Singapore Global adtech company The Trade Desk has announced the appointment of Gregory Fournier as general manager for client development. The appointment will see Fournier build meaningful relationships with key advertisers and agencies to help them understand, navigate and leverage the power of the open internet to solve their unique advertising challenges. 

In addition, through collaborating with global and regional product and engineering teams, he will propose customised solutions to meet the specific needs of the clients across Asia Pacific. 

Prior to joining The Trade Desk as GM of client development, Fournier served as Global SVP of strategy for Unruly, a CTV and video advertising platform. In his previous role at Unruly, Fournier worked closely with blue-chip global brands and major global agency holding groups to devise and execute effective strategies that delivered tangible business results through strong digital storytelling, client-focused leadership, research, analysis, and marketing communications.

In an exclusive interview with MARKETECH APAC, Fournier shared that while working in Unruly, he learned a lot about how to engage with brand owners and educate them about the importance of testing ads to predict their emotional and cultural resonance with the audience.

Fournier continued, “When it comes to choosing what platforms, what formats and what data you can use to advertise your brands, it is essential to educate the clients on all aspect of their choices. This includes looking beyond the walled gardens to seize the full potential of the Open Internet which allows brands to reach more customers, in more places with more transparency and choice at every stage.”

Meanwhile, we also asked his insights about how consumers’ media consumption has changed over time and what platforms must brands focus on to effectively resonate with consumers. 

He explained, “The average consumer in APAC spends almost 8 hours online each day and less than 30 per cent of that is spent on search and social media, which we refer to as ‘walled gardens’.” 

“Today’s consumers are increasingly spending more of their time on the open internet – listening to music and podcasts, browsing their favourite content and news online and streaming TV shows, movies, and live sports on OTT platforms. The thriving open internet offers fast-growing ad opportunities on platforms like CTV and OTT and this is why brands should focus on unleashing the full advertising potential of the open internet,” Fournier added.

On his appointment, Fournier shared, “The Trade Desk is focused on preserving a free and open internet. I believe this is what the industry needs right now. An open, competitive internet is the best way to drive growth, creativity, amazing content. I am super excited to be part of this team to shape the future of advertising on the open internet.” 

Simon Morgan, VP, client development, APAC at The Trade Desk, commented, “We are thrilled to welcome Gregory to The Trade Desk. To have someone of Gregory’s pedigree and calibre is testament to our ongoing investment in the Client Development team in Asia Pacific. Gregory’s invaluable experience will help us to further unlock the full potential of the open internet for brands across Asia Pacific.”