Marketing Featured East Asia

Crocs China rolls out interactive campaign to promote new ‘Crocs for Yang Mi’ collection

Shanghai, China – Global footwear brand Crocs in China has launched an interactive and playful, physical installation at Taikoo Hui Shanghai, in order to promote the ‘Crocs for Yang Mi’ collection, with global brand ambassador Yang Mi, tapping into the Chinese actress’ enormous fanbase. 

According to Crocs, the creative idea was inspired by Yang Mi’s personal style that a person is neither sweet nor only cool, encouraging fans to discover and show the multi-side charm of the campaign message, ‘Come as you are’.

Created in collaboration with digital production company MediaMonks, the campaign execution will be via an experiential installation at Taikoo Hui mall, where photo booths were set up to capture its campaign theme ‘The Yang Mi Sweet and Cool Style’. 

With three selfie booths that uniquely depict each of the Mi-styles and maintain the key visual aesthetic, the campaign seeks to stay close to Yang Mi’s fans and the Gen Z female consumers, who are split into style-shoppers and true-love fans.

Fans could personalize the photo moment with three shareable booths furnished with interactive photo, sound, and lighting booths. The control panels in front of the booths opt for the visitors to experiment with the set in order to find their own sweet and cool style. 

Furthermore, various Jibbitz charms will be used to personalize the photo moments by putting them on the interactive board. This will activate a real-time personalized soundscape with a fitting lighting setup, echoing Yang Mi’s sweet and cool styles.

Each booth will also have its own soundboard to reflect its interior design. With 10 sound layers on the soundboard and a maximum of 4 Jibbitz charms to move around, there are over 1000 different possible combinations that can be made by users. For each installation, a personal sound or phrase that represents the mood will be created, which urges consumers to record and share on their social media platforms with an incentive that can be redeemed in the Crocs Energy Store in the Taikoo Hui mall.

Currently, over 8,000 people have engaged with the activation, generating 1.79 million impressions with 32% of the installation visitors converting to store visitors.

Marketing Featured ANZ

P&G’s Oral-B Kids Australia encourages fun brushing habits in new campaign

Sydney, Australia – Procter & Gamble’s oral hygiene brand Oral-B Kids in Australia has launched a playful creative campaign titled ‘Brushtime Tales’, with the aim to drive education of fun and effective brushing habits in children.

Done in collaboration with creative digital production agency MediaMonks, ‘Brushtime Tales’ is a platform idea that uses the power of storytelling to turn the mundane routine of tooth brushing into tales of wonder and adventure.

The agency produced an animated film for YouTube and animated bumpers to fuel a sequential targeting media strategy on YouTube. Each tale transformed the boring routine of tooth brushing into immersive tales, such as finding the great pie robbery to fighting monsters with a bristle sword. 

In addition, the tales also have a different educational oral care message including the proper brushing technique with an electric ‘power brush’, two minutes of brushing, and using a pea-sized amount of paste. 

MediaMonks’ Creative Director Kim Jerbo said, “Every element of this creative was developed at MediaMonks from concept to character development and film. Results are extremely positive with content performing 7 percentage points above industry benchmarks set.”

Meanwhile, Shea Warnes, the strategy director at MediaMonks ANZ, shared that when kids spot a lecture coming they are quick to mentally retreat, so if they are to educate kids on good brushing habits, they need to be fun and engaging rather than authoritative. 

“Stories have always played a powerful role in helping us share knowledge, emotions, hopes, and beliefs. For kids, tales of wonder supported children learn about and navigate the world. So we wanted to use tales as tools,” said Warnes.

Technology Featured APAC

Midea ropes in MediaMonks to launch lineup of future-oriented CX

Shanghai, China Midea, the global appliance manufacturer headquartered in China, has announced its upcoming state-of-the-art virtual factory – the Midea Thailand Smart Factory – and it has partnered with creative technology company MediaMonks to create an innovative immersive experience for Midea’s customers.

