Amsterdam, Netherlands – Global PR network Public Relations Boutiques International (PRBI) will be gathering its member agencies and industry professionals in Milan for its Annual General Meeting from 3 to 6 May 2023. Member agencies of the network to grace the said industry event will be coming from the markets of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Australia. 

PRBI, which was founded in 2008, boasts a global network of more than 35 independent public relations firms. The principals of each agency are experienced practitioners who have held senior positions in large public relations agencies and/or corporations and now provide hands-on service working directly with clients. 

According to PRBI, the General Meeting for this year will be used as a platform for strategic planning discussions, networking, best practice sharing, and giving the stage to guest speakers who will address issues impacting the communications industry. 

“PRBI’s annual general meeting is a forum where experienced public relations agency principals engage in an energizing exchange of ideas and create stronger relationships among peers,” said Juris Petersons, PRBI president and founder of PR consultancy JazzComm, located in Riga, Latvia. 

Amongst the topics the organisation will take on is the presence of disinformation amongst businesses globally today. Speaking on this subject is Janis Rungulis, an expert in developing awareness-raising campaigns to strengthen societal resilience and respond better to disinformation attacks in the EU and Eastern Neighborhood countries.

One of the leader attendees, Tarunjeet Rattan, managing partner of India-based Nucleus PR, commented, “The PRBI annual meets are a treasure trove [of] knowledge that enable independent boutique agencies get an edge and stay ahead of the curve. I am looking forward to all the sessions. I will also be moderating the discussion on disinformation campaigns and gain an insight on how PR teams from different countries handle it on a local and global level.”

During the Annual General Meeting, Taru Nikulainen of the Finish agency Brunnen Communications will be delivering an update on the PRBI Barometer, an annual survey of agency owners across the globe to help determine what decision-makers are expecting from their agency partners thereby helping PRBI members gain a better understanding of trending PR Service needs that clients are planning to invest in. 

PRBI members that will also be speaking during the event include Serap Durak of Pozitif PR (Istanbul, Turkey) who will be discussing challenges and trends for PR in Turkey; Ester Riisapp of PR Partner (Tallinn, Estonia) to present on the risk assessment cards for clients; and David Ball of Ball Consulting Group (Boston, MA, USA) to discuss crisis communication in the modern world.