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GrabMart unveils new free delivery grocery shopping promo

Manila, Philippines – GrabMart, an on-demand everyday goods delivery service by Grab, has announced the launch of its “Unlimited Free Delivery” campaign, which will be available from February 01 to March 31, 2021.

Through GrabMart, customers can buy groceries, packaged food, healthcare products, beauty products, gifts, and many more via the Grab app and have it delivered to them in under one hour, as it aims to make the customer’s grocery experience more convenient and hassle-free.

The idea of ‘Convenient Shopping’ was initially launched in the Philippines last April 2020, to address the need for safe and efficient grocery shopping during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. GrabMart now serves different shopping needs for consumers, such as weekly grocery restocks and last-minute purchases. 

With its selection of specialty stores, the platform can cater to customers with specific needs. GrabMart has also partnered with stores that offer fresh produce, consumables, snacks, pet essentials, pharmacies, health and beauty products, among others. 

Head of Deliveries EJ Dela Vega expressed that the challenges consumers and stores faced during the lockdown remain when it comes to purchasing groceries and essentials, as more shops remain closed and others observe strict social distancing measures.

“We hope that GrabMart can offer more convenience and a wide selection of SKUs to serve a wide range of customers. We strive to grow our categories and partner merchants while offering reliable delivery service,” Dela Vega said.

On the other hand, customers have reason to celebrate as more merchants team up with GrabMart. Some of the new shops include retail giants Robinson’s, WalterMart, The Marketplace, and Shopwise, among others.

“The addition of these big box stores and specialty shops to our roster of merchants increases the number of categories and product items that we can offer and deliver. This makes shopping more hassle-free since they can use GrabMart for their multiple requirements. They can even earn reward points while shopping if they use GrabPay,” Dela Vega added.

The new campaign promo applies to all GrabMart orders with a minimum total of Php 900.00.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Grab MY rolls out new online grocery shopping service

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – GrabSupermarket is the company’s first foray into online grocery shopping, and officially implemented its pilot release in Malaysia last November 11.

The new platform aims to provide an end-to-end solution for local producers, farmers, wholesalers, and FMCG brands to distribute their produce and products to a much larger consumer base. Furthermore, the new service launch is centered on providing a new income platform for Grab’s delivery network.

Aside from encouraging cashless payment, the GrabSuperMarket encourages next-day delivery to ensure fresh-picked produce. 

The aforementioned service’s pilot launch is available in Section 12 and 13 at Petaling Jaya.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Half of Singaporeans made more online purchases, shifted to e-banking amid pandemic, says study

Singapore – As COVID-19 restrictions are in place, more and more Singaporeans are shifting towards patronizing digital gateways, a report from customer experience management company Qualtrics shows.

About 57% of the respondents said they have made more online purchases at this time, and shifted towards using online banking; while the study also found a 44% increase in online grocery shopping was also evident among respondents.

“After months of disruption, we are beginning to see new behaviors and preferences emerge that are likely to remain post-pandemic. There is no doubt that there has been a massive shift towards digital, making it critical for brands to ensure they are able to optimize the experience they deliver on their digital channels including mobile applications,” said Harish Agarwal, Qualtrics’ head of CX strategy for Southeast Asia.

The study also probed on Singaporeans’ concerns during the pandemic, where the majority of respondents, 92%, shared that they are still worried about the global pandemic and its effects on normal activities.

Despite growing pandemic concerns, some Singaporeans were shown to be optimistic about resuming routine activities such as  using public transport (61%), eating out at restaurants (58%), visiting a park (51%), and going to the mall (50%) in the next six months.

“Simultaneously, even though Singaporeans are beginning to go back to some previous habits, high levels of ambiguity remain, meaning businesses must be able to understand and quickly respond to changing environments,” Agarwal added.