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Red Cross’ new campaign lets people trade their socmed reactions to dollar donation for Afghanistan

Afghanistan – As part of the International Committee of the Red Cross’ (ICRC) commitment to serving the people of Afghanistan, the humanitarian organization has launched a new data-led film inspired by the timeless expression, “If I had a dollar for every time…”

Titled ‘React For Real’, which was created in collaboration with creative and CRM agency Wunderman Thompson Dubai, the film demonstrates the potential monetary value of the emoji reactions on social media.

Wunderman Thompson, who worked with teams in Sydney, Seattle, and London, as well as New York for the campaign, has conducted a data analysis of social media reactions and research on real-time needs in Afghanistan. Anonymous data was garnered, studied, and analyzed to highlight the emojis and hashtags that were most commonly used in response to this crisis.

Ewan Watson, ICRC’s head of campaigns, media relations, and content, shared that the organization wanted to show how powerful the collective concern could be on the lives of Afghans if they had a dollar for every social media post. 

“We hope this film encourages people to support our work in Afghanistan as winter sets in and families are struggling to have the basics they need to survive,” said Watson.

Meanwhile, Faysal Abdul Malak, Wunderman Thompson’s managing director for UAE, noted that the urgency of the cause meant that the film had to be created in record time and with a bare minimum budget. 

“We’ve proved that emotional appeal does not always have to rely on a high spend – you just need a good idea, a passionate team, and a brilliant client, all of which we have in droves,” said Malak.

The campaign will be launched across 17 countries in three languages.

Marketing Featured ANZ

UNICEF Australia, Carat embark on phase two of vaccine equity campaign

Sydney, Australia – In a bid to promote vaccine equity for all, dentsu’s media agency arm Carat and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Australia have launched the second phase of their ‘Give The World a Shot’ campaign, which targets to drive donations from Australians to ensure vaccine equity for all. In addition, the agency also called on the business community to get behind this initiative.

For AU$5, the amount will be able to deliver two COVID-19 vaccine doses – enough to fully vaccinate one person. A donation of AU$500 can help to deliver enough vaccines to protect 100 people from the virus.

Dentsu had announced last month that they had joined the COVID Vaccination of UNICEF Australia to support positive vaccine advocacy and encourage donations for the global COVAX initiative, which has to date seen 398.9 million doses delivered to 144 countries. The expectation is to deliver 1.4 billion doses by the end of 2021, with a target of 2 billion in early 2022.

Sue Squillace, CEO at dentsu Media ANZ, stated that working with UNICEF Australia has been such a rewarding experience for all of them and that they look forward to seeing the campaign come to fruition, adding that they have seen Aussies rise to the COVID-19 challenge and believe they will rally again behind this worthy cause to help UNICEF deliver vaccinations across the world.

“Leveraging our understanding of the Australian context and how people are feeling right now, we have created a tailored ‘Give The World A Shot’ campaign unique to this market with a sense of positivity and optimism. We could not be happier with the message we are putting out there,” Squillance said.

Carat hopes that the campaign encourages all Australians to pay it forward and donate to UNICEF’s ‘Give the World a Shot’ initiative. To aid the campaign, the media agency has triggered its ‘Compassionate Explorer’ audience, identified through dentsu’s proprietary planner tool CCS.

Furthermore, the agency has also triggered its media channels by state in line with Freedom Day, particularly across NSW and Victoria. The dynamic digital large format sites are placed in high quality locations and display contextual messaging, comparing the local suburb vaccination rate with that of low-income countries. In addition, digital homepage takeovers across state mastheads align with print ads to drive cut-through and impact in topical environments and will be staggered based on the level of restrictions in each respective state.

For UNICEF Australia CEO Tony Stuart, the organization is working on the largest procurement and supply operation ever to ensure that countries around the globe have equitable access to 3 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. And yet, no organization can do it alone, and everyone has a part to play so nobody misses out, which is why the campaign is vital to drive donations.

