Similarly, MINISO will further strengthen its e-commerce channels in key overseas markets.

“COVID-19 is a catalyst that has accelerated our digital transformation and embrace of online channels. We will keep broadening our online sales channels,” said Robin Liu, chief marketing officer at MINISO.

MINISO aims to expand in its domestic market, specifically in tier cities and select rural areas, as well as internationally, in countries with populations of at least 50 million – India, Indonesia, the U.S., Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, and Spain.

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Miniso to launch full eCommerce operations in Pakistan, buys ToSharing

Pakistan – Chinese low-cost retailer Miniso has acquired the Pakistan operations of eCommerce site ToSharing from shopping website Cheezmall, said a report by Profit.

The acquisition, which has a valuation between $5M and $7M, was finalized in September.

With the business based in China, ToSharing’s operations are manned outside of Pakistan. Prior to the acquisition, Miniso products are offered on a number of third-party marketplaces in the country, with ToSharing considered as its channel partner with direct online sales redirecting to the site.

With the deal, such marketplaces will be halted. Miniso did share that the sale of its products through the said channel resulted in inconsistent customer experiences, where ToSharing now standing as the exclusive online destination for purchasing Miniso products in Pakistan.

Mainly, the move by Miniso will be an acqui-hiring where as of 21 October 2020, cross-functional teams of ToSharing across marketing, supply chain, customer care, security, and risk will be transferred to, its upcoming eCommerce store.

The site will be ready to process orders by the 31st of October 2020.

The acquisition is only the first phase of the investment from Miniso, with the retailer looking to complete further investments to build eCommerce fulfillment centers and the entire infrastructure, for a successful eCommerce operation in major cities of Pakistan.