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AFFINBANK gets CX transformation with omnichannel solutions Genesys

Singapore – Malaysia-based bank AFFINBANK has announced a new partnership with omnichannel solutions service Genesys in transforming its customer experience (CX) capabilities through the Genesys Engage™ platform, which is focused on providing CX services digitally such as email, web chat and social media.

Through the newly-integrated omnichannel service, AFFINBANK’s call center, which initially used voice channels for customer service, is able to lower its operational costs, sharing that telesales capability have improved by 50%, and that average call abandonment rate has been reduced as well by 40%.

“By providing a seamless omnichannel experience, we are not only able to interact with customers on their channel of choice, but also deepen our relationship with them through the use of data-driven insights that strengthens our commitment to customer-centricity and personalized service.”

Datuk Wan Razly Abdullah Wan Ali, president and group chief executive officer at Affin Bank Berhad

“The partnership with Genesys has enabled us to serve our customers more effectively and efficiently. Our industry-leading contact centre has moved beyond a mere transactional platform, today representing a conduit for relationship building. We are constantly raising the bar in our customer experience strategy to retain and attract more customers,” said Datuk Wan Razly Abdullah Wan Ali, president and group chief executive officer at Affin Bank Berhad.

Furthermore, AFFINBANK is looking to leverage Genesys’ solutions for the following to create more meaningful engagements and better service to their clientele base: 

  • Better performance management – allowing agents to monitor their individual performance in real-time to identify areas for improvement.
  • Improved efficiency – a single interaction recording depository with comprehensive search functions, facilitating call follow-ups and continuity among agents across multiple sites or interactions.
  • Simplified processes – Calls to be easily re-routed without third party dependency.
  • Enhanced customer visibility– Collection of customer data that is analysed for actionable insights to improve customer experiences and retention.

“In today’s digital economy, businesses need to be able to seamlessly serve their customer base across multiple channels by accelerating their digital transformation agenda.”

Gwilym Funnell, senior vice president and general manager at Genesys Asia-Pacific

“Genesys is honoured to have had the opportunity to work with a like-minded partner such as AFFINBANK, a third time recipient of the Genesys Customer Innovation Award which is a reaffirmation of their commitment to customer experience. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with AFFINBANK as it continues to push boundaries and keep in step with evolving market and customer demands in a digital economy,” said Gwilym Funnell (pictured above), senior vice president and general manager at Genesys Asia-Pacific.

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Digital channel The Q India enters connected TV via Amazon Fire TV

Mumbai, India – Hindi language channel and video-on-demand provider The Q India has launched on the connected TV platform Amazon Fire TV.

Amazon Fire TV is a smart TV player in India, and the partnership marks a first for The Q India to venture in such streaming type.

The channel, which delivers digital programming from social media stars and leading digital video creators, will be offered free to users on Amazon Fire TV and will be monetized via advertising sales.   

According to The Q India’s data, the market for connected TVs and connected devices in India has continued to expand rapidly with the launch of advanced broadband offerings from entrants like Jio Fibre and Airtel XStream, along with a number of new providers of Fibre-To-The- Home (FTTH). 

Co-founder and CEO of The Q India Curt Marvis said, “We view our launch with Amazon on the Fire TV platform as another forward thinking move to reach our young India audience, wherever they may choose to access The Q India with a brand partner that shares our enthusiasm for spectacular growth in India in the years ahead.”

The Q India is operated by global media company QYOU Media, and has a growing library of over 800 programs.