“As Australians reach high vaccination rates and we begin to open up to the rest of the world, now is the time for each of us, as individuals, to know the small, but crucial, part we can play in vaccine equity. Thanks to Carat’s help to grow greater awareness of UNICEF’s Give the World a Shot campaign, we can do this,” Stuart stated.

Meanwhile, Amanda Florence, client manager at Carat, commented, “Working with UNICEF to bring to life an incredibly worthy cause has been a humbling experience for our team. We are very lucky to be in a position where we are able to help those less fortunate than ourselves and believe that no matter how big or how small, everyone can help.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

7-Eleven HK to donate 1,000 7-SELECT chicken legs as store marks 40-year journey

Hong Kong – The global convenience store chain, 7- Eleven, has pledged to donate 1,000 7-SELECT chicken legs for 40 consecutive weeks to be distributed to Hong Kongers in need, marking its important 40th year in the industry.

The new initiative, which is done in partnership with Food Angel a local NGO, is part of 7-Eleven’s effort to be in the daily lives of Hongkongers. The donations will be delivered to recipients via Food Angel’s Community Centre, Community Food Assistance Service, and Automated Food Dispenser Service – an innovative initiative that allows for the flexible collection of chilled meals.

In addition, Food Angel will distribute the donations across its 180 charity partners. It is expected to help over 10,000 recipients including the elderly, low-income families, and people recovering from mental health problems, as well as cage home residents, and disabled people.

According to 7-Eleven, during the height of the pandemic last year, they have initiated several activities to help those most impacted by the outbreak. They have donated and delivered 70,000 food items to local neighborhoods and launched the ‘Charity Meal Voucher Program’, which raised over 550,000 vouchers to provide hot meals to disadvantaged people and low-income families. 

“Although the pandemic situation in Hong Kong is starting to stabilize this year, we remain committed to showing care and support to the most vulnerable in society,” said 7-Eleven.

Platforms Featured South Asia

DonateKart, NEWJ team up in latest campaign for COVID-19 awareness in India

Mumbai, India – As the country is battling one of the worst waves of COVID-19 recently, crowdfunding platform DonateKart and media tech NEWJ have teamed up in a recent campaign aimed to raise awareness of the COVID-19 situation in the country by raising funds for oxygen cylinders and concentrators.

The fundraiser responds to the evident shortage of medical oxygen in the country, as more and more medical institutions are battling oxygen shortages to be distributed to COVID-19 patients.

The contributions from the campaign are directly given to ‘Doctors For You’, a pan-India humanitarian organisation begun by doctors and members of the medical community with an international presence.

NEWJ, acting as digital media partner, will amplify the message through its channels to a community of over 19.75 million audience and encourage their participation through donations.

“We, at DonateKart, have consistently worked towards bringing together individuals for causes that affect lives. In this time of crisis, the need to reach out to a larger audience is of utmost importance. For this, we are glad to have partnered with NEWJ to amplify this significant campaign to encourage individuals to contribute and make an impact in this hour of need,” said Anil Kumar Reddy, co-founder and CEO at DonateKart.

Through various campaigns, DonateKart will be helping more than 20 charities in helping raise oxygen supplies and help the disadvantaged and raised funds worth INR20 crores towards procuring necessary relief material and products during the pandemic.

“We are grateful that NEWJ as a platform can reach a wide, diverse audience who form a united community and act as agents of change. Our users have shown an overwhelming sense of empathy and desire to help amidst the second wave of COVID-19. We urge every citizen to play a part in ensuring India conquers its battle against COVID,” said Shalabh Upadhyay, founder and CEO at NEWJ.

As of this writing, the campaign has raised more than INR15M, about 16% of their goal, which has tallied 1406 unique donors.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Shopee PH lets shoppers donate to charities via ‘Bayanihan’ initiative

Manila, Philippines – Shopee in the Philippines has run Shopee Bayanihan, an initiative within the platform that enables shoppers to donate safely and conveniently to charity institutions to extend help to the underprivileged.