MediaMonks was named partner during this year’s Midea RAC (Residential Air Conditioning) Online Canton Fair, with the aim to deliver richer, and more interactive experiences to consumers, and to give greater clarity and understanding on its brand, vision, and products. The smart factory is only one of the two main projects that the two are working on, with the other being the Midea Vision or what is also called the M-Vision project, a digital interactive platform. Both aim to demonstrate Midea’s strong vision for the future. 

The Midea Thailand Smart Factory

On the smart factory in Thailand, MediaMonks utilized a WebGL experience to provide customers with all aspects of its construction. To give them a comprehensive view of the innovative construction process, MediaMonks came up with the idea to create a virtual tour to this ‘future factory’. Customers are able to freely explore the facets of the factory online and get a deep understanding of its key features and highlights.

According to Technical Director for MediaMonks Shanghai Ron Lee, the virtual factory environment was achieved with the combination of aerial and ground photography footage built upon a 3D modelling technique called photogrammetry. 

“On the fly through experience, we enabled our digital visitors to navigate across a 3D modeled factory represented in the clean, modern aesthetic of minimalism,” Lee said. 

Lee further explains that visitors can now explore interactive hotspots. Alongside the archived time lapse videos, customers can choose to watch a live camera feed for a real-time look at the factory’s construction, and finally, a dedicated news tab keeps customers up to date with relevant information.

Ramzi Chaabane, also a head of strategy for the Shanghai team, said, “The factory of the future is characterized by the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing processes. The ‘smart factory’ – or Factory 4.0 – aims to achieve further competitiveness and will rely on the convergence between the industrial and digital worlds.”

“This is hinged on existing tools and creativity – sensors, automation, big data, IOT, cloud computing – being propelled, and the arrival of new activities in energy, green products, robotics, molecular biology, genetics adding value and innovation to marketing. This thinking will empower Midea and its partners and help future-proof and create lasting business impact,” Chaabane adds.

The Midea Vision

Meanwhile, the Midea Vision, which is under the air conditioning line of Midea, is a digital interactive platform, which will be the integrated home to all the latest RAC and Light Commercial Air-Conditioner (LCAC) products, as well as core technologies, branding, manufacturing and company information. It will also be including the RAC Canton Fair virtual center, enabling Midea RAC to connect all global business customers closely by utilizing a cutting-edge AR product launch event, interactive live streaming and immersive product experiences. 

“Midea is a category leader when it comes to R&D, manufacturing, and shipping to name a few. The ambition is to build a solution to solve ongoing business challenges and pave the path for the future. The core of what we try to deliver is to allow users to have more discovery moments and information touchpoints to create a seamless experience,” said January Zhang, head of marketing department at Midea RAC OSC.

As part of the efforts with Midea Vision, MediaMonks will also be building Mia – Midea’s holistic AI solution – which will help solve a host of business challenges. In the near future, Mia is targeted to be a tech that helps achieve a variety of things not seen before, such as knowing customer insights and applying them on behalf of every user to improve R&D, and engaging directly with customers and managing manufacturing, shipments, logistics and production lines to improve the sales experience.

Midea Vision is already live and Mia 1.0 has already been launched this month. Meanwhile, the Thailand Smart Factory is slated to open in October 2021.

Marketing Featured ANZ

S4 Capital-owned digital firms MightyHive, MediaMonks merge VP, head of growth roles

Sydney, Australia – Digital media consultancy MightyHive and digital production company MediaMonks sees a new appointment for vice president and head of growth for ANZ as its mother company S4 Capital unveils Tom Braybrook to lead both roles.

Braybrook has previously worked with tech giant Google as head of agencies and partners in New Zealand, as well as with computer software company Adobe, where he served various roles such as APAC strategy and solutions lead and regional product manager for Adobe Analytics Cloud.

Speaking about his appointment he said, “As enterprises march forward with their digital transformation efforts, it’s no secret that the role of today’s marketer continues to broaden – whether it is making smarter use of data, rearchitecting the customer experience or finding new ways to tell brand stories in a digital world. 

He added, “In the midst of this evolution, MightyHive and MediaMonks represent an exciting new breed of marketing services partner who are not only enabling businesses to understand and adopt these technologies but are also supporting their transformation efforts in a much more agile and flexible way.”

