Hong Kong – In line with World Conservation Day, health and beauty brand Watsons announced its partnership with Kenvue, L’Oréal, and P&G to work towards a more sustainable future.

This collaboration between Watsons, Kenvue, L’Oréal, and P&G does not only consist of providing sustainable products, but also ranges towards teaming up to run a wide range of sustainability efforts and projects to engage with customers by helping the environment.

In Watsons Taiwan, Kenvue’s Green Smiles campaign will plant one tree for every customer who purchases a ‘sustainable choices’ product, while Watsons Indonesia’s customers will help save a sea turtle instead. Meanwhile in Thailand, customers will be able to learn sustainability tips through gamification and join beach clean-up activity with KOLs.

Thibaut Mongon, CEO of Kenvue, said, “At Kenvue, our commitment to everyday care includes our planet. We are excited to launch our jointly created campaign, Green Smiles, and to continue our long-standing collaboration with A.S. Watson.”

In Hong Kong, Watsons and P&G will maintain their Plastic Reborn programme to encourage customers to recycle plastic containers,reprocessing the plastic bottles collected through the programme and transform them into 3D printing materials suitable for STEM education in primary and secondary schools.

James Lin, president of Procter & Gamble Hong Kong & Taiwan, commented, “Stepping into the 3rd year of the programme, we pilot to repurpose the recycled plastic for school STEM education to immerse the young generation to dial up sustainability awareness and inspirations on plastic waste solutions.”

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, Watsons would strengthen its relationship with L’Oréal via its Beauty for Future recycling campaign wherein customers can recycle an array of beauty containers, ranging from foundation bottles, skincare tubs, to lipstick tubes, at Watsons stores.

Jean-Marc Cazenave, global sustainability director of L’Oréal, mentioned, “Thanks to our regional partnership with Watsons, we engage consumers via on-going recycling campaigns to further develop the collection of empty packaging in-store to build a more sustainable beauty”.

Speaking on the collaborations, Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson, commented, “At Watsons, sustainability is at the heart of our business, and we recognise the importance of prioritising it. As the leading industry player, we take our responsibility to lead by example, encouraging our supplier partners to join us in our journey to build a better world. We believe that only by working together, we can create a bigger positive impact on our planet. Our partnership with Kenvue, L’Oréal, and P&G is a significant step towards achieving our shared sustainability goals.”