Shopee has a wide network of 49 partner charity organizations which includes World Vision, Caritas Manila, Habitat for Humanity, and Kaya Natin Movement, as well as Philippine Red Cross, and Virlanie Foundation; and Shopee offers two ways for users to donate to them.

First, by purchasing donation vouchers. Users will only need to search for the partner foundation they want to donate to, select the donation voucher they wish to purchase, and add it to their cart. After paying through card payment, online banking, or ShopeePay, users will receive the confirmation through a push notification.

Another option for the donation is via ShopeePay. Users will only need to go to their ShopeePay wallet action bar and tap ‘Scan’. After scanning the QR code displayed on the partner’s social media account, they will need to input the amount they wish to donate and confirm with their 6-digit ShopeePay PIN. 

“Shopee is fully committed to utilizing our platform for the greater good. As the nation continues to adapt to the current situation, it is essential for us to step up and support the communities struggling to stay afloat. Every one of us has a role to play during this period, and we will do what we can to help different sectors and local communities tide through this challenge by allowing in-app donations,” said Martin Yu, the director at Shopee Philippines.

Under Shopee Bayanihan, Shopee has also offered a digital package for frontliners, and has provided funds for online sellers through the Seller Support Package, and donated transistor radios to students in rural areas to help them continue with their studies.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Revolut’s new feature lets users donate spare change to charities

Singapore – The Singaporean arm of fintech platform Revolut now has a ‘donation’ feature which enables them to instantly round up their card payments and donate their spare change to charity. 

Through the new service, customers have the option to make a one-off donation or set up recurring contributions, which can be terminated at any time. Donations have no minimum amount. 

The new ‘donation’ feature will initially start off with three local-based charity groups: The Singapore Red Cross, The Singapore Cancer Society, and Club Rainbow (Singapore). Revolut said it will be adding more charities in the platform over the course of this year.

“Supporting social causes is both important to us as a business, and to many of our customers. Complicated sign up processes and scary commitments can put a lot of people off, so we wanted to build a feature that would enable our customers to support good causes in a seamless and secure way,” said James Shanahan, CEO of Revolut Singapore

Revolut has been recently ramping up its new features for the platform, including sending e-hongbaos for the upcoming Chinese New Year, the enabling of bank top-ups and the launch of its web app.

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Childhood hunger is retrospect for Dole’s new social initiative

Singapore – Food company Dole has released a new social initiative called #UnstuffedBears to communicate the rising issue of childhood hunger around the world.

The newest initiative is launched in retrospect to the increase of awareness and global movement in addressing the global hunger crisis. The campaign comes to life through the imagery of the teddy bear, a universal childhood icon.

Images will depict five teddy bears, four of them seemingly have full bellies, while one has been unstuffed, signifying someone who is hungry. The campaign goes on to say that “one in five children worldwide may go hungry this Christmas”.

The newest campaign is in line with Dole’s commitment to “The Dole Promise”, which vows to provide access to sustainable nutrition for 1 billion people by 2025.

“According to the UN World Food Programme, the impact of COVID-19 may double the number of people suffering from acute hunger. This exacerbated food insecurity crisis is acutely affecting children around the globe and in our own backyards,” said Pier Luigi Sigismondi, worldwide president at Dole Packaged Foods

“Acting on our promise to bring food and support to those in need, as well as raising awareness of this growing crisis, is at the center of this campaign. And this is just one of many steps we are taking to make a change for the better,” said Sigismondi.

The campaign will roll out via online video, display, and social media throughout the holiday season. It has already been launched in Europe and the US, with Asia launching next week. 

In order to live up to the campaign, Dole is rolling out its promotional purchase of select Dole Packaged Foods products on some eComm channels, where profits on these purchases go towards food security charities.