Meanwhile, Kenny Griffiths, managing director for Asia Pacific at MightyHive, commented, “Tom’s extensive 15 years’ experience in digital marketing aligns perfectly to not only where we’re at as a business, but where we’re going. His experience from the Agency world, Adobe & most recently Google is unique as it hones in on our holy trinity – data, digital media and content- approach and will be critical in evolving how we go to market across the two countries.”

Marketing Featured South Asia

MediaMonks India, Epic Games’ partnership to fuel investment for new office, talents

New Delhi, India – The Indian arm of digital production company MediaMonks, through a new partnership with video game company Epic Games, has sought in investing for a new office in New Delhi, India, which will help to attract new talents for the company.

The envisioned new office will be a new 8000 square feet studio, with three smaller studios featuring state of the art equipment and facilities to allow COVID-safe shoots. The studio will also have features including a full sensor camera, live tracking devices, and LED Panels for filmmaking with Unreal Engine, Epic Games’ developed game engine.

“We are planning to be at the forefront of the APAC region for high-end shoots as well as shoots using Unreal Engine,” said Robert Godinho, managing partner at MediaMonks.

Through Unreal Engine, MediaMonks’ artists can digitally swap out assets, change backgrounds, color schemes instantaneously creating multiple versions of the same product in a revolutionary turnaround time, without needing to shoot the physical assets. 

According to Tim Dillon, SVP for growth at MediaMonks, the game engine utilization is in response to the increased demand from their clients and partners to explore innovative solutions that enable real-time interactive 3D production using technology like Unreal Engine.

“As our pipeline expands globally, we’re upskilling and scaling our teams around the world to meet client demand in this rapidly expanding category, from product virtualization to virtual production,” Dillon stated.

In line with MediaMonks’ promise of harnessing the power of data and technology to fuel and inform creative content, the global team is reinventing the use of this gaming software to bring real-time filmmaking, visual effects, previsualization, virtual production, and CG animation together. 

Godinho also stated that part of their utilization of the Unreal Engine from Epic Games’ grant is its implementation across clients for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

“The aim is to take these learnings and apply them to an end-to-end product shoot for a real product with a side-by-side comparison of a virtual production versus a live production. The side-by-side comparison will determine best use cases, ease-of-use/integration on set, visual equality and flexibility; the financial efficiencies; and, most importantly, the final image outputs,” Godinho concluded.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Joao Flores joins MediaMonks Singapore as new ECD

Singapore – Creative production company MediaMonks Singapore has tapped Joao Flores, former chief creative officer of dentsu International, to be its new executive creative director (ECD) in SEA, Korea, and Japan, supporting its business expansion plan across the APAC region.

The new ECD will be responsible for developing creative partnerships with the company’s clients, as this will help influence teams with a growth mindset across APAC and elevate the standards for creativity in the region.

Prior to his new position, Flores started his journey being in creative leadership at marketing company Cheil Iberia. Through this, his perspective about imaginative narratives and experiences transformed, which also opened his world for a new age of creativity.

He was then responsible to lead Horizon Foote, Cone & Belding’s (FCB) creative vision in the Middle East, which guided him into dentsu in Singapore, where he gained recognition while growing the business, being promoted to Chief Creative Officer.

Commenting on his appointment, Flores said, “We are living in a new age for creativity, the pioneers of that mindset are MediaMonks and S4 Capital. How to structure creative teams at scale in this new era? How to define a new creative identity elevating data and tech? And what does that mean for people, for the ones living those experiences? The passion for the craft, connected ecosystems, and the commitment to create product ideas with a tangible positive impact, that’s the Monks way, that’s my why, and what made this opportunity so appealing to me.”

According to Joris Knetsch, managing director of MediaMonks Singapore, Joao is known for his creative leadership and his disruptive creative process, as well as his vision for integrated ideas which positively impact people, businesses, and culture.

“We share the passion for creative excellence, and I’m excited to start working with Joao. Together with the rest of the MediaMonks team, we are perfectly set up to scale to new heights,” said Knetsch.